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  1. By flooding them with demand they can't satisfy, then making them an offer they are unlikely to refuse.
  2. It is also a means to squash a competitor/former partner.
  3. I've tried both Zep and Poli-Glo, it seems the Zep is not as UV resistant. I now only use the Poli-Glo.
  4. Battery drain

    If the break away switch is OK. Then the slide circuit it's the culprit. If it has a control board I would suspect it, if not I would suspect the switch. 16 amps will drain 2 GC batteries in short order. As a temp workaround pull the offending fuse till you need to move the slide. I'd suspect the slide motor to be warm or hot to the touch as well.
  5. Wheel dust cover, grease cover, bearing

    @charlyhorsit appears from your photo you have drum brakes with EZ-Lube spindles. The drum brakes pretty much defeat the advantage of EZ-Lube spindles if the hub & drum are one piece. If the drum slips over the lug bolts then the advantage is retained as the brakes can be inspected without removing the hub. Grease staining on the center visible portion of the wheel indicates grease is escaping from the dust cap not the seal. A seal failure will distribute grease into the drum, fouling the brakes. If the failure is significant you might see grease staining the bead portion of the rim and tire never the spokes or center.
  6. Wheel dust cover, grease cover, bearing

    Bearings for our unit are $37.00 per wheel. Add the seal & grease and you are looking at $45.00 per. If you are absolutely certain what grease is already in use, then adding grease is an option. I would pull the hub get the bearing # from the outer bearing and the seal #. Call the axle manufacturer with this info and the axle # if you can find it. Ask for the inner bearing # and both race #'s. Now call Timken customer service. Give them the bearing & race # for each bearing set and get from them the SET NO. Now go to Amazon and see if they offer what you need. I got 1 tub and 3 tubes of Timken Red wheel bearing grease with my order. (1 tube may do 2 hubs) That is how I did it. Otherwise you will need to purchase the bearing and its race separately. (They will NOT be matched & likely China made)
  7. Single data device - where's the deal?

    A computer consumes far more data bandwidth than a mobile device (MD). I rarely break out our laptop and browse on one of my mobile devices. MD's don't pre-load a pages links & media like a computer does. They also request compression.
  8. Window fog repair, contact Duncan Systems in Elkhart, IN.
  9. Dometic refer drain water hose

    What Kirk said! If the replacement house is white chuck it in the trash bin. Either use black (UV & heat resistant) or tygon. I used Tyson & formed a dip trap to prevent warm air infiltration. I also slipped a spring over it to prevent kinking where it bends to exit though the lower cover.
  10. Excessive Internet Data Usage

    Though this may have changed somewhat since I last researched it, computers will consume far more data than mobile devices due to the assumptions made by their associated operating systems. Computers preload far more links & content than mobile devices and mobile devices tend to prompt web pages to deliver compressed data to a greater extent. I currently browse using mobile devices vs the laptop & reserve laptop use for document creation etc. In a work environment your needs will vary but I would tend to view the web with a tablet and blast out content as needed from the computer and interrupt its web access as it idles. Though many these days run a retail business from their ipad with a card reader & no cash register.
  11. For Verizon smart phone users with Android Nougat, there is a native solution. Recents > touch the offending call > touch Details > touch the 3 dot icon (top right) > touch Block Number.I currently am blocking 60 numbers so no limit as yet.Previously I used Call Control-Call Blocker from the Google Play Store. No limit there either & works on earlier Android versions.
  12. Gluing WIFI Ranger to top of RV

    I used do for to mount an older Sky. It was a bear to remove after the rig was totaled in our yard.
  13. DC: Battery terminals & all primary grounds. Battery disconnect terminals. DC distribution B+ & negative terminals. AC to DC converter + & - terminals. Inverter + & - terminals. AC: Shorepower terminals & junction box connections. EMS input & output terminals if present. Breaker panel feedin points plus all other connections in there. Transfer switch and inverter charger AC terminal connections. Loose connections generate heat which can further deteriorate the connection over time. GB grease can also aid in trouble free connections.
  14. BC Champion Dodge puck for sale

    Translation please? Might you mean a B&W Companion hitch?