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  1. GlennWest

    Smart car width for deck planning

    Always I use size larger bolt if I use less than called for
  2. GlennWest

    For Sale 1998 Volvo

    I know the motor has been rebuilt. I almost bought that truck before the owner now. Good solid running gear. I didn't buy it due to manual shift tranny.
  3. GlennWest

    Garmin vs Rand McNally RV GPS

    CoPilot truckers gps only $50.00. Works great and most have a tablet much larger than a gps stand alone unit.
  4. GlennWest

    Coach-Net Crashed on me

    I was in an accident with the Smart. Deer challenged it. Both lost. My auto insurance paid tow bill.
  5. GlennWest

    Garmin vs Rand McNally RV GPS

    We never had a Rand McNally last 4 years. I only get about 2 out of them
  6. GlennWest

    Debit card compromised

    The Houston branch of our CU makes the cards. We are only 30ish miles from there. Just drove up there. no waiting on mail.
  7. GlennWest

    Electronic Brakes and Jackalopee

    You in the dog house now
  8. GlennWest

    Debit card compromised

    update, just this morning, 4/20/18 got our money replaced.
  9. GlennWest

    Smart car width for deck planning

    Half the width of camper is where it goes.
  10. GlennWest


    Hindsight. Disc upgrade not much more money and less trouble than electric.
  11. GlennWest

    Smart car width for deck planning

    Be careful getting it too close. Those tough places, think 90 degrees, your mind is not on Smart. opps!!!!!
  12. GlennWest

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    I find that lame. I had a business years ago. I had business cards. Not expensive. Card is easy to find when you in trouble. A piece of paper not
  13. GlennWest

    Debit card compromised

    All that foreign language to me
  14. GlennWest

    Debit card compromised

    Well I am definitely old school. Also never even seen a Costco