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  1. Kirk, unless you read something i didn't, that is only with multiple units. I found no stand alone Victron unit that supplies 230v 60hz, only 50hz, Magnum does. Looks to me if I want 230v going to have to go with Magnum.
  2. Mini split is the ac and yes they will run on a Volt battery, it is being done. Know we will need more than 4500 watt. We use gas for hot water. The Aims inverter/charger has some 7k watt units with 48v. I hear conflicting reports on them though. The entire Teton will run off the battery. Think you missing this.
  3. Yes, with Magnum I would have to use 2 or possibly 3 units.I know they are very robust. I have not heard of problems with Victron, This is new to me. Victron actually make an all in one unit. Talk about simple wiring. Limited to 5k and no mention of expansion though.
  4. Thanks but social media, especially fb not place I want to get info.
  5. That is very true. Right much cost in it too. I question if worth it.
  6. Been researching Magnum and Victron inverters. Most know this. I am planning a Chevy volt battery and run Teton off of it. If using Magnum, I see two or three 4400 units. Victron goes up to 15000 in a single unit. The larger unit will be less wiring. Really don't think I will need that much wattage though. Using it for example. I know they will watts at idle. Victron and Magnum do well in this area though unlike cheaper units. So any drawback going to single unit vs muluple. also just found the 15000 unit is 50 mhz. opps. They have a 10000 60 mhz. Also I don't see where one can get 220v with the Victron. 2 outputs but one is just for shore power.
  7. Just a thought. Being as the type technology Telsa uses, they can become dangerous if too hot. A simple cooling system could be installed. A bottle of antifreeze, tubing and a small pump would be sufficient.
  8. GlennWest

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    I am 62 and still climb beams at work. Cleaning a windshield on top of my motor is a lot safer.
  9. GlennWest

    Teton Landing Gear Inquiry

    factory electric.
  10. GlennWest

    RV survey

    Been using live.com for over a decade. Never a problem.Never a virus, or anything negative
  11. GlennWest

    RV survey

    I don't see anyone "bickering" toward you. It was just a simple survey.
  12. Many of us has posted our results on projects and never a complaint. It's valuable information and I am glad he posted it.
  13. GlennWest

    RV survey

    I would never have a service that does this. Live.,om gives me no such issues.
  14. GlennWest

    RV survey

    I had zero problems with it. Don't understand your complaint.