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  1. I’m sorry, don’t know what you’re asking?
  2. Ok David. Got ya on this one. Already have one and three spools of safety wire from my old flying days. Trouble is it’s all at home.
  3. Funny you mentioned that. Another forum member and I were discussing that.
  4. Update. All work completed. Found a really great trailer repair place and great owner in Gainesville TX. Texas Diesel.Com. Knowledgeable and prices very reasonable. Found some additional issues. Right rear caliper bolts were both sheared at the bracket and was just lucky that caliper had not let loose also. All other bolts and calipers checked and replaced with Red Loctite.
  5. Chad, The instructions sent with my bolts just said Loctite. Never specifically said Red. My conversations with Kodiak (Dexter) said the original installed bolts did not have activators in the Loctite and that was the issue. When I mentioned the replacement bolts had Blue Loctite the rep said yes and that it had the activator. More to follow after all repairs done. Just to be fair all my conversations with Kodiak have been very positive so far. BTW everything will be red.
  6. This is what is going on the new bolts. Permatex High Strength Thread Locker Gel RED.
  7. Just some new info. Below are pics of the new and old bolts and sleeves. The new sleeves are thicker but as you can see the bolts are the same length. Of note you will see the bolts have BLUE Loctite. The directions say just add Loctite but does not specify RED or BLUE. If you look at the link DessertMiner provided they recommend RED Loctite. The recall notice. from DRV sent out no where specified that. If changing use RED Loctite. Can’t get pics to upload. Will add later.
  8. Update. Managed to make it to Winstar in Oklahoma without trailer brakes. Called DRV and Kodiak to see what bolts they sent me. Called at 10:00 am and still no return call from either. Spoke to Slade at Rolling Retreats. He’s gonna try to work us in Weds or Thursday to check all of them since I have 3000 miles to travel.
  9. As DesertMiner linked.
  10. No movement. I’m thinking someone sent me the same bolts from DRV instead of the new ones.
  11. SuiteSuccess

    Kodiak Brakes

    We have the 9000 lb MorRyde IS suspension with Kodiak brakes. There has been a recall on these brakes and Kodiak supplies slightly longer bolts. I got the recall kit and GeorgiaHybrid and I pulled the bolts on the passenger side right front at the ECR. The bolts were exactly the same length and size so we assumed the recall had already been done but to be sure we replaced with the new, used loctite as directed, torqued. I’m now sitting on the side of the road in NE Texas waiting on mobile mechanic. Bolts are completely gone from right side front caliper and 1/2” out on front two bolts of left side calipers. Caliper came completely loose, destroyed pads, but luckily tpms alerted us soon enough we got off road and stopped. Sudden rise in psi and temp. Scored wheel slightly but no other damage. I checked all the bolts TWO weeks ago with torque to be sure I was good before this trip. Better check your Kodiak calipers if your traveling.
  12. Thanks Phil. That out of service was tongue in cheek. I knew that applied only to commercial but figured some may not. Again thanks for the answer. I had been meaning to ask that of you for awhile., especially since we’re embarking tomorrow on a 4000 mile marathon trip. BTW hope you’re enjoying retirement.
  13. Phil, I don’t advocate breaking the law but point of fact many of us are over length and I live with the reality of knowing I could be cited. As the retired expert, my question would be in the hypothetical situation that I were pulled over and cited must I disconnect, hire someone to pull me to another location and reconnect? Or can I just take the ticket and continue on down the road after the LEO leaves? or am I “out of service” and can’t leave from where I’m stopped?
  14. No I haven’t in 10 years. Couple folks have but very rare.
  15. First welcome to the forum. 1. Without singling you aren’t going to make it under 65’ with a 44’ trailer and remaining tandem. Most wheelbases are around 230”. Mine is 223” and we pull a 42 ft trailer. So by the time you extend the frame to add a hitch you are probably going to be in the neighborhood of 68-69’. We are 67’ nose to tail when hitched. 2. Depends on your trailer weight. You need between 20%-25% of weight on pin. 900 lbs just guessing would probably unload the pin about 100-200 lbs depending on how far behind the axles (fulcrum). You can actually calculate that if you know your trailer lengths and weights. My guess is you’ll be ok.
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