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  1. "Hey Buddy, Do You Think You've Got Enough Truck There?"

    A 14 line platform has 8 tires per line, equals 112 tires per trailer. There are 2 trailers at each end (SIDE by side and bolted together) 14 lines × 16 tires per line = 224 tires The back end is the same. 224× 2= 448
  2. Wheel Torque Indicators

    White smoke doesn't happen when the highway is covered in snow and ice. Amazing how hard it is to feel 1 set of tires dragging on the road. It is a real bad start to the day laying under a trailer, in the dark, at -30C, with a bar and hammer trying to break drums from brake shoes....although it is even worse having to phone the office telling them they need to send a service truck and 2 or 4 or 6 tires out !
  3. 1 for Big5er

    I don't Understand? Looking at the photo he was not loaded to the top of the side boards. Could have put more on.
  4. Adding a motorcycle garage to our HDT

    I carry a Road King on a Rampage loader on my truck. In my opinion a 4 ft wide garage is only big enough to carry your motorcycle. It would be very awkward to even get in there to tie your bike down (unless you had more doors built into the garage). If you wanted to work on your bike inside the garage you should allow some space for you to move around. I believe it was Nolan that had that day cab KW with the 2 bike garage with loaders. BTW we need pics of your 58, I am also a 58 model, but I'm sure your Harley is in much better shape than me!
  5. Las Vegas CraigsList

    I think you need to go back to work Darryl.......just saying
  6. Cool cab over

    4 door cabover? Either custom built or possibly a driver training truck at one time? Very nice!!!
  7. My name is John and I have a problem...

    Nice job on the belts! Keep a copy of this photo in the truck and handy. Can't count the times I have been broke down and trying to figure out how the belts go back on. Probably a good idea to carry some spare idlers, or atleast keep the part numbers handy
  8. Loosing air

    If I went to our shop foreman with that "problem" he would laugh at me and tell me to come back when there is a real issue
  9. 79 trailers ...1 HDT...A bit long!

    Darryl is correct. We use 7speed Alllisons with 4 speed aux trans on our C500 KW tridrives, with planetary diffs. Pulling hydralic platform trailers we put 40000 pound counterwieghts on top of the drivers. Dont travel very fast, but can make a very heavy load move. Even from a dead stop on a hill we can usually make it move.....although a push truck or 2 (or more) definatley make things move qucker
  10. winter blend

    Jeff is right. Wind chill affects the driver, not the truck.
  11. Bottomed Out in the Badlands - Questions

    Off topic....but if you are near Great Falls MT a visit to the AFB museum is well worth the time. The gentleman that was there that day was a retired "artifical daylight installer" and I was the only customer at the time. He gave me a very good tour .
  12. Batteries in the Winter; Other Tips

    As a person who makes his living trucking "up here" in all kinds of awful weather I have a very serious question for you. Why would you want to do something like this? Most "four season" RVs are really designed for four seasons (in Florida)! Tire chains suck! Fingers freeze! As a matter of fact, everything freezes! Glacier is beautiful.....in the summer. Winter time everything is closed you should consider the reason us people "up here" want to go "down there" in the winter I highly recommend the "more research" idea
  13. Wooden Bed Builds

    I had mentioned earlier how nice Randys bed was and how I didnt think wood would work for a smart. I grossly underestimated Randys engineering and construction abilities! Apologies to Randy!! With proper planning and ability anything is possible
  14. Beartooth Pass

    We camped at the KOA in Red Lodge. Lots of room for large trailers. Lots to see in the area. Bear Creek Saloon and Steak House on Hwy 308 is worth the 10 mile trip. Where else can you watch, and bet on pig races?!
  15. Beartooth Pass

    Beartooth is awesome ride on bikes. DO NOT consider taking HDT and trailer!!!!