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  1. Just so you know . . . there currently isn't a vaccine for the current Coronavirus outbreak.
  2. Right. He's only lived in China for three years. What would he know?
  3. Was dancing around a fire or animal sacrifices involved in any of this?
  4. Not hardly. Listen to this Westerner living in China
  5. So your argument is . . . since there is no specific amount of time, then you can just stay 1 day (or less)?
  6. "Ok Boomer" is a meme with several meanings, one of them generational and therefore ageist. However, to me it represents thinking inside the box or double think. If you took it as a generational slam, I'm sorry as that wasn't intended.
  7. One more time . . . the ACA uses where you actually reside to determine health plan eligibility. If you base you actions on whether or not you'll be caught, then again, Ok, Boomer. As Escapees advise in #7 -- Be Physically Present in Your Home State
  8. We should start a pool of when we think Starlink will be available for RVers (ie, consumers). I'm thinking 2021. How about you?
  9. No, but one of my wife's friends had to give up her primo Kaiser CA Medicare supplement (or Advantage) medical plan because she actually lives in AZ and kept using her AZ address. BTW, Kaiser did not take any punitive action. On the other hand, another one of my wife's friends has been living in AZ for over 30 years. However, she still is enrolled in a Kaiser CA Medicare plan and has had a ton of expensive medical work done. Unlike the previous example, this woman had the wherewithal to use her daughter's CA address to maintain coverage. Blues, if your justification is I-Probably-Won't-Be-Caught, then Ok, Boomer.
  10. Starlink 3 & 4 launches coming up . . . Optimists See Internet Service by April
  11. That was probably Winnie Views: How To Move to Florida in 1 Hour in which Lynn describes how she flew to FL in 2015 to set up this state as her residence in order to get a good ACA health insurance plan. Then it seems she flew back to Illinois never to return. About a year later in 2016 the Department of Health & Human Services issued a Residence FAQ (PDF) for the ACA to prevent what Lynn and others were doing -- changing or appearing to change residency in order to get better or cheaper ACA health insurance. It's hard to get mad at Lynn because she died a few years later in 2018. Nevertheless, a number of full time RVers think it's ok to complete a residency "checklist" (get a new address, register vehicles in state, etc) without actually residing in the state. Even Escapee's in its recent (August 2019) The Ultimate Guide to Establishing Your Domicile as an RVer says "it isn’t enough to choose a new state, go there for a week, fill out the paper work and then take off with no intention of returning to your new state of domicile". For those of you who still think "checklists" are enough, read the Sanchez Case. It's also not a good idea to purchase health insurance in a place you never reside. OP, some final thoughts for you . . . First, I admire your candor. You're new and asked fundamental questions that got to the heart of establishing a domicile as a full time RVer. However, it's never a good idea to say in a public forum as you did "We have no plans to reside anywhere" but go on to say that you "want to establish residency in a state that has better insurance options". Finally, I think the best answer to your concerns came from Kirk W -- make sure to check out those links he listed.
  12. It doesn't take a close reading to see that OP has no intent on residing in Travis County. He probably won't be caught by the health insurance company as long as he's just paying premiums.
  13. A 4-day-old Tweet from Elon Musk (from Starlink Reddit) . . .
  14. It hasn't been a good time for short sellers.
  15. So envious. I've just seen one laying on its side at the Kennedy Space Center I think.
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