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  1. edatlanta

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    We have satellite internet here now and it is old and "Slooooooo" and an old computer with Windows 7, but we have a new sat system already installed and a new W10 computer that will both be turned on 10-1 when the new system starts to be available internally. The external availability is scheduled for 10-5. No reservations will be available from 10-1 to 10-5 either online or the toll free number.
  2. edatlanta

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    Exactly. Even the phone number for making reservations via recreation.gov isn't changing. It was and will still be 877-444-6777.
  3. edatlanta

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    When you made a reservation on reserveamerica.com it was not recreation.gov, but when you clicked on the link to pay for your reservation is transitioned to recreation.gov to accept the payment. This has been the system for a long time so you are correct when you say recreation.gov isn't a new link, but the old system behind it is completely changing and I mean completely new system. We have been hearing of this new system for months, but didn't get any details until this past week.
  4. edatlanta

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    Yes Kirk I have have access to the new system. The framework is there right now, but no data has been uploaded yet. This is scheduled to be done between 10-1 and 10-5 when the new system is supposed to go live for all. I'm sure there will be issues, but that is the current timeline as of right now. I just checked the new site a few minutes ago. There is a timeline feature for internal users to see what is happening by day and scheduled. We will have access to the old system until 10-3 for printing of reports, etc. After that it is new system totally.
  5. edatlanta

    Change To Federal Reservation System

    It is a completely new system.
  6. There has been talk for some time of a change for the government reservation system to another system. I am working at a COE campground right now and am involved in the transition training. Here is what we know as of this date: You will no longer be able to make reservations at any federal government facility via reserveamerica.com. This change is to be made on 9-30-18. The link for reservations after the transition will be recreation.gov and the phone number will be the same as it has been 877-444-6777. When the reserveamerica system is removed on 9-30 the recreation.gov link and the phone number will be unavailable until approximately 10-5. This period will allow moving all historical customer data to the new system. You will not be able to make a reservation at any facility during this period. If you arrive at your favorite facility during this transition period you should be able to check in, but only as a walk in and only for 1 day at a time. No advance reservations will be possible. If you want to stay more than one day you will have to check in each day as a new walk in, but no one will be able to reserve your site from online or phone since these are not options during this period. This is what we know as of right now so if you know you want to stay at a government facility during this transition period you should make your reservations before 9-30 which will be honored during the 10-1 through 10-5 period.
  7. edatlanta

    Do any of you have Direct TV?

    I use the Slimline Dish and the heavy duty tripod from tv4rv.com also. I have been using it full time since 2010. It is easy to set up and aim after you have done it a time or two. Just be very precise in leveling the tripod and adjusting the dish. From the time I unpacked the tripod and dish I am locked on to a sat in less than 10 minutes and at times less than 5 minutes depending on how much talking I do to other campers in the process. The actual aiming after the dish is on the tripod and coax i s hooked up rarely takes longer than 60 seconds.
  8. It is still Friday morning. They do have all day today. Maybe?
  9. edatlanta

    TPMS, or not

    I have the 507 system with the original sensors, non flow through, and in 8 years of full time use I have had one sensor fail (8 sensors in service). I had a two pack of spares so I was back up and running in the time it took to program the monitor for the new sensor which isn't long. No other issues in 8 years and I do change batteries when the monitor reports which sensor is due. I do have the original black/white monitor and an upgrade to the new color one would be nice, but definitely not necessary.
  10. edatlanta

    Dish network eastern arc meter

  11. edatlanta

    Hotspot/Router connections

    I have this same unit and it works great.
  12. X3! Agree completely.
  13. And I might say it again.
  14. Wireless Baby Monitor and meter in the DirecTV receiver works for me. I have been using DishPointerPro to find holes in the trees, an old boy scout (and I mean OLD) compass for finding the azimuth when setting my tripod, have the dish preset for elevation and skew and just aim it. It is a slimline HD and it usually takes me mere seconds to aim once the tripod is set and the dish is on it. I have been doing this for over 8 years now and setup is a piece of cake. Like a lot of things you get better at it with practice.
  15. I have DirecTV and not Dish, but does Dish have a signal meter as part of their receivers that you view on your TV screen? DirecTV does and I use a wireless baby monitor to see this screen from outside where I am aiming. Just aim the baby monitor camera at the TV screen and take the monitor outside. A whole lot cheaper than any meter and works great. Just a thought.