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  1. Absolutely, HDT or not. Come stay in one of the cabins for a few days.
  2. Ditto on Power Services Biocide.
  3. You’re invited for a burger also, 😊
  4. Update: So far repairs are good. Bolts were indexed like Chad did for visual inspection and all is good. Am replacing one brake line that has chafed and will re-route. Also want to give kudos to Jesse at Kodiak in Azle, TX. He has been the liaison with Rockwell/Dexter/Kodiak (Rockwell owns Dexter which in turn now owns Kodiak). He kept me well informed and worked to make sure my costs were reimbursed. Can’t ask for better customer service than that.
  5. Great, come join the party. Grilled burgers at our place tomorrow evening.
  6. Yes, around $200. Well worth trying to clean and restore. The screws on the plastic housing are “one way” but can be removed with needle nose vise grips.
  7. Need to correct. Think I have Lippert Solara toppers.
  8. Fabric is intact. Have an idea on how to tighten the spring but have never done it. I searched YouTube and couldn’t find video on tightening spring.
  9. Can’t say Rocky. Paid Good Sam’s $140 for registration and week of camping. That works out to $20/day. When we contacted the fairgrounds few weeks ago, told it would be $30/day.
  10. Been driving & camping in the windy and very windy Great Plains. On trip fro Topeka to Hutch noticed my bedroom slide topper had partially unrolled and was flapping in the breeze. Stopped and doesn’t feel like spring broken. Opened slide and slowly closed slide and topper rewound. However, same occurrence half hour later (btw extremely windy driving day). Repeated procedure and bungeed to destination. Topper is extremely loose and flapping and looks like doorside topper also loose and sagging. Anyone coming to Hutch that might be able to help?
  11. Started yesterday when we arrived, lol. Another HDT here also but he’s leaving before the rally. BTW Good Sam’s rally starts tomorrow. We signed up and got discount on our camping.
  12. Thanks Chet, that’s the thread I was looking for.
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