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  1. jjwicklund

    backing a fifth wheel vs motorhome

    If OP plans on a 30 ft 5er and a newer truck a 350 or simular CC single wheel short bed would give him ample truck for the job. Short bed would also give more mobility in tight campgrounds. The worst that can happen is a large audience. And unless you have been a trucker all your life most all of us have been both the performer and audience at times.
  2. We use General Delivery often as full timers. Most recent was to Tok, AK. You could also have your part delivered there.
  3. jjwicklund

    Older batteries in a 2013 truck

    I always figure anything over 60 mos on a battery is a freebe but then your luck can run out at any time and not in the most convenient places.
  4. jjwicklund

    South Dakota or Florida

    I believe it's "dower rights".
  5. jjwicklund

    sales taxes

    Doesn't matter where you buy it as much as where you register it. We purchased our present 5er in Tennessee but paid sales tax when we registered it in South Dakota.
  6. Fish cook it on the grill, liver and onions can't stand the smell of it cooking but I do enjoy it on the plate.
  7. jjwicklund

    Workamper News Article!

    Great to have a dream come true and more than met your expectations. You can never have too many pictures.
  8. jjwicklund

    Camp Fee Chart

    Freecampsites.net Sandi hates the interstates so we do a lot of US routes many one night free or donation and some $10-15 some not more than 30 amp and water in a parking lot. Some very nice city parks 50amp and dump stations. Some listed are boondocking sites.
  9. jjwicklund

    Winter Reservations

    We traveled from Tampa to Arizona last winter never made a reservation. Three weeks here two weeks there a week somewhere else. We didn't have to be anywhere so it was just an enjoyable relaxing journey. We stayed at Escapee parks, state parks, USACE parks and private campgrounds.
  10. jjwicklund

    Rv financing as full timers

    Nice thing about our CU they know what we do and have no problem with it. We paid off the previous RV early, have excellent credit rating, debt ratio is excellent. Only question , "how much do you need"?
  11. jjwicklund

    Drop KOA Value club Membership

    The first RV park we stayed at other than the free nights in Chanute was a KOA in Branson MO for three nights. We stayed at another about six months later and another a year after that. Our discount card had expired by then. We have not renewed. We do stop at KOA for an occasional overnight and always received friendly service but seldom used any amenities other than basic EWS. We find that the prices vary depending on the area and the amenities provided.
  12. jjwicklund

    What type of RV do you Full time in?

    DW doesn't want a streering wheel in her living room.
  13. jjwicklund

    Will This Hitch Do The Job

    I'd be more concerned with a dealer that wants to stick it to you on the hitch, what's he going to do on the RV? Even if the truck didn't come with the puck system the purchase of a B&W turnball, Campanion Hitch and installation should only run less then $2000.00
  14. jjwicklund

    Scheduling stops

    What month is this September, but wait we're having Chrstmas next Sunday. Northern Illinois is no place we want to be in December. We'll be with DD1 in Tampa then. DD2 gets mom for three weeks now DD1 only gets mom from Dec24 to Jan 2. There may be a flight to either or both sometime next spring. Telephone calls and facebook messaging seems to be a daily activity. Occasionally one will find their way to where we have settled for awhile. We spent at least 6mos volunteering 3 up north and 3 down south plenty of time to wander around in between. The campgrounds arn't as full then.