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    HDT Rally

    Video of the group photo:
  2. Hi Roger, PM in your mailbox with my contact information.
  3. Thanks guys, your comments are helping lead me in the right direction. Coach Net sent the proper equipment to rescue me and after some brief roadside troubleshooting by the mechanic/tow truck driver it was determined a tow was necessary. He pulled me to his shop, gave me electric for the night and with advice from a friend at Volvo was ready to continue trouble shooting the following day. Next morning truck fired right up idled for 3 hours without missing a beat. I'll shorten the rest of the story by telling you I took a gamble and continued my trip, had a couple more hiccups in the next 300 miles but it got me to my destination. Your advice led me to Curtis and my symptoms are identical to his and one email message to him I think will save me many headaches. It sounds like much trail and error finally led Curtis to replace his ECM and that did take care of his problem and he has provided me with a lead to locate one. Dave
  4. I had good luck shopping at Tractor Supply for a good size muffler for one of my generators.
  5. And I'll be heading down from Overland Park on the 9th.
  6. Several years ago when I was pulling an enclosed trailer behind the 5th wheel I was stopped about 8 miles north of the Iowa border in Minnesota. The first words out of the officer's mouth were "how long are you" I told him I was 64' 11" which was true. I had my enclosed trailer custom built from H & H trailer so I could keep my overall length under 65'. He did pull out his tape measure and confirmed what I told him, however, at that time maximum length for my configuration was 60'. He proceeded to inform me that it is legal to tow a second trailer with a recreational vehicle on it behind the 5th wheel in Minnesota, however, the 5th wheel cannot be longer than 28.5' I believe it was and the combination cannot exceed 60' and the second trailer can contain a boat, snowmobile, motorcycle, or four wheeler, but you can't carry a gas can on that trailer, or a tool box, or a barbecue grill or anything but the rv. He made me unhook the enclosed trailer and called a wrecker to tow it off the highway and wanted him to take it to their impound lot. I asked the officer if the driver could pull it to the next exit where there was a truck stop and I would unhook my 5th wheel and pull the second trailer into Minneapolis and leave it in my cousins driveway and come back for the camper. He didn't seem to like the idea but he agreed. He then told the wrecker driver to stay there and watch me leave with only the enclosed trailer or he would not get any more work from them. The officer kept telling me he could give me a commercial ticket that would require me to appear in court but he was going to give me a break and not make it a commercial violation. I had to wait about two weeks then call a phone number he had written on the ticket to find out what the fine would be then I could pay it by mail. It has been long enough that I don't remember for sure what the fine was but I think it was around $185. It is my understanding that the overall length has been increased to 65' for that combination now but I believe the 28.5' length for the 5th wheel is still a requirement.
  7. Hello Mr. Dutchman, I see you are designing your own lift and are looking for ideas. Here's a couple of links to the one I built a few years ago: Probably need to copy and paste.



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