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  1. Did you retire with a military pension and Tricare?
  2. First, thank you for your service, RV. Two years as a draftee (remember that time?) was enough for me. Anyway, your "it's not about the money" argument IS about the money. BTW, that's why I asked you if you had Tricare healthcare and a military pension. It's comparing Apples ("Haves") vs Oranges ("Have Nots") again. That is, people with government/employer health insurance and/or pensions vs all the others without pensions and healthcare. So when Haves make the "it's not about the money" generalization, I cringe. Also, for those of you looking at other folks RV budgets, take them with a grain of salt -- one size does not fit all. For example, the multi-year budgets on RV Dreams (Howard & Linda) are very very detailed. However, their early health insurance budgets were incredibly small. That's because they had an employer-supplied Anthem PPO health plan. Now they're on the much more expensive ACA.
  3. That's not true . . . Bankruptcy & Older Americans:
  4. Do you have a military pension & Tricare?
  5. The premise of this above article -- Dad deciding at the last minute that the family should all go camping -- is quaint. Right out of the 50s. A time when there were far far far less campers looking for campsites. Since I started using Reserve America in 2004, I had to book months in advance, so this is nothing new. There are abuses with the current system, but without a reservation system, state and national parks quickly become "local" parks where folks from town glom up all the spots. I had personal experience with this one. First, you need to understand that rangers and others who work in a park probably live nearby, so the locals know where they live and can exert pressure. Years ago I reserved a site on Memorial Day weekend at a WI state park. A few days before we were supposed to leave, got a call from the campgrounds saying that they had "cancelled" my reservation because of local pressure. Seems there wasn't enough sites left for the townies. The ranger lived in town. I'd much rather have the current system than go backwards.
  6. Zulu

    Anyone full timing on 25000 a year?

    It's more than just inflation . . . Bankruptcy Among Older Americans
  7. Just offhand I'd guess that most full timers don't store stuff from their former house. I'll also guess that the cost of long-term, temperature-controlled storage would equal the replacement cost of the stuff stored. If you start full timing now at 62 and have to buy your own health insurance, that could be your single major expense. Create an Excel spreadsheet of your current expenses/income. Start from there. Your budget sounds realistic. As you've already read, there are a number of folks who think you can full time for much, much cheaper. Bully for them. Best to determine the budget that's right for YOU, not someone else.
  8. Zulu

    Anyone full timing on 25000 a year?

    There's a wide gap between boondocking 350 days a year (no thanks) and owning a Prevost. It's not either-or.
  9. This is a fix for a rare (I hope) Hopper 3 issue -- Check Switch with Nuclear Option.
  10. This will probably only be of interest to boondockers or full-time RVers as satellite Internet systems (both automatic rooftop and manual tripod types) are expensive and bulky . . . Satellite Internet for RVers.
  11. I've heard this before. Do you have a source for this law?
  12. This is for those times when you have to rely on a less-than-knowledgeable repair shop for AC repair . . . Dometic Penguin II Install Fail.
  13. More on SBI customers and Clay County . . . SBI Under Scrutiny by Clay County
  14. Zulu

    FMCA PPO plan

    I guess I misinterpreted that large logo at the top of the page: Since Escapees didn't "write it, review it, nor approve it" what exactly does this "partnership" entail? There are plenty of folks on the RV forums who take the Escapees word as gospel. And that logo sure looks like a stamp of approval to me. Your chart states that Florida is the only state with nationwide coverage. Wouldn't you need to have knowledge of all the health plans in all 50 states to make such a claim? That would be TX, SD, and FL, right? BTW, how do you know most full timers domicile in those states? Yes, I know. For example, TN's "Network S" PPO plans spring to mind which seems to be just an in-state PPO like SD Avera PPOs. On the other hand, from my very cursory, non-encyclopedic search of current nationwide health plans, it looks like BCBS of AL offers PPO plans with nationwide networks. Is there any way you could check? It's just one state. I know of a couple of marketing types I'd like to nominate. That may be, but he didn't know anything about this 2016 Health and Human Services SEP FAQ until I told him. Greg was very upfront about it. I'm curious on your take on how this FAQ impacts a full-timer's domicile.
  15. Zulu

    FMCA PPO plan

    Really? Let's look more closely at the sage advice you're giving on your current RVer Health Insurance Guide for 2018 . . . FL has the only nationwide network? I'm pretty sure that's false. I did a cursory check of several state ACA plans using Healthsherpa and found BCBS PPO plans with nationwide coverage in Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, and California (the start of the alphabet). Of course these plans aren't in the Escapee states SD, TX, and FL. ACA Enrollment Time (not just Nov - Dec) can be any time if you change location and physically reside there long enough. See this Health & Human Services Dept FAQ.