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  1. Devilishjim

    150 VAC with generator per leg

    Well I would say high voltage burnt up the last cooling fan
  2. Devilishjim

    TT Tires

    See if 16 in tires will fit, rims should be easy to find.
  3. Thanks Dutch you made it easy I already have the Wing so no climbing .
  4. SAY WHAT Dutch Now itemize these products and where to get and price and of course step by step installation instructions. My brain starts hurtin when I have to think to much !
  5. I love the bat and wing its like a surprise getting to watch different stuff for a change as LONG as DW gets her soaps !
  6. Devilishjim

    TT hitch height

    your hitch is going to go down when you set trailer on it so figure at least 2" higher but now comes the tricky part, The tongue is already high so will you be able to raise it enough to get on the ball ?
  7. Devilishjim

    Tire age

    I bought a brand new equipment trailer and the tires were two yeas old
  8. Devilishjim

    Tire age

    5 yrs is the majic number hold your speed down an increase of speed by 10MPH drastically increases tire temperature and try to do your driving in the cool of the morning. Buy an infra red heat gun and check temperatures at a rest area. If you have one tire way hotter than others its more than likely your loading or air pressure. You will be amazed at how much cooler the tires run that are on the shady side of your rv going down the road. Check your wheel hubs same time you are checking tires. My last trip to AZ I had two tires on one axle running super hot and while there in rest area standing there looking at the one tire it just separated and went flat. Someday when I'm not so mad ask me about Good Sams Roadside service, They will never ever in a gazillion years get another nickel from me Oh and a PS those two tires were working on their 6th year with lots of tread and no visible weather checking
  9. Devilishjim

    Generac Generator Shuts down

    Supposedly Kirk but my 2000 Hondas each are only rated at 13.2 amps. I did plug my 14A skilsaw in and it promptly dumped the breaker so my 2000s paralled are only good for 26.4
  10. Devilishjim

    Generac Generator Shuts down

    J0hn T h0w many amps can that geraccku put out 4K watts ? I know I have 2 - 2k in parrallal Hondas which put out 13.2 Amps each and they really bark starting an AC. and continious running I think they are rated at 3200 watts
  11. Devilishjim

    Generac Generator Shuts down

    Put a box fan in there with it so when genny runs so does the fan, See what that does / Check for loose wires that could build up heat / Feel those wires after it shuts down see if you get a hot one / Maybe just maybe the AC is overloading and getting too hot and drawing lots more amps then its supposed to ? Might take a few cold ones to think this over
  12. Devilishjim

    reefer on light for 5ver

    Well you could just hang the end of the extension cord out there or a lit up Santa Claus
  13. Devilishjim

    Getting cash while on the road

    I have a Discover that lets me pull $200 at Safeway
  14. Sheesh forgive me for not realizing that some of you were raised in a sheltered childhood, What do you think is in the can when you watch the news and watch a fireman starting a backfire in the forest ? It's normally a 50-50 mix gas & diesel I'm almost afraid to tell you that you can take a 5 gal METAL bucket dump fuel into it a gal will burn for almost an hr, just drop a match in....no flareup just burns on top of fuel...A coffee can works if you can find a metal one these days.We did it all the time when we were on a job and couldnt feel our fingers in our gloves It became defrost time
  15. Devilishjim

    Interior step lights

    Yes those are the ones I bought, They work great