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  1. I was talking of properly running engines. No doubt, your truck was running very rich at any throttle position above idle.
  2. Don't forget, more boost means more fuel per mile. More fun, too, but definitely drops mileage.
  3. That's it, this is turning into an argument I wasn't looking for. I trust Lee Valley, and their purchasing team. By extension, I trust their suppliers, and their purchasers. But, not as much, because I don't know who they are. Beyond that, even less trust. The counterfeit problem has affected the airline industry, automotive industry, all the way down to the children's candy supply chain.
  4. That's how clones work, charge what seems like a reasonable price. If they were pennies on the dollar, everyone would suspect them. Charge double the regular price, everyone assumes price gouging. It's not hard to build a reasonable facsimile of the true mask, the devil is in the provenance. Or not, depending on how much effort the faker wants to put in.
  5. The only special property of the marketed N-95 masks, is the testing behind them. An assumption has to be made that the item is, in fact, a legitimate item, and not a cheap clone.
  6. Save postage, delay the census until AFTER the Covid-19 crisis.
  7. It's really not all that bad, in our experience. In the Western States, it looks like only Federal and State facilities are closed, private parks are still accepting arrivals in the Phoenix valley. Private parks typically cost more, so have some cushion in your budget. In the meantime, keep your eyes open, this could be a good time to get the perfect rig.
  8. Works for me now, as well as earlier.
  9. Where he's at, drop the landing gear, get re-aligned, reconnect, move on. Probably took longer to get the flares out, than to get squared away. Blocking traffic like that will only bring unfriendly eyes.
  10. Follow the video cable away from the display. It should terminate in a multiplexer box that sorts out the video inputs and output by signal light inputs, and other inputs. Confirm this box has power, and the inputs are getting to it. It sounds like the multiplexer might be done. You WILL need a multi meter for diagnostics.
  11. Today's launch wasn't without incident. There was a reported engine failure. Just a little rock in the road.
  12. You stand a higher chance with any of the cheaper alternatives. Honda and Yamaha are manufactured in Japan.
  13. Seems like everyone's forgetting Team Blue? Yamaha makes a competitive model for every Honda.
  14. Mornings are madness, here in Phoenix valley. As the departures of the day head out, the crowds are slowly thinning out. About 2 weeks earlier than usual.
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