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  1. Sacramento CONUS HD is also on 110. Verified.
  2. If I get a weather station, it will probably be the Davis Vantage Vue based on several recommendations. It's a rugged unit, but the display interface looks like something a geek created in shop class. The color displays on the AcuRite units are more appealing. Also, it's klunky to set up -- which would have to be done every time we moved -- as the weather module is bulky and delicate at the same time. Dunno. Yes, Joe, the whirling thing is a wind sped indicator.
  3. Nope. "At the dish" . . . so not on a roof constantly exposed to sunlight. A DPH42 is powered, Duo Nodes are not. My DPH42 is inside a fan-vented, open-back cabinet, yet the switch is hot to the touch. I'm guessing that your unpowered Duo Node in not installed on your cottage roof where it would be constantly exposed to sunlight, right? Maybe the sunlight in upstate NY is gentle, but in the South West where I spend my time it's brutal. Finally, the DPH42 install manual warns: Do not install the apparatus near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. I'm including the sun as a heat source.
  4. Sorry, not sure. Here's what I did. Contact Winegard Tech Support before you start. I can't think of any. Technically, no, since your Hopper 3 would be in an RV, and from what DISH told me a while back, "They don't support Hoppers in RVs". From DISH's standpoint, they won't stop you from using a Hopper in our RV, but that's it. That said, DISH did replace my 1st 2016 Hopper 3 as the hard disk went south. But at the time we (and our Hopper 3) were staying in our AZ park model. Buyer beware. Right, you should run any needed cabling, not a home DISH installer. Would an installer drive 80 miles? Only one way to find out. Even though the DPH42 can be installed outdoors, I would run all three because I want that DPH42 switch inside my RV and not constantly exposed to direct sunlight. However, installing the DPH42 on the roof sure makes things easier as you now only have to run 1 coax cable inside. If you do install it on the roof, I'd suggest erecting some sort of sun shield over it . . . just don't put the DPH42 in a box.
  5. I converted a DirecTV SWM Travler to the DISH version. Very doable. Mind the IDU/ODU software stuff. Ask Dutch about this. I think he leases his Hopper 2. Though I think folks generally install the Hopper up front in the living room, it doesn't matter. A Joey can record/delete/play back programs just like the Hopper. I think the Hopper has more diagnostic stuff, but that's it. A Joey and Hopper each have their own, separate remotes. If you plan on suspending your service, I believe you have to purchase your Hopper. I trust these guys for DISH equipment: Dish Depot. I wouldn't use any of those above (FMCA, etc) -- especially DishForMyRV because DISH's "party line" for RVs is "Wally Yes, Hopper No". However, as you know there are plenty of folks with Hoppers in their RVs (since 2012 for me). Anyway, at first DISH insisted on installing Hoppers. If that's still the case, contact a local sat installer. You may have to look a bit since many installer dislike RVs. Too hairy. Since you sound tech savvy, you can essentially "do" most of the install before an installer arrives -- all the wiring. However, since Hopper installation & activation has much improved since 2012, you may be able to install your Hopper 3 yourself. Here's the Hopper 3 Activation Process (may be a bit dated). Here's a Hopper 3-to-DISH Travler wiring diagram: Finally, about those DISH satellite "arcs" . . . Western Arc (sats 110, 119, 129) -- what a DISH Travler uses. I've been able to just use my Travler for most of the time. However, there are times when I park under trees, too near Mount Rundle, etc that I need to drag out my portable tripod. Eastern Arc (sats 61.5, 72. 77.7) -- I almost never have to drag out my tripod for these. Long story short . . . a portable sat dish with a Western & Eastern arc LNBF is a good buy.
  6. Looking for recommendations for a RV weather station (wind speed, temp, barometer).
  7. When all else fails . . . Bleach
  8. I opted for St. Mary / East Glacier KOA because it's close to the park and I could get in. Good luck at getting a reservation this late.
  9. Zulu

    Fresh Water

    This problem is more pervasive -- National Trends in drinking water quality violations . . . long story short: health-based drinking water quality violations are widespread.
  10. Air Conditioner(s) / Heater Water Heater Slideout(s) TV(s) Cooktop/Oven If there are any water filters, replace them. If not, get one of those inline blue Camco filters.
  11. Zulu

    Fresh Water

    It may remove odors, but off-the-shelf (3%) hydrogen peroxide is not suitable for sanitizing/disinfecting an RV water tank.
  12. Will you me on Medicare when you retire? If you'll be under 65 and need to purchase your own health insurance, then currently FL is your best best.
  13. Today I experienced my first obvious example of "camp spreading" . . . where the people at a campsite keep expanding the space they occupy. On the first day it was just a travel trailer, mom pop and kid with a couple of lawn chairs. Later in the day more adults and kids, a dog or two, more cars, more lawn chairs, and a canopy tent. Next, games like bean bag toss were set up. On day two, the lawn chairs and games moved outward. By the end of the day the bean bag toss game was about 100 feet away from the camp site and they were playing catch across sites. It was fun to watch. Anyone with similar stories?
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