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  1. Al, I was there yesterday. Working fine. David has been doing some updating so maybe it was down for awhile.
  2. Not yet Dan. I will send in next couple of days. Tying up some loose ends.
  3. If you’re pulling straight out shouldn’t damage. Sometimes they’re stubborn
  4. Yes. Make sure you have bled down the air pressure. Push the grommet in with an airline tool or wrench head of appropriate size and line should pull out with a little effort. Pull the grommets out with needle nose pliers. You will then need a dental pic (you can buy set at HF) to pick out the O ring. Sometimes the ring is old and brittle and you have to pick out in pieces. Before putting in new ring, dip a Q tip in alcohol and clean the fitting. Put in new O ring and seat with blunt side of a pic or small flat blade screwdriver. You don’t want to damage. Cut lines back a bit to have fresh edge and reinsert. Be sure they’re seated. The trick is NO air pressure on lines.
  5. At this time no one that does weighing has signed up.
  6. Bet someone can figure it out. We’ve got some electrical gurus that will be here.
  7. Just my thanks to all you that served “in country” and made it home. Also my sorrow for those that didn’t.
  8. SuiteSuccess

    Last ECR Update

    In the next couple of weeks will be sending all registrants an email reminder of things I mention here just so we don’t miss anyone. At this time have 52 rigs registered down a bit from last year but ~10 new folks. Just want to remind folks of the social events so you don’t forget your props to participate. 1. Crazy hat contest. Bring your craziest headgear so we can all let our hair down (or if you’re like several of us no hair to let down) for an evening of fun. We have a nice gift for the winner. 2. Craft sodas, beer, spirits. If you have a favorite you wish to introduce to others be sure to put in your camper. 3. Bingo night. Bring a gift valued at ~$20 as a prize. Everyone who brings a prize will go home with a prize. Rules to be explained. 4. See thread on ECR schedule if you want to build a pedestal checker. Supplies listed there. 5. Want to remind the new folks and those that volunteered as mentors, we will make those connections Saturday evening after the introduction. Thanks again to all the volunteers. See you all soon.
  9. Al, The project day will be a pedestal checker that gives a quick view with LEDs that the pedestal is wired correctly for RVs. It will not tell limb voltages or total voltages like Steve’s previous project checker. However, its advantage will be a good quick checker in a small package. Parts needed are a 50 amp plug like below. They are about 15 bucks. RandyA will have the other parts and a donation to him of ~$5 will help defray those costs. Also if you have a good soldering iron, bring that.
  10. Are you going to put a bulletproof dome on it so it will be a true Popemobile?
  11. SuiteSuccess

    Smart tires

    Didn’t ask Jim but I can find out if you’re interested?
  12. SuiteSuccess

    Smart tires

    Thanks Paul didn’t know the 175’s would fit. Correct me if I’m wrong but thought front rim was 15 x 4.5 and rear 15 x 5.5. So the inch narrower on the front rim is not a problem? Just trying to learn.
  13. Thanks Rick. Got enough vehicles now, lol. Jeff contacted me last year about some rims. Didn’t need them then, should have had my crystal ball. BTW Donna reminded me they better all four match! Sigh.
  14. Hey Rick are they definitely fronts? I’m possibly looking for two rears. Believe they would be 15x6s?
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