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  1. edatlanta

    Hotspot/Router connections

    I have this same unit and it works great.
  2. X3! Agree completely.
  3. And I might say it again.
  4. Wireless Baby Monitor and meter in the DirecTV receiver works for me. I have been using DishPointerPro to find holes in the trees, an old boy scout (and I mean OLD) compass for finding the azimuth when setting my tripod, have the dish preset for elevation and skew and just aim it. It is a slimline HD and it usually takes me mere seconds to aim once the tripod is set and the dish is on it. I have been doing this for over 8 years now and setup is a piece of cake. Like a lot of things you get better at it with practice.
  5. I have DirecTV and not Dish, but does Dish have a signal meter as part of their receivers that you view on your TV screen? DirecTV does and I use a wireless baby monitor to see this screen from outside where I am aiming. Just aim the baby monitor camera at the TV screen and take the monitor outside. A whole lot cheaper than any meter and works great. Just a thought.
  6. X2. I have had DNS and my home base locals since 2010. I NEVER change my service address and get local news and weather via the internet. I don't want to tease the DirecTV Gorilla.
  7. edatlanta

    Torklift Steps

    I replaced my original 3 step with the Torklift Glowstep Revolution 4 step a couple of years ago. The best mod I ever made. I have a bad knee and back and it made a tremendous improvement. And the diving board effect is absolutely gone.
  8. edatlanta

    ATT cracking down on Mobley?

    Why not just get an access point device. It will pick up the signal from the Mobley and create another wifi hotspot for your use. Then all you have to worry about it data usage.
  9. edatlanta

    Verion Jetpack problem or ??

    I just checked my 2 jetpacks, 6620 and 7730 and both show current data used, but it is total usage for my account which includes my smartphone, not the individual usage per jetpack. The My Verizon smartphone app shows individual device usage as well as the total for all 3 and it is current almost to the minute data is used.
  10. edatlanta

    GM to bring back MDT’s

    I have a 2006 2500HD with the LBZ. 182,000 and counting. Great engine and truck.
  11. edatlanta

    TV4RV Tripod

    I agree. I have had mine in full time use since 2010 and love it. I had a neighbor's fast up tent come loose in a storm a few years back and hit my dish/tripod. I had to order a few replacement parts for the tripod and they were shipped same day. Great product and great service.
  12. This is recreation.gov right now: https://www.recreation.gov/
  13. edatlanta

    Mobley has been shipped 01-02-18

    Back in July 2017 when the AT&T Mobley deal was still active I tried to order one twice. I went ahead and ordered the USB adapter at the same time from another source which I now have had since July. In AT&T's infinite wisdom and advanced customer service they cancelled my order the next day saying they couldn't identify me. Sooooo I ordered it again with the same result the day after. I called them and reminded them I was an existing customer with hard wired internet as well as a 20+ year DirecTV customer. It didn't matter they could not or would not accept my order for the Mobley. So I cancelled my internet service (I can't live without DirecTV so I didn't shoot myself in the foot there). It was amazing the credit card I use to pay my other AT&T services was the same card I was trying to get the Mobley with. Oh well, their loss. The reason for this post is I have the USB Mobley adapter I do not need (see picture below). I will give it to the first person that will pay for postage. I'm thinking send me $10.00, I'll mail it to you and include the change in the envelope with the unit. I just don't need it so it may as well go to a good home.