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  1. Well the two Amp meters are coming by the slow mail from china and when they come I look forward to mounting them. I do appreciate all the knowledgeable people that answered my question.
  2. I do have a 50 amp service and a 50 amp portable surge protector and was going outside to monitor the amps. I want to run 2 heater because the temps were going into the teens. and I would keep checking the progressive surge for amp on what leg. that is when I decided I wanted those reading at the panel that is below the refrigerator to simplify things
  3. I go to a lot of 30 amp. campgrounds and want to monitor the amps to keep them under the 30 amp max of the panel. I am going to put an AMP meter with a inductive coil https://www.ebay.com/itm/AC-Digital-Ammeter-Voltmeter-LCD-Panel-Amp-Volt-Meter-100A-300V-110V-220V-New/182728925264?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=690045695923&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I order two of them one for L1 and L2 leg of the 120 volt. BUT my question is can you put one induction coil around both L1 and L2 wires to get the total amp draw of the trailer.
  4. Mr. Heater in MH

    I purchased one at a swapmeet in Bishop California it is the single canister one with hi and low and it worked good just a small test time at 7165 feet of the Sierras. not a good test but am following the topic.
  5. Help! We are stuck!

    not familiar with that vehicle but that looks like a fuel pressure regulator to me.
  6. Geezer-assist modification

    tried it works fine but seems to be a form or imgur this was a picture I put in and it came up with the imgur site in the url.
  7. Geezer-assist modification

    I sure would like to see it. I may not have the room but go for it. use http://imgur.com/ and put the link they have for the picture in the message
  8. Fuel Treatment.. Stationary too long...

    I like Sea Foam has done some remarkable things for me at times. not a joke
  9. IT'S A MIRACLE! AC on one EU2000i

    let us know what you come up with, I would go with the board add a box and mount the Cap outside the box. the rest is just wire and connectors from what I see. a lot saved for a little work and they are kind enough to give the mounting dimensions. Then I see this as affordable.
  10. IT'S A MIRACLE! AC on one EU2000i

    from what I have read you would be good to go. The bonding issue is related to using the generator with a progressive dynamics unit. but to add confusion I see that there is a unit called the SureStart that seems to be nearly identical http://www.gen-pro.biz/. a tiny bit cheaper for the complete unit.
  11. IT'S A MIRACLE! AC on one EU2000i

    what they had me do, is to take a male plug and jump the neutral with the ground and plug that into one of the 120v outlets of the generator.
  12. IT'S A MIRACLE! AC on one EU2000i

    the reason I made a bonding plug for my generator was for 2 reasons, one the progressive dynamics would not let the generator run the trailer with out it. and 2 progressive dynamics told me how to do it and what to do to have the gen work with the PD controller. I think they know what they are talking about.
  13. IT'S A MIRACLE! AC on one EU2000i

    with my progressive dynamics I had to put a plug on the generator with the neutral and ground connected together, did you have to do that. I have the portable 50 amp one.
  14. IT'S A MIRACLE! AC on one EU2000i

    did you get the 3 ton model, and I assume you have to make sure you do not run other 120 volt items in the trailer while the compressor is running???
  15. New Mapping Tool

    worked for me