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  1. Ok, Dicor it is. Know you guys have more experience with it than I do
  2. Got box in ceiling done today. Next step hang cassette and run lines, wiring, etc. Bought the decorative pvc kits to house all this. Not really designed to run 60 mph down the road. Think I should put screws in it or think dicor would hold it?
  3. When I replaced mine it had the sensor wire stud also. It was not hooked up when I replaced it and was burnt off. Someone had put it on wrong terminal at battery. Replaced ring on wire and connected it. It would charge high like yours until I connected that sensor wire. Got my alternator from O Rileys.
  4. Cut the interior hole yesterday. Surprised the area was already boxed in very well. Put it where factory air was. They boxed that area in with 2X6's. I had very little supporting to do. Cut myself short on ethernabond. Covering box took it all. Some more be here Monday and weather permitting will cut hole in roof then. Glad I brought a shop vac a while back. That was quite a mess. Oh, I took an early rof( reduction of force) from job to get this done.
  5. We had one with the DRV. After it shorted out didn't care to get another one
  6. Back on now. New password
  7. If you Jack the camper up, you can correct it for now. Are the new springs and schakles the same as the ones replaced? This should not have happened.
  8. I am full time RV and work full time. Though I do take time off between jobs. Weld for a living and our jobs are not permanent. We either build it or repair or upgrade, then leave. Go to next one when I get ready to. We got Version wifi device and it is unlimited but that promotion is over now. We have it now and intend to keep it as long as possible.
  9. Ok. That's what happened then. Been busy with work.
  10. Tried to log in and got that response. Anyone else had this problem.
  11. I took morphine for a few weeks from a badly burned hand and wrist. Hate that stuff but it works. Pt nurse was going to give me a shot and I refused. She pulle my thumb down to where the non burned hand did. I spoiled my clothes and tears poured. She gave me that shot and I never refuse it again. It did give me a headache though.
  12. We sure got way off the topic.
  13. Lots of rvers are over the limits on their trucks. There was an rv/trailer weighing some years ago and I believe the number was over 60% over trucks ratings. I personally believe you are risking youre welfare when you do this.
  14. Still run 16's on my 3 axle Teton.They are trouble free. Currently Michelin XPS
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