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  1. LiveWorkDream

    Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

    We use it all the time! Yeah, hippies, vegetarians like us and vegans are quite fond of it. Look up "nutritional yeast vegetarian vegan recipes" on the web and you'll see tons of recipes. You can do a lot with nutritional yeast, from sprinkling it on popcorn to making "cheesy" sauces for nachos, pizza, etc. It does take some practice but if you want to try cutting back on dairy intake it's a great way to start. You'll find it in health food stores, places like Sprouts and many conventional markets have it in bulk. Let me know what you think if you try it.
  2. Do you work from the road? If you've been making a living as a nomad for at least one continuous year, we want to hear about it for a new ongoing column in Escapees magazine. Send a brief synopsis to editor@escapees.com for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue. Xscapers and Escapees members only, please and thanks!
  3. LiveWorkDream

    Strong Signal - Low Bandwidth

    Should clarify to say they are no longer a player in rooftop mounted mobile satellite internet systems.
  4. LiveWorkDream

    Strong Signal - Low Bandwidth

    Um, no, we do voice and Skype all the time. We just pinged 590 from Alaska. If you've got the money, they can deliver it now. It is not like things were when HughesNet was a player. Today Mobilsat has different plans available depending on one's usage. We have never been happier with our service. There is no comparison between not having service at all, and having these speeds when your income depends on it. We love it.
  5. LiveWorkDream

    Strong Signal - Low Bandwidth

    I'd like to respectfully say nope, that's not the case at all. We currently have a rooftop mounted RV DataSat 840 and find the speeds and performance almost just as fast as cellular broadband, even up here in Alaska where are currently camped. Anyone with a technical background who prefers to camp in remote areas but must be online every day like my husband and I will find that the investment is worthwhile. It has been indispensable for us up here in the North Country and all the other remote places we travel in our RV. If you have any questions about RV mobile satellite internet please PM us. My husband has extensive experience with this technology, we were users #1 for this system and have owned one since 2007. Can't live without it.
  6. We are headed through Whitehorse in a few days and need some basic servicing on our Dodge Ram 2500. Has anyone had a good experience in Whitehorse that they'd like to share? The only shop I'm considering right now is True North. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. LiveWorkDream

    Eureka California, Trinidad California and Gold Beach Oregon

    I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing. We lived in Eureka for 10 years, it was the last place we owned a stick house. How wonderful you got to enjoy Humboldt during some rare sunny days, it's even more beautiful that way.
  8. Yeah, we were shocked. I'm wondering if maybe it's because the sender was a company with a track record in shipping across borders. Just a guess, who knows how customs really works. Thanks for the help.
  9. Oh my gosh Al, we feel like we have finally 'arrived' here, it's the most incredible scenery we've ever seen. Thank you for all your great tips in the Directory!
  10. Thanks to everyone who offered tips for receiving our package in Dawson Creek. The advice received from other SKPs is always so refreshing, kind and useful. Such a different experience than what often passes as help in the dozens of Facebook RV groups out there. Here's how things unfolded: We ended up having it shipped via FedEx to Mile Zero RV Park, which kindly said they would accept the package for us, at no extra charge. It cleared customs and arrived in two days, as FedEx promised. We arrived as soon as it did, and spent the night at the park to thank them. At $104 the delivery wasn't cheap, but the part was desperately needed. And now we have our internet back, and I'm writing this from a lovely free spot near Muncho Lake on the Alaska Highway, courtesy of the Days End Directory. And that is reason 1001 why we love being SKPs! Thanks everyone.
  11. Ah, thank you for the info! I will definitely report back when this is over. Two days transit time to me seemed like too good to be true. As for the generator running the connectivity in an area. That totally explains a few situations we've been in, thank you for the reminder. It's one reason why have our satellite internet system, as opposed to only relying on cell service. The typical places we enjoy camping are usually far from populated areas, which is why we invested in the system in the first place. The other reason we rely on the dish is that up here in Canada, we are limited to 500 mb per our 2 devices, per day, which isn't enough for our line of work. After we max that out we jump on a Skyroam Solis as a backup, which gets us on whatever major network is in the area, such as ATT. But again, we're limited to 500 mb. The dish places no limits. We can't wait to get our hands on that part!
  12. Thanks for all the great feedback, it is much appreciated. There are so many avenues the part shipment could take. I am glad to hear that USPS General Delivery works well in Alaska, as we'll have our other mail shipped up there. Meanwhile... Yep, we still work and must have connectivity wherever we land, which usually means far from populated areas. I love your idea of getting it shipped to Skagway, but it makes me sad to think we would rush through the Yukon. It's a possibility though... I want to share what I learned after posting this here, for anyone like us who is working on the road while traveling to/from Alaska while in Canada... FedEx International is the fastest with a guaranteed 2-day transit time (at least from Salt Lake City to Dawson Creek). Unfortunately, it's the most expensive: $144 USD for a FedEx bubble pack mailer! UPS International takes five days to ship the same size mailer from SLC to Dawson Creek, at a cost of $123! USPS International Priority is the cheapest at $45 for a 9x12 envelope, but the soonest guaranteed arrival date would be 6/22, a whopping 11 days! Unfortunately, I called RV parks in Dawson Creek to see if we could get mail there. While they are kind enough to allow us to get FedEx (apparently the preferred courier in DC), none would allow me to receive USPS mail. I explored Canada's general delivery option ("Poste Restante"). It's crazy but in order to utilize it here, you must apply for the service at the receiving post office in person. This means staying in that town for at least two weeks. Not a good option for us. Taking it all into consideration, we concluded the best way for us to deal with this is to suck it up and pay for FedEx (ouch!). At least that way we can continue our journey without too much delay. As we've discovered with similar situations that occurred in the past, it's another one of those "cost of lifestyle" repercussions for us working-age folks. Appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. SKPs are the most helpful group of RVers on the internet. Thank you!
  13. We are 100 miles from Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway. And now our RV Datasat 840 needs a quick fix, which requires a part to be shipped from Salt Lake City. Can anyone tell me: What are the best ways to get an express package (i.e., UPS or FedEx) delivered somewhere in either Dawson City or Fort Saint John? And can we actually expect it to arrive when UPS says it will, or does customs typically delay things? Also, does anyone have experience getting USPS General Delivery mail in Tok? What was that like? Thanks for any tips and suggestions you can provide.
  14. LiveWorkDream

    Mountain Directory Driving Guide for BC?

    Aww darn. Haven't found anything yet, there's definitely a need out there.
  15. LiveWorkDream

    Mountain Directory Driving Guide for BC?

    Does anyone know if there is a guide to British Columbia's mountain roads, similar to the Mountain Directory West guide for the U.S.? We plan to some exploring in BC on our way to Alaska. Thanks!