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  1. Darryl&Rita

    King WiFiMax

    Read the posts in your other post. It's considered bad form to post the same topic in multiple sub-forums.
  2. Sounds like it's binding, somewhere. Fix the stick, it should cure the breaker issues.
  3. Lots of State Trust land, National Forests, and other open areas. All depends on what you want to do while there. The Elks club in Apache Junction even has a boondock area.
  4. Not Escapees, but RV Service Reviews .com
  5. They are following the thread, so will get updates of posts.
  6. Low ride seat bases are available for the hood trucks. If your seats are in decent shape, something to consider. The seats themselves don't affect ride position as much as the bases.
  7. California is a participant in the consortium behind the OSS webpage, but they're not "behind" it. There's a collective of western states that all feed real-time information into the other that becomes the website.
  8. Darryl&Rita


    Sketchy AF.
  9. Darryl&Rita

    Cool Truck

    The easy way to shame him into behaving? Tell him "Rolling Coal" proves he's got a little turbo. No man wants to hear that. Don't phrase it as too much fuel, or injectors too big. Simply not enough turbo.
  10. Don't. You'll end up with taillights that are on all the time, and run the risk of a dead battery if you forget to unplug overnight. ETA: The charge current is limited by the demand from the battery. A low battery will pull a higher current than a nearly full one.
  11. Darryl&Rita

    Cool Truck

    An obvious indicator of not enough turbo.
  12. Darryl&Rita


    The real question is, why did the fuse blow in the first place.
  13. Darryl&Rita

    Cool Truck

    Not sure about $50 large worth, but it is cool. ETA: I would love to take a K100, with the big double bunk sleeper, and an insurance write-off new model Paccar, and marry the drivetrain and axles from the write-off with the classic lines of the old body. An iShift Volvo would be easier to find, but that's like putting a 350/350 drivetrain in a '34 Ford. I know I'd probably end up at least at 50k, so I keep my hands in my pockets at the auctions.
  14. The spring tension increases as the slide goes out. Decreases as the slide comes back in. The 13 turns is preloading the spring to maintain enough tension, while in, to prevent billowing from the wind.
  15. Agreed. I was trying to get information out for an admitted "newbie".
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