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  1. Au contraire. From my experience working in a CA campground since April, I think it would be easy if people weren't involved.
  2. SpaceX files FCC Request for Ground Stations -- so far just 5 of the 32 ground stations have been approved.
  3. Campgrounds have a responsibility to keep both operating correctly.
  4. RVers staying at a campground should not have to worry about this. I believe campground's are required to have back flow preventers and to periodically check them. On my side, it was an easy fix (Camco 23402). However, campgrounds are responsible for keeping their back-flow preventers operating. Also, I would guess there are a whole bunch of RVers who know little if nothing about campground electrical issues (low voltage, open grounds, etc.).
  5. Turned my water pump off. Filled up my water tank and left my RV's water intake valve open to the park's system. Then I turned my water pump back on so I have the option of choosing between park water or RV tank water at the flick of a switch. That's worked fine until today. After I while I noticed my RV water pump pumping away, but we weren't using the sink, toilet, washer, etc. When I checked my water tank level, it was two-thirds empty. Where'd the water go? I noticed that when I closed my RV's water intake valve, my water pump stopped. So apparently I had been pumping my water tank into the campground system. I've had this happen at another park when the backflow valve failed on the water spigot I was connected to. However, in that case my water tank emptied on the ground near the spigot. Is this another case of a failed backflow valve?
  6. At first I thought it was ignorance, but now I'm pretty sure it's just stupidity. Dumb and proud.
  7. Everyone is handling this better than US.
  8. We moved the majority of our investments out of the stock market today. We probably should have done this long before, but we kept hoping markets would rebound. Now we think things may go very far south soon. Not 10 minutes after we notified our broker, our campground manager gave us a memo just issued by Inyo County where we work camp. Briefly, it says the following . . . COVID-19 infections have risen 40% in the county in the last 2 weeks. 33% of the infections were locals infected by out-of-town visitors 22% of the infections were transmitted during group gatherings or parties 33% of the infections were caused by locals who travelled out of the area and brought it back with them The county then recommends limiting travel, refraining from group gatherings, avoiding businesses that don't enforce the wearing of masks, and, of course, wearing face masks. The county warns that if the infections continue to increase, reopening will stop, and shutdowns may begin again. From from we've seen, the upcoming 4th of July weekend looks to be a COVID-19 disaster. We'll see if there's an infection spike late July, but I'm counting on it. While the actual number of Inyo County infections is small, I think the county is a microcosm of the US. I think nationwide infections may rise dramatically soon, or at the very least, continue to climb, and shutdowns will begin again. From there . . . ?
  9. I think I see the problem.
  10. Excellent! I’m saving this one.
  11. Mark, at those speeds you could download the Internet in 5 minutes.
  12. Places to avoid -- AZ. It's corona-central. With all that's going on, my wife's friends there are still going out together in close company sans masks. When we go back in October it will be Park Model --> Grocery Store --> Park Model --> Grocery Store . . .
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