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  1. SURE as long as you keep everything under the 15 amp service. Nice to have some type of device that shows the amp draw for your rig, and for 30 and 50 it is nice I think to have a way to monitor the amps to each leg of 120 volt service. good luck you seem like all is well.
  2. I believe he is referring to a good multistage charger, I used a Progressive Dynamics with a wizard works great.
  3. Don't know, but did use my smart rv charger converter to charge my trolling motor for my few week fishing trip and worked fine
  4. Progressive dynamics had me run a plug with a wire from neutral to ground and leave it in one of the 110 recepticals to prevent a fault using the 3k wat Yamaha
  5. I had a flat in my new to me 5th wheel so I purchased TST tire monitors and put them on and checked them the next few days only to find the wheel with the blow out was low on air. filled and came back low again in a few days. I took the wheel off and put it in my water tank only to find that the rim itself had a pinhole leak (looks like from the factory) removed the tire and I silver soldered the small pin hole. Has been good ever since. And while fixing some of the damage I could see some braces that were bent from the previous owners tire mishaps. Since then it has notified me of a tire that was low and still hold some air as I pulled over to find a tear in the sidewall from something in the road. So the TST have saved me there price over and over.
  6. 😞Can start at 18 in to the top of the ball
  7. Just recently got some gel wd40 I have put this on some connections as a test it comes out as a foam and lays out and stays put and covers the connection. so far seems to work. interesting stuff.
  8. where are you at and pictures and how much do you want
  9. the plastics on a lot of foreign vehicles will out gas and some will put a film on the inside of the windshield.
  10. far from being an expert but seem like what you have would be closer to the maintainer end of the spectrum with about 5.5 amp charging to the battery. that will definately help and keep the batteries up to charge, and my understanging is that the charge controller will prevent over charging. I went with 250 watts still no overcharging and a bit more for the usage during the camping days. so depends on if the sun is up and if 5.5 amp is enough to take care of the amount of draw used on the batterie during the day. Let see what the experts have to say.
  11. on my trailer I have progressive dynamics trailer electrical checker it will not run off the generator, I called the PD and they told me to make a plug with the neutral bonded to the ground and it worked. did not go to the url may be the same answer.
  12. I have one but it cost more then twice yours, nice to know more info on the one you purchased thanks
  13. last year I finally found were the mice and rats where getting in. They would get in one cabinet where the electrical box is under the refrigerator not the interior space.I had no access behind the electrical box where the drain line and electrical lines exited the trailer. So this year I took out all the drawsers next to the cabinet and and cut out a large hole in the side to get behind the electrical box and I filled it with anti rodent expanding foam. and it was still hard to access. NO MICE this year. BUT this year we had a mouse problem in the house. turned out that the flapper on the dryer was no longer closing all the way and they crawled into the vent of the dryer and chewed a perfect square hole in the vent tubing and entered the house. Replaced the tubing and made a perforated cover for the vent exit. so far so good. My wife can now have a Merry Christmas and to to you all the same.
  14. I leave the hood up all the way, BUT be concerned about strong winds or do something to prevent the hood from getting damaged. On my old 80's dually as I was pulling the trailer down the drive it died looked under the hood with the whole family ready to go camping and found the rats had ate through the wires to the distributer, was able to do a quick fix and take off.
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