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  1. Sometimes when they say 4 lines. 2 can be phones and 2 can be hotspots. You need an independent phone number for a hotspot. I am AT&T and we have 3 lines but only 2 phones. We pay $229 a month and that is with our military discount and directv combo discount.
  2. Dejae

    Pressure Pro

    We only have that extra antenna and what looks to be 40 - 45' of coax. Is that what you are referring to as Skip the outside and try it inside? If that doesn't work then take it outside? Can you also tell me where one can get the PP Repeater you have? TIA
  3. Dejae

    Pressure Pro

    Guess I will have to, they don't show one on their website. Just dug out the box and it came with a single tall antenna and coax to mount it outside. It tells you to mount it as low as you can, even under the coach but 18" from ground. They don't make that to easy
  4. Dejae

    Pressure Pro

    I need to buy a Pressure Pro TPMS Repeater like Biker 56 posted on May 17, 2015 but we can't seem to find one. Not even on PP website. We have one monitor on the toad that keeps failing from time to time it will light up on the monitor. We thought the sensor was going bad so we swapped them, re-calibrated them or whatever its called (DH does that) and that same tire will fail. So we figured we needed a repeater. Anyone got reference please
  5. Well honestly, yes, because in these changing times...it seems to be more the rule than the exception. I don't have a problem with the selections on my tablet but if ones CHOICE is to use a cell phone then so be it.
  6. Dejae

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    I agree, bungee cords are to giving. I would say at least a crank strap.
  7. Dejae

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    He might have a propane lantern too for night lighting. But I look at it as...when you have a BBQ in your Sticks and Bricks, your tank is out there and the places you get filled, I know they are bigger and thicker but they are propane tanks in the sun. To me is making sure you have good tanks and if you are on an exchange, they should be. And make sure they truly secured down and side to side.
  8. Joel what if in the listing that says 55+, 50 amp, 30 amp, sewer etc. If there was a click on for Fee for Pet Required. Then it is up to the searcher to go find out how much that fee is.
  9. Dejae

    Park Models

    Well the few we were looking at are actually called modular homes. They are prefabricated in a factory and brought in in 2 pieces, attached and then finished inside. They ARE permanent. They are not a mobile home. They don't even call these park models, they call them resort homes, some call them full on casitas. RV that looks like a double wide. So I am assuming you bought your mobile home already on just a piece of property or is it a part of something else? Not sure what you were meaning with this..... We have a manufactured home that meets all code and was approved for a VA loan until we could sell some shares as we usually don't buy a new dwelling of any kind until we move.
  10. Dejae

    How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    Kirk, I wish the pole was capable of showing in each of those cost categories, what kind of fulltimer are you? Do you travel alot (how many miles a year), do you belong to memberships (what kind), do you go from an owned property/lot to another, diesel or gas, motorhome, 5er, TT, HDT. How often do you eat out? Do you have pet expenses (how many)? That keeps the you from going WOW, you spend what or saying OMG, how do you live on so little. What I miss is when I started lurking on RVNetworks, 7/8 years ago... people use to share their yearly expense sheets. I know it is a very personal thing but it was super helpful to us back then to know if we were going to be able to do this as there were expenses that never entered our head. I still wish some would post their more recent ones. This our first year fulltiming and I would love to see where are we overflying in comparison to most and where are we saving or NOT!
  11. Dejae

    Park Models

    well it does have a foundation. They are prefabs and are attached to concrete. There are not MH, 5th wheels or even mobile homes. But in some locations you don't own he property. You are just buying the prefab and in some places you are buying the property. I think that is the difference between deeded and non deeded.
  12. Dejae

    Water Filtration

    I prefer bottled spring water for drinking (I drink ALOT of water daily)or making my ice tea and ice.... but for washing dishes, showering, laundry (washer on board) we have a decent size sediment filter and a On The Go water softener, I believe it is 16,000 grains.
  13. We try to do ready preparedness the night before. We are fulltimers and usually stay a week but often just 2-4 days. We don't put much outside cause seems most places midwest to east coast are buggy. I am a big hater of bugs. I am highly allergic to bee and wasp bites. (I have epipens) Mosquitos do a great job on me too...I get giant welts from them. Being this past year was our first fulltime year. We discovered a lovely bug called NoSeeUm. Well, I SAW UM...right after each one bit me. My husband says I must be super sweet cause everything bites me. The pups are pure white with super pink skin so I have to be careful as white dogs with real pink skin get sunburn easy and react bad to bites. So we don't do outside alot. Only pack up out there is grill (once cooled off) that hubby cooked dinner or lunch on and one or two chairs sometimes. If we were there a week, he will remove tire covers, mirror and wiper covers. Hook up toad if we disconnected. Premake dogs food up so can feed on the road as they eat 3 small meals a day. Check out is normally noon, sometimes 11am. We are night owls so we use up all the time they give us. We don't eat breakfast so, his job is, unhook all wet bay goods. Put down Antenna. Both our TV's stow into cabinets electronically so I put them on and stow last. So the dogs think things are normal. They don't like pack up, they are senior and makes them stressed. I make sure ice maker and induction cooker is stowed. Cabinets/drawers secure. 2 Fans we store on bed as well as 2 air purifiers. I secure inside of frig, outside of frig with U bar. Now stow TV's, Hubby goes on roof to check slides (and awning if it was out) for leaves, water etc and cleans. I close up 2 large slides and 2 small slides....setup pets beds for riding. Hubby unplugs electric, I start engine and get it warming up, lift levelers, quick check our list....ON THE ROAD AGAIN! All total takes us together on pull out day....between 20 and 60 mins, depending on the variables. When we first started in May....it took us 2-3 hours to pack up and go and took us 2 days to setup...lol
  14. Dejae

    Park Models

    Does anyone know if park models can be bought with no money down VA benefits? Deeded property and not deeded properties.
  15. Glenn, so true...I hear you loud and clear but the truth is...you can't sit and do nothing. You have to do what you think you can to dig out. Granted, sometimes we dig deeper. Like the business I am starting up. It could take me to my grave but I will die trying. Your 61, I am 60. BUT, I have to figure something out quickly to create a stay afloat means as my husband is 77. Not in poor health at all....but know what, doesn't matter. A friend I went to HS with, was in excellent shape, healthy! Day before Halloween her daughter picked her up to come stay with her for the weekend. In the car she was telling her 4 yr old grandson, when we get to your house...you and grandma are gonna have a dance party. Will you dance with me? not 30 seconds later, she fell over in the car. She was gone...paramedics revived her but she remained in a coma for a week. Finally doctors told family, she is never gonna wake up. She was 59. So, one never knows!