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  1. 2011 Smart Passion $6,900.... NEGOTIABLE 40,000 miles White/ Silver Trident/ Black Leather Interior (leather/ heated seats... P26 Comfort Pkg) (P21 Cruise Control Pkg... no paddle shifters) 7 year transferable extended warranty 40,000 mile service just done! ...PLUS new front brakes and rotors! Options/Equipment Hill Start Assist Traction Control Stability Control ABS (4-Wheel) Anti-Theft System Keyless Entry Air Conditioning Power Windows Power Door Locks Cruise Control Power Steering AM/FM Stereo Dual Air Bags Side Air Bags Head Curtain Air Bags Knee Air Bags Heated Seats Leather Panorama Roof Fog Lights Alloy Wheels NON SMOKERS... Currently located in Montgomery, TX 832-715-6782 or... email rauch6@juno.com Pics: https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/6035567258.html
  2. Coach has sold... lower price on Volvo and Smart!
  3. Coach has sold... lower price on Volvo and Smart!
  4. Chuck, Must have overlooked your post... so sorry! Yes truck is still available and in texas.
  5. Thanks for everyone's kind words! We do welcome visitors...
  6. "Are you in control of your personal safety?" Love your topic title could also be "Would You Survive?" I would say none of us truly are in control of anything... We have a sense of control UNTIL someone infringes upon that! It is the control or ACTION we TAKE in any given situation where only the outcome shows who truly had control! Kind of like driving down the road and experiencing a blowout. We can ONLY control OUR actions! I would FIRST and FOREMOST protect myself and those with/ around me by moving out of danger! I would definitely and immediately report the incident to authorities and since I would not be sleeping well anyway... pack and leave! It might be foolish to assume it is an isolated incident or that the situation has been properly handled because it is diffused... at the moment. Who knows what sparked the incident... or if it will reignite? As they say to ASSUME is to make an ass out of u and me... in this case...could be a dead one! The ONLY way I would stay the night is if I saw the offender cuffed and hauled off with the assurance he would not be back that night... even then... not real sure! To stay or go, yeah THAT I do have control over! Debbie
  7. We visited Colorado Springs and ended up staying 5 months... LOVE COLORADO! We stayed mostly at the KOA in Fountain, Colorado just outside Colorado Springs wanted to stay at the Cheyenne Mountain State Park also but ended up in Woodland Park...I love the trees! We drove into Cheyenne Mountain State park and checked out the RV sites. They have 51 full service sites and plenty will fit our big rigs... we measured and there is plenty of areas to turn your rig around fairly easy. While in the area we visited the Royal Gorge Bridge... beautiful! Also visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo... if you go to the zoo your ticket also includes the Will Rogers Shrine further up the mountain (we missed that). You mentioned "The Garden Of The Gods"... Don't just go, VISIT! Drive through... then drive through stop at different points... then drive through again! We drove through the Garden of The Gods EVERY chance we had while in the area! We would run an errand and say "You want to take a short cut through The Garden Of The Gods?"... which of course was NOT a short cut! It is amazing how different it looks at different times of the day! Oh, yeah drove to the Summit of Pikes Peak in the Smart... ask Danielle about that one!! Safe Travels, Debbie
  8. As with most everything there are pros & cons to our choices that must be weighed according to each of our situations. We talked about having a home base also... however we found most building lots end up being subject to HOA's and usually require a minimum square footage if you decide to build! If you build, most DO NOT allow you to stay in an RV while building. We looked at unrestricted lots and found the areas end up having junk piled up or you may end up with a storage rental being built right next door. We also checked out an RV community in Texas... but you NEVER really own the lot, but rather lease it. So every Avenue should be looked at from the prospect of "Is this what I want/ need?" or "Will this suit my needs/ wants?" Check it out THROUGHLY! We had the "perfect lot" 6 acres in the country... unfortunately our home sat on it and we sold that! LOL... too bad the kids live in smaller neighborhoods where we can NOT park. We are currently using a campground as our "home base"... fairly close to kids/ grandkids. My MAJOR problem is a lack of trees at our current "home base"! Debbie
  9. Not just a difference between states, but also a difference between counties within states. When ours went up, I checked on ways to cut the cost (while staying with our current carrier) and found if we used our garaged or parked address instead of our physical address (where we could never park anyway) it almost cut our premium in half! I also asked them to review ALL discounts we MIGHT qualify for. Debbie
  10. Check Craigslist... usually listed as need gone now or as soon as possible. Have even found some well built ones that need some reburbishing (Houston area). Try searching using your lowest price willing to pay also. Sometimes people just don't want to mess with them. "One persons trash..." Happy hunting. Debbie
  11. We are NEGOTIABLE... however you must take a look. We know Texas is HOT, but the AC works just fine! COME ON DOWN...
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