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  1. We're camping along the Chetco River in Oregon and noticed a lot of algae in the water and on the river banks. This surprised me because the river, though not really swift, is in constant motion. I thought algae blooms were still-water phenomena. Anyway, did some Googling and found that dangerous blue-green algae (actually a bacteria called Cyanobacteria) blooms occur in this area, and I guess all over, typically from June through September. This algae can be especially dangerous for pets that swim in it. However, found a simple blue-green algae test, but also want to know if anyone has run across this stuff in their travels.
  2. Zulu

    New here

    I see a lot of Chinese spam posts coming soon.
  3. Apparently, it's all about Premium Stock Exchange Memberships Fascinating video
  4. Good question, but I don't think a week is enough time to give you the feel of anything, except driving fast. Boondock for a week, stay in a campground for a week, etc. but don't try it all.
  5. I think the inverse is now the concern "Are you actually present in district #36 (or wherever)?"
  6. Good one. They'll be more along this line after my post. Stand by. Moving crisply along . . . Remember that question real estate brokers always ask you from the get-go . . . and that you really hate . . . and that you want to answer with "As little as possible" . . . OP, what's your budget? What can you spend on an RV? This really really matters. Because if "hefty price tag" (which you mentioned in your post) means $10,000, then that will limit your choices. If that number is $100,000, then you have more options, and on and on. So before you start worrying about lithium battery options . . . what do you want to spend?
  7. Yes, in 2017. They also started lifetime warranties like Progressive.
  8. I don't think there are many folks who would consciously stay in campgrounds with regular voltage sags. I think it's more likely that you would arrive at a new-to-you campground with low voltage or happen to stay at a park where voltage may drop occasionally. Since we don't always have the option of just packing up and leaving a park with bad voltage, we carry an autoformer. From what I glean of this and other RV forums, most folks visit the same campgrounds. I'm staying at about 40 different campgrounds this year and the same a couple years ago. In this case, with so many opportunities for bad power, I wouldn't be without an Auto Former (in my case a voltage regulator) and, of course, an electrical fault protector. I'm guessing that those of us with auto formers (that aren't permanently wired up) also have an electrical fault protection system that disconnects power when voltage drops too low. Spare yourself, get an autoformer.
  9. . . . along with the guy who keeps posting them?
  10. Besides transferring the SIM from you Mobley to your Netgear, did you have to do anything else?
  11. Last 3 months . . . 57 GB 107 GB 54 GB (with 12 days to go)
  12. Since your diet may have lowered your life expectancy, it's probably a good thing you retired early. Kudos!
  13. You are probably talking about the "old" HughesNet, not the new Gen 5 system.
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