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  1. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    That gives me errors every time.
  2. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    I just need to figure out how to post pics.
  3. ET hitch handle mod

    Think they are gone. I searched for it and didn't come up
  4. ET hitch handle mod

    I want it to release the pin also without having to reach in there and do it by hand. Always having to crawl up on deck
  5. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    Sorry, Hadn't figured in the compression. ET don't do that. Still 49" would be too high for us. But this does vary from truck and rv.
  6. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    I don't have one so if you want me to shut up just say so. Won't hurt my feelings. The lowest setting is 15". Frame height is 40". That is 55" pin height. Will have to go between chassis.
  7. ET hitch handle mod

    Was looking at video on Comfort Ride hitch and, no I like my ET hitch, but the handle is very cool. Has anyone tried this on an ET? Mine uses the Holland head. Seems a shaped piece of pipe and a spring or lever attached to pipe handle and pin would work in and out with handle like the comfort ride.
  8. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    Mine is flat bed with boxes. Left plenty of room for chains. I may be going to Denver area in January. Will need them. I really like the storage the boxes gave us. If you need extra room for the hitch I would get some heavy angle iron, 6" or so, 1/2" thick, and bolt to chassis. Drill holes and mount hitch. Should be plenty of holes in chassis for this. Could put a plate on it but I don't see the need. Hitch heavy enough to support itself.
  9. I just can't see 50k in just our rv lot. We have a piece of land, half trees, with power utility and water. I does have a septic tank but it is very small. It may suffice though. Will need to run power a few hundred feet; it at one end of property and we putting Teton on other end. We did pay 21k for 4 acres. I consider that an investment. Concrete pad my biggest expense. This in Huntsville TX. Right now not working and will likely not till Feb. Would be nice to stay there with minimum exspenses during these times.
  10. On Board Diagnostics

    If they could reprogram our trucks I would be interested. Would love to be able to adjust hp. Governed speed.
  11. On Board Diagnostics

    Y'all have an OBD port on your trucks?
  12. On Board Diagnostics

    Mine don't use that Port. I have a simple code reader/eraser for my Smartcar, Dw Durango. Won't work on Freightliner though
  13. Wastemaster Sewer Hose and Storage

    That wouldn't work where we parked now. Sewer connection on wrong side. Has to go under and curve around tire.
  14. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    I do believe you have the best of both worlds there. Sorta like cake and eat it too
  15. Refused inspection

    Truck and Camper inspected. Thanks Phil