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  1. Freightliner Classic "No Data Link" alert when gets wet

    He's asking about fleet truck, because a lot of them had a Big Brother box installed. It will use the data bus for it's information, and removal can be haphazard sometimes. Any wires left exposed, that can ground out, & tied to the data highway should be removed.
  2. When I built the square tubing "draw-bar", 2 notches were cut through the tubing. Holes were drilled through the tubing on the top and bottom, to allow draw-bar pins to keep the tubing on the smart eye bolts. The winch is usually powered off a small AGM battery that travels with us. It was recovered from an industrial UPS system, and is also used to trouble-shoot RV power issues, as a portable charging station, etc. The diesel smart doesn't have a great track record for battery life, or anything electrical.
  3. We've been getting ready to hit the road, but I think the rough idea has spread. Let us know if more info is needed. It may take a bit, due to travel, but it will come.
  4. Older batteries in a 2013 truck

    This: isn't always a shore power connection. It's usually for a block heater connection.
  5. How To Service Fuel Filter / Drain Water

    Drain on bottom to empty accumulated water. Swap filter out to clean filter media. Don't worry about a fuel shut-off valve, the filter is likely higher than the fuel level.
  6. Hmm (2)

    I like where this is going...
  7. Went for a ride today - SRC System

    SCR is short-hand for Selective Catalytic Reduction. The Catalytic convertor system is part of the equation, as is the DEF injection system. Good luck.
  8. Sounds about like what I did to ours, Chad. The rivets were closer to press marks in the steel, where the 2 pieces were pressed together. This also made it easy to drill the holes. I think I drilled the holes before trying to take the pieces apart, replacing each press-point with a bolt and wing nut.
  9. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Only you know if you have the strength to wrestle a tire around, or not. Depending on the trailer tire, it could be as heavy as 80 lbs. Yours probably run around 50 lbs, per tire. It would be a good time to see what's involved in changing a tire, rather than on the side of the road. Your mileage is on the low side for a bearing re-pack, but they'll never cause problems from over-attention. While It's under cover, and not being used, it's an ideal time to check all the roof seams, and penetrations. Too many RV's die an early death due to roof neglect. All the wall penetrations should be checked too.
  10. Winching a smart car

    Winching ain't towing.
  11. Cruise control revisited

    Nope, not me. Edit to add: Follow the line from the "Brake Application Pressure" gauge. The brake light switch, and cruise disconnect switch will share a common line with it. This is what allows the brake lights to come on, while the O/O is saving his truck brakes, and using the trailer brakes.
  12. Cruise control revisited

    I'm guessing that the troubleshooting also checked the "Cruise Disconnect" switch on the brake line? There is 2 switches on our truck, one N.O, that activates the brake lights on pressure, and one N.C. to turn the cruise off on brake application. There should also be one under the clutch peddle, but that won't show up as brakes applied.
  13. Engine Brake and "stop" lights.

    Depends on the model tear of the truck. Newer ones have the lights come on, older don't. Takes the fun out of the bumper sticker that says "All Jake, no brake".
  14. Trailer Brake Application Bar

    It better. The brake lights are switched by a pressure switch on the air line to the brake cans.
  15. Webasto cab heater

    Google, also known as Sintered Brass. Very common on high pressure fuel systems, like diesel burners.