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  1. ...you mean a gold digger??😉
  2. Live in MD and have never ever considered entering a weigh station in MD or anywhere else. Begs the question: Are there any states that require RVs go through their weigh stations??
  3. We lived on Oahu for 8 1/2 yrs and I can’t recall a day there that ,due to the weather, we wished we were somewhere else!,......does that count for pleasant living??
  4. Lots of folks on You Tube experimenting with ram pumps. The check valves can be noisy as you can hear on the videos. Pumps can be made quieter by using ball check valves, and/ or submerging the ram pump in the stream.
  5. In the right circumstance, a ram pump could lift the water from the stream without electricity.
  6. Re: Are campsites really getting harder to get? Do you think that social media has created this perception?
  7. ..... Isn't that how Johnny Cash got his Cadillac?
  8. Best: Wheeler AFB / Hickam AFB HI Otis AFB MA Nellis AFB NV Eglin AFB FL Worst: Thule AB Greenland
  9. You should check out the website Chalkie has recommended. It has all the known military campgrounds listed and provides websites (when available) for the Famcamps so you can get more in-depth info on each location. We have stayed at many of these campgrounds and appreciate the convenience they offer in our travels. We agree that they are not always the cheapest since most do not offer weekly or monthly rates, but there are some that offer resort type amenities or locations that are hard to match. Try them out!
  10. We had the same symptom occur at two locations in central PA. Running several check switch /and reboots did not clear it. Disconnected coax fm dish then reconnected it; Got screen "acquiring satellites"; then went to menu 6,1,1 and was able to see Sat 72 on menu. Did search from east to west to acquire and peak signal. I was a happy camper at that point and didn't try to replicate the problem, but will pay more attention to it when setting up in MD tomorrow.
  11. Yes, if you stay in MD 183 days or longer in a calendar year you are considered a statutory resident.
  12. Check out Maryland Form 505 for Non Resident Income Tax. ...short answer: it depends on how much of your taxable income was earned in MD and how much time you spent in the state. With generous exemptions, filing jointly, etc., you might owe nothing. Income in excess of your exemptions would would be taxed from 2% to 4.75% of the excess income for typical wage earners (high-rollers pay more!). Oh, and if you stay too long in state MD will tax everything!
  13. JohnM

    Grease gun

    X2. I use this coupler with pistol grip grease gun so I can pump it single-handed.
  14. Some have mentioned the Norcold Solution as being perhaps all that is necessary for over temperature protection. My experience is that the design flaw of the module is such that it is very likely that water intrusion to the module will activate it . Be prepared to address the outcome: http://nuwaowners.org/forum/index.php/topic,19563.msg309817.html#msg309817 You could jumper the Norcold module in an emergency, leaving your rig with no over temperature protection, or install the ARP control for that additional measure of protection.
  15. I X2 We have the XPS Ribs for 3 years since our previous BF Goodrich Commercial TAs were recalled. This is an excellent tire with no problems in about 25k+miles service.
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