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  1. On their site there is an HDT parked in one of their Super Sites. Would like some feedback on campground if anyone has been there. Can't get pic to load but it is a Maroon singled Volvo 780 with stainless storage droms and pulling a maroon and tan Teton.
  2. SuiteSuccess

    ECR Registration and T Shirts, Social Addition

    Al, I have logged in about 30 or so but Kim has confirmed sites for about 50. Lots of regulars have not registered yet. Looks like it will be less than last year, but means you don’t have to make as much coffee 😉
  3. SuiteSuccess

    Donvel front axle spring application

    Did you order direct from Donvel?
  4. SuiteSuccess

    Towing Options...Need some advice

    First welcome. Second you really don’t need an HDT for a 9500 lb pull behind. I’ll let others smarter than me chime in but that light of a trailer may not hold up well behind an HDT. Third point is if you use the truck as an office you may well become a “commercial “ truck and all that entails. There will be a whole raft of folks debating that point and saying it is no different than your trailer having an office. That’s why it “may” become. Do your research beforehand. Lastly the trucks below an HDT are Medium Duty Trucks (MDT), Super Duty Pickups (F450, 550), Lighter Duty pickups (F250, 350).
  5. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    I was wishing there was a Volvo App or web site that would do the same. In other words drag down 2006 Volvo, VNL 780, D12 engine etc. with filters so that you could just get a part # but I guess that would be too convenient.
  6. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    Already have Rick. They are competitive.
  7. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    My bags are just showing cracks, no leaks yet. Shocks not leaking. Bags definitely need changing and to get to them I’m going to have to move my drom (it’s not as large as most and only held with four bolts.). Figured while I was there would just change everything to new since the cost was only about $150 more. That way should be good until I retire this truck. BTW I’m going to add the Donvel valves to see if that helps the cab sway also. On your truck mileage is not the issue. It’s time and location. If those miles were over 2 years in the southeast where some moisture but moderate temps, little or no road salt, then your bags should be fine. However if your truck had those miles over 10 years and summered in Arizona but ran in the winter to Colorado then they may be worn out. Those are extremes, I’ll admit but you’ll just have to look at them. My bags are almost 10 years old. I think of them like tires, they’ll age out before we will wear them out. If yours are 10-12 years I’d be watching them for cracking.
  8. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    I do have the plates at the top, just hard to see. cab air bags. 21165209 ( a # you had) shocks. 22662224 plates 8082246 leveling valve 23270961 lock washer 8076265 coolant expansion tank 20519037/ my old is 20519039 (37 you found) Again thanks for all the help. Looked at my bolts and they don’t look too rusty. Will soak anyway but may not be a horrible job.
  9. SuiteSuccess

    Volvo Radiator Drain Hose

    Bit the bullet and ordered the hose from OTRperformance. If anyone wishes to use it while at the ECR please let me know and I will bring it. Likely to be a one maybe two time use for me but still cheaper than $90/hr labor charge just to drain and replace coolant.
  10. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    Talked to my dealer parts dept again. They asked if I had purchased from them before and when I replied yes they were more "accomodating". Actually gave me the parts numbers and the prices which were very comparable to what I could get online. Only thing which was excessively expensive was a replacement coolant expansion tank which I can get online for $129 while dealer wants $229. OOT for a few days then will load up on parts when I get back. Total price for two air bags, new push to connects, lock washers, shocks, leveling valve, replacement bag plates,10 gals of coolant, tank is gonna be just shy of $400 so I'm feeling pretty good. Now to order my Donvel valves for the cab. DesertMiner, Turns out my numbers are different than yours so will be happy to share if you want but sounds like you won't be repeating the work anytime soon.
  11. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    Yeah, Jim but I kind of feel bad taking up their time without planning on buying anything. You would just think something would be available online that would give the same info that the parts guys can access. Even if it was subscription multiple folks could share the cost and one person act as the “caretaker”.
  12. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    Drivers side. Second shock to right of bag not very visible.
  13. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    DesertMiner, Thank you. Where did you get those numbers? Two shocks. BTW found the expansion tank.
  14. SuiteSuccess

    VIN specific parts #s

    My truck is a 2006 Volvo 780 with Volvo D12D motor. When I call my local dealer to find parts they will tell me they have them in stock but are reluctant to give out the part number so I can compare online prices. Is there a source where I can get updated parts numbers for my specific truck VIN? The parts I need are cab air bags (2), cab shocks (2), cab leveling valve, and radiator coolant expansion tank. Might need some new hoses but have to get over to truck and inspect them first. I must say my dealer has been competitive on some parts in the past but not all.
  15. SuiteSuccess

    Why use a HDT to haul your smart ......

    I couldn’t crawl in the window to back it off. Too old and too fat.😜