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  1. I have been looking for hams where I am hosting now since May 1 and have only had one response to my "standing by" on 146.520. It was a man and wife and both were hams. I drove down to their site and we had a nice visit. Now I'm looking for another one. No response yet today.
  2. I just checked my Verizon plan and increased my data plan from 25 to 30gb and saved $40.00/month. Also, with their XL or larger data plan the Canada/Mexico plan is at no extra cost. XL plan or larger includes auto rollover and Safety Mode as no additional cost also.
  3. Go to: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=home, click Licenses under the Search tab Do a License Search by your callsign Click on your callsign on the left side of this screen You will then see two links on top - Main and Admin Click on Admin You will then see an option: Automated Letters and Authorizations Click on this and a pdf file comes up that you can either save or print
  4. I have 2 ducted a/c's feeding the the same duct as well each with it's own thermostat. I have found keeping the rear unit set 1 degree cooler at night than the front and 2 degrees cooler during the heat of the day day keeps the two in sync. They both cycle on/off periodically vs one of them running all the time.
  5. I have had my PT50C in continuous service for almost 6 years now and it just keeps on keeping on. But I have seen so many issues with incoming power, including high voltage at my home base site, I will NEVER plug in without my PT50C. There is the problem. If I have to send mine back to the factory for service what do I do? It cost some bucks, but I have a brand new spare one still in the original box. If my trusty primary one ever dies or takes a hit bad enough to kill it, it goes back to the factory and my spare goes into service. I did use the new spare one for a couple of weeks after I bought it just to make sure it was ok.
  6. I think the campers that take them think they are pressure reducers. We have 176 sites in this park so there are a lot of them out there and this park does have high pressure. I have seen it as high as 87 psi (I have a picture of my gauge showing this).
  7. Where I am hosting now I am responsible for 40 sites. I check the sites after each camper leaves to make sure they are clean and ready for the next camper. We have backflow preventers here as required by the state and I replace 4-5 every day. They seem to walk off with the departing campers. Yes, even the ones with the break off set screw disappear. Of course the threads on the faucet are destroyed in the process.
  8. I agree with your statement that they can't make everyone happy so what government usually does is wrong. They make decisions based on whatever minority group complains the loudest or whatever is easiest for them to defend. And most decisions are made by unelected bureaucrats that have never been outside their offices and wouldn't know what the land involved even looks like. Maybe I'm wrong in this case, but we know we have too much government oversight at the federal level and not just by the BLM. IMHO
  9. I have a PT50C and this time last year I had just arrived for my summer host position when we had a lightning strike in the park. It wasn't that close to me, but RV's were damaged up and down the park including one right next to me. I had no damage at all. The distance between the damaged units was over a half a mile total. Did my PT50C save me or not? Don't know for sure, but the guy next to me bought one right before all of his damage was fixed and he powered up again.
  10. Every time they close an area they should be required to close the same percentage of parking spaces at all BLM office and support facilities. Maybe if they can't get to work and park there will be fewer new regulations for the rest of us. After all, who owns this property and who works for us?
  11. I arrived yesterday afternoon for a week of volunteering. Anyone from this forum going to be here? I am at GEICO East #282. Stop by for a cup if you are in the area.
  12. The price I have seen advertised is $549 for the 4 step like I have. So it isn't cheap, but well worth it. Of course I got mine as a demo. How they picked me is still amazing. When they first contacted me I thought it was a scam. I'm sure glad it was legitimate. As I said in my post they are super people to deal with and the quality is first rate.
  13. They "give" virtually none Jack. They are obviously attached to the RV on the top side and the landing feet are on the ground so there is zero diving board effect when going up or down. When in the middle they are rock solid as well and I weigh 250. I am very pleased with them. Much better than the 3 step OEM ones for sure.
  14. In late 2015 I was contacted by TorkLift International about their GlowStep Revolution replacement RV step assembly. I had been reading about this product on an RV Forum and asked a question or two about the product and then TorkLift contacted me. They were looking for some feedback from actual users since this is a new product. Their offer was to provide a GlowStep Revolution at no charge for a written evaluation after install. I provided the measurements and the GlowStep Revolution showed up. Part of the agreement was that I install promptly and provide the agreed to feedback. Unfortunately I was unable to hold up my end of the agreement to "install promptly". I had several issues that came up such as a failed EPDM roof that was leaking and required immediate attention. Because I was not able to "install promptly" I offered to return the GlowStep Revolutiion to TorkLift. They refused and said they would work with me and they have to an amazing degree. This all ended with the install taking place on 4-10-16. The OEM steps were removed (heavy) and the GlowStep Revolution frame was installed. After all dimensions were checked to verify which mounting holes to use in the provided brackets the frame was tightened up and the step assembly was installed (2 bolts). The GlowStep Revolution is a fantastic product IMHO. The quality is excellent, no rocking of my rig as I walk up and down the steps since the weight is on the step landing gear feet. Another feature is the glow panels on the sides of each step. At night it is almost like looking at an airport runway at night You know exactly where to step wit no other lighting needed. I did go from the original 3 step to a 4 with the GlowStep Revolution which makes the extra bottom portable step unnecessary. The vertical distance from the door threshold is only 6.5". I don't know what the original was since I didn't measure it prior to removal, but it was a lot more than 6.5 inches. Old knees know the difference however. I don't have a scale, but I can't be sure of the exact weight difference, but the GlowStep Revolution is a lot lighter than the OEM steel step assembly. You definitely feel the difference when lifting each. I can't say enough about TorkLift and the GlowStep Revolution. The product is superb and their support is second to none which is very refreshing in today's world and it is Made In The U.S.A. Please let me know if any of you have any specific questions not answered in this post. I will gladly help any way I can. I do have pictures not posted here if there is something specific you want to see. My recommendation is to get a GlowStep Revolution. You will never regret it. I am in no way employed by or have any type of relationship with TorkLift other than being a very satisfied user of their GlowStep Revolution. Addendum: 4-14-16 I just found out TorkLift has a promotion on right now called #RVStepFail where you can enter for a chance to win the GlowStep Revolution. Here's the link for those of you that are interested in showing your creative ways of entering your rig. Here is the link to the promo details: www.torklift.com/sites/rvstepfail/
  15. Right on time at 72 hours and a few minutes my phone allowed me to sign on with my new Google password.
  16. Google just implemented a new security measure within the past couple of months. Make sure you know your Google User ID and Password. If you have to perform a reset of your phone for any reason and don't know your Google info to initialize it after the reset you are screwed. You will have to go to google.com and work through their system to reset your password and when you enter this new password into your reset phone Google takes a phone reset and password reset to mean the phone has been stolen and they lock the phone completely for 72 hours. It can not be released by anybody including your phone carrier. This just happened to me and I had to go to my carrier and buy a cheapo phone which was activated on my account to get me through the 72 hour period. When I say "locked down" I'm not kidding.
  17. I d/l the W10 update file last week when I was in a motel with excellent wifi and have been putting off the install until this morning. I finally bit the bullet and am now on W10. The install was pretty painless and was by far the easiest Windows update I have ever done and I go back to W1.0. I was concerned about the forced updates living on a metered connection most of the time, but here is what I found. Using information you guys helped me with I found that you do have to select and set your wifi connection as a metered connection and if you do Windows won't d/l anything automatically. But I did find a way to look and see what d/l's are available. Here is the procedure I used. If anyone sees a hole in this process please let me know: After playing with the W10 settings I found out I can do, I hope, what I was doing with W8.1 on a metered connection and that is having windows not d/l or install updates unless I manually do it. Here is what i found on W10: Left click on the start button an select Settings Click on Network and Internet Left click on your wifi connection and then click on Advanced Select the second item down Metered Connection and turn it on (You have to set each of your metered connections individually) Back up two screens and click on Update and Security The you will see a Check for Updates button. Press it and it will show you a list of updates available. It doesn't show the size of the d/l, but at least you can see what items are being updated. You then click on Download and then Install. It seems to work fine. You just have to set each wifi connection that is metered to metered an all seems to be ok. Comments?
  18. This Corps District wants a minimum of 3 months and will gladly keep you on longer if you can. They have two different volunteer jobs, gatehouse and grounds. Both work the same 3 on 6 off schedule. When on gatehouse you transfer the incoming phone to your cell and you don't have to be in the gatehouse. Ranger Ann mentioned in the OP is super as are the other Rangers in this District.
  19. This Corps District does not use contract gate attendants. I am one right now. We are all bonded and the Corps pays for it. Our work schedule is 3 days on 6 days off, but can change depending on if a volunteer has to leave early and they don't have a replacement on site immediately. I was at a different park this time last year, but the same Corps District and it was the same as this year.
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