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  1. New to Dark Side

    Same here. Welcome and East Coast Rally would be happy to have you.
  2. Anyone near Covington, TN?

    Sorry Exile, I would be happy to help but I live in East TN about 300 miles from Covington.
  3. Replacing Steer Tires

    Brad, No way I would do it myself. My back and I already don’t have a good relationship. Don’t want to p**s it off anymore.

    Glenn, I am not trying to diss the ET but below are pictures of my 1st generation ET which broke without being involved in any type of accident. We don’t full time so not a lot of hitch cycles either. As you can see from the rusted ends of the bar the cracks had been present for awhile. If I had been in the same situation as Chet it is more than likely my whole sled area would have let loose because the only thing holding it together was the bar through the bottom dogbone, the stop plates, and it may have had micro fractures through the bottom bar also. I think likely in that situation my trailer would have been shredded and it wouldn’t have stayed attached to the truck. In Henry’s defense he did redesign those stress areas but it proves what looks massive may not necessarily be strong especially if those areas are cracked. I have the redesigned sled on my ET now but I would urge anyone with a 1st generation ET to inspect and upgrade.
  5. HDT and overall length

    Chad, Others, Thanks we have beat commercial to death. I just couldn’t remember what the difference was. Now back to the original programming.
  6. Passenger seat removal????

    I did the same to get my old one out and new in.
  7. HDT and overall length

    Chad or Phil (if he reads this post), Please enlighten me again because I’ve obviously forgotten something. I know an MDT or HDT used as a service vehicle would be considered commercial but wouldn’t a panel van for a plumber or air conditioning repair be also? Does it have something to do with road use?
  8. '18 ECR Flea Market

    I have a B&W companion hitch (not under bed components) and bar I will sell if anyone interested. It’s an older model but not a lot of use. Make me a realistic offer. Also have a PullRite 18k hitch with bed rails and hardware. Same deal. Can bring to ECR. Will probably have some other “clean out the trailer “ stuff like wire loom etc.

    Chet, Totally off subject. We usually stay at Staunton KOA when we’re going and coming from VA. But had looked at Ft. Chiswell. Did you like it as a stopover?
  10. Replacing Steer Tires

    My tire shop won’t rebuy past seven years.

    All I can say is wow 😲.
  12. Replacing Steer Tires

    To all. I have a good relationship with a local tire shop where I have done business for sixteen years. Just raised the question because the pricing on the same tires was over $200 difference. Also the places like Simple Tire ship for free. Never bought on line but was just inquiring what was involved. David, since I’m retired I keep a closer watch on my mason jars. I watch my truck and trailer budget since we part time and as you are aware I’ve invested and going to invest a few jars where I shouldn’t have to. DesertMiner, try to not be locked into anything but I’ve had good success with the Toyos. Have priced other second tier tires and are comparable in price locally. Again since we part time I don’t feel I want or need first tier such as Michelin or Goodyear. I will age out the tires before I wear them out. My drives are Goodyear but I got a good deal on them compared to second tiers three years ago.
  13. Replacing Steer Tires

    Replacing my Toyo M177 steer tires due to age. Size is 295/75/R22.5. Finding better deals online than locally. Anyone have any dealings with places like Simple Tire, Direct Tire, etc. and were you pleased? Any pushback getting them mounted and balanced locally and usual cost for that?
  14. Ramp Question

    We have a winner. That was exactly my plan B. Was going to router two shallow grooves in each strip.
  15. ECR Cooler Needed

    Hey, better than the used livestock watering tank I was gonna bring. It was that or a used toilet bowl😜😝