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  1. Yep, Internet via cable is essentially a "home" connection. We've been lucky to have it in our park model and on a site where we stay some summers. If you're going to be staying for a while (ie, months) at a campground with cable, give the cable company a call and see if they'll install a cable modem.
  2. Why use 2 cables when you could use just one -- DPP (DISH Pro Plus) vs DPH (DISH PRo Hybrid) Wiring.
  3. Kirk, this is definitely your theme song as you keep returning to it again and again. While personal husbandry may work for some (many?), it does not work for everyone. Sometimes even the most money wise, responsible people fall on hard times. With the demise of the ACA, I suspect more and more people will be "finding ways to live on the resources" they have. Not comfortably. Just live.
  4. Getting into Full timing

    Health insurance? Conspicuous by its absence . . . oh yeah, they're immortal 30-somethings. Also, they're selling stuff on their blog. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm getting tired of the "we're-new-fulltimers-please-contribute-to-our-revenue-stream" pitch -- like this. I don't think I'm alone -- here's a recent IRV2 thread.
  5. PI was bought out by another company and things seem to be changing. For example, PI's once "bullet proof" unlimited warranty now has lots of provisos. See this recent RV.net thread.
  6. Classic. A former neighbor developed mesothelioma which appears to have been caused when he was in the Navy cleaning ship bilges that were loaded with asbestos. So he underwent cancer surgery and had one whole lung and part of another removed. Soon after he had to go back work or lose his income. He wasn't at work long and died soon after. To quote Betty Davis, "Getting old ain't for sissies".
  7. RV park digital cable

    If you did a program scan and no channels showed up, then your TVs don't have QAM tuners. Previous poster mentioned where you can buy one.
  8. RV park digital cable

    That's not correct. It just means that the TV has a cable tuner -- that tuner may be analog, digital (ie, QAM), or both. Again, not correct. A QAM tuner is used to see unscrambled digital television. A "set top box" is used to watch scrambled (and unscrambled) digital (or analog) cable TV. The QAM tuner vs set top box distinction can be lost because a set top box can be nothing more than a QAM tuner in a box. As previously mentioned, after 2009 all TVs had to have ATSC tuners for decoding OTA TV signals, but new TVs were not required to have QAM tuners. I learned this stuff the hard way . . . working at a campground that switched from analog to digital cable. Every week a few people would stop in the office complaining that the campground's cable wasn't working. When we asked if their TV had a digital (QAM) tuner, it was deer-in-the-headlights time. People would almost always respond with "But I have a new TV." Since QAM tuners are not required on new TVs, many manufacturers don't include one, especially on cheap TVs -- the kind typically included in RVs. The best way to check if you can receive digital cable TV programming is to do a scan for CABLE TV channels on your TV. If the scan allows you to search for ANALOG and DIGITAL channels, you're good to go. If DIGITAL is not explicitly stated, then you're probably SOL.
  9. Question about mailing address

    Oy vey. You're looking for "permission" to potentially commit fraud. Take the advice of others here -- consult an attorney.
  10. Water Filtration

    I vote for the former. A whole house RO system will mean a lonnnnnnng time filling your water tank. I went with a UV filter with an undersink RO system -- my filtration system.
  11. Music?

    I went to SXSW this year and loved it. It's more than a music fest, but Austin itself is a music mecca. However, SXSW is expensive and there's really only one campground to stay in -- Pecan Grove -- at $100/day.
  12. For one thing, you need to be working 30 hours a week.
  13. Moving to FLorida

    If you plan to use an ACA health plan, remember that ACA "residency" is not the same as other types of residency. See the 2016 ACA FAQ on Residency, especially this section from the FAQ: Individuals visiting an Exchange service area for a transitory purpose, for example, to attend to a business matter, obtain medical care, or for personal pleasure, do not have a present intent to reside, and do not meet the residency requirement for Marketplace coverage for the Marketplace service area they are visiting.
  14. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    And just like that the thread took a turn for the worst . . .
  15. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    Here's the thing, Coleen -- the thread's about a book by Jessica Bruder who, as you said, may or may not have contacted you. Yet you lump Bruder with other "journalists" (your air quotes) who you clearly do not respect. Isn't that jumping to conclusions?
  16. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    Did you get contacted by Jessica Bruder?
  17. If you're not a health insurance broker, then you do the research. Pretty much the same strategy for any area you're unfamiliar with.
  18. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    Yep. About a year ago when Bruder published her Harper's The End of Retirement article (the basis for her book), the reaction here and on other forums was similar. Mostly along what Kirk said above. People see what they want to see. It's why police separate witnesses, but can also be the basis for a good movie like the 1964 Western The Outrage.
  19. FL ACA BlueCross BlueShield EPO plans are still available in 2018. However, a quick scan of several counties indicated about a 17% increase in premium cost. BTW, the HealthSherpa web site is still showing 2017 plans & plans for comparison's sake.
  20. Hughes for Internet

    That's not true. See this IRV2 thread on the Jupiter 2 Hughes Gen V.
  21. If you're under 65 and have to purchase your own health insurance, then SD and TX are not the places to go because there are no ACA health plans in those states with nationwide PPO plans -- the type of health plans RVers want because of their state-to-state "portability". If you're sticking with TN, I think there are only a few counties that have nationwide PPO plans. You can check here (www.healthsherpa.com). Finally, I believe you would be better served with a TN-based mail forwarding service than using Escapees. There are probably plenty of Mom & Pop corner mail forwarding services in TN.
  22. Currently, SD's PPO health plans do not have nationwide networks. That means outside of SD you would pay out-of-network costs for health care. With some plans that would mean 100%. On the other hand, you're in your 30s. You're "immortal". Seriously, since the probability of you two requiring health services is a lot less that most of the old farts on this forum, you could probably chance a non-nationwide PPO or HMO or whatever. Just make sure you know what you're signing up for.
  23. Late Thursday, Trump has also decided to end ACA health care plan subsidies . . . NY Times.