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  1. Wood stringers with U-bolts. See photo.
  2. Brad NSW


    That's a definite benefit of side boxes. Pro's of bottom hinge: 1) I can stand on the door and step onto the bed, they are that heavy duty. 2) I can lay things on the door as I sort through the box contents and don't have to put that stuff on the ground...two back surgeries and less bending is of some value to old farts like me!
  3. Brad NSW


    Went with Chandler and wasn't disappointed. Quality heavy gauge box and powdercoat is holding up well.
  4. We'll be in Driggs/Victor Idaho area at a beautiful state campground 1-15 Sep. It's on the West/Idaho side of the Grand Tetons and beautiful! Let us know if you roll through Driggs/Victor...we always have plenty to eat/drink.
  5. Randy...Hope you get immediate relief after surgery! You won't believe how much happier you'll feel without the chronic pain!! My daughter was 5 and asked "what happened, you're so happy now?" Watch those pain meds they push. T Too many get hooked. Both of mine were totally successful (one at 30 and the other at 41) and been going strong ever since. Still have one more desiccated disc from the parachuting accident that started it all, but it's just causing a numb foot, no pain.
  6. Yeah, out west, the parks are usually pretty easy to hang the tail of the 5er over the back of the site...have even rolled some rocks/logs and replaced them when we leave. If not there is BLM, Walmart or a commercial campground somewhere... From what I've seen (mostly CA/AZ/UT/ID/OR/WA/CO/NM) maybe 20-30% of the parks we might not fit. We've got a list of sights from all the campgrounds we've been to, that big rigs can fit into. From what I've heard that % will be higher the further east you go. Guess then you suck it up and hit a commercial campground. Like Steve and Chad said 4-5 feet won't make much difference. We've been doing this with a 37ft Montana for 11 years and have squeezed into sites listed as 30ft many a time.
  7. Thanks for everyone's comments! Confirmed what we've learned going to HDT rally and doing research. Mark and Dale's 5er is BEAUTIFUL. Wish we were closer to TX to take a look at it. Any more thoughts or considerations please keep posting. We'll be monitoring this thread.
  8. Steve, Hitch is back and I find it easier to back than my 1 ton!! Thanks for that input.
  9. We're trying to decide between: 1. a. 2014 DRV ($70K). b. 2019 DRV (98K), both same floorplan We could set either up for boondocking w/LITHIUM & Solar: for $15K. 2. A 2015 New Horizon 41ft, ($130K) fully set up for boondocking w/solar, inverter, AGM batts. Our style of camping: 60% in state and national parks and boondocking. 40% Full facility campgrounds. Pulling with a Freightliner HDT. We're leaning toward the New Horizon, as we consider its build quality slightly higher than the DRV, plus the owners have been full timing and have the bugs worked out and solar is GTG. However we're second guessing ourselves on length and our camping style. Questions: 1. Is the length 41ft vs 36ft going to make a big difference? We've made it into almost any state/national park (west is our only experience) with our 37ft Montana. How big a deal is (41 vs 36) plus our unsingled Freightliner? 2. Is the $45k between the 2014 DRV (after solar install) and the 2015 NH worth the extra build quality. I understand the Pre Thor DRVs build quality is pretty darn good. We actually like the color scheme in the DRV a little better and it's got a King bed which we prefer. I think we've ruled out the 2019, since after solar install it's about a wash with the NH. Any feedback appreciated and we don't want to start a DRV/NH war, just pro/cons on the length issues and is the $45K difference btwn a 2015NH and 2014DRV worth it? We know they are both a huge step up from our Montana. Thanks in advance and sorry for long post.
  10. We've been using through the wheel for over a year now. They work great, are pretty simple to attach/remove. A good 5000 miles holding the Smart down and it's always rock solid. Check them at every rest stop. Seen pro car haulers and folks flat-bedding antique cars who use both types and nets too, so they all seem to work with equal effectiveness. Haven't seen any signs of wear on our Smart rims.
  11. Brad NSW

    New to the fold!

    Welcome from a fellow Freightliner! Enjoy...
  12. Phil, 4 pics showing wood/fiberglass box. Definitely not good for anything but light bulky things (canopy, firepit, truck cover, inflatable boat, etc). Maybe it will give you some ideas you could beef up on. Everything rides pretty smoothly back there. I didn't relocate the license plate (not visible if bobtail until you're almost next to the box). Truckers don't have rear plates since they are almost always towing so I figured if they can go bob-tail w/o, I'm OK. Did relocate the brake lights up on outside of the edge of the bed. I've got a stinger box on the 5th wheel too, but it's only for a honda 2000...built and looks similar but much smaller scale. Brad
  13. Phil, Sent you a message describing my build. Will send pics tomorrow when it's light out so you can see what I was describing. Don't know how much help it will be because I wouldn't be comfortable putting more than 200lbs in it (box weighs just under 100). I did find out things didn't bounce around in there as much as I thought. I'm dual in the rear and have lowered my tire pressure to 80psi per the tire manufacturers load vs pressure chart. Might be helping smooth the ride out. Brad
  14. They are usually secured into pop rivets and it's probably come loose and is just spinning. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago with the overhead marker lights. I ended up pulling out the pop rivet, then got some steel expanding Tbolts. Put one through the hole and screwed the screw into it, to secure the new light. Other option is to get a pop rivet tool and try to install a new pop rivet (or go to a dealer and they could probably replace it). Good luck!
  15. Brad NSW

    First Build

    Looking good. Nice to see another Freightliner in the making!
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