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  1. Agreed. I just tried through the Escapees web site and all the other co-op parks connected but Evergreen came up with the above message. I then googled evergreencohoskprvpark.com and was taken right to the site. It has to be Escapees' web site where the error is.
  2. Yearly checkups rarely have you doing invasive or painful tests.... unless you need them; then I wouldn't hesitate getting them done.
  3. You did a fantastic job with the remodel!! Someone will grab it. Have fun with your new adventure to Italy!!
  4. Not all of the children were theirs. They were visiting friends and one or more were friends. Here's the video of the flatbed truck being pulled from the water. https://www.azfamily.com/video/drone-video-of-the-rawlings-truck-being-hauled-out-of/video_6cfec9ec-80d6-56f4-afd6-a951f8767e7f.html There is now a push to put a bridge over that creek because people live on both sides and they need access for emergency exits and also getting children to and from school.
  5. I can't believe they would install the recliner if there's no room to recline. Some recliners are billed as 'wall huggers' and they don't need space to recline. Perhaps this is what you have. Call your dealer to see, if indeed, they should recline. Maybe there's a device you need to unlock before they will recline. If that's not the case then ask the dealer how to remove them. You should be given credit if you can't use them as a recliner. You could also call the manufacturer. That's really a shame for a new RV. Good luck!
  6. We always left our closet doors open an inch or so to get some circulation in there.
  7. Here's a lot for sale with access to Lake Livingston for $4,900. I just did a quick check & I'm sure you can find more. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/0-Rolling-Wood-Dr-Livingston-TX-77351/2096582937_zpid/
  8. What is your question? We've stayed there with our 40' motorhome. We also like Madison and Mammoth.
  9. I would not advise having an awning out in the snow. Snow is too heavy.
  10. Here are some photos of the area. https://www.azfamily.com/news/children-found-dead-child-missing-after-floodwaters-swept-away-vehicle/article_e0c8f5fe-1312-11ea-8c02-b35485ab75a0.html
  11. We never went there with the intention to shop. Our reason was to join in the fun with our large group of like-minded folks. We've gone there many years and eventually walked the vendor areas only once. The rest of the time we did things with our group.
  12. This procedure seems so quick and easy nowadays. It's not something to try to avoid or be overly concerned about. Once you're down there just make an appt. with one or two ophthalmologists for their opinion and how you feel about their practice. Sometimes those having a large practice and one who does many of these procedures is good because they have associates to consult with readily available in their practice.
  13. If you're set on a new Trailmanor eventually, why not look for an older used one now instead of a canvas one? We had a couple canvas popups in our early camping years. It was great fun and a big improvement over the tent. Ours was simple from the 1970's! I just looked at videos of the three types you were considering. The canvas Rockwood took 45 min. for the experienced sales person to put up. Think of doing that in a rain storm or taking it down in rain. The wet canvas tucks in on the bed when folding it up. When you get home you definitely need to open it for a day or so to dry everything out so you don't get mildew. Not fun. The hard side A-Frame takes 13 minutes to set up. The Trailmanor video was 3 minutes long to set up. The Trailmanor I viewed had a tub/shower which would be great for small children. Plus, the whole bathroom wouldn't get wet as opposed to a 'wet' shower. You can open & close it in the rain without the inside getting wet. Make note of your holding tank sizes since you plan to use the shower & toilet. If you had to dismantle the whole thing to drive to a dump station and then return to the campsite that would be a pain. Or else you'd have to deal with a portable dump tank and have a place to store it when traveling. Again, I would look into a used Trailmanor. Good luck!
  14. Once meat is frozen and if the freezer is full it's not going to go bad in a few hours of driving time. You won't even notice a thaw on it.
  15. How does he even see out of it to drive? Probably can't even pass a registration test. Yep... donate to a charity instead.
  16. Since you'll be there mid-January I suggest you move from where you'll be staying and stay with the Escapee Boomers for 1 day to 2 weeks..... or even go to their spot for Happy Hours and check the group out. Any age can join the Boomers and to join is FREE so you might want to do that now so you'll be put on their email newsletter list for more information. It's a fun, active group and they have meet-ups throughout the year. Here is last year's newsletter about their moving from Scadden Wash to a new spot. I assume they'll be at the new spot once again in Jan. 2020. Escapee Boomers Birds of A Feather Group - Quartzsite
  17. Welcome to this forum!! Here's a good overview article on Quartzsite. Also look at the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce web site for lots of good information and maps. There will certainly be RVers at Quartzsite in 2 weeks but the 'big' occurrence happens the last two weeks of January when the 'RV Show' is featured. In the meantime if you're going in December RVers are typically very helpful so just stop at a RV if you see someone sitting outside and ask any questions you may have. How long will you be there? There are free 14-day areas and there are long-term areas. https://wheelingit.us/2016/03/13/boondocking-site-review-plomosa-road-quartzsite-az/
  18. People can tow anything they want..... but is it safe?
  19. It sounds like you don't have enough room in your tank to use a wand. I believe they're mainly used after dumping to clean the excess & walls. If your tank is so full adding hot water won't do anything. I never heard of a product called 'tank blaster'. Definitely forget about ice cubes. That's a myth! Good luck.... work on it before things freeze!
  20. If you're hearing that downtown is unsafe why do you want to go there? Take the RV there? Bike there? Then drive the RV to Key West for a day? If you really want to do Miami and Key West I'd suggest you park at a RV park along the keys and take your vehicle for siteseeing.
  21. Sorry... can't help with towing as we didn't tow with ours but just wanted to let you know that the Equinox is an awesome vehicle.... so comfortable for everyone including in the back seat... lots of room. You'll enjoy it!!
  22. You're asking two different questions. I know nothing about compost from black water. However, your toilet may be backed up because you're not using enough water when flushing or using too much toilet paper. A good working toilet shouldn't need any additives. All we every used was plenty of water and no smells or clogging issues.
  23. I'll just add that if you don't return to Texas in your travels you don't have to have it inspected. It's only if you return. Some use the Escapees mail forwarding but never visit Texas.
  24. I'd recommend, especially for a puppy, to have it crate-trained. Then you can be reassured that it will not damage anything. You'll also need to know if it's a barker when left alone which isn't good. Only you, once you get to know the dog, can judge how long it can be left alone with needing to void outside. One thing to consider is what kind of siteseeing/activities do you normally do. For one thing, national parks typically don't allow pets on hiking trails although there are some exceptions. They aren't allowed in buildings. You'll have to read each park's take on it before assuming.
  25. Could you please go over once again what you're trying to do? Sorry, I'm just confused at what you're trying to achieve. You state you already have a toy hauler & you showed a pic of it in your beginning post. It appears to be a bigger one than what you're now looking at. You then asked about doing extensive renovations on the walls/windows. Now you seem to be wanting to get rid of that one & get a small one. Are you still planning on all the renovations? What is your purpose for the RV? Are you living in it? Letting it set on property & never moved? The small one you're now looking at has small holding tanks and absolutely no outside storage. How many people will be living in this? You mentioned towing a snowmobile trailer. You can do that with a truck.
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