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  1. In the words of the Duck Commander, "I am 911."
  2. Rich&Sylvia, unfortunately I have one of those horns that is just loud enough to piss people off...then they'll pull their gun, lol.
  3. No worries, Linda...we knew what you meant. I need to do this myself. Thanks for reminding me.
  4. I like (and totally agree) with your attitude/outlook on life, Yarome.
  5. Liz, I don't know if you are subscribed to the Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper, Nick's Blog but check out his thoughts on early full timing here.
  6. My point exactly. While I agree with Zulu that if Becky's insurance will be what she needs and is more affordable than ObamaCare, the rebuttal to my suggestion could have been a little less caustic.
  7. Liz, here's Becky's take on her Amazon work detail. Hope it helps and, as you said, it's only for a short time and the pay seems good.
  8. Zula, I know exactly what I'm talking about. I know she's in her 40s. I'm in my 70s. I realize my situation does not apply to her at all but thank you so much for pointing out the obvious. She doesn't sound like she's going to be making a killing on the road so I suggested ObamaCare. It's helped a lot of folks in her predicament so I suggested she check it out. Suggestion stands.
  9. Liz, if you want to do something badly enough, do it. You'll find a way to work around your problems. Adapt and adjust. Life is too dang short to work in a place you despise. Even if you have to take a lower paying temporary job, if it's something you enjoy, go for it. Have you checked out the Obamacare site? I believe premiums are based on your salary. Blue Cross/Blue Shield crosses state lines. I have it along with Medicare (primary...I'm an old geezer, lol). Don't give up. You'll find a way.
  10. Liz, Becky with InterstellarOrchard also works for Amazon during the Christmas holidays. She gets a referral for people she recruits. You might want to check with her about working conditions, pay, etc. She wrote about her Amazon job on her blog. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll look for it and send it to you.
  11. There's a lot of orphan units out there. Since I don't take my Moho into the dealer's for repair I don't worry about that. If you're going to be Boondocking a lot and not going to "resort" destinations, I wouldn't worry about the age of the unit. I can't afford resorts anyway. If you like it, go for it and camp accordingly.
  12. Kirk, the link for the federal highway department on scenic roads comes to an Error Code message. Would you check into this please. Thank you. Cat Lady
  13. I don't understand their thinking either. The young women think they're "precious." By the time they try to store just their shoes the poor spouse will be pitchin' a tent. Then when the babies start comin' along (and they always do), they'll wish they had saved that money for a real S&B. Live and learn...die and forget it all. It's their money.
  14. If you have a smartphone or iPad or Android equivalent, buy the Allstays Camp & RV app. It's got all kinds of campground locations, camping clubs, gas stations, etc. you'll ever need. Well worth the $10, I believe.
  15. First thing I'd do is get my Senior Pass if 62 or the pass for disabled veterans if you qualify. That way, you could camp for half price and visit museums, National Parks, etc. free.