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  1. Park Models

    Well the few we were looking at are actually called modular homes. They are prefabricated in a factory and brought in in 2 pieces, attached and then finished inside. They ARE permanent. They are not a mobile home. They don't even call these park models, they call them resort homes, some call them full on casitas. RV that looks like a double wide. So I am assuming you bought your mobile home already on just a piece of property or is it a part of something else? Not sure what you were meaning with this..... We have a manufactured home that meets all code and was approved for a VA loan until we could sell some shares as we usually don't buy a new dwelling of any kind until we move.
  2. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    Kirk, I wish the pole was capable of showing in each of those cost categories, what kind of fulltimer are you? Do you travel alot (how many miles a year), do you belong to memberships (what kind), do you go from an owned property/lot to another, diesel or gas, motorhome, 5er, TT, HDT. How often do you eat out? Do you have pet expenses (how many)? That keeps the you from going WOW, you spend what or saying OMG, how do you live on so little. What I miss is when I started lurking on RVNetworks, 7/8 years ago... people use to share their yearly expense sheets. I know it is a very personal thing but it was super helpful to us back then to know if we were going to be able to do this as there were expenses that never entered our head. I still wish some would post their more recent ones. This our first year fulltiming and I would love to see where are we overflying in comparison to most and where are we saving or NOT!
  3. Park Models

    well it does have a foundation. They are prefabs and are attached to concrete. There are not MH, 5th wheels or even mobile homes. But in some locations you don't own he property. You are just buying the prefab and in some places you are buying the property. I think that is the difference between deeded and non deeded.
  4. Water Filtration

    I prefer bottled spring water for drinking (I drink ALOT of water daily)or making my ice tea and ice.... but for washing dishes, showering, laundry (washer on board) we have a decent size sediment filter and a On The Go water softener, I believe it is 16,000 grains.
  5. We try to do ready preparedness the night before. We are fulltimers and usually stay a week but often just 2-4 days. We don't put much outside cause seems most places midwest to east coast are buggy. I am a big hater of bugs. I am highly allergic to bee and wasp bites. (I have epipens) Mosquitos do a great job on me too...I get giant welts from them. Being this past year was our first fulltime year. We discovered a lovely bug called NoSeeUm. Well, I SAW UM...right after each one bit me. My husband says I must be super sweet cause everything bites me. The pups are pure white with super pink skin so I have to be careful as white dogs with real pink skin get sunburn easy and react bad to bites. So we don't do outside alot. Only pack up out there is grill (once cooled off) that hubby cooked dinner or lunch on and one or two chairs sometimes. If we were there a week, he will remove tire covers, mirror and wiper covers. Hook up toad if we disconnected. Premake dogs food up so can feed on the road as they eat 3 small meals a day. Check out is normally noon, sometimes 11am. We are night owls so we use up all the time they give us. We don't eat breakfast so, his job is, unhook all wet bay goods. Put down Antenna. Both our TV's stow into cabinets electronically so I put them on and stow last. So the dogs think things are normal. They don't like pack up, they are senior and makes them stressed. I make sure ice maker and induction cooker is stowed. Cabinets/drawers secure. 2 Fans we store on bed as well as 2 air purifiers. I secure inside of frig, outside of frig with U bar. Now stow TV's, Hubby goes on roof to check slides (and awning if it was out) for leaves, water etc and cleans. I close up 2 large slides and 2 small slides....setup pets beds for riding. Hubby unplugs electric, I start engine and get it warming up, lift levelers, quick check our list....ON THE ROAD AGAIN! All total takes us together on pull out day....between 20 and 60 mins, depending on the variables. When we first started in May....it took us 2-3 hours to pack up and go and took us 2 days to setup...lol
  6. Park Models

    Does anyone know if park models can be bought with no money down VA benefits? Deeded property and not deeded properties.
  7. Glenn, so true...I hear you loud and clear but the truth is...you can't sit and do nothing. You have to do what you think you can to dig out. Granted, sometimes we dig deeper. Like the business I am starting up. It could take me to my grave but I will die trying. Your 61, I am 60. BUT, I have to figure something out quickly to create a stay afloat means as my husband is 77. Not in poor health at all....but know what, doesn't matter. A friend I went to HS with, was in excellent shape, healthy! Day before Halloween her daughter picked her up to come stay with her for the weekend. In the car she was telling her 4 yr old grandson, when we get to your house...you and grandma are gonna have a dance party. Will you dance with me? not 30 seconds later, she fell over in the car. She was gone...paramedics revived her but she remained in a coma for a week. Finally doctors told family, she is never gonna wake up. She was 59. So, one never knows!
  8. Thanks Jack.... The problem is that no matter how much to try to do it right...sometimes there becomes a false bottom. And it can happen to one person, more than once even if they learned something more from the first time or second and so on. For sure I worked hard to turn it around but we are still in a red zone as far as not having nearly enough money saved. If DH leaves this earth on me...I get half his pension and only 2 years of his health insurance and then I am on my own. If God forbid that happened in the next year...I would be in real trouble as I could not continue to pay or maintain this MH on half his pension and what little is saved. And buy insurance. But it would have been worse if we stayed in the S&B. So here again....sometimes no matter what you do or how good you do, some people will still loose in the end. As we speak even with developing our newest business, I am looking for part time work in campgrounds....as we would like to continue to travel some but most want 40 hours and I can't offer that. So it is not an easy task to seek out. And when you say, going from comfortable to having nearly nothing....or being homeless. I watched it within my own community. I saw people with families go from living in their houses to being evicted, have no work at all and getting a tent and were living on the sidewalk in front of their house till the person that bought their repo forced them to move away. I had a neighbor that thought she would get ahead of the game as best she could. In 2009 when she was about 6 months from loosing her house. (her job had gone from fulltime to part time) she stopped paying the house and taxes, knowing she would loose it anyway, squeeze 9 months. In that 9 months she and her husband who was elderly, sold what they could, ate minimally and saved every dime. While she still had the job, she went to a local credit union and with some money down, was able to buy a motorhome to live in. CG in Vegas are a premium price unless you want to stay somewhere where you have to keep one eye open all night. Anyway, they decided to live frugal as they could and travel around. Being she had not claimed BK she was able to keep her credit cards. The more they traveled, the more she realized that money was slipping away and credit cards were piling up. She now has a job and is now in a catch 22. They are forced to stay in one place with their MH and pay a monthly rate plus electric. She works, but all the money is spent on RV payment and credit card bills. So to eat and pay rent, they have to use the CC. It is a vicious cycle. She just told me the other day, she had no clue how to make a budget when they started and still doesn't. But soon her cards will be maxed out and she makes enough to make a little more than minimum payments on them but there won't be any source for food or rent. Granted she got herself into a whole she should have not but goes to show you, when you think you are making a move that will help you, it turns worse. She is getting older and can't get that good paying job anymore. Can't sell MH as she will be homeless then. She can't boondock, MH is not setup for it. They do do alot of store camping and not to have to cook and run generator or use propane, do alot of sandwiches. Buy those precooked chickens at walmart. It is hard to see people in a funk and sinking. Really sad. EDITED TO ADD: BTW Jack, I of course don't know all about your life but from what I have read, seems to me that you were Blessed with making the right choices at any forks in the road. God Bless you and Danielle, all appearances seem like job well done!
  9. I agree with you on this Barb. Sorry for the long story and the vent. I don't usually share personal this deep but just felt the need in this case. My husband is 77 and I am 60, we have been married 35 years and have 4 kids....that worked while in college to feed and cloth themselves while in school....but we paid for their schooling along with some scholarships they got. I inherited Xerox stock from my parents, my dad worked for them for 26 years and part of his pay was in profit sharing. My husband is a retired 26 yr police officer with a decent retirement that got a cost of living increase yearly along with being a Vietnam Nam vet. We had decent money, average investments (we don't need to get in depth), owned a successful candle mfg business and DH continued to work at a company after retirement. We built a new home in 1998, we bought it w/DH VA, no $$ down. We had the house 10 years when the recession hit. Business took a severe nose dive as only necessities were surviving and candles were not a necessity. Couldn't sell it, lost the total business and the income we were using to put our 4 kids through college. That put me out of work...and at the same time DH had a knee collapse and needed a total knee replacement immediately. Thank God...Medicare and his Police retirement insurance covered the surgery and rehab 100% but...in Nevada (the right to work state)....he was told he would get 3 weeks off and then be terminated. So we got no income for the 3 weeks but he was in fact terminated after the 3 weeks as the doctor had told him from the beginning 6-8 weeks out. There went income number 2. Xerox stocks fell so low, it was a wonder they still existed. Still have about 50 of them at a value of around $12. each. The average investments with what money we had to invest with....well like most things that were invested in, some went to the toilet and the rest we had to cash in with early penalty to survive. So, we were left with.... Me, no income, DH with a pension...minus investments, minus stocks, minus business. Which led to using what liquid savings we had in the bank for cash emergencies, what investments we could cash in to live on. A car payment we had, yes, we only had one car and it was one year out from being paid off. 3 college loans, a mtg payment, property taxes (this was the biggest bill and took alot of the income) and a small (but now felt really big) business loan...money was getting thinner and thinner. I became a coupon queen, we ate alot of super cheap meals including peanut butter and jelly. By 2012, 4 years of financial fighting. The mtg company, the Veterans Association, our governor down to our mayor....no relief, no help. The car was paid off, so we were told the only answer we had was find a miracle job (that hadn't happened in 4 years of looking and begging for one.) In order to get rid of the business loan we had to claim personal BK with the business because even after getting rid of the business loan....we had no money left and the most we could get away with before eviction was 4-6 months of no payments on the taxes but we still had to pay the mtg at least. So we rode it out with hopes that in that 6 months, something would come our way but it never did. We were now declared the hardest hit state in the US, just in front of Florida. Should have kept those 6 months payments and left then but we were in the fight for the long haul till the bitter end. So, for years we tried to be do gooders and save, invest, even stuff the mattress but when shit happens....things start to fall and sometimes they fall fast and at the same time. As you can see above. We went from being 820 credit score to after BK 440. They almost don't come lower than that. We had even sold most of our furniture, my husbands 26 year pistol he worked with. Being our kids were in college, we sold their bedroom sets and when they came home, we bought air mattresses at salvation army and goodwill for the floor and they lived out of tubs and suitcases. We moved into a rental less than half the size of our house. And I started to save every penny I could find, even ones on the ground (no joke). When I finally got an extra $25. saved, I used it to get us a secured credit card and used that card every month for 6 months. Started a new business with $150.00. (a good faith loan from a guy that bought wholesale from us in our candle business, paid him back 3 months later). Then finally qualified for a high interest card from capital one. Used it every month and paid if off every month. Then went from there. 3 years later bought another house. Kept the house till last year, sold it and sold the current business. Bought our Motorhome (not for cash but financed at a very low int rate of 3.5% but did save enough to put down a good down payment.) Yes it is a USED 40' with 4 slides. As now we have another business we starting up and needed the room....once established will be an income that will increase our ability to save. We now have 11 Credit Cards with our highest interest rate of 14.7% along with having a few CD's with Ally that we are growing and will eventually move and we still have those $12 Xerox stock. Are we rich? no....not at all Are we poor? no....not really Am we happy? Yes, happier than I was in 2008 when we lost a big chunk of our lives. Moral to the story...be careful how BULLY FOR YOU, you become as tomorrow the shoe could drop on YOUR head. How great is it that we have people in this world that are so self assured AND walk on water too. Not everyone's chips all fall in the right place all the time, even though we try to guide them there.
  10. I personally took it as we are living longer but more expensive because there is no choice. Years ago, you could choose to buy bread or spend less and make the bread. Now a days the supplies to make bread are so expensive that it is almost cheaper but more like the same cost to buy the loaf. Plus you save on Gas/Propane/Electric to bake the bread. I don't think they are (IMO) meaning we are living more expensive meaning more extravagant lives...I think they mean with no choice, it is more expensive to live than our retirement even comes close to affording and we have to now do it longer because we are living longer.
  11. First I didn't see that the question was answered if this one is still for sale or not. I get so confused cause I see lifetime that offer more than 76 parks. Sounded similar but says over 100 campgrounds, gives a 50% RPI discount. I am not sure what RPI really offers as I haven't read up on them yet. This is one that is for sale for $3000. plus $750 Transfer fee The part I find hardest is, they all offer a different amount of Preserves as they call them but how do you know where and which ones that membership is offering? ELITE" Thousand Trails, Outdoor World, Mid Atlantic, Leisure Time, Naco, Elite Membership. As long as you maintain dues the membership can be renewed indefinitely. To buy a membership that offers less through TTLN you will pay $10,000. for a ten year period. Dues are presently $715 per year and frozen at age 62. You have access to over 100 campground preserves across the country. You may stay 21 consecutive nights at any preserve. You can then go immediately to another preserve. You can make reservations 120 days in advance of your stay. You also have access to rental units at a 50% discount and RPI Resorts. Enjoy 24 hour security, pools, mini golf, tennis courts, pickleball, game rooms, beautiful clubhouses, extended stay options, and much more. Price does not include $750. transfer fee.
  12. RV Storage in Las ?

    We are from Nevada, next to Las Vegas and we store ours on Stephanie Place called Extra Space. We found them to be real secure. They are down the road from the Galleria Sunset Mall. One side of their property can be seen some from 95.
  13. Tra-Park - Pecos

    Well I went for a walk through the park today...it was amazing! People with piled up old tires around their RV and behind them. Some had piles and piles of wood, some had what I call trash Some had lots of car parts. One built an overhang on his patio out of wood. It is so old and peeling and dry rotted that you expect, one good wind and it will be down. NOW, I understand how fires start in RV parks and many RVs wind up in a blaze, not just the one. We are so tight here, you can't walk between the RV's to get to your car parked behind you. We are lucky that on one side the there is a small Class C there so we can get by him. Otherwise I would have to walk all the way around. Trash everywhere. Alot of the RV's look like they were adopted from Houston's Hurricane Harvey. They are leaning and when the people get in them the whole thing just shakes all over. The office is so bad and no office sign that I had asked when I made my reservation, could I get a pkg delivered here and they said yes, no problem. Well it was suppose to be delivered today and UPS did not deliver it as they could not find the office to hand it in. WHY? Cause you have to walk through the laundromat to get into the office. No signs saying so. I called UPS, she said, he went there but like always, no one is there and there is no office. We usually won't even bother going out there anymore because of this...but he did try. So now my pkg is being sent back to sender as UPS won't forward to my next CG. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THIS?!?! The office here is not only hidden behind the laundry room but closes from 12-230. HUH? 2.5 hr lunch? I asked UPS how do people here get pkgs, she said they either have a PMB somewhere or it gets delivered to our UPS store. What a sick situation. Glad it wasn't my first experience RVing!.
  14. Tra-Park - Pecos

    In final note. I guess I was expecting it to be like it is here at rvnetwork.com There are disputes, even disruptions from time to time. I call them glitches and hickups and you get them in CG too. I don't expect every park Escapees owns or affiliates itself with but I expected it to be like here. Controlled, Organized, Cleaned Up, Friendly and Welcoming and I didn't find or see any of that. That would be like allowing someone to post ads for makeup or shoes in the RV's for Sale section. Not making one of the sections not conform and the others all have to conform is not proper. I guess I may use bad examples but I think you all get my point. BTW, I was wrong, DH just for the heck of it...because I had TT and a pole on my drivers side and on the other side I had a TT that decided to park in the middle of its space. (both had slides on them) we were forced to pull far forward so I could open my bedroom slides. DH measured with a measuring tape. we are 33 inches from the 50-60-70mph road out front that has no lights on it. How safe are we? There is a guy that is about 5 spaces down and in order for him to be able to park his pickup truck, his bumper is with no exaggeration about 9 inches from the road. Ok, I am done with being upset and depressed over this so called CG. It is for surely a never again park. As for joining Escapees, not sure as this left a bad taste in our mouths. Other than staying in our parks, we really have no use for Escapees. we can't do any of their events as we have 2 senior dogs that can't be left in the RV alone. We can't do gatherings, rallies or that kind of stuff. We are already registered to Americas Mailbox in SD, so we don't need the mail service. So other than the parks and this great forum the only other thing that I can think of that we would or could ever need is possibly C.A.R.E. being we are seniors.
  15. Tra-Park - Pecos

    I can appreciate that Linda but if you are SAYING it was nice at one time. Then I say, shame on Escapees for not following up and making sure it stays nice. That is as bad as some CG we have stayed at that their website they tell you how their CG is so nice, everyone must follow rules, that is how we keep it nice and keep our good reputation, you get there, they hand you a 2 page set of rules and then as you stay there, you see that NO ONE follows any of the rules. Well Escapees needs to send people from corporate to surprise inspect from time to time. If the person managing the park is just a host and it changes host hands, then they need to make sure they get it. If it is a permanent manager then they for sure NEED A NEW ONE and need to get down here and turn this into a CG instead of a dirt lot where everyone is all over the place. The map they give you looks nothing like how everyone is set up and the guy in the office could care less. Who ever he is. As far as judging others in the system by this one. Obviously Escapees corporate doesn't care what you think anyway cause if they did, it would show, starting right here. Not saying the others aren't nice or good. But Escapees should have standard that they set and all of them should live up to it or better. I am assuming Escapees has no standards on their parks.