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  1. Okay have touched base with Stonehaus Winery on Genesis across from the Pilot (close to campground). They are not able to give facilities tour but have a great area and variety for tastings. The owner is negotiating a discount with me on purchases. If there is an overwhelming desire to tour the distilling facilities and do a tasting I can see what Chestnut Hill winery can do. Our wine aficionados liked Stonehaus varieties better. Just let me know.
  2. Pete, Sorry to hear about your incident. Thank heavens you did the right thing and accelerated rather than hit the brakes. Glad you are safe. Please follow up a post if you find out the cause of the blowout. I have run Toyo steers for ten years (Mine are two years old) and if there is a history of this I would appreciate knowing. Wonder if you could have hit something in the road?
  3. See this thread. It will answer your questions. See you in April😊
  4. I’ve had some inquiries about scheduling a local wine tour during the rally. We did that once before as a formal activity but the attendance was limited. If there is interest please post here and if there is a number of folks that would like to go, I will see what and when I can arrange.
  5. To keep this going a bit longer, if you read threads from most of the off roaders, mudders, etc., they seem to be pretty evenly divided about fusing a winch at all. Granted most of their winches are on the bumpers but wired under the hood to battery(s). These folks have a lot of history and experience with winches, so are we HDTers just more cautious or what (don’t want to say smarter because these guys are very creative)?
  6. Kim at Deer Run Rv Resort has 42 people who have reserved a site so far. Our registration for the rally shows only 32 that have registered with us. Please go here to register for the rally: https://eastcoasthdtrally.com/product/2020-rally-registration/ . If you haven't reserved a camp site please go to this link to reserve a site. Note: Registering for the rally does not reserve a site. https://www.deerrunrvresort.com/ . I'll remind everyone t-shirt orders can be made at the bottom of the rally registration site. We will cut off all t-shirt orders by March 7 in order to get them printed up. Also if you wish to attend the Cumberland County Playhouse on Friday April 24 the play will be "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel" a comedy opening that night on the main stage at 7:30 pm. Tickets are selling out fast so you may want to order. We usually try to sit middle section but those are going fast and really no bad seats. Go here for tickets: http://www.ccplayhouse.com/event/4695c128fca80b1e52614ce03f43f082 We are excited to have 10 new folks who have registered with Deer Run. In February or March, I will be sending an email to all the new folks welcoming them and hopefully surveying their expectations from the rally so we can tailor any last minute schedule changes to answer their needs. Anyone needing to contact me still can at ecrcarl at gmail dot com.
  7. B, See discussion here.
  8. Not to hijack, but Randy are you saying the fuse must be bigger than than the max the winch can consume or usually consumes? For example my winch is a Warn m8000 (yes overkill, but got a good deal) and at max 8000 pull consumes 425 amps while only 200 at 2000 pull. So in my application I’m probably at most using 1000-1200 lb pull which should only be about 100-125 amps. Should the fuse be 425 or greater or maybe just a 250 amp like your example?
  9. Rick, Shorty, I mention the binder in the seminar on “Why an HDT?”. Maybe we bring some for illustration?
  10. Dan, Did you see my binder with the above stuff last year? If not take a look in April. Other nice thing is have all those papers in a binder (mine are separated in plastic sleeves) with a table of contents in the front. That way if the LEO asks you can politely ask if he would like the binder to look at. Just make it conspicuous that you have everything he could ever need in an easy to read organized fashion. If you pull a folder of loose papers and are shuffling them trying to find what he is asking for, it will make the situation worse for you. Also I believe it’s LexisNexis that has most of the statutes.
  11. Al, Upon looking at my truck the T fuse shown in my pic is my inverter fuse. I don’t have one on my winch. If I recall when I installed mine 10 years ago the Warn wiring diagram didn’t show a fuse and there was a lot of discussions online about fusing or not. In retrospect I should/will fuse and probably use Scrap’s suggestion or an ANL.
  12. Dan, Just the necessary pages, i.e. state statute of license required to operate RV, statute exempting RV from CDL, statute as to location of license plate on RV. If you hand your binder to an LEO in another state they aren’t going to wade through a novel.
  13. Rick, When I replaced my brake lines on my trailer I wrapped them in rubber (steel mesh reinforced) fuel lines based on a recommendation from David Henegar. Can’t have too much protection.
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