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  1. Last year, I bought a Kisae Abso 2500 watt sine wave inverter/charger from Dan Rowe for $500 with free shipping. It’s still in the box and in my trailer as the replacement if my Xantrex croaks. Take a look at what they have available now. Some good sales. https://www.donrowe.com/KISAE-s/1823.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIioyAptiY6gIV7giICR3P2AQpEAAYASAAEgLNSvD_BwE
  2. My apologies. You are right. I will stand down.
  3. Henry, I hope you don’t take my comments as a personal attack. That is not the purpose of this discussion. I only have experience with the ET so I can’t comment on the engineering or strength of the others. Your design is brilliant but I take exception with the execution. I still stand firmly behind the idea that at least the prototype of ANY hitch pulling the weights we are carrying should be tested to failure either by computer or mechanical modeling PRIOR to hitting the market. My Gen 1 rods (through the dog bones) were cracked with the top rod failing completely and the bottom rod was cracked also. Gen 1 owners were the test bed. If it had failed completely the head assembly could have separated and an 18,000 pound trailer would have been free to careen around the highway possibly harming or killing innocents. Brad’s pictures point to the fact with further back and forth motion his flanges could have failed and his head assembly separated resulting in a 25,000 pound trailer being loose.. I paid for the Gen 2 “remanufactured” sled but quickly found it was out of square and required extensive re-machining to square and beef up. A fellow HDTer will verify the asymmetric loads that were being placed on my “new” sled. It would have eventually failed. I am glad Young’s is making the ET and hopefully jigging and quality controlling the product. I’m glad you’re still involved with your baby. Boeing didn’t just load up 300 folks in a 777 and fly through all conditions until a wing failed. They sacrificed multiple $10 million wings to be sure. Profits should never outweigh safety. Ford know’s what that feels like.
  4. Also as a learning point. Probably a good practice to attach your break away cable to a point separate than the head of your hitch. I’ve seen one on a pickup and lighter hitch attached to a cotter pin holding in a rail pin. Not the best idea.
  5. Brad, Glad you got it fixed. I think the problem is that our trailers are becoming heavier and heavier and are subjecting the hitches to forces they weren’t experiencing in the past. I’m not an engineer and don’t pretend to be but none of the present hitches in use for trailers the weight of your New Horizons has been tested to failure prior to coming on the market. Subsequent generations of these hitches are fixes for “in use” failures. I know I suffered a Gen 1 ET Hitch failure with an 18,000 pound trailer and part time limited pulling mostly on interstates. Several other similar failures lead to mods on the Gen 2 and a better hitch, but even with a Gen 2 “revamp” my hitch required re-machining because of out of square weld up and abnormal movement. Now with jigging and re-producibility at Young’s hopefully that is no longer an issue. I’m not trying to diss the past or present hitch designers/builders and we’ve had previous debate on failure testing, but think it’s important to learn a lesson from your experience. Every pre-trip should also include the hitch components and a comprehensive inspection should probably be done twice yearly.
  6. SuiteSuccess


  7. Brad, Here’s the info on the ET Hitch installing Crossville if you choose that route.
  8. Wow, that is scary. An ET was recently installed in Crossville, TN. I think this was the shop that did it. http://www.riverbendservice.com/. Crossville is only about 70 miles from Nashville.
  9. Ha, probably correct. So much for readily visible transparency in commerce.
  10. Rick, Thank you. I ordered 100 of the ones Jim recommended. I have some silicone grease already so will give both a try. $5 and change for 100. Better than $8 for six. BTW looking forward to Monday. 😊
  11. Thanks Jim. Will give them a try.
  12. Thanks, yes they used to but now do not. You have to purchase the kit, I mentioned above at $8 for 6 O rings, 6 stem seals, and 6 screws. I have 14 sensors so $25 plus shipping is a little pricey to use just the O rings. I think if I get the size I can buy in bulk much cheaper.
  13. I have the TST 507 tpms on truck and trailer. I need to replace several of the cap 0 rings (not the stem) and was wondering if anyone could tell me the size of the ring or has a loose one they could measure? I know you can order them from TST but they only have the kits with six o rings, six stem seals, and screws. I have all the screws and stem seals I need so going to try and source the o rings themselves in bulk. Also if you know of a source would appreciate that link also. Small O ring and stem seal.
  14. Like I said, my CarFax service report appears to be in “real time” I.e. constant monitoring as it told my present mileage and I haven’t been to dealer in at least six months. I’m sorry, I just don’t like this especially without my consent.
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