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  1. .223, you'll need to be sure of down-range activity. The rest of the internet suggestions, (mothballs, lights, etc) seem to be even worse for "hit-or-miss".
  2. Darryl&Rita

    Donvel Products

    Why would you pay for shipping multiple times? Order enough for all, install, enjoy. Don't enjoy, remove and return.
  3. .17 rifle, or maybe a .223.
  4. Darryl&Rita

    OH NO!!

    It doesn't work that way. Unless the dog is intentionally releasing the brakes. It takes a significant amount of pressure, held for enough duration to charge thee air lines with enough pressure to maintain the button in. I'm still calling BS.
  5. Darryl&Rita

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    Could have even been dumb luck. I don't remember the sequence, whether it was running before I pulled the battery, or it was powered up on the cord. The next time we take it outside, I'll experiment with it.
  6. Darryl&Rita

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    Nope, plug and play.
  7. Darryl&Rita

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    Sure. Just keep in mind the power requirements, and the service size in your RV. 30 amp rigs will struggle to run on all electric heat.
  8. Darryl&Rita

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    Brand new unit, brand new battery. Also, not using the battery, running off USB power supply. The battery will only be installed when we want to take the JetPack roving with us.
  9. Darryl&Rita

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    We only have one renewal under our belt, but our 7730 did the same thing on the last renewal. Mind you, we paid it in store, in cash, rather than auto-pay.
  10. Darryl&Rita

    OH NO!!

    Two choices. Tell your insurance agent of your failings as a pilot, or blame the dog.
  11. Darryl&Rita


    Wondering if there's any interest in a North Rally, in 2019? Sometime between May 1 & September 30. The location would be based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Depending on the time of season, and toad vehicles, a trip to grizzly country is possible. Tech seminars might be possible, and would be tuned towards demand. Golf is available to all skill levels. Farm tours might be possible, again depending on demand. Let me know if there's any interest from the Alaska bound, or returning crowd.
  12. Darryl&Rita


    Bumping this back up, as summer travel plans get finalized. May 20th is the official holiday, so the Rally/gathering will commence after that. Any interest in tours/sightseeing should be added here, to allow a head-count to gauge interest.
  13. Darryl&Rita

    Generator size

    Why is your existing 7.5 kW only doing 30 amp?
  14. Darryl&Rita

    Honda EU2000i Generator

    It sounds like the Neutral and Ground wires are tied to the same point in the trailer panel. This is what's causing the GFCI to trip. Make sure the Neutral is connected to an insulated terminal, with only other neutrals connected to it.
  15. Darryl&Rita

    Question about RV Pic

    That's the water heater. The rust/residue could be from poor winterizing practice, a dripping T&P valve, or from old age. I'd factor the cost of a new heater into the negotiations, and buy with the expectation it will fail sooner, rather than later. Most of the rust/residue appears superficial, but it's hard to tell from the pic.
  16. Darryl&Rita

    Magnum ME-2012 still struggling

    To put this one to bed, after the owners returned from a cruise vacation, I killed all the power into the unit, pulled all the boards out and checked for more bad solder joints. This unit must have seen lots of use, in hot temps. Lots of suspicious solder joints, which were hit with a soldering iron to get good connections again. The boards should probably be replaced, as this isn't really a permanent solution, but rather, a method of troubleshooting. The charge side has been working flawlessly for the last week, in cool weather of Arizona. Owner to decide whether to send whole unit back for refurb ($850), or order the rest of the boards new.($2-250 per board, x 3)
  17. After swapping out the AC board, the inverter/charger will randomly struggle. The owner asked me over this weekend to look at it. It's cycling between charging, and "DC Overload". The AC output cycles with the overload, causing chaos in the bus, microwave hums when connected to power, TV turns on and off, etc. I'm thinking the batteries are on their last gasp, as a 25 amp Wal-Mart battery charger for 15 minuets will bring the Magnum around. I suspect the cells aren't holding the depth of charge they should be, get pulled down, then the Magnum struggles to bring them back up. I can't find my toaster battery tester, but may go to Harbor Freight to get one yet. Any other ideas?
  18. Darryl&Rita

    ABS Fault code

    Sensors will generate an AC voltage when they "see" the tone ring moving past their surface. If they're removed from the mount, run a piece of steel past the tip, while a meter is clipped to the leads. I typically use a screwdriver. A cordless drill can also work, placing the tip over the motor, not the chuck.
  19. Darryl&Rita

    ABS Fault code

    What have you checked in the last year? You've been given lots of good tips above, time to get greasy.
  20. Darryl&Rita

    Buss bar

    Just a heads up, the bolts also have a max. ampacity.
  21. Darryl&Rita

    Trailer project

    FTFY The {img ] coding wasn't working for you.
  22. Darryl&Rita

    What do you think of SOLO electric car?

    Not coming out of Canada, they won't.
  23. Darryl&Rita

    N14 Cummins Jake Has Issues

    Multiple points to fail on the Jake circuit. 1. Dash switch(es). As above, plus the contacts on the On/Off switch. 2. Brake pedal switch. There will be 2 switches on the air line from the pedal. One, Normally Open, to turn the brake lights on, one, Normally Closed, to turn the Jake off. This can be tested by shorting the wires together, and function testing. 3. Clutch Pedal switch. NC switch on the clutch pedal arm. Again, test by shorting the wires. 4. ECM controlled engines won't turn the Jake on until the engine makes a minimum temperature. A flaky temp sensor will be identified by the gauge being low, or erratic. Mechanical engines count on the driver to be judicious with the Jake until up to temp. Edit to add: 5. Throttle position sensor. Older engines have an actual switch on the pedal arm, The N 14 is a "drive by wire" engine, so a reostat is used to let the ECM know throttle position. This is a long lasting part, so it's on the end of things to check. If the engine speed wanders while driving, move it up the list.
  24. Darryl&Rita

    rent or sell the s&b house?

    A good reason to hold on to property, is to use it as proof of intent. As a Canadian, we need to be able to prove that we have closer ties to Canada than the US, should the IRS come looking for tax $$$. Property ownership helps fulfill some of that requirement.
  25. Darryl&Rita


    As our HDT has a deck, it's not proper to refer to it as a "Tractor". It's a truck. Trucks can carry a load, while tractors are only traction units. As to your Google definition, semi does not mean a partial erection, unless it's in reference to a "semi-erected" building. Semi means partial, or partly.