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  1. I never cook tripe in my RV, or anywhere else, for that matter.
  2. Good or Bad Idea?

    Perhaps he was referring to a burned out heating element, which may be a common occurrence if left on without water in the tank.
  3. Good or Bad Idea?

    They shouldn’t sell RVs to fiends.
  4. Illinois wants input on future of rest stops

    The future of rest areas in Illinois is like the future of Illinois......bleak. A great state to be FROM.
  5. 12 Volt Coffee Maker

    X2. Or is it 3, for the Aeropress. IMHO there is no comparison between Aeropress and drip or pour over.
  6. We will be having some windows repaired in La Pine, OR. This route looks good to me. Thanks for the info.
  7. We will be heading south from central Oregon to Las Vegas, ending up in Congress, AZ, the last week of October. I am considering US95. Does anyone have any experience on this route. Any info insight, or advise would be appreciated. Alternative route info also appreciated.
  8. safety corridors and school zones

    I am, whether I’m in a “safety corridor” or not.
  9. safety corridors and school zones

    To my mind, turning your headlights on for safety is as effective as telling your young children to “be careful”.
  10. Black Tank Flusher (BTF)

    I have found that adding a good dose of dishwasher detergent (Cascade or generic) or TSP, and hot water, letting it slosh around during a couple days of travel seems to unclog the head and get it back in working order. I have done this on two occasions, both after prolonged boondocking stays where I haven't flushed the tank for long periods.
  11. Yes, and they are usually the same people that went to Vegas and didn't lose any money.
  12. Senator Wash is a wonderful place and a wonderful community with lots of activities. But, if it's trees you are looking for, it's not the place.
  13. Depending on where you park, we've always had good Verizon at Senator Wash, LTVA north of Yuma.