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  1. Darryl&Rita

    Need help with Carefree Travel'r awning...

    Look at the pic on the Amazon link. On the black arms, zoom to see the holes in a row, on the bottom end of the arm leaning away from the RV. That's the pitch adjustment holes. Can you add the holes to your arms?
  2. Darryl&Rita

    Need help with Carefree Travel'r awning...

    What model? Possible to add a row of holes to each arm, and use a long 1/4" bolt for pitch adjustment? The factory adjustment is via spring pins, but this might work.
  3. Darryl&Rita

    No headlights

    Google makes it look like a Spartan chassis, but here's a link to a pile of manuals.
  4. Darryl&Rita

    Steel or Aluminum Drom box

    Steel will eventually rust, and need refreshing. Aluminum will stress crack and need to be rewelded. Pick your poison.
  5. Darryl&Rita

    I lost 1.6 mpg

    Parachute? That's a big hit.
  6. Darryl&Rita

    Coolant Lines

    They had a whole line of cat named tractors. We had a Panther at one point, big Caterpillar engine.
  7. Darryl&Rita

    Smart car running ruff after buying gas

    That'll get you a new tank of gas, a new fuel filter, and maybe new plugs. Gasoline in the diesel tank hurts way more.
  8. Darryl&Rita

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    I catch my Soap Opera's mid-afternoon. IRT lost touch with reality a long time ago. It just refused to turn off the lights.
  9. Darryl&Rita


    Bringing this back up. Right now, the middle of May looks like the best bet, before Victoria Day long weekend. I've talked to a couple guys, and have tentative approval to stop by a couple trucking company yards. One specializes in heavy haul, off road work, and has some huge rigs. The other is a frac company, and has trailers like Jack talks of building. Their new control vans even have slides now. May is too early for fruit or vegetable harvest, but the local Farmers Market will be in operation, with homemade treats, and handicrafts. Give us ideas for your interests, we'll do our best to find something to look at.
  10. Darryl&Rita

    FOR SALE: 2002 Beaver Monterey

    Just a heads up to both posters. Internet bots scavenge the web for email addresses, and phone numbers. I'd suggest editing both posts to make them harder to harvest. Suggestions include using a capital E, instead of a 3, adding spaces where none exist, anything to obfuscate the bots. Otherwise, expect a lot of junk messages in the near future.
  11. Darryl&Rita

    Cat C7 Alternator Neville LBA2108 no output.

    One other quick thought; make sure the mounting bolts are tight and clean. It grounds through the case. Google 2-wire alternator connection, or wiring diagram for that specific model.
  12. Darryl&Rita

    Cat C7 Alternator Neville LBA2108 no output.

    In order to self-excite, sufficient battery voltage must be present. It will charge a flat, dead battery, but the voltage present during boosting is enough to kick off the alternator. If your alternator is dead, and depending on the specs of the Amazon one, I'd lean that way. Most auto parts stores have a Loan-a-Tool program to cover the pulley swap.
  13. Darryl&Rita


    Welcome to Soccer Momville. At least the retirement countdown is almost done.
  14. Darryl&Rita

    So Dakota Drivers Liscense Renewal

    Most people getting married, intend to stay that way, but over 50% won't.
  15. Darryl&Rita

    Sick Cummins N14+ in Rexburg Idaho

    Check battery voltage. This latest symptom sounds like ours, last fall. 1 battery failed, and caused all kinds of random fault codes, until the low air alarm went off while sitting. Replaced batteries, and had an uneventful return trip.