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  1. Brad NSW

    What a wife - Xmas bling for HDT!

    Pat, I'll be out most of Feb. Will give you a call. Taking the truck/trailer up to Thousand Oaks this weekend and then back to work! We're at the Silver Strand in Coronado CA right now. An HDT (Thor) pulled in yesterday, pulling an Elite Suites. Nice couple who are going to be camp hosts here for awhile.
  2. Brad NSW

    What a wife - Xmas bling for HDT!

    Look what Santa brought! Cheap way to add a custom touch to your truck. New mudflaps and license plate holder. Merry Xmas to all!
  3. Brad NSW

    Bling for my truck

    Vegas Teacher, those look really sharp!! For $70 on Amazon, I got a replacement headlight housing for my Freightliner. They are definitely "Plane Jane" compared to the ones you got. Amazon has Volvo assembly's from $250 to over $1,000 and most have pretty thorough reviews so you can judge the quality...gotta love Amazon! Mine replaced the old foggy housing on the driver side. Fits great and the old bulbs clipped right in. Huge increase in brightness with the clear (vice cloudy lens)! Could have focused on halogen bulbs, ballast, ignitors etc and obviously got more brightness/lumens. However, the way I drive this big truck, never felt the need for more light. Totally different story when I was young, dumb and had a 300ZX. Drove it a lot at night, up mountain roads, FASTER than my headlights could reach!!!
  4. Brad NSW

    Good service from DirecLink

    DL sent wrong cable with mine. Called and the overnighted the correct cable with a return label/postage for the one they sent. Seemed like great customer support to me too!
  5. Like the Chandler box I got. Great finish, can stand on the door when it's dropped down. They ship pretty reasonably.
  6. Brad NSW

    Joined ranks of hdt owners. . .

    Enjoy. I started converting a year ago and it's almost complete...wife says the last 10% will NEVER be done🤔
  7. Brad NSW

    What I found on sidewalk when I got home from work

    Interior is lined with liquid rubber. We'll see how that holds up. Attached is a copy of the plans. It's 20" deep on the floor and shelves are 17" deep. Attached is a plan.
  8. Brad NSW

    What I found on sidewalk when I got home from work

    Gonna start by coating the interior walls with black liquid rubber and laying black vinyl tile on all shelves to keep that grey "aluminum dust" from covering everything, plus keep things from sliding around. Called the fabricator and they did indeed forget to put the keys inside, so shipping tomorrow. Next comes the fun part of figuring out what to fill it up with...been closely watching all your posts on spare parts, tools, filters, etc. They are piling up in the garage and will soon have a place in the drom.
  9. Fabricator said they shipped if from Oregon Friday. They delivered to the curb today at 11AM! Wife was a little worried we'd have trouble getting it on the bed of the truck. A little finessing with the smart car winch, some careful unpacking after we got it on the deck and presto - a new Drom Box. Ramps fit perfectly on the sides and are fairly easy to place. Only thing missing was the keys??? Will have to call tomorrow. Maybe they ship them separately. 😁Nice when a project is finally complete☺️
  10. Brad NSW

    Direct LInk - Emergency Stop

    Well, the direct link worked and so does cruise control. Gotta love this forum...😊
  11. Brad NSW

    Direct LInk - Emergency Stop

    First long trip (San Diego to Driggs Idaho and back). Coming out of St. George Utah, on the interstate, going downhill at 65MPH w/Cruise on in slow lane. Rounded a bend and semi driver is running at me waving arms. Hit the brakes to slow and around the corner, there is a wreck blocking slow lane. Step on brakes hard and truck/trailer stop extremely fast! Look in the rear view and the trailer tires were smoking, they'd locked up and left a good 50yd black streak. Checked the trailer suspension, hitch and smart tie downs real good. Had the Direct Link on 4 for heavy trailers. Adjusted it down to 2, then tried another emergency stop and no smoking trailer tires. Ronbo - you were absolutely right, 4 was to high but it's nice to know the disc brake kit I put on the trailer works well! Looked like a small passenger car had been clipped by (or clipped) a semi and spun out. It was blocking the slow lane and semi was pulled over blocking right shoulder. This is exactly the situation I bought the HDT for. Had 3 similar ones with the dodge 1 ton and the trailer was in charge, so luckily I had room to steer through cause there was no way we were stopping. In this case, we stopped with lots of room to spare!👍
  12. Brad NSW

    Finally Did it! Dropped Fiver!

    Driving into our favorite beach campground, saw a one-ton going out who had clearly dropped his fiver on his bed. Me to Wife - "How could someone be so stupid?" While unhitching, camp host says we have to move 5er forward, so back jacks aren't in sand. As I pull fwd, look in rear view mirror and watch hitch start to tilt!! Hit brakes and 5er is hanging on the plate at 45degree angle. Me to wife - "Please QUICKLY put chocks BEHIND a trailer tire"...all the while watching that pin just hang there, brake pedal jammed to the floor!! She got the blocks in and I was able to back under and set the lock! Lucky for us, the site was sloping down, toward the truck and not away! Lessons Learned 1) Always check locking pin before moving. 2) Any distraction when hitching/unhitching can spell disaster. 3) It pays to do that pull test slowly AND watch that pin closely...because you can actually stop before it falls IF you're watching closely! 4) Never call anyone stupid!!
  13. Brad NSW

    New drom box designed

    Hope you have a better trip than last time!!! Won't be out to Norfolk till late this winter but will give you a call and maybe drop by with some adult beverages. Box should get here mid October at the latest. Will post pics as that will be my last addition for awhile! Almost complete! May have to post some pics from Idaho with the Tetons in the background!
  14. Brad NSW

    New drom box designed

    Highway Products in Oregon: Link to their semi box page So far, good to work with. We'll see on quality and durability once it arrives.
  15. Brad NSW

    New drom box designed

    The box is 78"x78" and the ramp holder flanges on each side, extend the total width to 91 3/8". Ramp stowage/removal will be just a TAD harder than hooking them up on the bed to load/unload the smart. Will probably install some hardwood rub panels to keep the ramps from rubbing the side of the box and inside of the flanges. That or some hard silver linoleum or pvc. Have to get it mounted, stare at for a bit and some solution will present itself...