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  1. Gosh, only time I see a check is for direct deposit info. We write void and send in
  2. And that is why I stated it's a non issuse for construction workers. Don't see how we can say this was derailed. We construction workers do the same the OP does. We travel to various states for employment. I have never had a problem. Have not heard of any of us having an issue. Now if the OP actually does stay in Texas 3 years, it would be advantageous to register in Texas.
  3. When did they have time to do this. They don't. So according to ya'll I should register in LA now being I am working at West Lake and then when I return to Texas in October, register back in Texas. That is stupid.
  4. GlennWest

    E-Z Floater 5 wheel hitch

    Had one of those on my dually. Sweet hitch
  5. So member, all you work campers, to register your vechiles while you work in Texas. Lol. Kirk, there is not enough qualified construction workers in Texas to supply the jobs. That why pay better to attract workers. If they stay away, as you suggested, the work would be farmed out to Phillipanoes. Happened years ago
  6. So you stating all these thousands of construction workers should register their vechiles in Texas. Not happening.
  7. We discussing docimle ruling, right? Sure of someone comes here to set up residence, sure. But to work a temporary job. That's crazy. Thousands of out of state workers come to Texas. Work the job and go home.
  8. Now Phil, you would get an out of state construction worker trying to make money for his family a cititaion? Heck it's hour/s just to get out of parking lots and the last thing we need is to worry about that. It's a burden just to find time for laundry. Most pay someone so we can get some sleep. I'm fortunate that my wife is with me and we full time. Most all the job ate in hotels and small TTs I like you Phil, but right downright unneighborly.
  9. If this was enforced, all these out of state construction workers would go home. Now that would be an economic problem.
  10. GlennWest

    Texas Inspection Question on Renewal

    It was this way. You paid full amount at station. Station sends in states amount. Now station keeps all their pay and when registration paid they get their share.
  11. There are thousands of us, construction workers, that live out of state, that work in Texas for years at a time. Never have have any been make to register vechicles or become residents due to working there. Regradless what is posted here it is a non issue.
  12. I'm one of those temporary construction workers. When I was a resident of NC I worked in Texas several years. I also had to pay taxes to NC for my employment. I eventually sold my property in NC and became a resident of Texas. Lot simpler. I still work in other states too.
  13. GlennWest

    Looking for a hdt.

    Tell us what you want. There is practically new on here, 09, 2000.
  14. GlennWest


    My unit had Maratons on it when I bought it. Towed 30ish miles and belt broke in one. Nipped that in the bulb. Put 6 Michelin XPS Rib on it. Trouble free. That was 4 years ago.