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  1. Well - we are talking about Verizon https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/verizon-firefighter-data-service/ Maybe this is in response to the backlash to Verizon doing this to the Fire Fighters out in Cali. Seems they got caught again doing bad
  2. Thanx Doc - I knew they wrote their own, but......to what extent and how much code was used from the original? I'll pass it along to a few folks I know. LOL - skipped the L in your name or changed it (I know, just a typo)
  3. In reading this article, https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/06/vpnfilter-malware-infecting-50000-devices-is-worse-than-we-thought/ one of the devices mentioned is ther Microtek RB951. This is the basis for my WFR Go2 Router. Dr Joel, can you update us on if it's infected and if so, what to do?? Thanx
  4. Bill B

    ATT Service at Livingston

    Sorry - that was all pre Harvey, Although, we have friends that we were in Conroe, that didn't have Harvey related problems
  5. Bill B

    ATT Service at Livingston

    Bought the AT&T data pac on the west side of town and was streaming movies from the upper campground that night. Early July. I don't know about voice service. Verizon was working up there also.
  6. Gail and Bonnie are in WI playing "dent a truck" as in leave the pickup out in a hail storm. 4-5 -many 00's pock marks in the new p'up. I think rock can relate and forgive the highjack.
  7. Bill B

    Back And Don't LIke The Ads

    Banner ads at the top of the screen. At least, they aren't the movie ads. They are a pain though. Look threw the site, if I remember, someone knew how to turn them off.
  8. Bill B

    Jacking up the 5th wheel

    Had a blow out several years ago. Joker can out with a, sit down now, 3000 # aluminum frame "speed" jack. I said " WHAT THE H*** U GONNA DO WITH THAT??" His answer "When I saw you from the other side of the freeway, I asked myself the same question. "you do know, and I told them when I called, the trailer weighs in at 25,000 lbs. I made sure that I told them and they got all 'sasperated when I made them repeat it back to me." We both laughed and talked about office idiots. Took a couple of 2x10's and pulled forward on to the front 2 tires (tri-axle), pulled the 3rd tire off and replaced it with the spare. That was on a Sunday and Wed I was in Edon, OH (http://www.trailertiresandwheels.com/17.5-Aluminum-Trailer-Wheels) getting new rims and tires.
  9. Bill B

    Wiring question, gen set to coach

    lock look - look under the passenger side rear of the cab. There used to be several house batteries there, but that was many moons ago. That truck had some 'interesting' wiring. Heading out, but when I get back on computer, instead of this *** tablet I'll clue you in on a few things.
  10. Bill B

    Leaking Parking brake valve

    Brad - double check the roll pin - white truck (2004) had the roll pin and the green truck (2007) has spring detent. And when I pushed in the detent (more of a locking round cylinder rather than the ball) the knob pulled up, spring and cup shot around the cab, hands and knees with a magnet looking for it, making something out of a ball point spring, sigh and so the story goes.
  11. Bill B

    Sleeping Quarters

    Ditto on Greg's post. Sometimes - the 'breeze' is strong enough that I had to make a stepped opener because full open was way too much. (ours are vertical sliders - 12" wide by 16" tall). This allows an opening 1 to 6" (full). Another thing is by having the windows "in your face", you open your eyes and your looking outside. LOL - and that is a 'bad' thing depending on which way your facing. (think sun rise, in your face)
  12. Ookla speed test also. Now the question - are the phones using the mifi as a wifi connection spot? and why? In this case I would set it up as :: tower to phone #1 tower to phone #2 tower to mifi to laptop and tablet. It may save you data and will save you speed. The tower will see them as 3 separate devices and allocate band width to each (3 'pipes' carrying 3x data).
  13. Bill B

    Change Engine Fluids

    I change the "brake fluid" a lot in the truck. just about every time I step on the stop pedal. Air goes in, air goes out and new air goes in. LOL fluid change. And thought he was going to "got to be the smartazz here..."
  14. Bill B

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan

    When I checked into it - 2 phones and a hot spot (Novatel T1114) our 30 g combined plan went up $15. Since my phone and the hot spot are off contract, looking to move one phone to ATT and leave the other on Verizon. Our winter spot (RGV) ATT is twice as fast as V
  15. Using Verizon today - This is a Novatel T1114 with a Yagi antenna 18 foot in the air and wired ethernet coming into the computer. and trying ATT also Basic phone on the end table and wifi to the computer LOL and you guys are talking 50-75mps