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  1. High elevations

    To my knowledge altitude should have nothing to do with transmission. The only thing I can think of is possibly a gummed up cable going to transmission which stays stuck due to the cold or it could be an electric solenoid sticking. Call a dealer that handles the transmission you have and ask them wether its electronic or manual control for overdrive.
  2. High elevations

    Hopefully not an airplane

    That fitting looks cross threaded in there to me but what the hay...It was raining
  4. Buying tires online

    But illegal to use on the PU arent they / Dont they say for trailer use only ?
  5. Buying tires online

    Sounds good so were the tires ST or LT
  6. Dometic fridge mot working

    Kirk Whee do you start on this type of repair. Would insurance cover this type of damage ?
  7. Dometic fridge mot working

    Micro to my recollection has a slow burn fuse inside the back... Is the fridg set to auto so that it switches to propane if the power is not available ? and if it did does the display showing its on gas ?
  8. Dometic fridge mot working

    micro and fridg on same circuit. Did you switch to propane / check the outlet for power above the micro ?
  9. After rethinking take the hose off RV and turn on the water and see if you get good flow from hose if yes then hook back to RV and if nothing then remove hose from inside rv at your water hookup and pull the guts out of that valve, BUT if you do that the next time you turn 12V pump on the water will come out of that fitting because you removed your backflow
  10. The backflow valves in RV are plastic and a sudden surge of water after air in hose will break the plastic and lil tab that holds spring, which kind of leaves the round disc for flow prevention just sorta floating around in its own lil circle sometimes allowing water to flow and other times shutting it off completely
  11. try taking your regulator out of line and if water flows throw your regulator away if it doesnt then check your backflow valve at the RV it is probably broken thus going into closed position preventing flow...been there done that

    Where is it ?
  13. Slide out topper tearing

    Awning tape works very good, I put one strip on top and one on the bottom.
  14. Roadside Assistance

    Good Sam will never get my business again / Hows that for a start ? All my fault I figured my two tires that were 6 yrs old and looked perfect would get me to AZ. WRONG I noticed in a rest area those 2 were running way to hot so following rest area I pulled in to check and as I walked around my 5er one was going flat right in front of me, So now I want 2 new tires in a rest area 5 miles or less from a tire shop, Now good ole Samual puts me in touch from a good ole boy on the east coast. He calls someone that has my tires but doesnt have keys to get in the shop, so he;s trying to get keys and 1hr later I call east coast and ask him if I am getting tires So he calls someone else and 3 hrs later I have tires. Now I get a call from the 1st guy wanting to know where I am it seems our good ole boy forgot to tell him !! Then I get the bill $$964.for two tires installed in a rest area.
  15. Draw straws see who the new dump hauler