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  1. jhayes

    California HWY 120

    Thanks guys!! Yea, I am a very experienced mountain driver, but think I will take an alternate route as I would be crossing about mid-May. There may still be be some ice and snow up there. I don't believe in taking chances. Jerry
  2. jhayes

    California HWY 120

    Is Ca. 120 across Yosemite Park, west to east suitable for a large motorhome with a toad?
  3. Yes, it is 4x4. Something causes several of the dash warning lights to come on. Does not seem to affect anything except to put the transfer case in neutral. when that happens, I can remove the positive battery cable and ground it to the negative post, the computer resets and every thing works. The Jeep dealer has replaced the transfer case module, the servo motor, the wiring harness, a couple of sensors, and several other components, all at my expense. Jeep factory customer service contends that they are not reprogramming it correctly. Jeep dealer disagrees and now "thinks" it may be a wheel speed sensor. I don't think so because sometimes I can reboot the computer and everything works for a week or two and sometimes in less than a day. ?? I have been driving it with this problem for a couple of years and with the exception of the neutral shifting, I have absolutely no problems with the Jeep. I think it just needs a good electronic technician. Jerry
  4. Sorry I left out the location! It is in Fort Worth, TX
  5. 2008 Jeep Commander Sport 4WD, 4.7 engine , Quadra-Trac II Transmission, 117,000 miles. Excellent condition except for an electrical problem with dash display. No rust, no body damage, new tires installed 6 months ago, runs on Flex Fuel. Has leather seats, power sunroof, Towing package, Blue Ox baseplate, Boston Acoustics Stereo, Rocky Mountain Package, Trail Rated. White with tan interior. NADA clean retail is $9875.00, will sell for $7500.00 or best REASONABLE offer. Located in Fort Worth, TX, Email jlhayes9360 (at) yahoo.com
  6. Thanks everyone! I just wanted to be sure of the road condition before I drove it. Some can be very rough. Jerry
  7. Can anyone offer the road condition of Hwy. 127 from Death Valley Junction south to I-15 at Baker? Jerry
  8. Ben

    Manual Subaru 2015. Located in San Diego. Not a dealer includes road master adda brake. And tow bar system designed for hidden tow system on car.

  9. I am interested in the CRV as I need to replace my tow car. Is there anything that the car needs in the way of repairs? Has it every been wrecked? I am returning to Fort Worth in about a week and would like to visit with you on the phone. Please email me at jlhayes(at)swbell.net with your phone number and a good time to call you. Jerry
  10. pethier, Yea, we experienced the same kind of charges when we were went to Nova Scotia/Newfoundland in 2015 from Verizon. The first month up there we had over $300.00 in data and phone charges in addition to the regular monthly charges. Verizon finally issued a $200 credit because they cannot pull up the actual usage charges from the Canadian phone system. They said that they suspected from other complaints that the Canadian service was doubling/tripling the charges passed on to the US. We have a 10Gb data plan and unlimited phone and data. I will probably temporarily raise the data to 20Gb but I still don't like the $5.00 a day extra for using the phone. Does anyone know if you can buy a prepaid "burner" phone in Canada that can be used to call the US? Jerry
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