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  1. C'mon PowerBall!!! In all seriousness, that's a very reasonable price for the goods involved. Still need a PowerBall, though.
  2. The start button has a backlight. It's used to give info to the user about the generator. In the event of a fault, the light will flash a coded sequence, ro minimize the trouble shooting needed. The list of fault codes is available online, or in the owners manual.
  3. How do you start the generator? That's the control panel. If you don't have a LCD display, showing hours of run time, there's a light behind the Start button that will flash a code.
  4. Without the fault codes, guessing is a fools game. The control panel should have been flashing a code, or if it has the LCD screen, it would have been on there.
  5. Darryl&Rita


    Well, Dan and Bree left this morning, heading north to Alaska. It was fun catching up with them, after the National rally. Between my work, Dan's work, and some medical issues, we didn't spend as much time hosting as I'd have liked. Got to get better at that.
  6. Yup, essentially. There's a 100 ways to do it, but your single line above would work. Of course, fuses, relay grounds, etc, etc have been omitted.
  7. You would need to pick up the reverse light signal from the truck, and tie it into the switched leg going to the lights.
  8. The Campendium website appears to be based on a MailChimp template. The layout of RVParkReviews or CampgroundReviews, as it's now known, looks to be their own. Probably not the most original design, but probably not intentional plagiarism. ETA: If I was a Copyright lawyer, I might have a different opinion.
  9. That's what happens when it's rainy. Thanks for coming back and updating us. It's all moot, anyway, as long as everything else is working.
  10. Darryl&Rita


    The first arrival is on scene. Dan and Bree got in last night, but Dan's been working, and the weather hasn't been real conducive to outside activities. Hopefully, it'll improve, and we can get some fun activities going.
  11. Since the OP hasn't responded, we're all throwing dust into the wind, anyways.
  12. I think "copying" is a rather strong statement. Both sites look to be configured to work well on both a computer screen, or mobile device. The page layout suggests this, and is also on many, many other websites.
  13. Further evidence that if one is serious about buying, be ready to pull the trigger. Someone's going to get a great truck.
  14. If one wanted to make the connection bullet proof, a bead of silver solder could be added to the very tip, but a good twist connection should work, too. I don't have one to open, but the electronics needed to add T/C input would be small. Given that the OP didn't say anything about 2 wires inside the blue lead leads me to cast a jaundiced eye to the manufacturer.
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