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  1. GlennWest

    DRV (Pre-Thor) vs New Horizons

    I had an 2006 Drv. It was a nice unit. We wanted a unit larger as this was a 32TK3. We found this 2003 Teton and latched on to it. And I can honestly say, Teton is a step above the DRV. Now if Teton had remained in business, one could compare them to New Horizons. But even at that , Teton didn't have the flexibility of the build NH does.
  2. GlennWest

    Crimp or sorder

    Maybe I just seen too many fail. It very common with welding leads.
  3. GlennWest

    Crimp or sorder

    I know the general opinion is sorder will stiffen to point of breaking wire. In my lifestyle, welding, I constantly see crimp welding ends failure. Moisture gets in, corodes the wire and crimp joint and it fails. See them catch on fire from the heat. So on our camper so, hooking up batteries, inverters, etc, wouldn't sorder work better? Our use won't see any or very little movement.
  4. GlennWest

    Towing Options...Need some advice

    With a bumper pull camper, one could put a large box on back. 14' bed is very doable, what I have, and a 14' box, 101" wide suffice for your needs? Steve Dixion has a nice, custom build travel trailer. Large man cave on back of truck. Look at the resource guide on hdt section. Many pics of HDT builds.
  5. GlennWest


    Don't know what unit you have but at the cost of quality units today, one could spend a lot and come out ahead. Say this is what was behind the cap? Have mine taped with eternabond. Hoping this doesn't happen. Hard to keep everything dry in a wet climate.
  6. GlennWest

    Solar controller recommendation

    Nice unit but I believe Victron has some great units also.
  7. GlennWest

    Mini split amount revisited

    Would have to call the manufacturer. These units use liquid freon. Likely not. Also the oil has a place to be. Mounted in such a way likely oil not where it needs to be
  8. GlennWest

    Mini split amount revisited

    ok, my unit is 22" tall. It would hang too low in the spare tire area.
  9. GlennWest

    Mini split amount revisited

    Don't know how you thought that. I mentioned considering it. My unit is at the rear of my Teton on a tube steel frame I made. It is attached to the chassis. I am considering putting next underneath. Yes, some sort of screen would have to be utilized. This would be between the frame rails. I have 16" of chassis height there. Now most units don't have this much chassis under them. So not a lot beneath to get debris from tires. Do believe a plate on bottom will work in my application with a wire screen on tire side at bottom covering part protruding past rails. Will try to get under my unit and see if this will work tommorow. Supposed to warm back up. They can fit length ways with chassis. So just frame work in line of fire of debris from tires.
  10. GlennWest

    Mini split amount revisited

    Also should add, my Pioneer mini split , the ++ unit, cools much better than a 15k roof top Dometic unit. Will 2 12k cool the New Horizons? Should but I can't guarantee it. Fellow rvers doing it and says they have no issue cooling. One particular unit is a 53' converted truck trailer for children missionary work. It is frequent in South Texas, Brownsville. I have conversed with him on Facebook and he declares cooling great. Sees no need for more. Jfyi
  11. GlennWest

    Mini split amount revisited

    All mini splits I know of, with exception of DC units, are 230v of anything over 12k. Most jump over 15k and go to 18k. Are you speaking of Dometic or mini split. 15k dometic is common.
  12. GlennWest

    DW been on Chromeworld website

    Facebook page only. I go there for DOT air fittings, lights and such. Got bout anything for a HDT.
  13. GlennWest

    2005 GMC 3500HD LS dually

    Not really pre-emissions. Has egr.
  14. GlennWest

    DW been on Chromeworld website

    I think most ladies like shiny things. Silver, gold, chrome.
  15. GlennWest

    DW been on Chromeworld website

    We were talking about chrome bumper for our truck. Ours is broken and pieced together. She wanted to know where to get it and I said ChromeWorld gave me a good price on one. She goes on line to their Facebook page. Uh O. She is excited. Talking about lights, flag bug screens, seats, etc.