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  1. I think Linda may have been referring to the medical advice you were dispensing. So with no actual experience in an HMO (you had this smashingly good university-supplied health plan, right?) other than talking with some (one? ten?) HMO folks who appeared to be doing fine, you've concluded that HMOs are ok. Well, at least not a roadblock to choosing a domicile for someone under 65 who has to buy their own health insurance.. I think this is awful advice. I've had an HMO with no national coverage, and, believe me, you don't want this. Finally, the notion that "fairly healthy" people can predict their on-road health events and limit doctor visits to once a year is not realistic.
  2. Midnite Solar’s F-series magnetic/hydraulic breakers seem to have some pretty impressive specs. Glenn, ask on the MidNite Solar forum.
  3. I suggest a 175A breaker instead of a fuse. I used to use fuses too until I had an electrical issue that blew the fuse. Then what? Keep replacing the fuse until you locate the problem? Good luck with that. Also, you get a fuse & cut off switch in one.
  4. 1/4 cup of bleach per 15 gal of water. Let sit 4 hours and then flush with fresh water.
  5. When my wife was undergoing cancer treatment, she had a pre-Medicare AZ health plan limited to in-state coverage. We were work camping in CA and had to return to AZ for several chemotherapy treatments. If her health plan would have had nationwide coverage, it would have saved us several long drives back and forth between AZ and CA. Also, even if the emergency room treatment you get is covered by your health plan, you'll still probably end up paying a $500 or so deductible. This is funny. You're in good health until you're not, and I don't believe every serious illness can be predicted with regular check ups. Finally, Barb, as I recall, before Medicare coverage, you were on a university health plan that had nationwide coverage. If that's correct, then you have never had to actually deal with HMO-style health plans, right?
  6. As someone who has been this route, I don't suggest it. You want a nationwide health plan.
  7. Are you both on Medicare? If not and you have to purchase your own health insurance, then out of the Big Three (SD, TX, FL) FL is your best bet.
  8. Maybe. Here's what Satelliteguys had to say. Sounds reasonable.
  9. Cancellation is what I worry about, not criminal prosecution. I would hate to lose a data plan and then discover it is no longer available.
  10. How are you receiving sats 61 and 72 on a Western Arc LNB?
  11. Because you have to connect ALL THREE cables from a DPP LNB on your dish to a DPH42, you would leave the DPH42 at the dish and run 1 cable back to your RV. I still recommend getting the Hybrid LNBs for your 1000.2. Otherwise you’re running 20+ VDC a distance from the DPH42 power supply (which you keep in the RV) to the DPH42.
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