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    BLM closing 50% in Quartzsite

    Every time they close an area they should be required to close the same percentage of parking spaces at all BLM office and support facilities. Maybe if they can't get to work and park there will be fewer new regulations for the rest of us. After all, who owns this property and who works for us?
  2. I arrived yesterday afternoon for a week of volunteering. Anyone from this forum going to be here? I am at GEICO East #282. Stop by for a cup if you are in the area.
  3. edatlanta

    GlowStep Revolution Install

    The price I have seen advertised is $549 for the 4 step like I have. So it isn't cheap, but well worth it. Of course I got mine as a demo. How they picked me is still amazing. When they first contacted me I thought it was a scam. I'm sure glad it was legitimate. As I said in my post they are super people to deal with and the quality is first rate.
  4. edatlanta

    GlowStep Revolution Install

    They "give" virtually none Jack. They are obviously attached to the RV on the top side and the landing feet are on the ground so there is zero diving board effect when going up or down. When in the middle they are rock solid as well and I weigh 250. I am very pleased with them. Much better than the 3 step OEM ones for sure.
  5. edatlanta

    Warning to All Android Phone Users

    Right on time at 72 hours and a few minutes my phone allowed me to sign on with my new Google password.
  6. Google just implemented a new security measure within the past couple of months. Make sure you know your Google User ID and Password. If you have to perform a reset of your phone for any reason and don't know your Google info to initialize it after the reset you are screwed. You will have to go to google.com and work through their system to reset your password and when you enter this new password into your reset phone Google takes a phone reset and password reset to mean the phone has been stolen and they lock the phone completely for 72 hours. It can not be released by anybody including your phone carrier. This just happened to me and I had to go to my carrier and buy a cheapo phone which was activated on my account to get me through the 72 hour period. When I say "locked down" I'm not kidding.
  7. I have a laptop with W8.1 and am getting ready to make the W10 upgrade, but I am on a measured data plan using a smartphone as a hotspot. I usually have a few gig's left at the end of each billing cycle, but don't know how much will be needed for this install. I may have to wait until my next visit with a friend with landline internet. Thanks for any info.
  8. edatlanta

    Windows 10 Upgrade Data Required?

    I d/l the W10 update file last week when I was in a motel with excellent wifi and have been putting off the install until this morning. I finally bit the bullet and am now on W10. The install was pretty painless and was by far the easiest Windows update I have ever done and I go back to W1.0. I was concerned about the forced updates living on a metered connection most of the time, but here is what I found. Using information you guys helped me with I found that you do have to select and set your wifi connection as a metered connection and if you do Windows won't d/l anything automatically. But I did find a way to look and see what d/l's are available. Here is the procedure I used. If anyone sees a hole in this process please let me know: After playing with the W10 settings I found out I can do, I hope, what I was doing with W8.1 on a metered connection and that is having windows not d/l or install updates unless I manually do it. Here is what i found on W10: Left click on the start button an select Settings Click on Network and Internet Left click on your wifi connection and then click on Advanced Select the second item down Metered Connection and turn it on (You have to set each of your metered connections individually) Back up two screens and click on Update and Security The you will see a Check for Updates button. Press it and it will show you a list of updates available. It doesn't show the size of the d/l, but at least you can see what items are being updated. You then click on Download and then Install. It seems to work fine. You just have to set each wifi connection that is metered to metered an all seems to be ok. Comments?
  9. This Corps District wants a minimum of 3 months and will gladly keep you on longer if you can. They have two different volunteer jobs, gatehouse and grounds. Both work the same 3 on 6 off schedule. When on gatehouse you transfer the incoming phone to your cell and you don't have to be in the gatehouse. Ranger Ann mentioned in the OP is super as are the other Rangers in this District.
  10. This Corps District does not use contract gate attendants. I am one right now. We are all bonded and the Corps pays for it. Our work schedule is 3 days on 6 days off, but can change depending on if a volunteer has to leave early and they don't have a replacement on site immediately. I was at a different park this time last year, but the same Corps District and it was the same as this year.
  11. I am hosting at one of the COE Demopolis District parks right now and it is definitely not a paid position. We are all volunteers here.
  12. edatlanta

    Splendide Washer/Dryer

    I have to run step #1 3 times usually to get the water level up to 1/2. Depends on water pressure/flow, but it can be done.
  13. edatlanta

    Splendide Washer/Dryer

    This procedure saved me from any further maintenance. I perform this now every month or so just to keep the lint from plugging it up. No problems now in over 4 years. I have the 2100XC.
  14. edatlanta


    RV Flex Armor removes everything on the roof during the prep. They then replace the a/c gaskets, new tank vent(s), and new air vent covers if needed after the new roof is sprayed on. If you had existing air vent covers they put them back and give credit for what they would have provided. I had my roof done a little over a month ago in Madison, MS. I had my skylight replaced at the same time. They do mask the entire rig other than what are spraying and they spray the top of the drip rail to cover all of the screw intrusions into the rig. The rail still works, it just doesn't have a bunch of screw holes to have to worry about.
  15. edatlanta

    Windows 10 Upgrade Data Required?

    Thanks to all that responded. I feel I have a better handle on what to expect now. Now I just wait for another 11 days to see how much data is left. I will either start the d/l then or wait.
  16. edatlanta

    Windows 10 Upgrade Data Required?

    Thanks for this link. I live on metered data most of the year. I have plenty of data available, but just have to be careful of large d/l's and definitely want to watch micosoft. I do the weekly updates to Windows, but always watch what is selected to d/l and definitely want it in manual mode.
  17. edatlanta

    Windows 10 Upgrade Data Required?

    Good idea. I expect I will have approx 5 gig to spare this month so the d/l wouldn't put me over. I sill make this decision the last day of my data plan cycle which is the 19th. I have a 128gb thumb drive and this would be a great place to store the d/l file. I assume saving this file vs installing right then is an option? I'm not too worried about updates however I'm sure the first one could be bigger than the every week ones. I'm leaning to my hotspot vs public wifi due to speed. I am in a good strong 4g LTE area and routinely see 35-40 mbps download speeds.
  18. I'm just driving down the road converting fuel into pollution!
  19. edatlanta

    US Highway 43 in Alabama

    Between Demopolis and Eutaw Hwy 43 is fine. I traveled it last weekend.
  20. I too have a PT50C and am glad yours worked for you. I am so concerned about incoming power I have a spare PT50C still in the box. If my primary one ever has to go back for service I have a spare. Two days ago I plugged in at a new site and initially the line check failed. I turned the power off and then back on and all worked normally. But an hour later the 50 amp breaker tripped. It was hot to the touch. I will admit I had a lot of electrical load on it to warm up my 5'er, heat water, etc. The park replaced the breaker and no more issues. I knew something wasn't right initially, but it seemed ok for a while.
  21. edatlanta

    RV Batteries/Trojan 105

    I agree on golf cart dealers. If you are anywhere close to the Atlanta area, there is a golf cart community just south of metro Atlanta, Peachtree City. There are over 12,000 registered golf carts in PTC and the golf cart dealers have had the best prices I have seen anywhere on Trojans.
  22. edatlanta

    Did you ever wonder how pumpkin pie is made?

    Pumpkin Pie is something I can not stand and now I know why.
  23. edatlanta

    Splendid drying problem

    Here is a lint cleaning procedure recommended by Westland Sales. Worked wonders for my 2100XC which wasn't drying at all. I do this now every couple of months and no problems since. Start the unit without clothes and with the dry time off on cycle # 11. When the water stops entering the unit push and hold the start button until all the lights come on then release the button. *NOTE: If the water is not at least half way up the glass repeat this step. Move the cycle knob to cycle # 2 push the extra rinse button then press the start button once (do not hold) then let it run through that complete cycle. Do this 3 times then try the dryer.