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  1. So what is the correct email address to use? Sounds like something I’d enjoy doing.
  2. I generally don’t buy new. My latest small class C was 3 years when I bought her and paid cash.I don’t worry about depreciation because I keep a vehicle at least 10 years. My car is a 2002 and still going strong...why buy another? If I have to worry about depreciation, I can’t afford it.
  3. Another great video, Marc. I recently bought a class C FR Sunseeker 2250S. Just got the Renogy 100 watt solar suitcase. Do you think I could go in the same places as you and your truck/camper?
  4. Try Bob Wells New Mexico Park Pass on You Tube.
  5. Here’s another vlog that can possibly help you Robert Witham
  6. Check out Interstellar Orchard Blog. Becky is also an Escapees member and posts on Discussions. Go to the SKPS Magazine to find articles she’s contributed. Very smart young soloer with good ideas. She’s also on YouTube.
  7. Cat Lady

    aspect cumbria

    Some folks can see/read better with capital letters...some use ink; others, pencil. Who comes up with this stuff about yelling anyway? BTW: here’s a Winnebago Aspect for sale at Dixie RV in Breaux Bridge, La. I travel with at least 5 cats and they would have that leather upholstery in shreds in <30 minutes, lol. 2011 Winnebago Aspect
  8. Same thing with B+/C units. I think it’s probably because folks are using them as homes since their S&B flooded in the hard hit Gulf states.
  9. In the words of the Duck Commander, "I am 911."
  10. Rich&Sylvia, unfortunately I have one of those horns that is just loud enough to piss people off...then they'll pull their gun, lol.
  11. No worries, Linda...we knew what you meant. I need to do this myself. Thanks for reminding me.
  12. I like (and totally agree) with your attitude/outlook on life, Yarome.
  13. Liz, I don't know if you are subscribed to the Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper, Nick's Blog but check out his thoughts on early full timing here.
  14. My point exactly. While I agree with Zulu that if Becky's insurance will be what she needs and is more affordable than ObamaCare, the rebuttal to my suggestion could have been a little less caustic.
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