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  1. GlennWest

    Whispering Meadows RV in West Lake Louisana

    Pulled in here this evening. Thanks
  2. GlennWest

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Just pulled in and set up at Lacassine RV park LA. Another HDT just pulled in
  3. GlennWest

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    When you have last overhead done? Maybe out of ajustment.
  4. GlennWest

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    Mine works and i know if it's on. Pulls back very noticeable. Don't have to have load or on grade. Mine is 2 settings.
  5. GlennWest

    Genny Size

    Yes, but probably the only quiet, decent one close to his price. Really only thing for his price is loud construction type units.
  6. GlennWest

    Genny Size

    Boiley. It is quiet. Cheaper. In your price range bout as good as I can recommend
  7. GlennWest

    ET hitch measurement

    23". 11.5" that is what mine is. Mine is labeled TSR Junior but Henry put wrong tag on it. It measures same as the standard Et
  8. GlennWest

    Tire age

    Have 4 years on my Michalins XPS. They running cool, holding air and no cracking.
  9. GlennWest

    Rio Grand Valley

    Looks like Bayton temps.
  10. GlennWest

    Rio Grand Valley

    Going to get very busy there. approximately 5,000 construction workers will be on that job.
  11. GlennWest

    Rio Grand Valley

    There is a big project going up in Brownsville area. At port. Odds are I will be one it. Likely a year off yet. They just got the project. LNG plant. This job be years in the making. Know some here stay in that area in winter months. How bad would year round be?
  12. Sadly I know people that have no skills. I do and am so thankful. My brother, 10 years older than me, retired at 48, Got fed up with the rat race he was in. Started plumbing, farming, odd jobs of anykind. Made a good living and had fun doing it. He now , in his 70s, grows peanuts, boils them and sells to public. Hires retired widowers to pick off peanuts. They are in ac too. They have a blast. He makes enough off those peanuts to carry him through the year. But he is a person that can do whatever he wants to.
  13. GlennWest

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    I would try all of above, but worse case you can always helicoil it.
  14. My jobs are short jobs. Always has been. I can go to work and make 12k monthly. Really enjoy them too. I would hate to be stuck to a crummy job this stage of my life. I have been off more than on this year. May just continue that.
  15. GlennWest

    Brake controller

    Well we have Bludot but I also still have the Hayes hooked up so just install fuse and good to go if I need to tow another trailer.