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  1. MsChrissi

    Volvshaker......crossbreeding gone....bad?

    Our rear leveler lower connection came apart near Macon at about 10 pm and it was raining, we had no idea other than some odd noise and finally a trucker honked and screamed. Unfortunately when aired down there is a portion of our structure that can contact the LR outer tread right in the middle, unfortunately we had just put 10 brand new tires on Red Flyer. The LR outer has a nice wide rain groove in the middle of it now. The on the road repair was a dozen zip ties, once we reached our destination in Lakeland we replaced those with stainless zip ties. When we got home I said the hell with it and fabricated an aircraft style tubular aluminum pushrod with ball rod ends and keepers if the rod ends came apart.
  2. MsChrissi

    400Hz, Light my fire baby

    Sounds kind of like the Whirlpool fridge we just installed, 11 CF also and rated at 39watts. That's barely a glow in the light bulb world. Nice thing is it still uses condensing coils in the rear which means the RV fridge plenum can do it's thing, most compact imports use condensing coils imbedded in the skin all around and require inches of clearance for air circulation.
  3. MsChrissi

    Truck frame extention pics

    Scroll to the bottom of the page then back up about 7 pictures, we extended 4 ft http://www.cozygirrrl.com/redflyer/redflyer.htm
  4. MsChrissi

    VNL770 AC compressor switch

    Thanks, all done with that part, new compressor tomorrow, will the joy never end?
  5. MsChrissi

    VNL770 AC compressor switch

    Thanks Nigel, we do all of our own work so the pain will be mine. We evacuated and charged the system the high side is hot as hell, the cold side is warm, to me this would indicate there is no gas passing the expansion valve where the transition from high pressure liquid to low pressure gas should happen causing a sever thermal drop...is not happening.
  6. MsChrissi

    VNL770 AC compressor switch

    Any idea where the expansion valve is located, please don't tell me it is on the firewall under the air cleaner.
  7. MsChrissi

    VNL770 AC compressor switch

    Know any neat tricks for getting to that wire without cutting into the wires? Okay, sorted it with bits of wire and jumpers
  8. MsChrissi

    VNL770 AC compressor switch

    Need to know where to hook up what to turn on the compressor to add refrigerant, ie, the low side switch or other magical connection.
  9. MsChrissi

    Brake Warning pops up on the display!

    We'll chalk it up to gremlins, now on to fix the AC... stopped working, compressor does not engage and in the HHRG though it mentions grounding a signal wire going to the compressor and even shows a diagram it still does not say WHICH WIRE... kind of like instructions for diffusing a bomb and not including page 2 don't you think?...ugh!
  10. MsChrissi

    Brake Warning pops up on the display!

    Crawled under, jiggled wires, topped off master cylinder, replaced drag link. Test drove to get error code for which wheel ABS was malfunctioning, light went out. ugh. Was very careful to get drag link length right or so we thought, damn steering wheel off center.
  11. MsChrissi

    Brake Warning pops up on the display!

    Thanks Shifted, will have to ask Randi to fire it up and see if she can get a code.
  12. MsChrissi

    Brake Warning pops up on the display!

    Driving from Oshkosh to StL last night our ABS warning light lit up and even after stopping and shutting down for a minute it relit. Looked it up in the manual and it says it is okay but to check brakes. Brakes were working fine, pressure is good etc. We want to crawl under and have a look at the sensors but before we do, does anybody have a picture of what we are after and where they are located?
  13. MsChrissi

    Volvo newer front fender mirrors

    Yes, we love the look of the new mirrors. The position on the older hoods puts them right at the lower limit of your vision, they are right at the very lower edge of the windshield, any higher and you would have to have some sort of filler between the base and the hood because the curvature of the hood would cause a gap along the top of the base. They do not budge, no vibration at all without any inside reinforcement. Yes, absolutely would buy the same ones again.
  14. MsChrissi

    Volvo newer front fender mirrors

    Polyester is cheap and nasty stuff, it is not compatible with other resins. Epoxy is compatible with everything.
  15. MsChrissi

    Inficon Whisper

    This instrument is sensitive enough that you can find 99% of your leaks with the truck running, with the rubber extension and the earphones it will still let you know loud and clear when you are at the site of a leak.