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  1. SuiteSuccess

    Help identify

    Sounds like a parts man who didn’t want to be bothered.
  2. SuiteSuccess


    Just some follow up. Thanks to my good friend GeorgiaHybrid was able to get my MorRyde IS alignment done at Diesel Plus in Ringgold Ga right outside Chattanooga. David and I “supervised “ the whole process and let me say those guys were great. They have a Hunter trailer alignment system which hooks to the kingpin and it was fascinating to watch how it worked. The IS system is a bear to get in specs. Requires special shims I ordered from MorRyde and a chain “come along” for the toe in. The spec range is in hundredths of a degree which took a lot of time and patience for camber and toe in. I was the second MorRyde they have done but they are willing to do more and in fact may petition MorRyde as a certified service center. Price was extremely reasonable seeing how it took close to 5 hours. Pulling back to Knoxville was a dream, I couldn’t believe the difference. Trailer stayed perfectly in line behind the truck. Before I had always had a little tail wagging. The truck itself tracked much better on the road probably due to elimination of the trailer forces on the rear. Was amazed in my two year old trailer how far the alignment was out. Don’t know if DRV or MorRyde even attempts an alignment before they put these trailers on the road?
  3. SuiteSuccess


    The 215/75/17.5 or the 235/75/17.5?
  4. Thanks, that’s why I ask the smart folks, 😊
  5. In the process of changing all my corded tools in the truck and trailer over to cordless with lithium battery. My plan is to fully charge all the batteries before storage in the truck for the winter then recharge before first use. Going to have about 8 batteries so don’t want to carry them home and leave on chargers. Any problem leaving them off chargers for 4-5 months?
  6. Steve, Could you remove the “p”trap at the sink and run a hose down the pipe and use a siphon pump connected to another hose and empty that way so you can work on it? I know you have to have a Gomco suction pump somewhere in all that medical equipment you have.
  7. SuiteSuccess


    Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving.
  8. Agree, amen to that.
  9. SuiteSuccess


    Thanks Dave.
  10. SuiteSuccess


    Have one other question after more research. Says recommended rim size for Sailun 215/75/R17.5 is 6 inches while G114 is 6.75 inches. Could the 215 Sailun be mounted on my 6.75 rim? or is this another reason to go with the 235?
  11. SuiteSuccess


    Follow up on an earlier post about alignment on MorRyde IS on my 5er. Appointment for alignment in couple of weeks. (Waiting on shims from MorRyde). Tire shop says my scalloped G114 would be okay as a spare. My present spare will go on the ground after the alignment. After much thought my present plan is to purchase a Sailun 637 from Amazon for $170 (great deal) and keep it as the spare and scrap the scalloped tire. My question: My G114s are 215/75/R17.5 (3 yrs old) and my thought is I should get the same size in the Sailun however I can also get a 235/75/R17.5 for the same price and it can carry more weight but is slightly larger by about 1”. My future plan is to replace the G114s in the next few years with the 235 for more weight carrying capacity. Would I cause any problems using the 235 as the spare until I could get somewhere to get a new 215? I’m hoping it would never be used until I replace all tires.
  12. Just be sure and shake and turn upside down if you try it. It’s the propellant that freezes.
  13. Dave, Back on my chisel suggestion. I’ve heard of using “canned air” (the stuff to blow dust off your computer), turning the can upside down and spraying til a good layer of frost forms then whacking the now frozen, brittle bolt to pop off the head. Apparently will break a padlock.
  14. Dave, Enough room to get a chisel on the head? Couple of hits with a two pound sledge may break the head off.
  15. Al, The Sailun will be my spare after the alignment. I’m going to put my present spare G114 on the ground and continue to run them until aged out. The messed up tire is going in the dump. I’m going with the Sailun as a spare because of price $170 on Amazon. G114 is over $300. I will also consider Sailun as replacement for the G114s. Just depends on research and price. Like I said, Hankook is also high on the list for me.
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