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  1. Zulu

    Solar controller recommendation

    I think I used transatlantic cable on my panels. It's a tad bit crowded . . .
  2. Zulu

    Solar controller recommendation

    The MidNite Solar will take up to #4 wire connections. However, #4 AWG THHN is rated @ 95A. I also wired my panels in parallel, but instead of a combiner, I ran each panel into my PV fuse box which is less than a foot from my MidNite Classic 150. Also, I like using PV "sizing tools" like this MidNite Classic Sizing Tool. BTW, instead of Handy Bob, try John Mayer's site.
  3. Zulu

    Updating banking address issues

    Your statement makes it sound like the TX Escapee address is the universal solution, and lo unto anyone opting for a different, lesser mail forwarding service. Unless things have changed, the only court "test" for the Escapees mail service was in Texas and was limited to a voter registration issue.
  4. As I mentioned previously, I have a 110V and a USB adapter. When I use the 110V adapter, my Mobley resets. Never happens with my USB Adapter.
  5. You bought the wrong horse. I've had Technomadia's Mobley for about a week. It seems to be the real deal. For $27.50/month (the $7.50 is to pay for the Mobley itself), I appear to be getting unlimited, unthrottled data: My current AT&T Mobley speeds: By comparison, here are my current Verizon and SuddenLink (cable modem) speeds: VERIZON SUDDENLINK CABLE MODEM The AT&T Mobley speeds have been consistent throughout a week. However, I did have to cycle power on the Mobley a couple of times when the device froze up. The Mobley software version is 1.0.3. Finally, the Mobley has done periodic shutdowns, but only when I had it connected to a 110V power supply. When the device was connected to a USB Power Supply I bought, it has performed flawlessly -- on continuously, no resets.
  6. Yep, lately it's been especially good.
  7. Does anyone subscribe to the Mobile Internet Resource Center?
  8. Zulu

    Booking Banff

    Or How I Reserved a Great (I think) Site in Banff
  9. Well, so they say as there's a fair amount of back patting going on here as in "I'm glad I managed my finances well" or "Unlike others, I've done ok". Though few people write posts like packnrat . . . had some money, but it went pop with the housing market years back.but had nothing like some here talk about, like it is pocket change. in 8 years i will be lucky to get (total all sources) $3, grand a month, gross. but hope to manage not having to go back to work just to eat. . . . it doesn't mean there aren't more, perhaps a lot more, people in packnrat's shape. So, Barb, unless you have some compelling data source, I think people on this forum (Escapees, RVers, whomever) trend like any other group of retirees.
  10. Judging from other posts, this seems to be the norm in this thread (good financial planning) which runs counter to the bankruptcy filings trend for our age group:
  11. Zulu

    FMCA PPO plan

    That doesn't mean that there isn't an answer. I'm guessing that many of those same people don't know what a fixed-benefit plan is either. x2 on blues Sigh. It's been several years since the ACA has been out and there are still at least several states that have nationwide PPO plans. But will Escapees go to any effort to investigate these? Oh, right, these plans are not in SD, TX or FL.
  12. Zulu

    Taking your toys with you

    Welcome to campground clutter.
  13. Residency requirements for off-exchange plans are likely to be more stringent than on-change plans because with off-exchange health plans, you're dealing directly with the insurance providers.