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  1. fmracerbob

    RV Park recommendations Anaheim in Late Jan

    Appreciate the information. Bob
  2. I'll be attending a trade show at the Anaheim Convention Center on Jan 25-28. Found 3 local parks, just looking for members experiences/recommendations staying at these parks. Thanks Bob
  3. Well it's not quite as simple as that. Since my RV is stored at my shop in an industrial complex at the race track it is not considered "residential". They don't install free dishes at multiple locations so one can drag their receiver around from location to location. They will do it if I want to add a second system to my account, which includes another receiver and cost. Otherwise I have to claim I'm moving into my shop so it would be a "change of location" complete with "billing location." It seems the easiest solution would be to make my own "spliter" setup and add it to the line coming from the existing dish, but I don't have ready access to the roof. Instead I can get a portable setup for under $200 and install it on my compressor shed outside the back door of the shop. It has a clear view of the satellite and doesn't require any interaction with DirecTV.
  4. Hi AI F Not exactly the same. DirecTV requires a SWM box between the dish/LNB unit. It allows the one cable to feed more than one receiver box. The SWM-8 has a bunch of ports on it and is A/C powered. Trick is to know if a line from a second or different LNB can be also fed into the SWM-8 when the Trav'ler isn't up and powered.
  5. I have the DirecTV HD Traveler system on my coach but would like to have service while parked inside my storage unit. Is it possible to mount another dish with the appropriate LNB unit to the outside of the building and connect it to the SWM-8 unit mounted on the roof of the coach. I take my receiver from home when I travel and it works just fine with the unit on the coach even though the dish at home is the smaller all in one unit LNB as opposed to the 3 seperate LNB's unit of the traveler. It automatically sets it self up for either input after the first time I used it in the coach, plug and view at either location one.
  6. fmracerbob

    Reno to Denver road conditions

    Leaving tomorrow, the route is chosen. Out HWY 80 all the way to Lincoln NB. Take HWY 2 to HWY 29. Head south to just before Platte City then turn west and use 92 to McLouth. Avoids Denver and possible high winds through Kansas on HWY 70. Appreciate all the input. Bob
  7. fmracerbob

    Tires for the Class A

    After consideration I went with the Continentals as I was able to find some good reviews. I had my coach weighted last year at Congress so no problems there. I had no issues with the Toyos but they aged out and are not made anymore.
  8. fmracerbob

    Tires for the Class A

    Well it not like they are cheap Chinese junk, major tire companies.
  9. fmracerbob

    Tires for the Class A

    Looking for experience with either the Continental HSR2 or Firestone 560FS for the 22.5 rims. Really should change tires before a 2 week trip and these are what is available locally for a reasonable price.
  10. fmracerbob

    Reno to Denver road conditions

    Hi Dan I will be North West of Kansas City at McLouth Kansas. Any specific reason other than going throughDenver ? I did notice this week there were high wind warnings along much of Hwy 70.
  11. fmracerbob

    Reno to Denver road conditions

    Road cameras combined with local weather sites pretty much tell the story. Here is a site with lots of road cameras for most of the this trip. http://oss.weathershare.org/?Center=38.91402077971106,-117.5983466796875&Zoom=8&Layers=CCTV,traffic#.WP0JX3BG1J8
  12. fmracerbob

    Reno to Denver road conditions

    Barbaraok You wouldn't take 270 from 25 to 70 ? Appears to be all freeway, not surface roads.
  13. fmracerbob

    Reno to Denver road conditions

    Appreciate the info so far. I do have a return by date so on this trip it's best to complete the out leg in a timely manner so I have more options on the return. Have a date to be in the Kansas City area. Since I haven't driven this route, usually using the southern routes, I don't have as much to go by on what I would typically encounter. Getting over the Serria's to Reno I have experience with and can let the weather reports determine if I go out this way or return by way of 80. Even now it is possible for the pass to get closed by a sudden storm, the drought is over. But I'm trying to get a feel for what to expect this time of year once past Reno. I don't know if there are any elevations on the rest of the trip to Denver that would still have a higher than occasional chance of being closed by a sudden storm. A quick study of average hail damage in Colorado shows it has been on the increase the last few years but appears to not really get going until into May. Since I have an extensive solar setup on my coach and I almost exclusively "dry camp" I'd just as soon not expose myself to the inconvenience and expense of mid trip damage unnecessarily. Living north of the San Francisco Bay area, far enough to be out of the earthquake risk, I've little past experience to go by but will be gaining knowledge as I will be doing a lot of traveling from now on. Enough of that 'work thing'. Bob
  14. I'll be traveling next week leaving on Wed. to get to Kansas, near Kansas City. I'd prefer to go by Hwy 80 through Reno to Cheyenne, take Hwy 24 S to Denver and then go east on Hwy 70. Looking for any current road conditions along the route. Don't mind the cold but don't want to get caught in snow storm and big hail. I can get weather reports but road cameras are all I have about the route. Appreciate any info someone might have. I'll be returning down south on Hwy 40 so looking to not repeat the same route both way. Appreciate the help Bob
  15. fmracerbob

    Tucumcari to Witcha

    Traveling east from CA on HWY 40 to just outside Kansas City. Not in any particular hurry and looks like using Hwy 54 off Hwy 40 at Tucumcari is the hypotenuse of the right triangle through Oklahoma City. I realize it's mostly two lane and goes thorough lots of small towns but I also see there are some major truck stops along the way so appears truckers make use of this route. I'll be boondocking on this trip which is a consideration. Any reason other than time of major Hwy use verses local road to avoid or be concerned. Road condition etc ? Bob