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  1. All phones may but not all tablets do. When I was shopping for a 8" tablet I discovered this
  2. As cheap as those tires are I would just replace it.
  3. Guys I have residential fridge and my orginal inverter died. We tow and no problems with fridge. My ice cream isn't even soft. Now we hook up at night in a park somewhere. As long as doors are closed, they will keep cool long time.
  4. Mine done that the last time I moved it. Had sat for months. Took a few hundred feet to free up. I would also like someone's option on this.
  5. I did that to mine. Not that hard. Worse part is removing front seat. My bolts were rusted and broke off. Had to drill and tap. No fun there. Sofa was simple. I then trimed sides out with Birch with cup holders and charging stations. Grand kids loved it
  6. May go with them. REC battery maintance device I intend to use can be operated thru Viictron display.
  7. batteries I am looking at are 36v min. 50.4 max. No need for me to go past 48v.
  8. So BMS prevents overcharging. Agree. What if BMS fails? Not saying it likely or ever will. I just like to have all bases covered. I intend to set mine at no float. Shut down. Think I will go with the REC bms. And also set to bulk and standby.
  9. Thing that concerns me about float means some charge going in. Say at night when little is going out of batteries, could this overcharge them? Overcharging hurts Lithium. I would set to bulk and then stop. Set upper stop voltage and lower start voltage. Bulk until reached. stanby until lower voltage is reached.
  10. Well, was planning on two 4400 magnums. 18k lithium. Just been watching meter since installing the last mini split and wouldering about this.Planning on retirement years. Getting everything in line first.
  11. Since I am planning to run entire Teton on inverters, can I use this info? The last 24 hours we used 28kwh. We in South Texas and both mini splits running and we both home so tv, computers going. Fixed meals. etc. That figures to 1.166kwh per hour.
  12. The only noticeable diff in use would be the fan on them. Victron I believe doesn't have one. Think it would be noticeable
  13. My propossed system will need 240v max PV output.Classic 250 on Amazon is $440. Victron 250/100 is $932.45. Victron has a more powerfull charge output but 500 bucks diff. Don't know if bluetooth that important.Anything I missing here?
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