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  1. I got the flu many years ago when I was a fairly young man. Must admit, I did not take care of myself back then either. Thought I would die. Three days of that time I lost. But even to this day, I have never gotten a flu shot. I do take much better care of myself. If i get very sick, I tackle it early. If I need help, to clinic I go. Many times I believe flu shots give people a false since. They live like I did as a young man. As far as this virus, I watch this intently. It is serious.
  2. Saving several hundred would be nice. I got a while to decide.
  3. He stated the lower wattage for lithium but not 60-100 amp
  4. I going with Magnum for inverters. Needing 230v it is a no brainier. Victron has to be in pairs and they are larger units.
  5. Even this kid recommends Victron for ev batteries
  6. Actually this has nothing to do about your winch but here's the rest of the story. Grandpa was a hard man. Grew up in a hard life. Those horses were a sight to behold. They were kin to Belgins. Lookes like them, just not quite as tall. But belive me they were tall. Grandpa had two of them. The old steel wheel tractor had replaced them but granpa had a soft place in his heart for them. Years went by and a loger approached grandpa about his hores. Wanted them to pull logs. Grandpa exsplained they had had a easy life for several years. They would have to be handled with care until they got their strength back. After a long converstion grandpa agreed. Loger left with horses. My brother said he actually cried about this. That i queston. He was hard. Well the logers did not head grandpa's words and killed those hores. Worked them to death. Long story short, Grandpa got arrested for shooting that loger.Loger didn't die and grandpa was realeased. Quite a story in our little town.
  7. Question was asked several times on amazon about lithiuim and seller stated it will not work with lithium. That is the 100 watt unit. But if it can be set manually I don't see why not.
  8. Funny story my brother shared with me. He was a young pup, full of testerone, and got the old steel wheel tractor stuck using it where grandpa said not to. Actually clearing land. He panicked and went to a friend that has a semi. Conned him into hooking up to tractor and pull him out. Well he had enough whiskey in him to agreee. They both got stuck. Well, my brother saw no way out and went and told gandpa. After a good scolding, he goes get the old work horse that has been put to pasture. Hitches him up and grabs a block and tackle. Hooks that block to a good sturdy oak and then to horse. Pulled tractor and semi out together. Good example of what pulleys and a horse power can do.
  9. Sounds rather impressive. Sounds like it will work with my system. But you are the first I ever heard mention it. I am a ways off from this part of my project but will keep this in mind. Thanks. Did the MT 50 come with it or optional. see nothing on amazon about it
  10. Actually max charge volts is 58v on my batteries. 56 safe number
  11. Surprised you suggesting a cheaper controller. Never heard of that one. Can it be adjusted for say 56v? Not saying it no good, I just don't know. I do like your awning. Don't now if I will need to but nice to know I have that option.
  12. May need to look more. All I seem in 400 watt were so longer. I can get 5 of those on each side. shorter panels, high efficiency, 350ish,I can fit 6 on each side. So either way 4kish.
  13. Nothing up there but vents and antenna. My short box that my cassette resides in I will arch up and level off and they slope down to normal level, likely enough to clear vents. May shorten vents also. The antenna has not been used in years. It may go away.
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