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  1. My truck and trailes about same. I am docimled in Texas Walker county.
  2. I hate the long start ups and constant upgrades. Wife only gets on hers about 3 times a week. Seems most times have to wait for updates. My Chromebook is fast and rarely needs updates. This is first time I had ran into a problem. Been using my Chromebook for a few years now.
  3. Assume I could. Excuse, me. I stated browser, should have stated operating system. I corrected it in first post
  4. Has to be the same insurance. Someone must have their info wrong.
  5. Got insurance with Progressive yesterday. Logged on to their website to esign all documents. Non compatible operating system. Had to use wife's windows machine. Bummer. First time this has happened.
  6. Had a long talk with Miller yesterday, Got a progressive policy thru them. Right at a thousand less. That's HDT, Durango, Smart, Teton. She did state progressive just has not went up yet. Expect increase at renewal. On bobtailing, sorta, I can use HDT as a pickup, groceries, lowes, etc. They do not want me go way with HDT for a time without camper. Also don't tow anyone else camper. Reason being it would not be covered if something happened. But for $918,00 a year, I can't complain. Now a certain fellow on here got a commercial policy for non commercial use thru Progressive, Stated cost was resonable. I didn't exsplore this but posting info for someone else
  7. Well for most your statement is true. You are limited on rear axle capistity with ldt. Some of us with high end units need a 5500 or equivalent. They come with no bed. By time you add a hauler bed price goes way up. Reason I have a HDT.
  8. bur its Sprint. Service is poor last time i checked
  9. Not trying to be critical and if I came that way, sorry. I just find it easier, simpler and more secure.
  10. Instereating read, Kirk. Early on in our rv adventure we used Good Sam. Dropped it after a few visits to the store. Just not a llt in there that interests us.
  11. We always had our basket straps to loosen somewhat. Not enough to hurt but i didn't like it. We started running strap thru wheel and choking strap to wheel then to ratchet. It tightens great this vway and stays tight. There is an entire post on this a while back
  12. I just run a strap thru the mag wheel. They tighten up better this way
  13. They closed down most all projects here in the gul coast. So I sitting at home.
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