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  1. Guys I originally had cables from each Pak to a bussbar. I changed that to 2/0 connecting the 3 paks together. Was that a mistake? Cables are like 9" long each.
  2. Depends on the rv. Mine not that easy. Basically have to use a fish tape
  3. Oh my. That exsplains a lot. I cn be outside in this heat and leave storage door open and DW will holler. It makes a difference.
  4. Anyone can add a fitting that knows how to sorder. You would also have to pull a vaccum and charge it up.If in yur shoes I would do this. Something has to be wrong. The Tropic-cool is still a nice upgrade. Pretty shinny roof also. But 3 campers left this park we in and went ot a covered rv park down the road for same reason. But they were 30 amp units with 1 ac. We in Port Arthur Texas
  5. Basically a clean roof, no caulk, and roll it on. They also sell it in a thick paste. Put on with putty knife. Use it first around things, tight areas, and any ethernabond tape. State issuses if use other on eternabond. But the "repair and seal" on first and works fine. Used presure washer. Some don't like the ides of silicon on the roof. But they have caulking tubes also so I see no problem. Just forget Dicor
  6. Thinking out of the box. I just coated my roof in Henry's Tropic-cool. It is cool to the touch in the direct sun. I literally waked on mine barefooted the other day and sun bearing down. With ducting in roof this has to help. jfyi
  7. Something sounds wrong. That is a total of 28.5k ac. That should have no problem cooling your unit. Our prevlious DRV was just shy of 34' and two 15k cooled it good. Can you add freon in a Coleman?
  8. WeatherPro control box. wind sensor controler
  9. Box been discontended. New updated box and a conversion kit ordered
  10. It's the box. I have solid 13+ volts coming in. Same going out while it working. Then voltage starts dropping, it slows and stops. Then less than a volt coming out. Even when not working 13+ volts coming in to box. Not finding it on Amozon. Used on ebay. May have been upgraded.
  11. Motor is good. Little power pack for drill ran it with no problem.
  12. Started raining. Had to stop. Fairly sure relay keeps kicking out. Either relay bad, motor dragging. Will find out after rain
  13. The struts are strong enough that they bow the arm. Is that normal?
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