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  1. Darryl&Rita

    A wiggle wagon trailer?

    What are you using in your coffee this morning? Can you imagine the Happy Hour entertainment with people trying to back that in? The idea itself has merit, but the market size is minuscule.
  2. Darryl&Rita

    Bush Repairs

  3. Freightliner. No problem. That's a beautiful trailer, that we'd be all over, if we were in the market.
  4. Darryl&Rita

    Strange Fonts

    I don't understand what you're asking. I guess.
  5. Darryl&Rita

    Strange Fonts

    Possibly your keyboard layout has changed. Google your make/model and changing keyboard. Our dog has changed my layout, by standing on the correct combination of keys, while seeking "scritches".
  6. Darryl&Rita

    Deer/Moose Guards

    I'd be remiss if I didn't bring Bandit Bar to the table. They publish their crash test data for their guards. They also price in Canadian $$$, for extra discount for our southern neighbors.
  7. Darryl&Rita

    Weather where you are?

    Every year, Vern. Every year. You gotta start planning better.
  8. Darryl&Rita

    Long units

    There's a difference between "wiggle wagons", in the first video and Super B trains. Whole nother kettle of fish again, is road trains with a converter on the front of a 53' van. A Super B is easy to back up, compared to the others, with their extra pivot points.
  9. Darryl&Rita

    Weather where you are?

    Surrounded by red squiggles on the DOT road report website. Jamestown, ND.
  10. Darryl&Rita

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    Thanks, Jim. We're tucked into the S&R truck stop, I think exit 168. Clean showers, good cafe, decent WiFi in the parking lot. Best part, got a twin bed in the Snuggle Bin. That, and didn't have to put out the slides in this weather. Already shoveled them once this trip.
  11. Stick your head in as many different RV's as you can get away with. Talk to as many owners as you can. Listen to the ones that recommend you follow their lead. Really listen to the ones that recommend not following them.
  12. Darryl&Rita

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    Luckily, yesterday's 600 mile day compensated for today, with a measly 325 miles. We're still in the hunt for an early arrival. Sitting in Jamestown, ND, since 3 p.m., waiting out a storm.
  13. I'm torn. Too early means we have to skip out, due to time south of the border. Early fall storms are typically a bear to deal with, with heavy wet snow, and icy roads. I've driven storms year round, and early fall or late spring are my least favourites. Give me a good winter storm any day.
  14. Darryl&Rita

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    We're tapping out in Jamestown. The roads are garbage, the plows aren't keeping up to the drifts, and darkness is approaching.