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  1. Please indulge me so I can learn. In this case no codes were thrown. If the ECM was out of tolerance, shouldn’t that be programmed in to throw a code?
  2. Guess I’m just dumb but if it was just a software issue why did it take 13 years to show up?
  3. Al, Do you have a cubby under you bed? If so I would mount it there. Short run from inverter and easy access. You don’t really need to see it all the time do you? If you do consider upper cab wall behind drivers head.
  4. Hopefully someone will reply and help. I’m clueless.
  5. Darryl, Maybe GeorgiaHybrid will chime in on our “1/2 hour” sensor change. Twelve year old plastic is very brittle and crumbles often leaving just the barrel of the sensor stuck in the hole. Mine was a Volvo D12. Hope the Cummins is easier. 😊
  6. What card gives you 10% off? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. Interesting. About six years ago I spoke with an official of Pilot Corporate in Knoxville (since we lived close) about getting a group discount for us HDT RVers. He was nice but said we weren’t big enough of a fleet and didn’t purchase enough fuel to interest them. Wonder if we are now?
  8. Pete, Where did you get yours titled in TN? Mine was bare frame with 5th wheel already removed but they didn’t even ask about it. Of course that was 10 years ago and I basically had to gather all the info for motorhome registration and teach our county clerk how it was legal. Luckily had a single person in Nashville who I had been working with who gave me his extension to call if any issues. After discussion and info county clerk said no problem.
  9. Just used rescue tape on pump fitting that was leaking at my sticks and bricks. Works well.
  10. SuiteSuccess

    Remember Today

    Thank you to those that have made and will make the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family. May we never forget.
  11. As you know, I do over the wheel with blocks on the rear wheels. Check them and tighten at every stop. I have had one come loose on the front as the strap stretched and that’s why I went to net on front wheels. Mr. Cobb, I see your strap just goes through a D ring and into a lash winch. Ones in my pic above are double D’s (ok no puns about double Ds). Thoughts on which would be better? I was thinking IF I did it I would use the padded double Ds and a hooked strap straight down into my lash winch.
  12. Al, Saw this and that’s what prompted the query.
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