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  1. My best to you and Dave. Picked a hell of a time to get ill, eh?
  2. Not the ACA, but two people we know with Medicare supplements had to switch states when their supplement providers found out they were not actually living in the states they claimed. And one more . . . a AZ couple we know who liked their CA doctors so much that they used their daughter's address as their address so that they could keep their Kaiser CA insurance. This worked fine for years. The couple went to CA every year, checked into a hotel, and saw their doctors. Hunky dory. Until they needed extensive treatment this year. They now have to stay at expensive hotels while the hubby undergoes treatment. Oh, and it's way too late for them to switch back to AZ health insurance. Good enough, Kirk?
  3. Blues is incorrect. You can use your domicile address for ACA health plans if you actually spend "some time" there. On the other hand, if you use a state "in name only" as a domicile as many RVers do, then you may have "issues" with your ACA health plan when you most need it. "some time" = no clear definition, but if you think stopping in to your domicile to get your driver's license, and then leaving for the rest of year is enough time in state for the ACA, good luck. If staying in your domicile for a time is too much of a "burden" for you, then roll the dice. "in name only" = a "paperwork" domicile. What Escapees used to encourage until they got savvy. Now Escapees recommends that you actually spend some time in your domicile state. "issues" = you need major medical treatment and your health insurance company finds out you don't actually reside in the state you claim. Good luck. Also, you don't have to get a different health plan each time you move. Blues is misinterpreting this Health & Human Services (H&HS) SEP FAQ on the ACA which addresses what to do if you travel to different locations. Read this FAQ for yourselves. Finally, Blues claims I haven't offered a solution for full timers. I sure have -- plan to spend some time in that state you claim as a domicile. Apparently, Blues just does not want to spend quality time in his domicile, so he's been misconstruing what I and the H&HS SEP FAQ have said to fit his travel needs.
  4. A bit of good news from the StarLink Reddit . . . It is 362 launched with this launch today. However the first 2 were just test satellites. And the first batch of 60 (May 2019) were considered version 0.9 and were also likely test satellites. So 300 production satellites have been launched. Also a few were lost due to becoming inoperable, lost communications. So the real number of operational production satellites in orbit is likely 290-300 or so.
  5. The President When I was a kid my brother used "coon" and "nigger" to differentiate between black and white people. But that was in the past, so it was ok, eh?
  6. As things get worse, it will get more racist. The effort by some to insist on calling COVID-19 the "Wuhan flu" or "Chinese flu" are just the first indicators. BTW, if this is how this thread's discussion goes, then here comes denial . . . and I'm not talking about a river in Egypt.
  7. Right here -- DISH outdoor TV
  8. Do you have DISH TV already?
  9. This March 16 report from Imperial College in Great Britain predicts how the COVID-19 epidemic may develop over the following months, and it's very sobering to say the least. Here's the Complete Imperial College Report. Here are various media reactions to the Imperial College Report. Choose your poison: Mother Jones - the "punch in the gut" version Financial Times Reuters National Review Fox News CNN
  10. Do you and the "several groups" all have medical degrees? Do you submit your "findings" to peer-reviewed journals?
  11. I'm sticking with the CDC and WHO, not a Facebook doctor. Whats next snake oil?
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