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  1. 1967 VW Bus. Bought a bare shell Bus (Kombi) in 1967, built a camper in it and took off for the GSMNP in 1968. Used it to camp in until our second son arrived in 1970. Bought an Apache Eagle and pulled it with the Bus, all over the West, until we couldn't handle the slow speeds when western headwinds happened in the Texas Panhandle. (40 mph in 3rd gear!) Got back home and traded it for a Porsche! The new owner apparently totaled it, and a Professor from the University of South Alabama bought the interior from it. He installed it in another Bus and then wrote an article about it which was published in a magazine called "Hot VW's and Dune Buggies" . We camped in the Apache for several more years, pulling it with a big Dodge and then an International Harvester Travelall. Went through several more Popups, a Travel trailer, and then 4 Motor Homes, the last being a 42 ft Tiffin Phaeton. No RV's now, due to ill health.😪
  2. According to their Web site, the show will premiere on Nov 23 on Discovery and January 2020 on PBS. Also announced a season 2!
  3. Our girl Beagle Allie succumbed to the ravages of Cushings disease early this morning. We had been treating the disease for about 2 years. Last night, she had a major seizure, which we got her through. Then, about 1 AM she had another seizure. We took her to the emergency vet, and she and we decided that the kind thing to do was to let her go. She passed away in my wife's lap. She was a rescue that we got in 2006, after we lost another female beagle. We think that she was 1 - 2 years old when we got her, so she was about 14 when she passed. She was with us for all of our fulltime travels over 10 years, and then was happy to have a house with a back yard and doggie door for the last 2 1/2 years. We miss her terribly, but our 2 other rescue beagles will help us. "I asked God to send us a true friend. He sent us a Beagle!"
  4. Yes, All Quadratrac II 4wd systems have the neutral position. He would have not been able to tow it 4 down without the neutral position!
  5. I went to a Bank Wednesday and used their ATM to get $60 in cash, which was dispensed as 3 $20 bills. I needed $10s so I drove to a driveup and asked the teller if she would turn the 20s into 10s. She asked if I had an account with them, which I didn't, so she politely refused. This after they charged me $3.50 to use the ATM. (Regions Bank in Alabama) My Broker does refund the ATM fee!
  6. If the coach had an Allison transmission, then it didn't have a Park position. None of the Allisons that were on the coaches that I owned did! For sure wasn't manual.
  7. Try the KOA in West Glacier or the KOA on the East side of the park.
  8. FWIW, Tiffins warranty is 12 months or 12K miles. Below is copy from Tiffin's web site. "YEAR COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY Your coach is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months, or 12,000 miles of use." See www.tiffinmotorhomes.com. Also see www.tiffinrvnetwork for much info, good and bad, on Tiffin products. I owned two Phaetons, a 2008 and a 2015 before having to give up fulltiming!
  9. You can tow just about anything that weighs less than 10,000 lbs and is towable 4 down. The Bus tow rating is 10K.
  10. I agree that the bad guys are to blame, however I also think that if someone uses my personal information for profit, they owe it to me to guard my information like the precious jewel that it is!
  11. I disagree that Equifax is a victim, They are guilty of not protecting your and my personal information, and making big profits from it.
  12. A multi-billion class action has been filed in Oregon. Didn't take the sharks long to jump in! I do think that Equifax owes restitution, just don't like half of it going to lawyers!
  13. I drove it 17 years ago in a 31 ft coach pulling a Jeep Cherokee. (A real Cherokee!) Had to drive slowly. Biggest problems were logging trucks and cows in the road. The area was open range at the time.
  14. Kirk, I believe that the issue with the external surge guards was a lack of water tightness. The year that this happened to me was a very wet year, and we were in a number of campgrounds where the pedestal plug was so low that I couldn't keep the Surge Guard off of the ground. This was especially a problem in state parks with only 30 amp service when plugged into a dogbone. (50 amp to 30 amp). Warranty support played a big role in my decision to switch.
  15. Twin Peaks Insurance Agency in Florida knows how to deal with an LLC. They use several mainline insurance companies. My last motorhome was insured by Progressive through them. Fulltimer insurance!
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