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  1. Electronic Brakes and Jackalopee

    Quite a view.
  2. Electronic Brakes and Jackalopee

    You in the dog house now
  3. Debit card compromised

    update, just this morning, 4/20/18 got our money replaced.
  4. Debit card compromised

    Posting here don't know where else should. Got a call yesterday from a fraud alert on card. We contacted our CU and someome in Indiana getting cash from our account. Got DW card. She buys product from Chewy.com and QVC. Don't know how they got it.
  5. Smart car width for deck planning

    Half the width of camper is where it goes.
  6. Brakes

    Hindsight. Disc upgrade not much more money and less trouble than electric.
  7. Smart car width for deck planning

    Be careful getting it too close. Those tough places, think 90 degrees, your mind is not on Smart. opps!!!!!
  8. Escapees Roadside Assistance

    I find that lame. I had a business years ago. I had business cards. Not expensive. Card is easy to find when you in trouble. A piece of paper not
  9. Debit card compromised

    All that foreign language to me
  10. Skylight or not

    I need to do some repair in the skylight area. Considering doing away with it. Really don't see a benefit keeping it. What you thoughts.
  11. Debit card compromised

    Well I am definitely old school. Also never even seen a Costco
  12. Debit card compromised

    The real difference is when fraud happens. We have 900ish tied up until it resolved. CU says 7-10 days.
  13. Storms/Tornados

    We got a close call few years ago. some may remember it. We were in Louisiana on River Road. Poche RV. Tornado came right up the river. Rv park is just off the river. We were fine. Just up river where it turned, slammed right into the sister rv park, Sugar Hill. Flattened it. Many of my fellow welders were in that park. One got his back broken. Was one that lost their life. Not a good feeling but there was nothing we could do. Happened too fast.
  14. Debit card compromised

    No, people were recommending using a CC. May be a better way but I have seen so many ruined by CC. I just don't feel good about them. I'm sure we could actually make money with one.
  15. We bought our first unit from PPL and sold same one at PPL. Great company to do business with.
  16. south Dakota insurance

    There's nothing in my policy about liminted use. I have hunted for it due to remarks as this. But I only use it when I need a truck.
  17. Sleeper mattress sizes, what fits what doesn't?

    I just put a couch in that doubles as a bed.
  18. You don't like Scott's????
  19. Debit card compromised

    We beginning to realize that we have just been fortunate that this has not happened before.
  20. Hitch Camera

    Got mine spliced.
  21. Can I really full time on $2,000 a month

    I'm between jobs now. Drawing unemployment. I get less than 2k and making monthly payments also. Tight but not getting into any savings. So with everything paid I don't see a problem.
  22. Debit card compromised

    We don't use CC. Seen too many ruin financially .
  23. EZ Floater air ride hitch by Hitch Crafter SOLD

    I had that hitch on my dually with the hauler bed. Really liked it. Towed good. Well made Hitch
  24. Debit card compromised

    This happened yesterday. Notifed Last night. Card blocked last night. Getting new card today. Couldn't be any better satisfied with the handling of this. First time this has ever happened to us.
  25. Debit card compromised

    DW usually pay at the RV Resorts we go to also. She buys gas but not much. I do most of the spending. Only thing I can figured had to be on line fraud.