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  1. Chuck Williams

    Smart car radiator fan

    Charlie, Glad you found the issue and could get it reset. I didn't have that issue on mine, just a simple part change. Kinda scary how simple the front end comes off, isn't it? Chuck
  2. Chuck Williams

    Smart car radiator fan

    Heck, it was simple. I watched a couple of You Tube videos and tore the little car apart. But y'all can still come over. I'm working on the Sport Chassis, my Kicker amplifier crapped out, the new Kenwood amp needs a direct cable to run the subwoofer. Gotta pull a new cable through the dash and body sides to the amp behind the rear seat. Diet Dr. Pepper for me
  3. Chuck Williams

    Smart car radiator fan

    I just replaced the fan in my Smart. The replacement fan was less than $90 and the install was fairly easy. The process to replace the fan looks worse than it really is. The front body clip has to come off, fenders, facia, grill, etc. That's all one piece and not too bad to remove. I went ahead and replaced the AC condenser as well. When my AC is on, the fan is on.
  4. Chuck Williams

    A good tire deal

    I bought 2 steer tires, Yokohama RY103's for $362 each, $20 each to mount and balance. With tax that was just over $835.
  5. Chuck Williams

    Smart cars... anything new?

    I have a 2010 Smart. Just after I bought it someone said "you got one of those disposable cars, huh". Well after 124,000 miles the little car is still my daily driver. I bought it as a our travel/RV car to load in the toyhauler. After I realized it got 48 MPG, it became my daily driver. A couple of months ago, a guy asked if it's hard finding parts for that little car. I raised an eyebrow and thought for a second and replied "I don't know, never needed any parts". He turned around and walked away... The little cars are tiny, kinda goofy looking, easy to park, fun to drive and are not so disposable after all.
  6. Chuck Williams


    Same thing happened to mine. The jaws can get a little rust on them and not move freely. Backing into the pin would not close the jaws. When backed into the pin I used a bar to push the jaws to the center lock position, then the lock slide moved into place. I couldn't move my jaws by hand so I sprayed them down with silicon lubricant and worked them in and out with a cheater bar. They loosened up to the point I could move them by hand with light pressure. I now keep the hitch covered to keep rain and dirt off of it and I spray it down before and after each use and about every two weeks when not in use. No problems since starting a preventive maintenance routine.
  7. Chuck Williams

    2004 Kenworth T300 on the market

    I haven't stopped to look at this one. It has a low to the ground stance. Cool looking truck.
  8. Chuck Williams

    2004 Kenworth T300 on the market

    Noticed a new arrival on a local car lot. I don't know anything about it other than what's in the ad. https://www.fordofmurfreesboro.com/searchused.aspx?Type=U&Make=Kenworth
  9. Chuck Williams

    Insurance Update for All Those Still Looking

    I just secured a policy for truck and trailer from State Farm in Tennessee. Thum Insurance had me with Blue Sky, then the non renewal came and Thum sent me a policy of same coverage for $500 more premium with National General. We decided to go shopping on our own and found a local State Farm agent that wrote a policy with the same coverage I had, for less cost than Blue Sky had last year. Granted, my wife spent several hours on the phone during over a several day period and I had several hours online in the evenings, but we came out better than I had expected. i just don't like going through 3 different business entities to get an Insurance policy. Last year I had Thum Insurance who went through Blue Sky who was underwritten by RLI. Too many middle-men.
  10. Chuck Williams

    Smart cars and cross winds.

    The wind will push you around a bit. These little cars have a small foot print and they're light weight. Cross winds and buffeting from trucks will keep you busy at the steering wheel. I don't think much about it anymore. With over 105,000 miles on my Smart, I just expect it and roll on. Fun little cars to drive.
  11. Chuck Williams

    HDT sighting Franklin, TN

    If that was in the parking lot at the Hampton Inn in Franklin TN., he has some excellent driving skills. That parking lot is too small for a rig that size.
  12. Chuck Williams

    End of the gas powered Smart Car?

    The thread title "End of the gas powered Smart Car" was taken from the original report posted on MSN. Lack of perspective is from the poor journalism of the media writers. RV owners possess proper perspective at all times...
  13. Chuck Williams

    End of the gas powered Smart Car?

    Link to article. MSN Reporting - In a sign of the times, the gas-powered version of the nation's smallest car is about to disappear from the U.S. motoring scene, Mercedes-Benz said Monday ((2/13/2017)). The Smart car, introduced into the U.S. about the time that gasoline prices were hitting record highs, won't be sold in the U.S. and Canada after the 2017 model year. ___________________________ My 2010 Smart has 105,000 miles on it, I was hoping to replace it in 2 or 3 years. Maybe this is fake news or alternative facts.
  14. Chuck Williams

    Good Sam Insurance Agency

    Update 2/13/2017 - I received a new policy offering from Thum Insurance and National Interstate. It's the same coverage I had with Blue Sky but more than $500 higher per year. For the truck and trailer it's $1,856 a year. This RVing addiction is getting expensive. Some of our favorite RV parks are $50+ a night and now insurance may be $500 more per year. I may have to get a two man pup tent and head out in the Smart car...
  15. Chuck Williams

    Guidance on a new tractor not HDT related.

    You'll be fine with either Kubota or Deere. I've had a Deere 3320 for 10 years and never had any need to go back to the dealer for any repairs. I used to go to the dealer to get filters, but I get them from Amazon now. Never had any problems from it. It has the E-Hydro transmission and a front loader. The two pedal E-Hydro is really nice when using the loader. My brother has a slightly smaller Kubota, with a front loader. He runs it on a very hilly area so he had smaller, wider tires installed to lower the center of gravity and widen the foot print. He really likes it and has had no problems from it. On my 3320 I use a 5 ft finishing mower, 5 ft brush cutter, 5 ft tiller, 5 ft box scraper or a 5 ft spike aerator. I would like to have a PTO generator, but my PTO output is a bit shy on horsepower to to run a generator of any good size.