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  1. Zulu

    Smoke/Fires in the West

    During our 2017 travels in the West, we used Weather Underground to keep tabs on the air quality of cities in fire/smoke zones.
  2. There's an interesting discussion on IRV2.com about this recent SCOTUS ruling.
  3. Zulu

    Franklin Furniture

    Look at Bradd & Hall too.
  4. I think the controller firmware was upgraded. There's a date code on the controller label.
  5. There's a big "gotcha" -- the kit only works on Winegard Travlers made in 2018 or later.
  6. What type of health insurance do you have? Medicare? ACA? Other?
  7. Zulu

    South Dakota or Florida

    Your rationalizing has reached new heights, but I'm more interested why Loring Law didn't answer my questions.
  8. Zulu

    South Dakota or Florida

    Welcome to the forum! There is a real need for your expert advice, especially on domicile matters. A couple of questions . . . Besides the above, how important is it to actually live in Texas (or any other state for that matter)? This follows my first question. Since the ACA is a Federal, not a state, program that is concerned with where you actually reside (see Health & Human Services SEP FAQ), you would advise people to actually live in a state then, right? If so, about how long? Finally, is this person's course of action fraudulent?
  9. Zulu

    South Dakota or Florida

    This reference -- Health & Human Services SEP FAQ -- only addresses the ACA's Special Enrollment Period (SEP), in particular what being a "resident" means for ACA purposes.
  10. Zulu

    South Dakota or Florida

    I typically end up suggesting contacting healthcare.gov . . . and you took my advice. Kudos. I'm not resistant to people using a mailing address. However, I do try to caution against "in-name-only" domiciles (or residencies) like these appear to be -- How I Moved to Florida in an Hour (2015) and Two Texans Become Floridians (2017). In both of these two examples, the bloggers "moved" (the quotes are theirs) to FL for ACA health insurance. In 2016, the ACA addressed "moving for healthcare" in this Health & Human Services SEP FAQ. From what I gather, neither blogger returned to FL. However, without knowing more specifics for each one, they may be legit ACA residents. I don't know, but their blogs suggest otherwise -- "moved". On the other hand, nancyrwall said she was only using MN for heath insurance, never planned to return to MN, and was planning on changing her domicile . . . Despite what healthcare.gov said to you, I think if you read nancyrwall's post verbatim, you might have received a different response. It's obvious (at least to me) that some full timers are using questionable or outright fraudulent means to obtain ACA health insurance. On the other hand, I'll bet that most won't suffer any adverse consequences. So what's the big deal? Two things I think: Avoid self-incriminating posts or blogs -- it's one thing to brag about how you did a paint-by-numbers domicile move, but quite another to suggest a fraudulent course of action. What might happen if you have a major (ie, expensive) medical incident -- I think your ACA health insurer could care less what you're up to as long as you just pay their monthly premium. However, when you require medical care, especially expensive care, your insurer may take a closer look at you.
  11. Zulu

    Nationwide Health Insurance

    Yes, but all these states have state taxes unlike TX and FL.
  12. While we're waiting for the WA folks with PMB addresses to respond, a couple of questions for you. First, why is it important to keep WA as your residence (domicile also?)? Next, let's say you get one, two, ... WA folks with PMBs who say it's all good. How many would you need to feel comfortable doing the same? Finally, despite your negative DMV experience (you are not a minority of one), I would think their opinion would carry more weight than several forum posters.
  13. Zulu

    South Dakota or Florida

    She should contact healthcare.gov . . . and refrain from making any more self-incriminating posts.
  14. Zulu

    South Dakota or Florida

    I don't know, but not the one she said this about . . .
  15. Zulu

    South Dakota or Florida

    One state that we can be sure that can't be used for an ACA plan for her is MN.