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  1. Nice job! I've got a "stinger box" off the hitch for firepit, wood and some bow targets, so wouldn't work on mine. I ended up putting the ramps vertical, alongside the drom. Nice to see how everyone solves their "build" to suit their needs.
  2. Great parents. Different age but there are still a few "gems" like yours around. Still amazed at how many young men my daughters dated who thought how you change a tire, was call roadside assistance!
  3. Brad NSW


    Chad, glad you're staying healthy, even if the work sked is a bit stressing. Kudo's to all our front line, essential responders, Thanks! We had our house rented out 3-weeks ago, so had to hit the road. Mostly boondocking, as most campgrounds are closed. Now in CO, at a city park that has all facilities closed but still allows camping. That's smart IMO, we haven't been more than 20ft from anyone her efor two days. Supposed to dump 6-12" of snow tonight...just outside Longmont CO.
  4. We used the TSD card in Loveland CO, last week and diesel price per gallon at Love's was $2.43/gal. We got 131 gallons and price on pump was $319. Checked the TSD transaction E-mail and total cost with $11.65 transaction fee was $218.65 for a cost per gallon of: $1.67. Savings: $101!! Pleasantly surprised with our first use of the Card!!
  5. Yep, the two-week isolation is BOTH for her and the baby's sake, plus ours. She worked as an occupational therapist in a hospital with Corona patients. A week and a half ago, the hospital opted to let her take extra maternity leave and still keep her job. Up to then, if she would have stayed home, she would have lost her job. Lots of tough ethical decisions by both employees and employers in critical jobs right now. Everyone stay as safe as possible!
  6. Pics of our last five days in our "quarantine" blog. We're near Williams AZ. Still a bit chilly above 7,000ft but the NH and HDT are holding up very well but a little muddy with this red dirt!!. https://truckin523021914.wordpress.com/ I just retired a week ago. So, after 2 weeks of the self-isolating, we'll be able to visit our youngest daughter, in Colorado. She is 8 months pregnant with our second grand-daughter. Hope all are weathering the Coronavirus well!
  7. Lubed all zircs, checked all fluids, vacuumed the interior and reprogrammed the TPMS for the new trailer. Power washed the stucco off the back patio. Trimmed all hedges way back. DW cleaned out the fridge and freezer for the renters who move in Sunday. Starting to stage clothes and other items for final loadout on Saturday & Sunday.
  8. My guess is, since the hoarders have "extra-full" fridges, the supply chains for food and other necessities will quickly catch up and next week shelves will start to getting back to normal...we'll see. Liking the diesel prices though! Lots of BLM for us in the next three weeks, and then a private campground in CO that plans to stay open, near our youngest daughter. She's working as an occupational therapist in a couple hospitals and she's due in two months. Praying she and our soon to be grand-daughter avoid the virus... Brother in DC area tested positive last week. Symptoms were very mild, not even as bad as the flu he said. Isolating in home. Docs told him worst symptoms usually occur around Day 5, so he things he was lucky and got a mild case! Good luck to all over the next few months.
  9. Hitch on top of drom for SA during any backing, also one directly in front of the hitch. Both are great additions for Situational Awareness when backing, plus the one on the Drom allows us to keep an eye on the Smart car, even though I can see front and back in the mirrors. Nice to have - Yes. Essential - No.
  10. We leave 28 March, after I retire, for a 9 month trip. Prepared to boondock. Hope campgrounds do not overreact!! Worst case is some states start putting on travel restrictions, that would really crimp our plans. Fingers crossed...
  11. Brad NSW

    BlueFire scanner

    Thanks Ronbo. Mine came in yesterday. I also ordered the Y connector. Unplugged my Tucson controller, plugged the Y connector back in, then the BlueFire. Turned the key on an low and behold, all the gauges I wanted were displayed. I put in a few aftermarket gauges on my 1 ton and missed having them on the HDT, especially the boost and EGTs. Now I've got those and more! Should make troubleshooting and diagnostics much easier. Pretty useful and easy mod. Still have to figure out how to stop the screen on the Samsung tablet I'm using as a display from going blank. Longest It appears I can set the screensaver from popping up is 30mins. Anyone know how to keep the display on indefinitely???
  12. Brad NSW

    flexible solar panel

    Portable panel here. Pull it out when parked. 2 mins to hook it up. It works when the truck is in the shade. Cheap easy and panels don't weather when not in use or on the road. Permanent mounts are great too. Just a matter of when want to spend the time: a. Upfront - mounting/drilling/waterproofing/securing lines. b. or a few minutes EVERY time you park for an extended period.
  13. Quick connect fittings on Amazon that I used between batt/winch. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014FEV6EU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Agree with Not Even. Spent New Years week at the Silver Strand in San Diego...60-70s all weekend and beautiful sunsets. Enjoy Quartzite, you'll be in good company with Chad and the sunsets out there are also awesome!
  15. Wood stringers with U-bolts. See photo.
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