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  1. SuiteSuccess

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Interesting comments so far. Thanks for the discussion. Craftsman used to make good tools but have fallen off in quality. I have a cast iron table saw that’s almost 30 years old and still going strong. Are the high end like SnapOn, Matco, Proto still same quality?
  2. SuiteSuccess

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Ralf, Be interesting to see what prices do with US tariffs against Chinese goods. May have to have you buy everything in Canada and bring to ECR.😄
  3. SuiteSuccess

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Charlie, I’ve also had good luck with Rigid. I have some Milwaukee stuff at home but unless I find a good deal, can’t justify it for occasional use in the truck. Maybe just wait till GeorgiaHybrid turns his back and end up with a SnapOn. And, yes, before anyone says it, I know you get what you pay for.
  4. SuiteSuccess

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    I must admit I’m a sucker for the HF coupons and free stuff (about five now of the red voltage meters). I also carry some little used HF items in the truck for occasional use i.e. grinder and variable speed polisher. Just don’t see a need for high $$ items for those things. I need to put a 20 volt (or 24) cordless drill/driver on the truck, again for occasional use only. What about the Bauer brand or another inexpensive brand not HF? And are you a HF junky like me? I know GeorgiaHybrid won’t have anything that doesn’t say SnapOn in his truck so won’t believe anything he says, lol.
  5. SuiteSuccess

    OT - Coronary Artery Disease

    Rocky, Prayers are coming your way. You’ll do great.
  6. SuiteSuccess

    Volvo D12D high idle

    No problem Charlie. I’m like you, more questions than my brain can absorb the answers. Keep em coming.
  7. SuiteSuccess

    Volvo D12D high idle

    Charlie, Educate me, where would you use this?
  8. SuiteSuccess

    Hurricane Florence

    Wow Jim, I didn’t know North Dakota was right beside North Carolina 😜. (Just giving you a hard time).
  9. SuiteSuccess

    Changing Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

    Well got the old reservoir off. New ready to bolt on. Of course had to break one of the old heavy duty hose clamps so trip in to NAPA tomorrow. Took sample of fluid to dealer, turns out to be ATF so we got some new to refill. All in all pretty easy job.
  10. SuiteSuccess

    Changing Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

    Pretty sure that is what is in Tom’s. Will check for sure with dealer tomorrow.
  11. SuiteSuccess

    Changing Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

    Yes it’s Toms. Going over to dealer tomorrow so will double check.
  12. SuiteSuccess

    Changing Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

    Rocky, They are the reinforced fiber hoses not rubber so stiffness is built into the hose. Not due to aging but we will check them. Also reading that some Internationals use 15w-40 motor oil rather than power steering fluid. So if fluid is not red would assume it’s oil?
  13. SuiteSuccess

    Changing Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

    Helping a friend this week change the power steering fluid reservoir on his ‘99 International Binder. Rusted with pin hole leaks. Looks pretty straight forward. Four bolts to bracket and two hoses with hose clamps. Plan to disconnect hoses collecting fluid in pan, replace reservoir and filter, then reconnect. Realize we’re going to get some air in the system but will it bleed itself? Any tips or “gotchas”? Dexron 2 or 3 or something else to refill and amount? BTW hoses are stiff so can’t clamp off with vice grips.
  14. SuiteSuccess

    Why convert to single axle?

    I stayed tandem for two reasons. 1. Didn’t know what future held as far as vehicle/vehicles I might be carrying. 2. IMO can take off bed and hitch and re-sale in commercial market as well as recreational. When you single weight can become a consideration on the bed. Tandem gives you added capacity. For me, remaining tandem has created no issues other than cost for tires, brakes etc.
  15. SuiteSuccess

    Dropped Trailer-Segue

    Absolutely no offense. That’s why I opened a second thread. I hope you weren’t offended. These questions come up every few years and as more people new to this lifestyle join the forum, the questions need to be brought forward for discussion and new perspectives.