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  1. I looked at the upcoming ACA health plans in 20 FL counties. It looks like last year's plans will be available in 2019. However, they're more expensive. The least expensive Blue Cross nationwide EOP plan (BlueSelect Bronze Essential 1452 EPO) average cost is $845 (*) and the average increase from 2018 is 8.1%. In Sumter County, Escapees FL "domicile" county, the 1452 plan is $770. * These prices are for a 63-year-old that has too large of an income to qualify for a subsidy.
  2. Residency requirements for off-exchange plans are likely to be more stringent than on-change plans because with off-exchange health plans, you're dealing directly with the insurance providers.
  3. Zulu

    Planning Your Route

    Depends. In 2017, we planned on attending SXSW in Austin, TX in March and then Milwaukee, WI in Summer. We had to book months ahead for both destinations. However, in between destinations, we were free to go where & when we wanted. Next year we also have a destination that we'll have to reserve months in advance. This particular destination is mid-journey so planning is important. We now use www.rvtripwizard.com which helps a lot.
  4. Yes. I lease a Hopper 3 and it also costs $15 a month. So there is no reason to purchase a H3 unless you want two of them (1 leased, 1 owned).
  5. I told you what I would do -- Spend some time in my ACA health insurance state and travel less until Medicare. It may cramp my style, but I worry more about retaining my health insurance than seeing the sights. There may not be a definitive answer. Contact Marketplace Help.
  6. Florida. If I was under 65, just starting full timing, and needed to buy my own health insurance, I'd set up domicile in FL and make sure to spend winters in the state.
  7. There are some (many?) full timers who establish a domicile in name only. That is, they do everything on the domicile checklist (establish relationships with doctors, lawyers, churches, civic organizations, etc.), but have no intention of ever actually residing in the state. What I gleaned from the "I moved to Florida" blog is that she flew to FL, completed the FL domicile checklist, then left the state never intending to return. Other full timers are more subtle and just use quotes to describe their "move" to FL. The I-don't-need-to-ever-reside-in-my-domicile attitude has been around for a long time. For example, remember the TX Speights voting rights trial about using the Escapee's mail service? What I find interesting about the trial are the 8 people who testified at the trial. Here are what two of them said: Daniel Topping testified to being registered to vote in Polk County. He and his wife own an RV lot in Arizona, and he testified to receiving mail at Mesa, Arizona. He has never been to Polk County. Joseph Beador and Judith Beador own a summer home and an RV lot in California. The Beadors are registered voters in Polk County. He testified that neither of them have ever been to Rainbow's End. A lot of people (including yours truly) break the speed limit from time to time. But it's another thing to publicly incriminate yourself online.
  8. Please tell us more. You have ACA experience that many people here have been looking for. Tx.
  9. From a check of a dozen ND counties (out of 53), it looks like BCBS offers plans under the names SimplyBlue, BlueDirect, and BlueCare. If you check the plan Summary PDF for each plan (here's the cheapest PPO SimplyBlue Bronze 60), there's a link to Find a Doctor (ND) that takes you to a page that says: "If you're planning a trip, or temporarily reside in another state or country, you don't need to worry about health coverage in case you become sick or injured while you're away. As a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield, you're automatically part of the national BlueCard program, which means that with your BCBSND identification card, you have the freedom to choose a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider anywhere in the United States." Nevertheless, I'd call the 800-number, explain your RVer situation and be prepared to play phone tag as I don't think full time RVers are on their phone script. Finally, wouldn't it be great if some one or some RV organization did all this research for you?
  10. The ACA doesn't work that way. You apply though an exchange and don't deal with the health provider directly. Remember, health providers on the ACA have to adhere to Federal rules in order to sell insurance on the exchanges. For example, homeless people are eligible under the ACA. What does matter is residency. For example, full timers who have FL ACA insurance and are never actually in the state might have to worry.
  11. The ACA requires you to report within 30 days of a "permanent" move. If you're a full timer who never spends much time in any place, then SEP doesn't apply. However, if you work camp or winter in one place for months (not days or weeks), then you probably qualify for a SEP move. In that case you would probably use the work or winter campground as your mailing address.
  12. How do you know all the "required documents" you mentioned are necessary? Did you or someone you know try a SEP move? If you are always on the move, then using SEP isn't practical. With a SEP move you can apply up to 60 days in advance of your move, not 30.
  13. No, but we have purchased ACA policies for a couple of years. I think what you're really asking is How would I know if I've never done it myself. If so, my answer is that I'll trust what I read in the 2016 Health & Human Services FAQ and other sources on ACA residency requirements. Have you ever purchased an ACA health insurance policy?
  14. Yes, I've only checked a handful of states, but for the 2019 ACA I think these states have nationwide health insurance plans: Alaska (AK) -- Premera BCBS of AK. Preferred Plus Bronze - 6350 is the lowest cost PPO plan. Alabama (AL) -- BCBS of Alabama. Blue Saver PPO is the lowest cost PPO plan. Arkansas (AR) -- Arkansas BCBS. Bronze Plan 1 - PPO is the lowest cost plan. Florida (FL) -- Florida BCBS. Blue Select Bronze Essential 1452 or 1419 are the lowest cost plans. These are EPO plans that have nationwide networks. California (CA) -- Blue California (BCBS), Bronze 60 PPO is the lowest cost plan. There are probably more. However, make sure to fully investigate before selecting a plan. And now this . . . YOU DO NOT NEED TO ESTABLISH DOMICILE FOR ANY STATE'S ACA PLAN. One more time . . . YOU DO NOT NEED TO ESTABLISH DOMICILE FOR ANY STATE'S ACA PLAN. The ACA is concerned where you actually reside (see this 2016 Residency FAQ from the Dept of Health & Human Services), not your domicile, mailing address, etc. For example, even though you're domiciled in TX, you still could sign up for a FL ACA plan if you're in FL long enough. How long? Read that FAQ above. If you still have questions, contact Healthcare.gov. By the way, domicile and residency are not the same thing though many states act as if they are. Many times states mean "permanent resident" but only say "resident". However, for the ACA's purpose, you would be a non-permanent resident eligible under the ACA's SEP (Special Enrollment Period).
  15. Zulu

    Satellite TV greenhorn

    I suggest getting a Winegard Pathway X2 automatic carryout dish and two DISH Wally receivers. This setup allows you to receive DISH HD programming anywhere. Plus, you can connect a hard drive to a Wally receiver to get a very basic DVR. With DISH you can get local TV stations wherever you travel. Just call up DISH, tell them where you're camping, and they'll enable your receivers to receive local TV stations. I don't believe DirecTV allows you to change local stations at will. Since you want local news and weather, you don't want DNS because that is LA and NY stations only, If you've never set up a satellite TV tripod dish, I don't suggest you start now. Get a carryout, regardless if you use DISH or DirecTV.
  16. Zulu

    Satellite TV greenhorn

    How much TV do you watch? Are there some/many shows you would want to record? Do you want an "automatic" or a "manual" system? Automatic = a dish that acquires satellites at the push of a button. Manual = a tripod-based system that must be set up and aimed by hand. In general, automatic systems are easier of course, but usually more expensive than a tripod system. Answers to these questions will go a long way to determining what type of system you get -- for example, one with little or a lot of recording ability.
  17. Sorry I didn't notice this thread earlier. I'm guessing you're using just a single Internet speed test application. Speed testers can yield wildly different results. At least that's what I found is my HughesNET Gen 5 speed tests. Anyway, I suggest you try using at least three HTML 5 speed testers like Speedof.me, Testmy.net, and Bandwidthplace.com. Then average the results.
  18. Zulu

    Control the Federal Dept?

    Kirk's finally gone rogue.
  19. Zulu

    FMCA PPO plan

    Marketplace Residency Requirement (2016) from Dept of Health & Human Services
  20. Zulu

    FMCA PPO plan

    After several years of trying to get Escapees to investigate under 65 health insurance options for RVers in states other than TX, SD, and FL, I pretty much consider it a lost cause now. Escapees and their popular supporters like Technomadia and Wheeling It still steer under 65 RVers towards TX, SD, and FL for domicile and health insurance. Despite the fact that the ACA uses residency, not domicile, as the acid test for qualifying health plans, and despite the fact that other states offer nationwide PPO plans.
  21. From what I've checked, 2019 ACA prices seem to vary widely. For example . . . Alaska Bronze PPO plan: down over 12% Alabama Bronze PPO plan: up about 4% California Bronze PPO plan: up about 12% Arkansas Bronze PPO plan: no increase Florida Bronze PPO plan: up about 8% If you're going with an ACA plan, then I'd suggest seriously investigating a "non-traditional" (besides FL, SD, to TX) state residence.
  22. What's your current ZIP code?