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  1. Yes, it took some searching. From the Home Page click the Eduction tab, then the domicile link, then Texas, then Vehicle Registration at the bottom of the page.
  2. For the most part, yes. I was advised to fill out the forms and mail them into Polk County, along with the relevant fees and sales tax, of course. My only remaining question is that the AZ dealer says he has to have a notary escort me to the state line, apparently to assertain I left the state. However, I don’t plan on leaving AZ for a few months after the purchase. Has anyone else experienced a situation like this? Advice on how to handle this would be appreciated.
  3. I called and they referred me to the SKP website. All of the forms and instructions are there for the downloading.
  4. dzwiss

    Non electric coffee grinder?

    I have been using a Hario mini slim grinder and an Aeropress coffee maker for four years now. It’s beeb a wonderful combination. https://smile.amazon.com/Hario-Ceramic-Coffee-Mill-Mini-Slim/dp/B001804CLY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1534646531&sr=8-4&keywords=hario+grinder
  5. Well, the deal went through, should get the new trailer in November in Phoenix. Hopefully I will be able to register it in Polk County without going there. Thanks for the tips.
  6. Thanks for the info folks, now to see if the deal goes through.
  7. Is it possible to title an RV in Texas, which was purchased out of state, without going there? Any hints or tips would be appreciated. I believe I have seen a thread on this but am unable to find it. My domicile is Polk County.
  8. dzwiss


    Happy Camping
  9. dzwiss

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Campground hosting at Illinois Beach State Park until the end of July, then on to the Oregon coast to be with our kids and grandchildren for the rest of the summer then to our winter home at North Ranch.
  10. dzwiss

    Escapees survey of NPS improvements

    It's obvious........AARP needs to go to 14 so they will not be outdone.😂
  11. dzwiss

    Got a favorite photograph?

    No good deed goes unpunished.........bring on the pictures, I'll enjoy them.
  12. Yes, Tilex daily clean shower does not bead up, it is a solvent and just runs off leaving no residue. No squeegee or wipe down required.
  13. We use Tilex Clean Shower after each each shower and it works just fine. Just a quick spray and everything dries spotless. A couple of bucks at Wally World.
  14. dzwiss

    Need Long term stay Near Zion,IL

    Sent you a private message. Dennis
  15. dzwiss

    Boycott Arizona Market Place - Yuma

    There you have it, Arizona Marketplace should only be charging 50 cents.