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  1. I Just went to Bestbuy and got a Moto E for $80ish with taxes. Switched sim and all is good. Not as nice as previous phone but I am satisified with it.
  2. Current flows from ground to electrode including everything between them. That why important to have good clean ground connection close to electrode/welding/plamsa, etc. I never unhook batteries. Never a problem but I do this as a profession. It is a firing offense on our jobs to ground away from weld area. One can ground at ground level and go up 100' and weld. But it goes thru everything between also. Anything electrical is fried. But we don't unhook nothing. If you follow this practice you will be fine. We do on billion dollar jobs.
  3. If looking used and it seems you are, look at Carriage units, Hitchither, and would add Teton but they getting dated. We found a gem. They were the cats meow.
  4. I question myself sometimes about coverage. We have bout everything we can. My 2003 Teton is a very nice well made unit and I keep upgrading and making it better. But the reality is if totaled I wouldn't get swat for it. Market value is low
  5. Happened to mine too. Drv was bad for just screwing on trim and run a bead to seal. Should apply sealant then screw trim down.
  6. Don't remmember the amount. Lots of bolts. overkill. Every hole in rails got a bolt. Need to go down far enough to reach holes and have enough meat for bolts. You don't need that heavy a steel. You could use smaller steel and weld flat bar to it for tabs for bolting. Or some of the same angle iron. Lots of ways. Truck holes are for 5/8" bolts. I would use them instead of 3/4" and just use more. Have to ream out handened rails for 3/4". Not fun. lol. Have you been to the resource guide yet. Lots of truck beds on there
  7. I have a problem with my Moto Z Play Droid. Black screen during phone calls. Tried everything i could find on net and still does it. Safe mode still does. Did factory reset, still does it. So in market for new phone. I am on the prepay Verzion plan. Don't need lastest and greatest. Justy good service, decent camera. Any suggestions
  8. This is insteresting but we decided to get cash out and pay with it instead.
  9. i just placed 8" X8"X3/4" angle iron down on rails and used existing chassis holes and drilled thru. Layed channel iron on crossways. Decking on top. Did put tube steel on outside of bed. Made neet clean strong outside. Simple. But the angle was laying around. Mine is lower than most but with my Freightsaker it doesn't go down as far as the Volvos. We need to know what truck you using. If you have all this figured out just disregrade my post
  10. he said i can send money as friend and no fee. Know I didn't send as friend. Didn't see need at the time.
  11. he not complaning.I sent him 500 using paypal and he got 485ish.
  12. Didn't really see anywhere to post this so here it is. Fellow I'm getting batteries from is an indiviual and prefers the Cash app over Paypay. Paypal charges him a percentage. Anyone here have any exsperience with this
  13. GlennWest


    I searched for 2016 Smartcar and found them around 10k. low miles. Several in Florida. Mercedes stated that was for labor. Stated car had to be totallly dismantled to repace wiring harness.
  14. I really can't answer. I know it is confusing comparing to lead acid batteries. There is a ytube video of a complete Leaf battery in his motorhome. Difference is his was used and mine are new. He fired up his mini split and ran it and read the drain. He stated he could run it days before charging. Mine is also a complete leaf car battery amount. I recently was talking to a friend in NC and discussing electric usage. He used 19KWish in a month. But that also at 110v and not 48v. I am betting this will run my Teton at least a day without sun on solar. Planning on 4400 watts solar. But plan to get all this up and running prior to solar
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