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  1. Ever since I got both coast of DNS many years ago. I have never had local and they have given me a $3 off a month. I have no S&B only the MH. For local stations my OTA Batwing has always picked up something no matter where I was parked. The receivers on the TV's pick up more then the add on AM receiver to the Genie as it seems to have a much weaker OTA receiver. At my winter spot the Batwing picks up over 30 stations. Since DirecTV keeps adding on more fees every year and monthly bill has now gone up to $154.53 Next winter I'm going to put DTV on vacation for 2-3 months(after NASCAR final) and watch some of the 30 locals plus the many, many hours of recorded movies I have on the Genie that I never have time to watch. For the OP here are the many local OTA for Kansas City
  2. Winegard Travel'er SWM

    1. Press [POWER] and hold for 2 seconds to turn “ON” the TRAV’LER Interface Box. Wait until the Interface Box fnishes “connecting to antenna”. * The TRAV’LER may enter the “Search Routine” after 10 seconds this is normal (See NOTE Below). 2. Press [ENTER] and hold for 2 seconds or until the unit displays “Enter User Menu”. Press [SELECT] to move the asterisk to “Yes”. Press [ENTER]. 3. Press [SELECT] to move the asterisk to INSTALLATION. 4. Press [ENTER]. You will be asked to provide a code to enter the Installation Menu. 5. Press [ENTER] 4 times to enter code 0000. 6. Press [SELECT] to move “ * ” to “Calibrate EL”. 7. Press [ENTER]. 8. Press [SELECT] to move “ * ” to YES. 9. Press [ENTER] to start the elevation calibration procedure. The LCD should now display “ Cali brate EL In Progress ...”. 10. After a few moments the IDU LCD will display “On EL Hard Stop?- Yes *No”. Visually examine the antenna to verify that the antenna is against the Hard Stop. The antenna will be pointing as far up as it can go, this is the Hard Stop. 11. Press [SELECT] once to move asterisk to “Yes” if antenna is on the Hard Stop. 12. Press [ENTER] and the LCD will display “Calibrate EL Success”. 13. You may now stow the antenna.
  3. Pilot/Flying J Credit Card

    At the RV Island pumps. Most have changed over to Pay at the Pump. The ones I have used. I swipe my Visa 5% CC and then it ask for my Good Sam 8¢ discount card to be swiped. Then getting a receipt from the pump is a hit & miss. Even had some shut pump off when I hit $75-$100(some never shut off until full) then had to go inside to get receipt. Then back out to swipe same cards again. If not full after 2nd swipe go back inside and get receipt. If you want more you need to change to a different CC. Then some never shut off until full and a receipt is printed at the pump. With both of my cards discounts. $3.15 a gal will end up being $2.92 a gal for me.
  4. The latest on my iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Air 2(model MNW12LL/A) is 11.2.6 When I connect my iPhone/iPad to iTunes on my PC it automatic checks for ios updates and then backs them up to the PC. I do that every couple of weeks because they are usually app updates on them every day or so I check on and do. iOS 10 was the tenth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., being the successor to iOS 9. It was released on September 13, 2016. It was succeeded by iOS 11 on September 19, 2017. So anyone still on ios 10 hasn't checked on updates anytime in the last 6 months. First you need iTunes on the PC. Then plug your iPad/iPhone with the charging line into a USB port and the PC should recognize it and iTunes should open. On top left click on the picture of your device. That will take you to the iTunes page where you can set up the back ups etc.
  5. Maybe one of these are what was meant to be posted instead of a MAC. iMac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air Probably not this MAC. Or this House of MAC I have used MAC addresses to be allowed to use routers/Hotspots or not. And sometimes IDGAS.
  6. Another Insurance Question

    Just received my renewal notice from Good Sam/National General. For 6 months. MH + $12 Toad + $30
  7. Elks

    Maybe visit a local Elks club and ask someone there how you can join.
  8. Apple says: Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by $50 — from $79 to $29 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, available worldwide through December 2018. Details will be provided soon on apple.com. I'm waiting until Oct. 2018 to replace my iPhone 7 Plus $29 battery. Before buying the new phone & laptop be sure the Roof leak is fixed. OH!!! Apple put out a updated ios to stop the iPhone 6 locking up all the time getting very slow. Do you have the latest updates. Apple says: Early in 2018, we will issue an iOS software update with new features that give users more visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery, so they can see for themselves if its condition is affecting performance.
  9. He could connect to RV park WiFi better if he is using a roof mounted antenna Wi-Fi booster. Speed doesn't increase any I have seen from 1 bar or over 3 bar. Since I installed a WiFiRanger with roof mounted antenna I get connected to some RV Parks WiFi that I couldn't before or would have drop outs when I did.
  10. I use to only have a flip phone with no text and voice only. I did buy a iPad 2 Jan. 2012 Then in Dec. 2014 I got a iPhone 6 Plus 12GB on lease. Took me forever to learn how to use apps and set up all the settings in them. It was really frustrating at times. Then the 2 year lease was up I bought it. Then Jan. 2017 traded it in at Apple store for a iPhone 7 Plus 128GB and paid in full. Upgraded to a iPad Air Feb. Feb. 2018 I don't know if that makes me loyal or while still learning at times the IOS system. I don't want to change to another system to relearn everything. Right now I'm using the Sprint hotspot on my iPhone 7 Plus to post this. As my WiFiRanger being feed from the AT&T Mobley didn't want to work this morning. Either did my Echo or Dot In a little bit I will trouble shoot that problem. Did I say I didn't want to learn the Android or Google system now. Maybe in a couple years or so. Need to get some of the $$$ use out of the iPhone before investing in another system.
  11. MH or 5th wheel?

    Your Kia to be towed 4 down needs to be a manual transmission with the 1.6L engine. All others with automatic transmission have to be towed on a Tow Dolly.
  12. HDT travel to the Keys

    What months are you planning on going? If winter months get your reservation in now for 2018 if not too late already.
  13. Mobile Hotspots

    AT&T pre pay hotspot $25 for 2GB plus other amounts The $22 a month unlimited plan no longer available after September 2017. But you can still buy a Mobley. Just not on the $22 plan
  14. Mail forwarding for Half-Time RV'ers

    I am a Florida residents and a Sunbird I travel North from the first of May until last of September every year. For the last 18 years I have had a friend put all my mail in a Walmart plastic bag until I get back. Only one time in those years did they sent me a letter and it was for Jury duty. That I sent a reply back too and told them I was out of state until Oct. That worked for them. All the other mail sits in that bag until I get back. I have all bills and bank account paperless and get text from them on any activity on my accounts.
  15. RV Security

    Stolen 5th wheels. Case A Case B iRV2.com Case C Open Roads Case D 3 stolen the same night Above doesn't even include the TT stolen. So it does happen. Maybe not to you but the other person.