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  1. If it's a H3 with a Travler, then you're probably using a DPH42 switch also, right? Pull the plug on your H3 and DHP42 BEFORE starting the Travler.
  2. It's not. It's for people moving among multiple locations.
  3. First, for the ACA, where you actually reside is what matters, not your domicile. To "move" under the ACA, you use the SEP (Special Enrollment Period) to change insurance. Here's a SEP FAQ. This is where someone chimes in with "But I'm a full timer, I never know where I'll be staying." Well, if you're never in FL and have a FL ACA plan, good luck if you need major medical. You may have some explaining to do. "it is hard to make health insurance options your primary reason for picking a domicile" I can only guess that you've never had serious health issues or if you did, you weren't on the ACA. Let me give you an example of why it might be a really really good idea to change ACA plans. We had an AZ ACA plan but were working for several months in CA. We should have changed to an CA ACA plan, but at the time we were unaware of the ACA SEP provision. So since our AZ health plan only covered us in state, we had to make a long drive back to AZ several times for my wife's chemotherapy.
  4. What does a rebuild entail? Yeah, I have enough DISH parts to open a store.
  5. YouTube TV uses your IP address to determine your location, so I'm guessing that it's using the physical address of your DNS server. There appears to be a way around it
  6. The last two times I've used my DISH Travler it has taken longer to acquire the sats and my ending Controller screen looks like this: Missing asterisks (*) in front of 110 and 129. The sats still appear on my Hopper 3, and their signal strength is also good, and I receive all my programming ok. I contacted Winegard who answered the next day -- kudos. In effect, they said don't worry about it. That Travler acquisition can take up to 45 minutes. Great. I hope I'm not heading in that direction, nut my Travler is over a decade old. I'm seeing tripod set up in my future. Anyone else seen this behavior?
  7. I don't expect insurance companies to do that. I do want Escapees to repeat my health insurance research for those under 65 -- that is, check what nationwide ACA policies are available in every state.
  8. Since you essentially hijacked the OP's post with a much more general question, this is pretty ironic. I don't know how long you've been on RV forums, but people "bicker" about pretty much everything -- from 12V vs 6V batteries, Ford vs Chevy . . . you name it. Health insurance is a much much much more complicated issue. It's no wonder people feel so strongly and disagree. What's the matter with that? Remember, we're all becoming crusty old farts. Sometimes salty to the max. If you can separate the wheat from the chaff, you received some great information in this thread. For example, OP's question was pretty much answered by Kyle Henson in post #5: RVHealth is a telemedicine plan only. A telemedicine plan (which gives you 365/24/7 access to doctors via phone/video) plans are a wise choice for RVers to have but of course can not replace health insurance. Kyle is a health insurance expert. Even though I have some issues with Kyle, I bought my Medicare Supplement through him. I trust him implicitly on some issues. Others, not so much. My schtick is know your source of information. Both my wife & I started RVing in our early 60s . . . we started with a nationwide BCBS plan through COBRA, signed up for ACA plans which got us through her cancer, and now we're on Medicare. When I was on an ACA plan, I did a boatload of research on health insurance, in particular every ACA PPO plan in every county of every state (if you're counting, that's over 3,000 counties). It took months. However, I wouldn't recommend most of the ACA info on my own web site now because it's out of date like RV Dreams. (On a side note, WheelinIt also has a lot of health insurance info, but they're living in Europe now, so that wouldn't be my go-to health insurance info site either.) Finally, I'd guess that most of us on this forum are on Medicare or military health insurance. So many may have never purchased health insurance or some time has past when we did. You should be aware of a person's situation when they give you advice. It matters.
  9. Barb, if you can't get decent health insurance in a state ("RV friendly" or not), then all those other things you mentioned are eclipsed.
  10. So what about those under 65 who are not on Medicare (or government/military/corporate-supplied health insurance)? As I recall you had health insurance through your former employer before Medicare, right? If so, then I see why you don't understand the situation of those who have to buy their own individual health insurance. For these folks, TX and SD are currently not "RV friendly" in terms of heath care.
  11. I think I found BCBS nationwide PPO plans in AK, AL, CA, AR, FL, ND, and NV. However, this was only a cursory check. I have been hoping that an RV support organization like Escapees would do a much better job at researching ACA plans. BTW, if BCBS stop selling nationwide EPO plans in FL, then the Big Three states would really not be "RV friendly" anymore.
  12. These are your words, not mine. If you don't think the content of a web site is affected by what it sells, then I have a bridge to sell you.
  13. Never said that. I said it wasn't a good site for current information -- and it's not. For example, on their ACA Info page the list of states with health exchanges is out of date. "A small part"? Not hardly. I emailed Howard & Linda three years ago to find out more details of their health insurance coverage, and they provided great specifics: As it stands, we would have to get a plan on the exchange that is over double our current premium EVEN if it is a high deductible plan. Low deductible plans are three times the cost of our current plan. As a couple, our household income would have to be under $64,000 to be eligible for any type of premium subsidy or tax credit. Our income fluctuates, so some years we would be eligible and some years we wouldn't.
  14. Why don't you tell people about nationwide ACA plans in other states?
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