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  1. Binkley Hitch Head

    Lock when parked, empty on the road.
  2. Bonk

    Looks like it works, here.
  3. Route 66

    Cross country? Yes. All Route 66, all the time? No.
  4. Back up cam and TPMS. Ideas please!

    Bluetooth ain't gonna travel that far. Not even with you hanging it out the window, and the camera hanging off a bracket on the side of the trailer. Next time you're stuck in traffic, do a quick search with anything Bluetooth. Take the device count, look around you for a quick count of possible devices. 2 people in the car beside you, that's probably 2 devices. Single driver ahead, one device. Now do the math based on the devices seen by your device. Not very far, I bet.
  5. New Mack Video

    Next thing, you'll all be posting links to International videos.
  6. Looking for Boondocking spots?

    Not quite. i overlander
  7. Want to BUY a Jeep Wrangler

    Pirate4x4.com. Bottom of the forum page, vehicles for sale. Almost always 1 or 2 on there. Unlimiteds were rare, & Jeeps are always popular, so the price follows. The Patriot is a great toad, as is the Suzuki Grand Vitera/Chevy Tracker.
  8. New guy

    Photo hosting site. Copy the image code , after you upload to the site. Return here, paste the code. Done.
  9. RV.net Photo Posting

    The code that Imgur generates, to post the photo, comes with a set of square brackets at the front and back ends. Strip those off to post here. This site likely is hard programmed to add the code, and results in a collision. As an eg, here is the code generated to post a recent photo, . [/IMG]The photo insert function didn't want to take it as-is, so I stripped off the square brackets, and their contents, to give this: https://i.imgur.com/dSjZtcMl.jpg. Note: This pasting into the body of the message, without the use of the "Insert other media" results in a clickable link, but no preview. Edit to add: the forum software takes the Imgur code to post a photo without the use of the insert button.
  10. Here;s one for the Dolley driver

    Got up close and personal with this little darlin' the other day. Those are wide-base front's, in a 315/80R-22.5. About 9k lb, per tire. The derrick tip sits at 115 feet above ground when stood up, and extended. I get to play with the coolest stuff.
  11. ET Hitch for sale SOLD

    Sr? Jr? More info, please.
  12. Just a friendly reminder

    Along the lines of Rickeieio's comment: Straight road, clear skys. Story.
  13. Smart brakes making bad noise

    Everybody has a "button", this happens to be my current favorite.
  14. Smart brakes making bad noise

    No capitalization here.
  15. Smart brakes making bad noise

    Still a lower case proper noun. smart, not Smart.