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  1. As much as perception plays a role in the posted reviews, the weather is a huge variable. Dust is one thing, but greasy roads, slick with Calcium Chloride, are a whole new hell. The CaCl will turn into concrete, if not washed off while still wet, and is incredibly hard on bare steel, like most RV frames.
  2. contact name: Rich Peterson call or text: ☎ (512) 656-4861 reply by email: 74b482f6162c3dffa574f995a37f8b5a@sale.craigslist.org
  3. Not my dog, but it's got an mDrive, the Mack equivalent. CraigsList
  4. Make sure that switch doesn't have an alarm on it, or get used to listening to the alarm every time you use it to pressurize.
  5. I know this isn't a new problem ,but it still hurts. Not mine, just regurgitating... From a Reddit thread here
  6. Can confirm that, Kirk. There's always a candy wrapper, cigarette butt, or cellophane to pick up. Some comes in on the wind, but a lot comes from the guests.
  7. Given the info on the plate, Tires-Easy has the largest selection. Granted, many of them are 3rd string brands, at best. Tire Rack has exactly 1, a Michelin. Toyo has several in their line-up. GoodYear has several, but watch your load ratings, as they have more range "G" than "H" tires. A higher letter rating is equivalent to the old Ply rating system, so higher is capable of carrying more weight, but at the expense of ride quality on too light a vehicle. Range "G" are typically rated for approximately 4400 lbs per tire, in a dual wheel application, and 4500 lbs in a single wheel position. Your plate indicates approx. 3500 per tire front and rear.
  8. Too small, too far down, maybe. Nowt that you've shared some info, I can abstain from recommending any of the tire threads in the HDT forum. Those mostly involve 22.5 and 24.5" tires. You also have 19.5", not 19". The choices here are considerably smaller in this tire size.
  9. Be aware of the coiled spring under tension inside. Bites like a rattler if you take things apart in the wrong order. I'd probably start with a voltage measurement, at the motor, as the awning moves. A small voltage drop can do a lot on a 12 volt system. Watch for any interference at the same time.
  10. Correct, ply count as a rating system went the way of the dodo years ago. Tires are now using Load Range ratings.
  11. Towables don't get collision. The coverage comes from the policy on the tow vehicle.
  12. You need to get axle weights, first. Ideally individual tire weights.
  13. Doh! We'll be heading north around the first of the month, so south is out. Did the little countdown dog give up in frustration?
  14. Still have money left at the end of the month, so we're doing something right. Don't worry about the cost per mile, or the cost per day, but we do watch our pennies.
  15. Darryl&Rita

    Wheel torque

    A torque multiplier is worthless, without a torque wrench. Just sayin'. Otherwise, both are assumed to be equally accurate, but the extension requires multiple items to cover the range of a torque wrench.
  16. Thought of that as soon as I hit "Submit".
  17. Bob Marley, amongst others have done versions of the song well before Bobby MFerrin.
  18. Well, I guess the gathering in front of Police headquarter never happened, or my invitation got lost in the mail. How's the first week treated you, Phil?
  19. Back to push-rod engines. What's old is new again.
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