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  1. Dewald Leveling Jack Removal

    If you have a separate control valve for each one then yes. If not then you can go to an automotive store and get plugs to fit the hydraulic line that hooks onto that cylinder. while no pressure is on the lines remove and install plugs for that ram and then yoy can jack the other 3 and use bottle jack for the one. And no you cant overextend a hydraulic cylinder
  2. Ordering a new truck

    What about taxes would he have to pay taxes where he bought it and then retax when registering in Texas ?
  3. All DC dead in Class C

    Sounds like it, possibly a loose wire or a shorted out one going to genny
  4. Blood testing, PT/INR

    Quest Diagnostics was one I know of.
  5. Blood testing, PT/INR

    as long as you have the order from the Dr any clinic or the nearest hospital should be able to do it. Try googling blood test, Mission TX
  6. Tire Question

    What I want to know is why do tires only have a five year lifespan before they go to pot. I had two TOYO tires lasted 6 yrs and as I was headed for AZ I noticed on one rest stop that those two were running hot which really had me wondering why. So traveled 100 miles to next rest area and one of them went flat while looking at it. Dont even ask what Good Sam Roadside didnt do for me at a Sacramento rest area on a Sunday/ I am in the middle of contesting the cost of having two tires mounted by a service truck approx 5 miles away and the tire prices doubled from price I located in Sacramento for very same tire !
  7. Charger Charge Rate Settings

    A quicker charge is hard on batteries and would really throw some heat to them. A lot of car chargers will put out 100amp but sure dont want to charge at that rate.
  8. Tire Question

    Whats the tag inside the door show for tire size ?
  9. Tire Question

    I,m kinda wondering why your 450 is running the smaller tire My dodge 3500 has LT235/85R16 and its a dually
  10. Macerator pump all the time

    The water will freeflow through the macerator pump as long as nothing floats in to obstruct the discharge and if the discharge hose is lower than your rv. If you have a grey water tank open then the water can back into that tank
  11. To fix or not to fix

    Cast iron frying pan
  12. AC screwing up

    I installed a new board and my ac compressor still wants to run AC friend came and looked at it and seems I got a defective board. Is it possible I switch the two wires going to relay and would that cause the problem ? Can I switch those two wires too see if that would rectify my problem ? Growing old isnt easy !
  13. Furnace problem

    The glue in tape is a conductor of electricity if you taped over a connection
  14. To fix or not to fix

    Welcome Red Tulips being as you have 9 in it now figure out what it would take to make a nice rig out of it. With friends helping it should help hold costs down. If you repair this one you will know what you have. Maybe some of your girl friends can lure him to a party, wrap him in sheets and beat the holy crap outta him with a frying pan ?
  15. Furnace problem

    my guess is circuit board, its not lighting 1st time. It will try 3 times and then you have to reset, So circuit board/igniter/ propane. Try cleaning the tube where propane goes to igniter , a small cobweb can screw things up. Have someone switch it on while you stand at furnace and do a visual can you smell propane/ Is the igniter sparking. Oh and welcome to the forum, You will get more knowledgable people as soon as they wake up