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  1. I agree completely. I have been with the same company since 2012, but different plans about every other year. It seems that each plan I have had had "rate creep" each year. When the creep got enough I would change plans (just like you said above). For 2020 the company doubled my annual cost - Nope! I just changed companys/plan a few minutes ago. I will have to get new Rx's for the new company, but would have to do that for the old company also so no big deal.
  2. That $56 monthly premium must be universal for Humana because that is exactly what mine would be going up to. And I switched to the same provider you did too and the same monthly premium. But as I said in another post I always look at the total annual cost, premium and drug cost, not the monthly premium only.
  3. I agree. I use the calculator on the medicare.gov site and set it for the lowest annual cost. I don't care about the monthly premium amount, I want to know the lowest total annual cost.
  4. I have a part "D" plan with Humana since 2012. I have changed plans a time or two with them due to reduced costs, etc. But now I'm leaving Humana completely. They obviously are exiting the portion of the business that I participate in since they are doubling my monthly premium for 2020 and increasing the deductible also. Since I won't spend even the deductible amount during the year I am switching to the cheapest plan for my area and by by to Humana. The premium amount they are going up to makes no sense for me. I am fortunate that I only take cheap drugs, at least so far anyway.
  5. Good and Bologna don't belong in the same sentence. I ate way too much as a child growing up. Not Now!
  6. If you have a card that is still usable and not just worn out from too much billfold/pocket time they will be accepted forever (unless they change the rules). The only need for replacement is if the old card is falling apart and the number is hard to read. Any issuing location can issue a new card if needed per the above. Yes you can get a new card without surrendering your old one for $80.00.
  7. It is only replaceable if you have the original worn or damaged one. If it is lost or just gone, you have to buy a new one at full price.
  8. The batwing antenna that came with my 5'er is in a landfill somewhere. Even with proper maintenance it leaked on my bed once too often so I threw it away and plugged up the hole. DirecTV with DNS and a tripod mounted antenna for 9 years now.
  9. I agree with the plan "F" that I have had since 2012. Unfortunately that plan goes away as an option 1-1-2020 for anyone not already on that plan. I'm glad I have it already.
  10. This thread caused me to take a look at what I'm receiving right now. I use a Slimline dish on a tripod and have a Genie. I am in central Alabama. I am receiving right now 101, 99ca, 99cb, 103cb. I have always had 103ca also, but it is dark right now, but not sure what that means with it being gone. I haven't noticed any changes in what I normally watch so who knows?
  11. I have had DirecTV since 1995 and since 2010 as an RV account when I retired and sold my house. I have DNS and a Genie with wired Genie Mini in the bedroom. All works great. I do not recommend a roof mounted antenna due to obstructions in a lot of campgrounds/sites (I know others will disagree), but if you are a true "junkie" like I am you want your TV to work wherever you are. I have a heavy duty tripod from www.tv4rv.com that has been working great for the past 9 years. For me I don't have an expensive sat finder, I use the built in signal strength screen on the Genie and a wireless baby monitor. Aim the monitor camera at the TV screen and take the wireless remote out to the dish. The reason I like DNS is I always have my network channels on the same number. When I get to a new site, set up the dish and within minutes my networks are up and running and all programs set to record are still ready to go. Setting up and aiming the dish is very easy after you do it a few times. The tripod I use makes it very easy, just be very precise when you set the tripod to make sure it is as level as you can get it.
  12. Agreed. I have had DNS for almost years and it works great. With the current CBS situation my CBS feed changed from New York to Washington, DC, but I still have CBS. And with DNS your network channels are always the same regardless of where you are.
  13. And the owner usually lets the dog off of the leash as soon as the host gets out of sight. I have told the same owner multiple times to please keep their dog on a leash and finally had the ranger throw them out. The feeling is "My Dog Won't Bite" and "The Rules Don't Apply to Me".
  14. X2 on the TPMS. I check my pressures with a gauge periodically and daily check via the TPMS and continuous while traveling.
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