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  1. #noteven and #rdickinson are Canadians. #hilijoball sounds like one. The issue is purely one of jurisdiction. If a retailer is encouraging sales based on usage in the US, they WILL lose their sales agreement. Discussion of use in the US is grounds for losing your service, too.
  2. Lot's of $$$ for what you get. You need to do a load calc on your truck, to see what you need to replace. Add in a safety factor for cloudy days, then buy a panel. We use a 185 watt panel, but run the fridge off the inverter year round.
  3. Canadian Costco stores definitely do not take Visa.
  4. Got it, reported it, then deleted it. That's a textbook "phishing" attempt.
  5. If you plan to come to Canada, we don't have Sam's.
  6. Good point, Dave. We see less without the smart, than with. I suspect it keeps some of the draft off the front of the trailer.
  7. What do you expect a salesman to use?
  8. Loose connection, either 12v positive, or ground.
  9. Depending onthe time of season, Curt may offer you storage, with power for a very reasonable price.
  10. Talk to Curtis, at Carefree Manor, 480-982-4008. They're in Apache Junction. They do short term storage, with and without services.
  11. It's the membership number, assigned to you upon joining the club.
  12. Amazon, among others. Most dealers carry it, but watch the prices there.
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