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  1. They also get some $$ if you use their links to buy anything from Amazon. WOW!!! I have been Full time for 18 years and do all my maintenance myself. Maintenance on Chassis $4,254.33 Tires $5,915.39 All repairs & replace parts & labor on chassis $6,113.33 My Average is $904.61 a year so I have saved a average of $1,095 a year from their $2,000 doing most of my own labor. That buys a lot of Fuel every year for me.
  2. Windows 10 Updating again! GRRR!

    My W10 Desktop and Laptop updated yesterday sometime unnoticed to me. It was done with my AT&T Mobley unlimited Data. Today my iPhone had 14 app updates from the Sprint unlimited data. And the iPad has 22 and is working on that now from my iPhone 3GB Sprint Hotspot. That finished now doing a 373.3MB OS update on the iPad. From Sprint Hotspot. Then I will use the Mobley to update the OS on the iPhone. Good Luck switching to something that doesn't have any updates.
  3. Laptop replacement

    CoPilot works great on a Apple iPad Air. You need to get one that is cellar plus WiFi to get the built in GPS.
  4. WIFI booster

    Have you told the office your problem on streaming? They probably can tell you what to do.
  5. Tires

    Did you read the Warranty on them? Exclusions All SAILUN warranties are limited to the original purchaser and the original vehicle on which they are mounted. Warranties are not assignable to subsequent purchasers or vehicles. This limited warranty is valid only in Canada. Any tire used or equipped on a vehicle registered or regularly operated outside Canada is not covered by this warranty. Warranty PDF
  6. Win 10 Creator update Easy update

    I installed it Dec. 3rd with no problem. November 30, 2017—KB4051963 (OS Build 16299.98) Applies to: Windows 10, Windows 10 version 1709 Improvements and fixes This update includes quality improvements. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update. Key changes include: Addressed a script-related issue that caused Internet Explorer to stop working in some cases. Addressed issue with the Input Method Editor’s (IME) text input window for Internet Explorer. Addressed issue with rendering a graphics element in Internet Explorer. Addressed issue with form submissions in Internet Explorer. Addressed issue where the Location-hash is lost when navigating back if you previously navigated to an invalid URL. Addressed issue where applications may stop responding for customers who have internet or web proxies enabled using PAC script configurations. This is a result of a reentrancy deadlock in WinHTTP.dll. This can result in the following: Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to Microsoft Office365. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge cannot successfully render any content (including local computer content, local network content, or web content). Cisco Jabber stops responding, which blocks messaging and telephony features. Any application or service that relies on WinHTTP is impacted. Addressed a performance regression when users run full-screen Microsoft DirectX 9 games and applications. Addressed issue that prevents Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3 from running on some high-end gaming laptop configurations. Addressed issue where user selections for Feedback Frequency in Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics aren't saved. Addressed issue where RNDIS5 networking devices don't get a valid IP address or don't show network connectivity. If the issue continues after installing the update, you may need to uninstall and reinstall your Remote NDIS network adapter using Device Manager. Addressed issue where if a user manually changes the system's time zone and doesn't log off or restart, the new time doesn't display on the Lockscreen clock. Addressed issue that impacted some Epson SIDM (Dot Matrix) and TM (POS) printers, which were failing to print on x86 and x64-based systems. This issue affects KB4048955. If you installed earlier updates, only the new fixes contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device. For more information about the resolved security vulnerabilities, see the Security Update Guide.
  7. RV Sales -- Good News / Bad News

    That will be a good thing for anyone wanting to buy. When is this going to happen?
  8. MaximumSignal Update?

    After another 2-3 hours of trying to get the 815S working with the Ranger. I put the SIM back in the Mobley. It connected to the WiFiRanger right away. Now I have my Echo and Dot and Netatmo weather station working again. And the 3 Smart TV's on line. I put the 815S in a storage place. Will have a spare if the Mobley quits working.
  9. MaximumSignal Update?

    I got my 815S yesterday. Moved the sim and speeds at my present location is running the same or a little faster. Around 4-9Mbps. Only problem I am having is I can't get it to connect to my WiFiRanger. It connects to my Desktop, Laptop, iPhone and iPad Air with no problem. Even rebooting the PC or WiFiRanger doesn't help. The ranger control panel ask for the 815S password and then goes through many Associating numbers but doesn't connect. Then I click connect again it does the same and then says NO WPA Password or Check Password. And the password is there in it. The Mobley connected to the WiFiRanger for over 10 months without a problem. It's really frustrating after a few hours trying everything for it to connect.
  10. Macerator Pump System

    I close the gray tank 2 days before dumping the black tank. I use the bypass 24/7 all the other times. Do you have the portable pump or the box pump? Is it the short hose from the outlet to the pump? That is probably the standard sewer hose size. Just heavier hose then standard.
  11. Mobley problems

    Go to the Mobley ZTE control Panel for all kinds of info and settings.
  12. Using Dielectric Grease

    Works great on all roof satellite TV cable connections or Internet dish connections. Used it for years by filling the end connections full and the screwing them on. Should work on any automotive electrical connection. The Batwing cable has 12V going through it being full of the grease.
  13. MaximumSignal Update?

    So what AT&T Explore is recommended to replace the Mobley? That the slim card in the Mobley can be used. Unite Explore Unite Explore 815S Unite Explore Pro Netgear Unite Explore 815S A one that is for AT&T or a unlocked one?
  14. FL. is high on Insurance. I pay $1,616 a year on just my toad. MH is another $1,000 with GS discount. Good driver, no violations, clean record, own outright, one driver I checked with other company's and they are much higher. Even the 15 minute one was 23% more on the toad.