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  1. In the "For Sale" section.
  2. Light pull while turning the screw counterclockwise. Start gently, both with the pull, and the screwdriver. Gradually increase the pulling effort, until the threads of the screw catch.
  3. Trust the Dicor, screws are just multiple leak points. Still worried, add Eternabond along the edges.
  4. Darryl&Rita


    I can't wait to throw a load of lumber in one.
  5. Works on the farm. Of course, those cats come with the self-discard option. I think they do, seldom have to worry about setting one out at the roadside for pickup.
  6. Darryl&Rita

    Rough roads

    Just a generic internet pic. Came across it this morning. There was mention of I 30 or 35, if I remember right.
  7. Every summer, most of Alberta gets it. Shallow lakes, and long days mean the water gets to optimum temperature quickly.
  8. Darryl&Rita

    Rough roads

    What happens when you don't slow down for the "Rough Road" sign.
  9. You can check out any time you like, you can never leave.
  10. The easiest way for water to get into the pump. Otherwise, orientation doesn't mater. Also, make sure the pump suction is lower than the water tank bottom, to make it easier to prime the pump.
  11. Decision time. Do you ever plan to be in ND weather conditions? I'm not talking a little snow going through a mountain pass, but bone-chilling deep cold. The factory lines lasted from '13 to now. Do you want to be underneath again in a comparable time frame re-replacing the lines? Follow them forward, and delete the lines at the junction block looking thing. Leave the lines in place, for the next guy to figure out, or remove them and add blanking covers where the heat probes go into the tanks.
  12. I can't help much from here. It's on you to determine if lines are fuel or coolant. I will say that fuel tanks are seldom heated, as fuel is often used as a coolant sink for electronics. Sleepers have coolant lines, often rusty steel with rubber where flex is needed.
  13. Hit Craigslist in the snowbird states. All winter, there's class A's, C's and travel trailers for rent. Even in the summer, there's still ad's. The difference is emotional attachment vs. financial decision. Same reason there's landlords and tenants.
  14. All modern diesels are "fly by wire", in that they don't have a mechanical connection between the throttle pedal and the fuel pump. There's a pair of potentiometers in the throttle pedal base. Look for the wires hooked to the pedal. I think that a pot malfunction will set a code, though. The ECM compares the reading between the two, and if too large a difference is found, sets a code.
  15. Advantage Cummins. A CPS on a Cummins will never last 12 years. 😆
  16. Cummins have a propensity to eat CPS, so my $$$'s there, too. Early indicator is loss of power, followed by dead on the side of the road. $80 part, and 1/2 hour to swap. Always carry a spare, if you're running the big "C".
  17. Darryl&Rita

    Air leak help

    Makes sense now. The rushing air was trying to pressurize the air chamber, but couldn't because of the hole. The yellow knob has a proving air loop, so in the case of a large air leak, it pops out and activates the brakes.
  18. Darryl&Rita

    Air leak help

    Why would there be an air leak, while parked, in a brake chamber? They're air to release, and shouldn't be pressurized while parked. Or, did you mean a leak underway? Either way, I'd just swap out an air pot, rather than messing with one.
  19. Larry, we're in Grande Prairie. Let us know if we can help.
  20. Darryl&Rita

    Recent guest

    Sadly, no. Straight day cab. The underbody storage boxes were huge, though. Additional tanks, both fresh and dirty were added, too.
  21. Not truly related to the poll, as we still own property in our domicile, and spend around 6 months of the year here. We stay abreast of local issues, and vote with an informed mind. The only one I'm torn on, is for school boards, as we don't have kids or grand-kids in schools. We try to make it a point to talk to people with families, to give us at least an idea of the issues, and listen to the candidates at open forums. If I don't feel I have a handle on the situation, I will abstain.
  22. Darryl&Rita

    Recent guest

    Sorta local, only 8 driving hours south. 😀 C13 Cat, but I didn't think to ask about the transmission. If I had to guess, it'd probably be an 18 speed, as they're the most plentiful in Alberta, by far. Tons of under-body storage cabinets, nicely laid out.
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