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  1. Ok, you can be a Beta tester, but I'll pass.
  2. I read where you will start full timing next month. In a year or two, why don't you stop back here for a reality check.
  3. Well, you certainly have the job from hell. Fully understand why you want out. Good luck. Sorry about your experience with the ACA. It saved our arse.
  4. So you're in poor health now? Still working?
  5. The $65K was just used as the limit for subsidies to exemplify what someone might end up paying. That's it. My post was an example of what I thought might happen to anyone, not you per se. The best laid plans of mice and men . . . Planning is great. We did it too (even virtual RVing). But things happen that you just didn't foresee . . . that's why I included the real possibility that decent health care for those under 65 may not be available soon. Finally, getting ill before retirement can be a whole lot different than getting ill after retirement. Despite all the planning we did, my wife still got ovarian cancer after retiring. As you know, that puts a major crimp on things.
  6. Good for you, but from what I've seen most RV retirees didn't have this option. For the benefit of others, let's SWAG a current retirement scenario for you & spouse, but without that great university health plan. Now you have to purchase your own health insurance. So, you're 61 and 62 today and you have to buy your own health insurance. Some assumptions: You'll go with an ACA plan. The ACA will still be available in its current form until you go on Medicare. Health care costs will only go up 6% a year. FL will still have nationwide health plans until you go on Medicare. You now domicile in FL, not TX, because you want a nationwide health plan. Your MAGI is $65k (or greater). I used www.healthsherpa.com and found the least expensive FL BCBS EPO plan for a 61 and 62-year-old: $1319 month or $15,828 year. Over 4 years @ 6% increase, that's about $69000 in just premiums, but to be fair let's figure for at least one of those years you had a pay a OOP max of $7350. So, conservatively, that's $76,500 over 4 years. However, if you earned less and had a subsidy, this could be considerably less. On the other hand, imagine the 20-state lawsuit against the ACA successfully repeals Obamacare or the ACA is no longer able to sell heath insurance for pre-existing conditions. Now we're back to the old days -- you get cancer at 62, and your health insurance is cancelled at 63.
  7. This is my Apples vs Oranges pitch . . . What if you were retiring now at 62/61, but without that employer health coverage? Would you still retire?
  8. Who are you trying to convince? It sounds like yourself. You also sound angry at those who decide to retire later. First, both my wife and I did retire before 65 -- she at 62, me at 63. Would we do it again? Probably not in the current health insurance environment. We both retired when the ACA (ie, Obamacare) was new and relatively affordable. Today it's a very different story -- and, sorry, health ministries aren't for us. Yes, as you age your chances of dying increase, but so do your chances of getting ill or getting a debilitating (but not fatal) chronic disease. You're going to need decent, affordable health care that covers pre-existing conditions. Currently, that's Medicare. And for that you have to wait until you're 65. Finally, I think you also need to factor in Quality of Life in your retirement plans. Being alive is great, but in your later years if retiring early means forever stuck in one AZ campground using Hamburger Helper four days a week . . .
  9. Zulu

    Domicile question

    Do you have ACA health insurance?
  10. Will you be under 65 when you retire?
  11. Zulu

    Starting in 18 months! cross fingers.

    If you have to buy your own health insurance, then buying from the ACA (aka Obamacare) is still probably the best and most affordable. I believe a family of 4 earning under $99K is eligible for a government subsidy. Otherwise, you would have to foot the entire bill. If you plan on traveling around the country, then you want a health plan that can travel with you. That is, a plan that gives you access to a nationwide health network. Typically, these are PPO health plans. The bad news is that nationwide plans are few and far between. I just checked a dozen counties in KY and they all had HMO plans from a single provider. For your family, I guesstimated about $900/month premium (without a subsidy). Here's the tool to use: www.healthsherpa.com. All you need is your domicile county and ZIP code. If you're planning to move to another domicile, then your best bet at the moment is Florida. FL has nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans, FL has Escapee mail service, and FL has no state tex.
  12. Zulu

    Starting in 18 months! cross fingers.

    What are you doing for health insurance?
  13. Zulu

    Health insurance

    But neither of us is an ACA advisor. That's why OP should contact one.
  14. Zulu

    Health insurance

    Again, the ACA is concerned with where you actually stay. All the domicile talk confuses the issue with the ACA. If OP spends a lot of time in Maine, then he'll probably be eligible for Maine's ACA health plans. If OP spends a lot of time in SD, then he'll probably be eligible for SD's ACA health plans. OP should be talking with an ACA advisor, not us.
  15. Zulu

    Health insurance

    Your post has absolutely nothing to do with the OP's question.
  16. Zulu

    Hard Wired Internet

    Sounds like a project. The two places I know of are: Crazy Horse Campground (Lake Havasu, AZ) -- I know SuddenLink cable and Internet is available for all the park models, but I don't know about regular campsites. Highlands RV Park (Bishop, CA) -- Again, SuddenLink available at all sites. I don't know the minimum required stay to get a cable modem, but judging from the local SuddenLink office, I'd say 15 minutes would be enough (they're very good folks). Also, the introductory SuddenLink rate is $45/month (including a twin-frequency cable modem). BTW, Highlands recently upgraded their WiFi system. Here are two speed tests: 4 PM TEST: 10 PM TEST:
  17. Zulu

    Hard Wired Internet

    I use SuddenLink park cable Internet in AZ (100-unit campground) and CA (600-unit campground). Here are a couple of current speed tests:
  18. Zulu

    Health insurance

    If you're leaving this August and your wife won't turn 65 until next April, that's 9 months by my count. More than a few. And, again, the ACA is concerned with where you actually reside. However, someone will probably come along and say it's ok because they did it or some other reason, but that doesn't change the fact that it's fraud. You may be able to get away with it, but what if your wife has some expensive medical procedures or medications during that 9 months in SD? Consider this: why not stay in Florida? It has the only nationwide ACA plan of the "big three" full timer states -- FL, TX, and SD.
  19. Zulu

    Health insurance

    The ACA ("Obamacare") doesn't really care about your domicile. The ACA is concerned about where you actually reside. So if you plan to be in SD in August for the immediate future, then SD it is. Here's the official ACA FAQ on Residency.
  20. Zulu

    Length Limits in Campgrounds

    As an FYI, from research I did a few years back, about 1/2 the sites in both state and federal parks are at least 40'. However, CA and East Coast parks are on average smaller. State Park Stats Federal Park Stats
  21. Zulu

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    This is the closest thing like that that I've found: Go Solar California. BTW, it's a 21000+ line Excel file.
  22. You want iPhone features? Buy an iPhone (with a Mac of course).
  23. It looks like if you sign up for DISH Outdoors and use the myDISH app, you can change your local stations all by yourself (see IRV2 thread):