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  1. Using Dielectric Grease

    I put a shot of dielectric grease in each power pedestal I plug my RV in to. One little dab on each of he 4 conductors. The blades look just as good now as they did 7 years ago and I full time.
  2. I visited this site while in the Vicksburg area a couple of years ago. It was well worth it and the Cairo was amazing. And admission is free with your Senior Card.
  3. I have had 2 PT50C's for years (one primary and one as a backup) and in the fall of 2016 one of them saved me from a surge and one leg died in the process. It was returned for warranty and replaced with a PT50X with the new socket cover. I was then using my backup PT50C until March 2017 when I was involved is a massive thunderstorm with torrential rain and with the wind the rain was blowing almost horizontal into the face of my PT50C. It worked for a few days after the rain and then died. It was returned for warranty and it was reported to me that it got wet. They replaced it with a PT50X also so I now have two of the new models. The "C" model worked for me for years without getting wet, but this storm was a real "perfect storm" it seems.
  4. HAM "shack" setup for your RV

    I monitor Reflector 30C on DStar and on C4FM FCS2 Room 90 or FCS2 Room 1. If I'm not on one of these I'm napping - Retired You Know!
  5. HAM "shack" setup for your RV

    I full time and am a ham (General) also. I use the digital modes and have zero interest in HF due not only to antenna limitations in the RF, but poor propagation right now. If I live long enough for the cycle to change I may revisit HF, but not for now. I work DStar, DMR (limited), and C4FM. My equipment is: 2 DStar hot spots (battery or 120v capable) on raspberry pi"s, 2 ICOM ID51A+ 1 TYT MD380 1 Yaesu FT1DR 1 Verizon Jetpack 1 RAV power supply 1 Open Spot I pretty well have the digital modes covered but spend most of my time on DStar or C4FM. I'm not a big fan of DMR. Ed KM4STL, 3101156
  6. Verizon has their version as well: https://www.verizon.com/speedtest/speedtest.aspx?CMP=DMC-CVZ_ZZ_FD_E_DO_N_X00004
  7. It was definitely leaking through the membrane. I still have a piece of two laying around I think. The manufacturer was Alpha Systems and their total warranty was $225.00 and that was only if I used their replacement material. Fat chance of that. The only thing that was ever used on the roof was a little bleach with for some stains and Dawn and a soft brush. Jayco said it was out of warranty. I replaced it with RV Flex Armor which turned out to be just about the same price as a new rubber roof. I don't worry about leaks anymore since I have zero rubber on the roof and zero caulking to fail. I agree it should not have failed, but it did and the manufacturer's 12 year warranty wasn't worth the ink it took to print it. I will NEVER own another rubber roof longer than it takes to have it sprayed by RV Flex Armor.
  8. My 5 year old roof looked very similar to your picture when I found out it was leaking water through the membrane. My picture shows more cracking than yours however. While it is said rubber roofs "should" last a long time, not all of them do and the roof warranty's are not worth the ink it takes to print the warranty. Here is a picture of my 5 year old rubber roof which was cleaned per the manufacturer's recommendations every six months. My dealer's service manager did it each time since I have vertigo and will not get up on a roof. Be very aware of any leaking through the membrane. I caught mine before any serious damage was done. This picture is in the area where the condensation drains away from my front a/c. The same was happening to the roof by the rear air but appeared much worse. It just wasn't leaking "yet".
  9. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    Who said I signed a 2 year contract? I certainly didn't.
  10. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    You keep playing lawyer and I will keep enjoying my new plan. I will not post anything more on this topic.
  11. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    I too am full time RV and have been for a little over 7 years and this unlimited data plan is great for me after about six weeks or so and one complete billing cycle. I had their 30gb plan also and like you had to be careful. I know we can all pick apart their terms and conditions, etc. but what matters to me is how does it work in my day to day situation which is what I was posting. After using 70gb on my jetpack during the month I never had a problem with speed at any point during this period. As I said earlier Netflix still worked the same during the last few days as it did during the first 10gb of data usage during the month so if it was "throttled" it wasn't enough to notice from my end. I know as do most of us that terms and conditions are written by lawyers and may or may not have much similarity to real world conditions which is what I was writing about. I do know one thing, my experience was nowhere near the doom and gloom others have written about when picking apart this new plan. My jetpack didn't suddenly stop working at 10gb or even slow down. Nothing happened to it at 22gb usage either. Maybe it will come and maybe not. I just know it is working great and I am very happy with it.
  12. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    I am in a rural area, but the tower I access is right on I-20 just west of Tuscaloosa, AL. So it is no doubt not as congested as some in major metropolitan areas. For the record Verizon states in everything I have read in their terms and conditions that they DO NOT THROTTLE. They say they reserve the right to prioritize the downloads if a congestion issue occurs, but that once your download starts it is at full 4G LTE speed or whatever the max d/l speed is for that site. I would view that more as latency if it occurs which I have seen in wireless for years with all companies. It certainly hasn't been an issue for me with the new Verizon plan and the price is right also. With two days remaining on my current billing cycle my usage is: Smartphone 2.12 gb Jetpack 69.14gb Total 71.26gb All streaming functions perfectly normal including Netflix in the late afternoon/evening.
  13. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    Update 3-15-2017: Current Usage Since Last Billing: Smartphone: 1.9gb Jetpack: 65.25gb Total: 67.14gb This billing cycle ends on 3-19 so 5 more days of usage. I have not noticed any slow down in speed, but as I stated previously latency is present on occasion, but no more or longer than before the switch to the unlimited plan. I'm very happy with this new plan.
  14. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    This is exactly what I do. Works great.
  15. New Unlimited Data on Verizon

    I started on the new Verizon unlimited plan last month and my current usage since my billing cycle started 2-20-17: Smart phone usage 0.88 gb JetPack usage 31.53 gb Total 9.5 days 32.4 gb I have noticed no slow down even though I am well over whatever the jetpack limit it, but then I am in a rural area. Throttling isn't the term Verizon uses, but it seems to be the term used here. Whatever they call it it hasn't impacted me and I'm very happy with the new plan and quality of service. I have noticed a little bit of latency occasionally when I click on something, but no more than before I switched from my 30gb plan.