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  1. Not quite that bad, OldMan. If you really believe it's that bad at RV parks, then stick to bottle water because no Camco filter would make that water safe. On the other hand . . . Like lockmup68, I also suggest a multi-stage water filtering approach. In my water filter system, incoming water goes through a sediment filter, carbon filter, water softener, and a UV filter before the water enters my RV's tank. After that, I use an under-the-sink RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter for drinking water. Some more suggestions: If your filters will not be used outside your RV, then use clear filter cartridges like this. Actually seeing the filters can prevent clogs and algae blooms. Besides the RV Water Filter Store, I'd also suggest www.freshwatersystems.com, www.h2odistributors.com, and www.filtersfast.com. Also, filter replacement just use Google to find the lowest price.
  2. Like a system from Mobile Internet Satellite.
  3. RV Service in Phoenix Area

    Need a recommendation for my yearly Class A diesel pusher servicing in the Phoenix area.
  4. This has absolutely nothing to do with RVing besides the fact both are fun -- Falcon Heavy Liftoff (30 min in). For those of you who remember the Apollo launches with the Saturn V, this should bring back memories. SpaceX Falcon Heavy vs Other Massive Rockets
  5. Something different. Did you look at the large cartridge filter link?
  6. I carry a spare pump. While they might be repairable, I'd rather attempt repair after my spare is installed. No. I replaced my ShurFlo (which is now my spare) with an AquaJet -- no need for accumulator. I use large cartridge filters (A = regulator, B = Sediment filter, C = Carbon filter, D = water softener, E = Flow meter. F = UV filter). If you don't have the room, look into an under-the-sink RO (Reverse Osmosis) system. However, I don't recommend inline filters. For one, you can't see what's going on inside. My clear cartridges allowed me to discover an algae bloom before it clogged my system.
  7. I never scroll that far
  8. Here you go (from www.rv.net)
  9. Domicile is very confusing to me

    Your "driving in snow" comment made me think that you believe as a full timer you actually have to live in your new domicile state. You thought if you selected SD, then you would have to hang around SD a lot -- like in Winter. You don't. I would guess that most full timers who choose SD, TX, or FL as domiciles have no real intention of living (in a conventional sense) in any of these states. In fact many may intend to spend as little time as possible. This is the full timer's "dirty little secret". Sometimes it's easy to spot on these forums . . . as when someone says they are "moving" (their quotes) to another state to get better healthcare or something else. They have no intention of actually moving or living there. They'll just do the minimum to change domicile and get the particular advantages of that state. Be careful. What makes SD, TX, and FL attractive domicile choices is that each has no state taxes, makes it relatively easy for full time RVers, and is supported by the Escapees Mail Forwarding service.
  10. Help Not sure how to proceed

    Let's make this more general and say for those under 65, SD and TX are not the places to domicile.
  11. Best RV insurance for full-time

    I received a quote from FMCA RV Insurance several months ago that was much cheaper than the policies I got through Miller. Next month I'll compare both agencies quotes for my yearly update.
  12. Help Not sure how to proceed

    Since you're selling house & buying an RV in a few months, you'll probably end up using Massachusetts as your domicile & vehicle registration state. I don't know about MA vehicle registration fees, but I do know about AZ's as I'm a resident. Part of AZ's yearly fees is the VLT which is based on the MSRP of your vehicle -- the more expensive your vehicle, the higher the VLT. So licensing a new Class A in AZ should probably be avoided. As far as selecting SD, TX, and FL as a domicile . . . if you're under 65 and have to purchase your own healthcare, then there's currently only one choice -- FL because it offers nationwide health plans. However, NV offers nationwide health plans in most of its counties and there is no state tax.
  13. Yes, the Onion fooled the Chinese in 2012 and a whole lotta other folks.
  14. South Dakota or Florida

    Is it an ACA plan?
  15. "The decision effectively will cause the loss of roughly 23,000 American jobs this year, including many in manufacturing, and it will result in the delay or cancellation of billions of dollars in solar investments." from SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association)
  16. The Hopper Duo is the 2-tuner VIP DVR (like the 722k) "killer" . . .
  17. Since US solar jobs are in installation, not manufacture, it's better to have lower prices.
  18. I put a bead of EternaCaulk on both sides of the tape. Then use a plastic spatula to smooth out the beads.
  19. Just used some . . . it takes 24 hours to get tacky and 1 week to cure.
  20. Not sure. If you can wait a couple of weeks, then I should know.
  21. I used EternaCaulk sealant on the edges of EternaBond tape that I put down. I'm currently replacing the tape that I laid 5 years ago as the Southwest sun has been brutal on the tape. However, the caulk is as strong as ever. It's the strongest sealant I've used, but it isn't self-leveling like Dicor.