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  1. Garth Bacon

    How often do you make reservations?

    I think whether you live in the west or the east would be major variable to how often you make reservations. Boondocking is very limited in the east and campgrounds are very busy.
  2. Garth Bacon

    Overnight in Wyoming

    Summit Information Center 41.2372, -105.436 Free Sherman Summit 41.2323, -105.4407
  3. Garth Bacon

    Horst Miracle Probes

    I have been using them in the grey and black tanks for 11 years. They are terrific. They very very seldom give false reading, which go away with the next dump and tank wash.
  4. Garth Bacon

    So How Do We Pack When Moving

    If it can spill, it will spill
  5. Garth Bacon

    Stanley, Id options?

    Hi, You can boondocks here 44.167227 -114.894392 or here 44.176784 -114.92372
  6. Garth Bacon

    Olympic National Park, Good places to See and Stay??

    Salt Creek County Park is a nice campground on the ocean. Also South Beach Campground is on the ocean and first come. You might check out Hobuck Beach Resort.
  7. Garth Bacon

    Bridgeport CA, Boondock / Dry Camp Area - Big Rigable

    These might work for you 38.147453 -119.223231 38.194483, -119.221267
  8. On Google Maps at lake San Antonio this area looks promising 35.868644, -120.984147
  9. Garth Bacon


    Hi, The 580 goes up the east side of the bay through Oakland and north across the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. 580 has no tolls, but there is a toll for west bound bridge traffic. If you want to go through San Francisco take 280 to hwy 1 that turns into 19th ave. There are not road tolls. I have done it many time in a 30 foot motor home. Get in the center lane and take it slow. There is no toll on the Golden Gate Bridge north bound. South bound the toll must be payed on line before you cross the bridge; there are no toll booths. 580 is the easiest route. Garth
  10. Garth Bacon

    Big Bend State Park?

    Stillwell RV park offers full hookups. Full hookup $26 a day. Seventh day free. No time limit. It is 8 mile outside Big Bend National Park's north entrance. https://stillwellstore.com/rv-park/
  11. Garth Bacon

    Trojans at Quartzsite

    Thank you for checking Merry Christmas
  12. Garth Bacon

    Trojans at Quartzsite

    Sorry for the confusion guys.
  13. Garth Bacon

    Trojans at Quartzsite

    Is anyone selling Trojan 105 at Quartzsite and if so, how much?
  14. Garth Bacon

    Route info Chama, NM to Walsenburg please

    I traveled this route last summer in a 30 foot class A. I do not think you will have any problem. There are a couple of nice boondocking spots at 37.063330 -106.400773 and 37.091434 -106.379567 Have a nice trip.
  15. Garth Bacon

    Camping World Warning - My Story

    After two bad experiences with Camping World, it has become my repair shop of last resort. I consider any other repair/service option preferable. The second time I had a problem I called customer service. They said they would look into it and get back to me. I never heard from them.