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  1. As for the OP, we have an older Volvo with the D12. Put a lot of money into the motor. I understand that's not common. It usually takes a Volvo garage for some of the engine work but I've had repairs done at Ford dealerships & many other independent shops. Moresmoke nailed it when he said, find a dealership to work on your truck 24/7. I've been to truck shops that said to get in line your next or can you bring it in tomorrow? Yesterday I had a rear bag leak. Drove down to an independent truck shop with my car & was told to go get the truck, I'll put a guy on it. Todd
  2. A couple of years ago I drove up to a roadside check. Tried driving by with the other traffic but the guy with the flag waved for me to pull over. I was pulling my camper & had "Private RV" on the truck. When I got up to him he decided to wave me through. I won't start any arguments about why that particular time I was waved through I can only assume it was because if we are properly licensed, we are not prone to these inspections. Todd
  3. Larry & Donna Bitter/sweet, for sure. Great that you found a buyer & more than that, you are able to provide to your family what truly matters most. Best wishes. Todd E
  4. I hope someone that has one might chime in. At first glance I don't know how the electric wiring that's mostly in conduit & inside the walls of a trailer is going to do better than a roof mounted antenna. Todd
  5. We are first time "Winter Texans" in the lower RGV area. Our park filled in right after the 1st of Jan. & as people move out others fill in within a day or two. Been looking at other parks in the area & seems as though they too, are full. Todd
  6. You're right Glen. I had a bad experience with a small solar charger this past summer. 4 "dead" batteries. I need to buy a better system. Todd
  7. Not cost effective & usually not practical. If the site is too small for the 5th wheel & truck, it's probably too small to get into from the get go. Over flow parking for the tow vehicle is an option if there is electric available to keep the batteries charged. Todd
  8. We fulltime & are almost always in the North. We head South when the campgrounds start closing down, usually from 15-31 Oct. The earlier the rally the more days we end up double paying for campsites because we pay either seasonally or monthly in the North. Later works better for us.
  9. Not sure what type of jacks you have but here's what I did. I bent one of the level-up legs on my rig. I found a hydraulic repair guy (Oshkosh WI). He replaced the aluminum leg with a steel one. I believe the cost was around $180 maybe? Lippert or heartland wanted somewhere around $700 for a new complete leg. Todd
  10. I did not get the email. I did see your posting of the change that you had on the forum. I'll send a PM with my email address if you would like to resend. Todd E.
  11. redcrzr


    My TS did the opposite as yours. After being hooked up for a couple of days I couldn't get the jaws to release. After much & I mean much persuasion, we were able to get them open. It then required even more work (heat & hammer) to remove the jaw pins. Had to take it to a fabrication shop. Not sure how he did it, I couldn't. Cleaned & never seized the pins, replaced the springs & all is good. Todd E.
  12. We domicile in SD with mydakotapost in Sioux Falls. Never had a issue with Fidelity, local WI Bank or anything else. I would expect you to experience the same wherever you choose to use a mail forwarding service. Todd
  13. You should be able to go to the SD DOT for this info. I'm not sure if the County you choose to domicile makes a difference in licensing. We chose Minnehaha Cty at Sioux Falls. Mydakotapost helped us with the change of domicile & licensing. If you haven't done so, take a look at a post about domicile written by Kirk Wood, a moderator & contributor to the escapees forum. I believe you would be better off leaving Washington & choosing one of the top three full time friendly states. Todd E
  14. redcrzr

    Dash cluster rebuild

    Big5er I looked into this a couple of years ago. I believe the Resource Guide had one vendor listed & after contacting them I seem to remember(?) they wouldn't repair my '99. I ended up having my "center" section replaced. Don't recall the price. A quick look at the links that were provided to you would make me think that it may be possible for a repair on a Gen1 cluster. Would appreciate it if you'd let us know of your experience with the repair. Todd E.
  15. My reply was to help get you started. I was hoping that MDT registration would be similar. My suggestion to check on the MDT forum might serve you better. Todd E.
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