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  1. Great info on 17.5 tires

    You won't wear them out but time will. I have Michelin J rated 17.5's and love them, but plan only to get 7 to 8 years out of them due to uv etc.
  2. ET Hitch Bag Upgrade - Photos

    Off topic, but Henry do you make a version of the hitch for gooseneck applications?. If so can you email me at Calpalmer AT Centurylink. Net?. Thanks in advance, Cal
  3. Hi Angie, is there any update on the fix for the HDT (and maybe other) forums? Posts don't update.

    Thanks, Cal

  4. Other than a little more difficult to hook up, yes I think it is a better engineering design. On the other hand, if one is always on highways and/or pretty level ground, the gooseneck doesn't offer much advantage. In recreational and working trailer designs, note that goosenecks are used for the heavier applications. But I'm not making a big deal of it, it was just an observation.

  5. Your saying a goose neck is better than a fifth wheel? Just curious?


  6. John... I take it something went on while I was away from the forum..... I hope you don't cancel out on the HDT forum, I for one have enjoyed your participation and learned a lot from posts. They are always among those that I click on, regardless the topic.

    Also, we're in the neighborhood --- shared experiences in some ways.

    Anyway, stay onboard!


  7. Welcome to the board Jim and Martha! Wish things were going better with your rig... how many miles? Eaton will give you good tech assistance via their hotline. I don't have their number handy, but if you post a new post titled "Autoshift problems" or something, and asked for the reference I'm sure someone would dig it up for you. Also check the Resource Guide sticky at the top of the forum, I'll bet their tech assistance number is listed in it as well. Best luck, Cal
  8. Seein' this thread bumped back to the top, reminds me of a question I asked a while back and never heard if anyone knew: what's become of DieselDan in the great state of Alaska, who started the Lurker thread. Anyone know? Cal
  9. Hey, Grant... "Lurkers" sounds better than "Newbies", and Dan had to come up with something for the thread -- it's been a lot of fun, and of course welcome to all the lurkers... BY THE WAY< WHERE IS DIESELDAN?? Cal
  10. Welcome dcsailing, and good luck on your adventure. Curious about your thinking towards something like our set-up -- do you have horses, or quads etc? While we use ours in the traditional manner with the horses, more and more folks are designing the "horse" compartment for other toys like quads, dune buggies, etc. They like the structural features and longevity of these aluminum trailers. If you're interested in a 4Star, my wife can get you set up. Good luck, again, Cal
  11. Welcome Ken, and Bryan, whelen and everyone else that's joined in. Ken, when I saw Willow AK I thought I'd say Howdy, I love your area and it has a special place in my heart. My Dad spent 1930-1941 based out of Talkeetna building roadhouses, mining and trapping over on Peters Creek, as there was no work for him in the NW. He took me back in the mid-70's, we hunted a little and hiked into some of the old miners' shacks he'd built. I really enjoyed hearing of his exploits in your area growing up as a kid. Anyway, not to wax sentimental, but you live in a wonderful place. Welcome again, Cal