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  1. Bought a HDT

    How long is that wheelbase
  2. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    Yes, the price of new trucks are getting closer and closer to the price of a new HDT. Might even now be able to buy a glider for the price of one
  3. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    Towed my Teton with a 2012 dually deisel. It towed it fine. Braking depends on the Teton. Teton is just shy of 21k. I had brake trouble. It didn't want to stop. Exhaust brake helped but is nothing compared to my truck now. You get a true jacbrake with a semi. I never felt in control with the dually. My Teton made it look small. I felt small. If that 17k is dry weight , you looking at 20k. I consider my towing with the dually poor judgement. My pin weight weight overloaded my springs. Had to add air bags and made ride stiff. Rather brutal. My Freightliner Century is a sweet ride and less money than I had in dually. Gets little better mpg also. You could buy a new glider for the cost of an MDT also
  4. Tesla Battery

    I look forward to the time when my job doesn't dicates where I stay. My retirement a few years off. Want to get power independent prior to that so as not spending this money on retirement funds.
  5. Sizing battery banks

    Can use them below 32 f but not charge at that temp. basement should stay above that or you in trouble.
  6. residential fridge install question

    We catch ours at very top and bottom
  7. residential fridge install question

    They are just spring loaded clamps.https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/tekton-3-in-supergrip-spring-clamp?rfk=1
  8. Tesla Battery

    Only issue with that is I don't always get to park truck with camper.
  9. Tesla Battery

    Just have to figure out how to charge it.
  10. Tesla Battery

    This is an interesting topic. Considering Chevy Volt battery.
  11. residential fridge install question

    I can see my store bought clamps on that
  12. residential fridge install question

    My fridge is a side by side. We simply attach a spring loaded clamps at top and bottom. Never open while traveling. Simple. Now a bottom freezer model, have no experience.
  13. Axles that shift to one side?

    There is a bolt in center of springs. If it is broken it will shift.
  14. Best Heated Water Hose

    We recently got a Camco blue hose that has the heat tape molded into it. Just take out of package and install.
  15. residential fridge install question

    Good job. Ours came with a residential and we really enjoy it.So much better than the dometic in our DRV
  16. DW wants an oven

    We have stove top and convection microwave. DW is wanting an oven. All the standard ovens I am aware of is poor results to say the least. Any suggestions
  17. Underbody Boxes

    American toolbox.com. Custom build any size or configuration you want. That's where I got mine.
  18. Contacting BluDot

    I really like ours also. Sweet
  19. Washer / Dryers

    I'd put a gas unit in.
  20. Chevy volt battery questions

    Not necessarily so. Can't find a price on it. I been looking
  21. Chevy volt battery questions

    Got lots of time on my hands this time of year. Been researching these batteries. Seems most believe not having a battery management system is dangerous to battery life. Finding on eBay 2k battery packs 48v for $275. Would buy 8. That what he has left. Quite an investment and would hate to ruin them. What are people using. Or is there a 48v 220v inverter/charger that can be set up to bulk charge only within guidelines for volt battery? Hoping someone here knows this without me calling vendors. Not finding this info on line. Researching mostly now. Plans are for this spring. Also for your info on the 220/240v is upgrading mini split to 3 ton with 2 heads. May put my 1 ton unit on truck.
  22. Trex Gone - Aluminum On. Bed Decking Upgrade Project.

    My bed is all steel. When I added my boxes the ride and handling improved. So weight does help
  23. Chevy volt battery questions

    I understand what you're stating. How much efficiency loss?
  24. First loading of the smart

    I really like the idea of the slots for the ramps. That looks like it is much better than fighting with those bolts. How much engagement do you have in those slots?
  25. Chevy volt battery questions

    I don't see the big deal about the Volta. Yes, it is a nice powerful converter, with protection for batteries. But one still needs an inverter for 120 loads. Just run a standard rv converter off of the inverted power. The inverter will supply battery protection as will the charge controller from solar. Or am I missing something here?