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  1. I was traveling home from work, dark. Crossed railroad tracks, slowly. Biker pulls in front of me from nowhere. He is intoxicated, wearing black clothes. He was not on road to start with. I had no dashcam. His word against mine. He sued my insurance company. I now have a dashcam in all my vehicles.
  2. GlennWest

    First Build

    Thank you so much for your help with that. Made a difficult task simple.
  3. I singled mine but kept original wheelbase. All steel deck, tool boxes. So not light in rear. I have not exsperienced any negative bob tail.
  4. GlennWest

    First Build

    On mine I just changed to a 4 wheel abs box and all was good.
  5. Drv made some. Ours was 32TK3
  6. Yes, the non turbo units got great fuel mileage. I do like the newer tranny though. The smaller engine with turbo is basically a wash with the latter non turbo though. Gets going faster due to the shift.
  7. Also they click off early at the pump. Need a slow pump to fill up. Mercedes even changed tank in mine in an attempt to correct this. Problem still there. It was likely full when you got it and you didn't get full tank. It will read full but won't be. With 2 bars showing takes 6 ish gallons to fill. I have put 8 in mine with 1 bar showing. But that is time consuming to fill up.
  8. I don't get nowhere near that. More like 33
  9. Had no problems with parts for the 2013, filters or such. Now the new turbo units, not so.
  10. Crush washers can be a problem. We had our oil changed last summer and leaked due to this. They corrected. I don't get to change myself due to full time status. RockAuto has best price I found on them. Looks like I need to stock up myself. I just got mine serviced this morning. Was going to last week. Checked several places and no one carried it. Ordered from O Rileys and paid $22 for it.
  11. Ok, no problem. Just for it inconvenient to have to provide my own filter. Car been on the market for several years now and still have to order them and provide to service center. Do you guys stock up on them?
  12. Well, I signed us up today. We are now unlimited and 2 phones 4 gig each. Verzion prepaid. Got the cheezy jackpak. See how it works out. If not will change.
  13. Difference is insurance company are in to make huge profits. CHM is non profit.
  14. Time for rv-roof to solve your problem. lol
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