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  1. Trav'ler is on the roof. Winegard ROADTRIP T4 needs a storage space between use. If you Full time all storage space is valuable to use for other things.
  2. I am glad you like that kind of Full time life. But it is not for me. I don't want to sit at a Wally World parking lot for 15-17 hours a day. That is how long I spend at overnight campgrounds and at destinations I use electric 24/7. I don't have to carry around all the extra weight of solar panels and need to buy expensive batteries. That by your post will last forever and never need replaced. solar and batteries are free. I can only get my T-105 6V batteries to last around 7 years 6 months on average and then need to replace them for $$$, not free. I need electric to run my refrigerator, stand alone Freezer, stand alone Ice Maker, Both AC(Like to keep RV temps between 73-78º 24/7) with one being a heat pump also, 2 small space heaters, my 55", 26", 24", 20" and 10" TV, Genie DTV receiver, surround sound stereo system, 2 desktop & 2 laptops, charge my iPhone plus 2 iPads, keep my hotspot working, weBoost, WiFiRanger running, hair dryer, convection/microwave(use it a lot), water heater, and other items that use electric. Yep!! I am a electric hog. I don't think my roof it big enough to hold enough solar panels to keep enough batteries charged(which I have no place to put them) to run all my devices. By the way I just checked my Quicken for 2016 my average per night/day for Full Time hooks ups came out to $4.48 a day for the 12 months. 2015 it was $4.15 way back in 2003 it was $5.15 My LPG bill every year has averaged $51.96 a year for the last 11 years and includes use(mostly exercising) of my LPG 6.5W generator. You enjoy your solar & I will enjoy my electric.
  3. My MH is 30AMP but 50AMP is included in price, NO pets on board, Ihave my own Trav'ler using DirecTV, I have my own Internet hotspot and can use either Mobley AT&T or Sprint hotspot. So no extras needed. I only plug into electric no water or sewer needed. If spot is level then I don't even put my jacks down and never put slideout out for a 1 night stay. Makes for a quick get away the next morning, especially if it happens to be raining. Travel Dates: Tuesday, September XX, 2017 - Wednesday, September XX, 2017 (1 night) Details: 1 Adults, Motorhome towing35 ft. Slideouts, No Pets Your Campsite: Pull-thru, Water/Electric, 50/30 amp, Cable, WiFi Roomy pull thru sites for those not needing full hook-ups! Reserve now! Two large Pet Walk areas provided, therefore, Kennels/Pens not allowed on the sites. Limit-3 Pets Your Reservation Summary: Dates Rates Nights Price 9/xx/2017 - 9/xx/2017 $34.00 / Night 1 $34.00 Taxes: $2.38 Value Kard Rewards Discount: N/A Estimated Total For Your Stay* US$36.38 Reservation Deposit Amount Paid US$36.38
  4. I haven't stayed at a KOA for over 7-8 years. But I just made a reservation on line at one in September on my way back home. I usually stay at a Good Sam campground around 20 miles from this KOA on way North and way back every year for over 16 years. This last spring the GS campground raised their rates with even my 10% discount to $40.20 a night. This KOA without any discount will cost $36.38. If OK I change my yearly 2 stops in that area to this KOA. The other 3 travel nights will be at PA campgrounds at less then $21.75 a night.
  5. Good Year G670's have a 7 year warranty on Ozone or weather-related cracking. But they do have some rivering problems. That causes no real problem.
  6. Sorry Kirk you are incorrect this time. The profit from both Company's go into the same pocket Fleetwood is owned by REV Group Inc.. Under the company umbrella, the REV Recreation Group is made up of some of the world’s most recognized and admired RV brands. Each brand — American Coach, Fleetwood RV, Holiday Rambler, Monaco Coach, Renegade RV and Midwest Automotive Designs — remains distinct, while together the group is a celebration of the rich heritage and future promise of the greatest manufacturers in the RV industry.
  7. Marcus Lemonis of Camping World says, spend your money somewhere else if you like a certain person. I won't say the name of that person. Only that he lives in a White House.
  8. Check what PPL has for sale that is less then $26K
  9. If you look at Michelin tire warranty. Check the last line. WHAT IS NOT COVERED Tires/casings which become unserviceable due to: – Road hazard injury (e.g., a cut, snag, bruise, impact damage or puncture); – Incorrect mounting of the tire, tire/wheel imbalance, imprope retread or improper repair; – Misapplication, improper maintenance, racing, underinflation overinflation or other abuse resulting in casing damage or fatig – Accident, fire, chemical corrosion, contamination, tire alterati or vandalism; – Flat spotting caused by improper storage; – The addition of liquid, solid or gaseous materials other than ai nitrogen or carbon dioxide; – Uses other than long haul service for any extended warranty casing claims; – Uneven or rapid wear caused by mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment, resulting in damage to the under-tread, carcass or steel belts; – Ozone or weather checking. STORAGE Tires contain waxes and emollients to protect their outer surfaces from ozone and weather checking. As the tire rolls and flexes, the waxes and emollients continually migrate to the surface, replenishing this protection throughout the normal use of the tire. Consequently, when tires sit outdoors, unused for long periods of time (a month or more) their surfaces become dry and more susceptible to ozone and weather checking, and the casing becomes susceptible to flat spotting.
  10. Florida CCW permits are accepted in OH. How to apply for a CCW in Florida
  11. My domicile has been in Florida for around 17 years now. Back Why am I paying a $225 fee for "new wheels?" This is not a new car. The term "initial registration" is confusing. The term "new wheels" does not appear in the law. Section 320.072, Florida Statutes, requires a fee of $225 to be imposed upon the initial application for registration on certain motor vehicle registration transactions. Whether the vehicle is new or used doesn't matter. Basically, the fee is due on any private-use automobile, any lightweight truck, or any motor home unless the vehicle being registered is a replacement for a vehicle that has been disposed in the same category of vehicles. Here is a link to more answers. One thing to watch is when your birthday is to your registering. New wheels is a one time thing. You must have FL. insurance on vehicles before getting plates I pay for mine at 2 years at a time. MH $119.45 and toad $92.95 plus $2 mail fee. All done online Drivers license is good for 8 yearsMore registration INFO PS Back when I got mine the Wheel Tax was only $100
  12. Not all adapters will fit a Roadmaster Stowmaster to all Blue Ox base plates. Depends on what the OP is trying to match up. I did get a adapter for my Roadmaster Falcon II to a Blue Ox base plate.
  13. They are 2 OTA stations within 28 miles of Buena Local PBS and ABC Wouldn't live streaming make it very hard or slow to channel surf?
  14. You would probably need the $70 DirecTV Now to get the programs you want. The $60 one doesn't have StarzEncore I still like my Genie with the 5 channels that it can record all at the same time. I like watching a 30 minute program in less then 20 minutes. Broadcast networks averaged 13 minutes and 25 seconds of commercial time per hour in 2009, which grew to 14 minutes and 15 seconds in 2013, the story reports. On cable TV, the growth has been even more significant, the report notes. Last year, the average was 15 minutes and 38 seconds, up from 14 minutes and 27 seconds in 2009, according to the report.
  15. I updated 2 desktops & 1 laptop yesterday. Doing that and all my regular Internet use. My Mobley hotspot showed I used 3GB yesterday.