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  1. Zulu

    Health insurance

    If you're leaving this August and your wife won't turn 65 until next April, that's 9 months by my count. More than a few. And, again, the ACA is concerned with where you actually reside. However, someone will probably come along and say it's ok because they did it or some other reason, but that doesn't change the fact that it's fraud. You may be able to get away with it, but what if your wife has some expensive medical procedures or medications during that 9 months in SD? Consider this: why not stay in Florida? It has the only nationwide ACA plan of the "big three" full timer states -- FL, TX, and SD.
  2. Zulu

    Health insurance

    The ACA ("Obamacare") doesn't really care about your domicile. The ACA is concerned about where you actually reside. So if you plan to be in SD in August for the immediate future, then SD it is. Here's the official ACA FAQ on Residency.
  3. Zulu

    Length Limits in Campgrounds

    As an FYI, from research I did a few years back, about 1/2 the sites in both state and federal parks are at least 40'. However, CA and East Coast parks are on average smaller. State Park Stats Federal Park Stats
  4. Zulu

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    This is the closest thing like that that I've found: Go Solar California. BTW, it's a 21000+ line Excel file.
  5. You want iPhone features? Buy an iPhone (with a Mac of course).
  6. For us, it's Verizon and soon-to-be HughesNET Gen 5 satellite Internet. I never switched my Verizon data plan to the new "unlimited" plan. I kept my 2016 "New Verizon Plan" so I can change my data allowance from 2 to 100 GB (that's $35/month to $450/month). With the HughesNET Gen 5 sat dish, I'll probably start with a 24 GB plan for $110/month. With HughesNET Gen 5, I'll probably start with a 50 GB plan for $120/month. So that's $230 for about 75 GB/month. When we're on the road, we use about 50 GB/month. When we're connected to a cable broadband system, it becomes 200 - 300 GB per month. What's great about the Verizon/HughesNET duo is that I can adjust either data plan (Verizon or HughesNET) up or down on a monthly basis depending on my needs.
  7. Neither suddenlink campground had streaming policies. In fact, of the 49 campgrounds we stayed at last year, not one had a streaming policy. Also, given the seeming lack of technical knowledge at most of these 49 parks, I'd hazard a guess that the majority of the campgrounds don't even know what "streaming" is. On the other hand, only 16 of the 49 had reliable WiFi -- so most were actually self limiting.
  8. Some parks offer Internet via their park's cable system. That's under $100.
  9. I guessed you missed this -- PB plumbing was not used in waste or drain plumbing (see International Association of Home Inspectors article which also explains how to identify PB plumbing). So that means bleach won't harm RV plumbing -- old or new. Good one. Judging from the responses, I don't think that's going to happen. But thanks for the left-handed compliment. BTW, I said "occasional" not routine use of bleach. Guess you missed that too. So that also means that the current level of using bleach in RVs isn't likely to harm septic systems. Q.E.D.
  10. I'm saying that occasion use of bleach (not all chemicals, RV) in your black or gray tanks will probably not hurt your RV or septic systems. PB plumbing was not used in waste or drain plumbing (see International Association of Home Inspectors article which also explains how to identify PB plumbing). Plus, here's an RV PB plumbing conversion.
  11. Even when odors are not present, I'll use bleach occasionally to "freshen" my black tank because it's fast, cheap, effective, and readily available. Now you're turn. Please answer my questions: Do you think bleach will destroy the plumbing currently used in RVs? What do think is more likely to cause problems in RV septic systems: (1) *use of bleach by RVers or (2) Inadequate septic system maintenance by the park owner? * I mean the levels of bleach currently dumped into holding tanks, not if all of a sudden every RVer decided to use bleach.
  12. Your black water and gray water tanks are probably ABS which is bleach tolerant. Bleach enters via the toilet. PEX is for the fresh water system (+ polyethylene water tank). Typically the only time bleach runs through these is during water tank sanitation.
  13. What's funny is that we're essentially on the same side.