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  1. Agreed..... make an appointment with Escapees, Livingston, TX. Stay a few days and take the tour of the mail room - impressive. Join in with other Escapee activities.
  2. The 'strainer' couldn't be used in our motorhome as the drain hole wasn't completely open to it. The hole was covered partially by the tub plunger & open only around the sides so nothing could go in the hole. To clean the drain we had to unscrew the plunger & remove it for access. Good idea though!
  3. Is there still a RVillage? Haven't heard anything in a long time. It's on this forum but the last post was in 2018.
  4. Here's the web site: https://www.thervers.tv/ Also, check out Technomadia's blog/web site. Great information of all kinds. https://www.technomadia.com/blog/
  5. Awesome write up and fabulous blog. Good travels with your new home. As with everything in life - nothing's perfect. They both have good and not-so-good but you'll get used to it. We're with Diane about having to drive the big truck around. That was a big minus with our 5th wheel. We loved having the Jeep with our motorhome. Also..... LOVE the pickleball pics - our favorite game!!!
  6. I don't think you can do something like that on your own. The liability is great. If a person has a need for physical therapy they can either have a certified home health PT person come to them from an agency (they'll do that) or find a local physical therapist.
  7. Deb, thanks for returning and putting everyone at ease. We're good at drumming up mysteries. Keep working with the site. You'll get the hang of it and please ask more questions..... but give a better title of the issue other than your name! Good travels to you!
  8. It really is a nice experience!
  9. I don't know how you can single out younger folks on this site unless they give their age. I haven't read that the younger ones have expressed a feeling that they weren't wanted.
  10. I'm sorry you felt that way. Did you try to join in with the Boomer BOF group? They are so welcoming!!
  11. I totally agree with Orvil. Xscapers will use Facebook rather than an online forum. The younger generation is totally different with communication than when we were that age. They also are not into volunteering as much and do different, more active activities. They're not into clubhouse activities of coffees and games. They are also workers from their RVs. They have found their own niche and that's good.
  12. 6% on SELECT subscriptions - only for the Blue Cash Preferred Card which has an annual membership fee of $95.
  13. Do you have notifications set for your credit card? If so, the Uber charges should have notified you.
  14. Life is short. I don't worry and obsess about things out of my control.
  15. We have all been tracked in some way years ago.
  16. I don't understand this. Why are state parks and national forest campgrounds listed. Do they buy up a lot of sites and then charge a premium for them? Terrible practice!
  17. If you're going to leave it in one spot why not consider a Park Model or Destination Trailer. It can be moved on site for you and left year-round if the park allows it. Or else it could be moved to a storage facility over the winter. This way you could go bigger for the three of you which would be much more pleasant on rainy days and would give each more privacy.
  18. We placed ours at PPL consignment in Houston and all we had to do was to get a rider on our insurance at a cost of around $35. The whole consignment process was simple and so glad to sell it easily (with a month).
  19. I'm doing the same investigations right now. A few months ago we joined AARP for their vehicle and medical insurance benefits. We saved greatly on the vehicle but are finding that the Medicare Supplement through AARP is way expensive compared to other plans. We now have Humana for prescriptions but they're dropping a very expensive med for us so have to search for a new plan. Isn't this fun? We definitely won't go with an Advantage Plan. Lots of research to do, unfortunately.
  20. We enjoy catch and release trout fishing and gladly pay for an annual license if staying in the state a couple months. We usually made it a point to do this and would move around within the state for different fishing spots. It's well worth it to us to have the rivers and lakes managed professionally. The states can manage better than the Federal government.
  21. This might get you started.... http://www.lemonlawcase.com/new-motorhome-lemon-law/
  22. Death Valley Days is coming up the first of November. It's a fun time.
  23. This is where I got the idea of it being 'exercise classes'. That's why I asked the question. I didn't delve into the web site.... just glanced at the classes. https://www.silversneakers.com/learn/classes/
  24. Here's a write-up of that area from 2013. Guess things have changed. The Thousand Trails small area was where we attended our very first gathering of Escapees Boomers back in 1997. Many in attendance are our friends today! https://wheelingit.us/2013/04/11/boondocking-site-review-thousand-trails-road-prescott-nfs-cottonwood-az/
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