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  1. Travel Question

    Thanks Joel, guess I will just have to call around and find out what is and is not available to see if we can make it.
  2. Travel Question

    We are currently in Biloxi, MS on Rt 90, we came here from Lafayette, LA area via routes 10-12-10 We need to go to McKinney Texas when we leave here (of course not in one straight drive) We were thinking of going back through New Orleans route 90, up to Lafayette I-10 and take I-10 to I-45 up to Dallas I have 2 questions......has anyone done route 90 that way? Any feedback on it? and second question is....I could use some CG ideas along the journey. 90 and West of Lafayette is virgin territory for us.
  3. Thanks Kirk....we will be sure to call ahead to see if we can get reservation. We are actually headed for McKinney to go to MCD. I guess that really tells me to skip Livingston...I am assuming no availability there either!?!?!?
  4. Cajun Palms in Breaux Bridge or Henderson? What's your take of Cajun? We just left Breaux Bridge and stayed at Pioneer Acadian Village. As much as the gated park was pretty nice and reasonable and the staff is very welcoming and helpful. The I-10 Traffic wasn't normal traffic sound. It hummed like when a tornado is arriving. Like a freight train. I asked at the office if there was a train near by and she said no...it is from the traffic. She said she put us almost to the back so it would be muffled but it that was muffled I surely didn't want to find out what it was like in the forward spaces. We were there 4 days. Currently in Biloxi for a week but then heading back through Louisiana and need to go to Texas near Dallas. Our original plan was to also visit Livingston for the first time but with the storm issues, I guess we should avoid it and skip that idea. Have to work on planning something else for our ventures back to Vegas. We need to arrive there Nov 15.
  5. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    So being I made statements, asked questions and so forth on this thread, I thought I would post my results. According to 2 AT&T stores, sales person at one, manager at the other. They believe the Mobley will not be coming back because the plug that the Mobley connects to is mostly in GMC cars, mostly with OnStar. But some other cars like my Ford Taurus has the plug in, even though I am not an OnStar customer. The Mobley was sort of a deal between AT&T and OnStar but it didn't go over to well. So they decided to sell the Mobley with the $20 plan through their car connect division until they were gone. The likely they will restock is more not than will. If you call Best Buy online ordering, they will tell you they will not be restocking this item. So, I was on AT&T website looking around and the chat popped up. Was talking a guy name Jin, he couldn't answer ANY questions, he transferred me to Robert, Robert is with U-Verse....when I discovered that, we both knew he couldn't help me, so then it was transfer to Anna (this is as bad as when you are on the phone). Anna couldn't help me, I told her I was done and was disconnecting, she begged me to stay on and she would get a manager. Well this manager, who gave me his ID# and that is not allowed (so I figured it was a bogus one). Promised he had Mobleys in the warehouse that are for in the event someone has one that fails or is received damaged etc. He is going to send one to my local store here tomorrow, this was on the 9th. And he said the best plan for me was the $11.99 for 50gb. We all know there is no such plan and I stated you are quoting a service plan, he said no, they look similar but trust me, that is what you will get. I said...hook me up! He said he would have it sent to the store nearest me, it would be here at 430pm the next day and he would call me in the morning to tell me who to ask for at the store. Getting suspicious, I printed out the convo and had it sent to me via email. So, next day comes, no call, 430 I call store, no Mobley, 530, 630, no Mobley. So now I call CS and say, who is going to make good for this, I have it in writing. So they connect me to customer Loyalty (they are the department that is suppose to jump through hoops to try and keep you from giving up AT&T or Directv service. So now I have learned, when I call AT&T, I tell the auto voice, I want to disconnect one of my lines, he asks temporarily, I say no, then he asks if I am calling about blah blah phone number, I say yes, he says just one moment and then you are connected to customer loyalty. So, now I tell the whole 4.5 hrs convo I had with this Tomas who has lied about 8 -12 times in this chat. They ask me for what he gave me as his ID #, they look it up, his name is Tomas, he IS infact a manager, he told me he was from USA but is actually from India. So now CL says, we can't see any online conversation you had on your acct. I said I thought something fishy might happen so I emailed it to myself and printed it out. They told me to take it to a store so a manager could verify and notate on my account what he read. I did that. Got back to CL and said what are you going to do for me. They asked what do I want. I said a Mobley, not available...So I said ok. Then I want A Unite Explore for FREE, with the unlimited plus (22gb/unlimited), no 2 year contract and no activation fee. And I want the year that is left on my one phone paid off. She agrees and says I am also going to give you $25.00 off your directv and free HBO for as long as you keep directv and the unlimited plus active. So in the long run....just my AT&T bill alone dropped $38.00 a month before taxes, and I added a Unite Explore that cost me nothing, nothing and nothing.....except the $20 plus tax for the monthly plan. Both my phones are paid off. They were bought on a buy 1 get 1 free. So only owed on one but no longer. And my directv bill dropped $25.00 and has HBO for free. (not that we watch HBO). And didn't have to have the Unite Explore mailed to me, I got to pick it up at the store today! The Unite Explore charges with a USB cord plugged into wall that comes with the wall plug you plug the usb cord into. I love these because I have a Ravpower bar that can charge 3 devices up to 3 times on the fly and my car has 2 usb ports in it. also. So the Unite Explore without me knowing it originally, just became portable for me alot like the Mobley. Unite Explore battery has 22 hours use time/24hours standby time. It has dual band which is really nice. I had read somewhere to just keep it on 5 any thing that is 2.4 will still run but if you let the UE bounce back and forth from 2.4 to 5, it slows it down, so if you leave it on 5, it will run as fast as it can. Then the manager that I was dealing with at the store said its true. It also can charge your phone too. As much as it was a PITA with having to involve 4.5 hours of chat, talking to 5 different people and 2 different stores. It wasn't all in vein. Would I do it again. Hmmm, maybe....but probably not.
  6. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    Doubt it on the double dipping there avvidclif But again, it is like everything else....left doesn't know what right is doing or saying. My son works for Fraud Prevention for Barclay Bank Credit Card Division. When he started, he was in customer service. Now they have CS in Nevada, Delaware and South America. When I call about my credit card, I ask for America, cause South America is the first to answer always. I know I will get Nevada or Delaware. Then if I push hard enough, I can get to Nevada. If I call after 5pm Eastern Time, I am guaranteed when I ask for America that I will get Nevada. I do that cause South America CS people for Barclay are dumber than a box of rocks. But Delaware will tell you something totally different than Nevada. I try to get Nevada cause if something doesn't click right with me (which has been rare) I will file a complaint and I know the procedure there. I WILL get a call from a superior. If you file a complaint in Delaware, who knows what year someone will look at it. Biggest reason for the difference is....most jobs in Vegas Valley have a big turnover and so even though they are constantly having to train. Just about everyone is on probation and wants to do it right! Would be nice if I could have company insight to a bunch of other companies, STARTING WITH AT&T and DIRECTV!
  7. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    Double Ditto Dutch on the video phones! lol
  8. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    Mine is different as it is grandfathered. I have 2 phones sharing 30gb/unlimited that cost me $20.00, it also has roll over on the 30gb. But the addition of the Mobley would be an additional $20 and would have its own 22gb/unlimited (no rollover) same as the Unite. That is what I was given.
  9. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    My husband is a vet and they told us Vets don't get discounts...only retired or active military. BUT, they gave him 15% for being a retired police officer.
  10. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    I don't know that that is what they are doing Dutch, it wasn't like he just said well because we are out this is what we are offering. I was being cranky with him and did the sorry I ever left sprint, I think I might go talk to Verizon instead. This is typical of what I heard of AT&T but thought it would be better for me because I am a directv customer since 2001. BUT there is more than directv out there so I can move that too. So then it was, can you hold on a few minutes while I talk to my supervisor. Then you know the rest.
  11. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    I have a mobile share plan already on my phones but this won't share with it.
  12. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    Its Judi and yes he did. I guess he did because I was being so pissy about no one having them...why advertise it when they can't even keep stock. blah blah blah. He went and talked to his supervisor and they told him I could have the Unite (if I pay $99.99 cash for it on my bill) and get the $20., 22gb/Unlimited plan, so I said I would have to think about it, he said he would call me back the next day, when he did, I took it.
  13. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    I wrote this out but then for some reason it didn't want to send so I am not going to get to detailed again. The other device was not the diagnostic device. It is the Unite Explore, which when he called me back to day...I took it for the $99.99 he offered me it for. Because the reason I wanted something and was going for the Mobley was it was cheap enough all around. Well he matched it with this unit, which is fine. I have been wanting to find a router for the Motorhome to network all the units we have in here. Tablet, Laptops, Wireless Printer, Kindles etc. So that you don't have to activate each one as you need to use it. When the Unite Explore is activated, it would activate the router which in turn activates all the units that are wirelessly connected to the router. Someone recommended a unit called GO but I have got alot of info on it...so I am still doing my research. The Unite Explore will arrive in a week but because I am not sure of a router yet, no big hurry. I will always keep for the $20 a month, my 30gb/unlimited rollover on my phone as it is worth it and good back up. Plus that is what I use when I am in the car...but it is rare I need hotspot in the car.
  14. Mobley vs. Jetpack

    Lordy Lordy Lordy! I just called again and got the same song I got before. So then DH called at the same time I was, on his phone and got a different story. He got.......yes you can add it to your current account and nothing will change on your current account. We said we will pay for the unit outright. He said ok, we will just add the $99.99 to your next bill and then the following month will start the $20 for the 22gb/unlimited. Great, do it. So 10 mins into him doing it...BOOM! He says, oh no....my screen is telling me the units are no longer available. So I ask, will they get them back in stock soon? He says, let me ask supervisor. comes back and says...no date given to us if or when they will come back. You will have to hunt around to see if they are in any stores. Ok, so either back to square one or just not meant to have one! lol He tried to get me to take one of the other two they have. One was $119.99 and can also charge your phone. Gets 22 hours of battery. I said but the mobley is powered by the car and is only $99.99. He said, well if you want this one and are willing to pay up front for it, I know I can get my supervisor to give it to you for the same $99.99 and the same $20 a month. I said I have to think about it, He said can I call you tomorrow evening to see if you decided or maybe in the meantime you will find a Mobley. I said sure. The only reason I wanted this was so that when I am using hotspot it doesn't interrupt my hotspot when the phone rings in the RV and in the car. But not life threatening I guess if I don't get one. Just a nice perk to have.