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  1. Electrical question,

    Unnnnh.... A/C should have it's own fuse, the clutch is a pretty heavy load.
  2. Changing the color of gauge lighting in the dash

    Amazon, multi-colour, might be too bright. Keep an eye on the Lumen output. More, but the directional output might result in hotspots on the gauge face. Another contender, again in multi-colour.
  3. It's a review. The value of the content is debatable, given the authors intent to become a YouTube authority.
  4. Axles that shift to one side?

    Backing in tight, like with a fork-lift, will also cause this. More than 1 unit at a dealer, with similar symptoms, sounds more like spring bind.
  5. RV Logbooks

    Like these:http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/130171-log-books/?tab=comments#comment-928942
  6. Looking for a Good Samaritan in Phoenix Area

    Mountainview in AJ has openings right now. It's about as basic as you'll find, and is usually full only for Dec-Feb time frame. (480) 982-3455 The park we're in only has random openings for the balance of the season, as do a lot of the more popular parks. VIP had space earlier this month, but I haven't been down there for about a week. (480) 983-0847
  7. 2005 HR Ambassador Water Pump Inop

    Do you have the ability to turn on the pump from more than 1 location?
  8. Arizona truck fuel tax

    It's also spelled out very clearly what the restrictions are, on the sticker on the pump. If you're filling large truck tanks through the small hose on the auto pumps, you've got time to read it.
  9. New to this "Realm"

    If you don't want "horror stories", then don't live in either Dakota in an RV in the winter time. It's almost a full time job, keeping the frost at bay, no matter the brand. For starters; 1: Get a large propane tank direct from a local distributor. I'm not talking about 100 lbs, much larger. Think 250 gallon. Get them to set up scheduled delivery, then you won't forget. 2: Get insulated skirting built (or bought). You need to keep the wind out from under the trailer to avoid freezing your feet to the lino, and sewer dropsicles. 3: Buy the cheapest sewer hose you can find. It won't matter how much you spend here, as it likely won't make it through the winter. You need to make sure it's drained after each use, and the handling is hard on the plastic. 4: Same deal with the fresh water hose. Fill the onboard tank, and run off the pump. Drain the hose after each use. 5: Depending on ambient temps, plan for extra heat under the trailer. Better to be prepared, than scrambling while you're frozen. 6: Depending on winds, a tarp fence to block the wind can mean the difference between cool and frozen.
  10. Arizona truck fuel tax

  11. Metric v. American

    Bolt bin at work had SAE sizes, tool crib controls the metric supply.
  12. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Skip the ring, use a keyhole.
  13. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Never used them, never seen the need for them. This applies to all the equipment/vehicles I've moved. If I was worried about driving off the edge, a simple wood block would prevent that. Remove before travel. The way these cars are sitting, the chocks don't serve their intended purpose, other than psychological.
  14. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Wheel chocks have no effect on strap tightness. Single strap has only one way to loosen, basket strap has stitching. Always used single strap ratchet straps, never had one loosen.
  15. He's talking about the double-check. Know your air brake system. When the supply line is "Tee'd" into the line going to the Brake Application gauge, the two way check isn't needed.