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  1. Unless things have changed, they only send me a monthly e-mail digest. This is sort of a reminder to submit, disguised as RV reading. ETA: I checked my email right after posting, and wouldn't you know it? An email from RV Life. I will keep an eye on them.
  2. When were the coils and filter last cleaned in the existing AC?
  3. Trenching equipment isn't known for straight lines. that's on the operator.
  4. Check valve on the backside of the City water connection has failed.
  5. Had to tow one when we blew a hole in the Orbit motor return line. Hooked up the pick-up, just a little throttle, otherwise the feed chain would stall.
  6. You don't need one. Until you need one. Why the hesitation to build a new one?
  7. Sort of, but not really. For sizing, you need to know Peak load, not total.
  8. Taxes and duties will need to be paid, and I'll also recommend the use of a customs broker, so add that to the cost.
  9. That's what I was looking for. See a few familiar faces, and familiar trucks. Thanks, Dave.
  10. Truckdown search for Moab area.
  11. I didn't buy it, Ray. I don't get to buy anything, beyond my own toiletries for inside the RV. We used it on an Teflon electric frypan, used for bacon and then flour-coated chicken breasts. It was applied as soon as cooking was done, and sat while we ate. The pan wiped out with a piece of paper towel, and de-greased with a wet dish cloth. She liked it.
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