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  1. Ours was the smaller unit. The residential fridge in our Teton is factory installed and it's an 2003 model. Not ever an issue.
  2. I don't agree with your accesement of this.
  3. I had bad results out of the one in our DRV. That is the only one we ever owned and promised ourselves never again.
  4. Carlos, I will try to never put a link on here for a good deal. I would very hurt too be treated the way this guy is getting treated.
  5. When i click on it goes straight to ebay.
  6. Well, that converter went to someone in NY. How Port Arthur TX and NY got confused with is beyond me. Well got refund from Amazon. So back in searching again
  7. John, If we ever camp together, be my guest. You have been a great help with this project.
  8. I have feet above for clearance. Just what I wanted to hear. I could put a stud in my battery.
  9. I do believe I will get those MRBF fuses. Like less cables and space savings. also any reason why not on battery post? These little fuses would fit well there.The 3/8" ring would be a little large. Battery is just under 1/4" but metric, M6. Surface area is good though. Washer on top should cause good contact. Would need 3 instead of 2 but all my cables will be protection.
  10. If those lithium batteries goes up in flames, you won't get to the disconnect. But the BMS suppose to control this.
  11. Based on above suggestions I believe I'll go with fuse directly leaving bussbar. They will be virtually no way for my cables to short out. Short runs and plywood, not steel around it. I will also enclose this area so nothing going in there.
  12. My positive cables are 18" from batteries to bussbar. Negatives are 24". Negatives at bottom so they had to be longer.
  13. I had not intended to add breakers on the out side of inverters. It will connect to panel box in RV. It has its own 50amp breaker
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