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  1. Yep, that’s what our hospital did, gas sterilization for most things. However, in the inner cores of most operating suites a good old autoclave is always present for any instrument that gets contaminated and is essential for an operation.
  2. Jim, Following up on your thoughts. Autoclaves and Dry Heat Sterilizers Autoclaves sterilize tools by using high levels of heat and pressure. They kill all forms of microbial life, such as bacteria, viruses, and even spores. Typically, autoclaves run at a temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty (30) minutes. US FDA registered dry heat sterilizers sterilize by using high levels of dry heat. Just like autoclaves, dry heat sterilizers kill all forms of microbial life, such as bacteria, viruses, and spores. Because they sterilize by using heat alone, dry heat sterilizers need more time to sterilize than autoclaves. Due to these high temperatures, dry heat sterilizers may not be appropriate for all multi-use tools, such as those with plastic or rubber parts. You must operate your dry heat sterilizer at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for sixty (60) minutes in order to sterilize tools. For more information in both English and Vietnamese about how to correctly operate a dry heat sterilizer, Contrary to popular belief, UV boxes do not sterilize tools. A UV box will only keep tools clean if they have already been properly sterilized prior to being stored inside the UV box. Bacteria and other organisms can still grow on tools that were not properly sterilized when the tools are placed in a UV box. Tools do not become sterilized through placement in a UV box. Instead, use can cause the unintentional spread of infections from client to client. Because of these risks, the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have banned the use of UV boxes. Boston requires the use of autoclaves and/or US FDA registered dry heat sterilizers, which sterilize multi-use tools when usEd. WORD OF CAUTION! Masks are paper products and could catch fire in an autoclave or similar instrument. So if you were relegated to using an Instapot would definitely set up outdoors.
  3. About 25 years ago had a chance to buy a little autoclave for dental instruments that was being replaced. Like so many things had no use for it at the time. I should have been like one of our HDTers who bought an old school house in Ohio and renovated it to live in. He buys up lots of “stuff” because it might be useful in the future.
  4. Please stay safe and thank you for placing yourself in harms way. So many are in the trenches and dodging invisible bullets as we speak. I try not to worry about my kids and grandkids as much as I do but anyone who has children knows you can’t stop no matter their age. Where I live in East Tennessee is beginning the steep upslope of the outbreak so the next few weeks will tell the tale here. I trust in God to lead us through but I also trust in my fellow man to be the instrument of that journey. Somehow we got complacent and forgot nature is still in charge. BTW hug your wife and say thank you for me because of what she did and also she has to be worrying about your health.
  5. Unfortunately most of these kids live in government subsidized apts. They were setting up outside the office of these apartments and providing services from there. I have discussed setting up a “blue” line with tape 10-12 feet from their tables and then having only one member in full PPE dispense the bags to a second table that the folks could pick up so no touching occurs. They also have changed to doing porch drops as you say. Here’s the sad part, she teaches elementary school age. The kids see their teachers and want hugs or some type of contact. It frightens them to see their beloved teachers in full PPE. The teachers know contact is impossible so they’re going to work on alternatives, maybe a special dance or song or someway to individualize the encounter. As adults, we know what is required. What kids don’t understand is frightening. Hope this ends soon but not leveling yet.
  6. Uh, David, he’s saying he’s gonna pee on your grave😜
  7. Steve, You don’t know how much this means to them and to me. Thank you so much.
  8. Roger, Thanks. I’m good on covers. SteveSoCal is shipping me 20. I’ve also got a line on a few N95s but my daughter said their school is supplying them four more apiece from their janitorial supplies. So again thank you for all you’ve done. If you’ve already bought them I’ll reimburse you. I still want the Australian mask as we discussed.
  9. The material in the HEPAs has some electrostatic properties that apparently attract the sub.3 micron particles that have gained a charge because of the turbulent air flow in the weave. They are then electrically bound to the fibers. Apparently lots of science in design.
  10. That’s what they’re trying but they still are having some contact
  11. Thanks Steve. I’ll PM you my address. Give me yours and I’ll pay shipping.
  12. I posted this elsewhere but want to make it a separate post to reach more people. My daughter is an elementary school teacher and with the Covid outbreak schools are closed. She teaches in a disadvantaged school district where a number of the students depend upon the school for meals. She and her fellow teachers have organized to deliver food to these kids so they don’t grow hungry. Our food pantry is providing the food, but the teachers need protective gear. She has an N95 respirator mask but has to clean it after use and reuse. She has protective glasses but no clothing covers or face shields. If anyone has any Tyvek suits (painting suits), surgical gowns, ICU plastic gowns, face shields, N95 respirator masks or other protective gear they would allow me to purchase or they would donate I would be most appreciative. They don’t need huge numbers probably twenty or so. NONE are available for purchase in our area. Please contact me at ecrcarl at gmail dot com. Thank you. These teachers are risking their health for their kids.
  13. Stay safe. My daughter, an elementary school teacher, is going twice weekly with other teachers to deliver food to disadvantaged students who were getting school meals. She has gloves, but only one N95 mask which she cleans and disinfects. No PPE cover for clothing. She knows the risk but feels this duty outweighs the risk. I’m scared to death for her and pray for them daily. If any of you have an extra N95 or Tyvek suit I could purchase please contact me at ecrcarl at gmail dot com. I would do anything to protect my children.
  14. Rdickinson, I read up on HEPA filters last night. Especially the NASA data. Apparently 0.3 microns is okay in their weave. The way they are designed and the “non-linear” airflow still makes them super efficient at trapping particles less than 0.1 microns plenty good for viral exposure. So we have the filter and know it can be used in air purifiers and masks without exposing the wearer to noxious chemicals from the manufacturing process (thinking air purifiers and existing respirators) so we’re now up to application and design. BTW just got the pics. Thanks, I’ll get back to you via email.
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