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  1. Sure, pop rivet a 1/8plate and then thread insert
  2. Check out thread Inserts, may work for this. Even Harbor Freight has A cheap set.
  3. I use a small 12vplt pump but this a drill operated one https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-300-GPH-Drill-Pump-Utility-Accessory-Kit-PUP63-HD/204667248
  4. what I did was I took my dads old big soldering iron maybe 400 watts and I silver soldered a stainless steel plate on the copper tip at about 30 degrees off 90 degrees and worked great. Also took the tip off the 200 what gun like the original poster and make my own copper stables that I can melt into the plastic for a stronger grip. I am no real you tuber but made a video on how it all works I guess there were 3 parts
  5. I plastic welded the 110 gallon water tank in my trailer, paid someone and it lasted 1 year my job has been in there at least 5 years. Glue is a no go on the white water tank. I believe ABS glue is good on the black and I have herd of melting some abs in acetone and can spread it on the clean roughed up tank. Been awhile since I researched doing the repair on mine. you will be ok
  6. I definitely understand the auto change over valve and how it works BUT when I am in a cold climate where lines can freeze I would rather the tank run out, and for me to switch it over than for me to not remember and use up the two tanks and not have any back up propane. At least when I switch it over my self when MT I can remove the M T and get it filled. Just my thinking. I did just purchase the propane level detector Dometic LPGC10 LP Gas Checker so before going to bed I can get an Idea of the level of the take in service.
  7. ebay the seat heaters are $17 for bottom and back. I know because I just ordered a set for my buggie
  8. ths guy just showed his setup for warming the batteries
  9. I have a viair for air bags and air horns on the truck. Fory trailer l carry a C02 bottle with a regulator, works great, I like it better than the compressor .
  10. SURE as long as you keep everything under the 15 amp service. Nice to have some type of device that shows the amp draw for your rig, and for 30 and 50 it is nice I think to have a way to monitor the amps to each leg of 120 volt service. good luck you seem like all is well.
  11. I believe he is referring to a good multistage charger, I used a Progressive Dynamics with a wizard works great.
  12. Don't know, but did use my smart rv charger converter to charge my trolling motor for my few week fishing trip and worked fine
  13. Progressive dynamics had me run a plug with a wire from neutral to ground and leave it in one of the 110 recepticals to prevent a fault using the 3k wat Yamaha
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