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    under glow body lights

    Please keep your neighbors in mind when using lights. We carry a flashlight if walking around the RV.
  2. 2gypsies

    Nervous and Scared

    Welcome to this forum. You'll get any questions answered. Any change in life is scary but trust me, you'll do just fine. As far as I-10, I'd recommend you don't take interstates. Take secondary roads and you'll see more of this beautiful country. You shouldn't be in a hurry and only drive 200-300 miles per day, if that. The small towns sometimes have nice little quiet campgrounds to stay. There are also plenty of state parks or other public campgrounds to stay. There are many women traveling alone and there are some RV groups just for them. You might want to check them out. They usually have some group get togethers around the country at various times and do activities together, have potlucks and hash out any problems they may have. After the group gathering they take off in various directions. Some break off into smaller groups or in twos and travel together. There's also a group for men and women but it's NOT a dating group. It's just RVers wanting to share experiences and most are 55+. https://www.rvingwomen.org/default.aspx https://rvsingles.org/ http://lonersonwheels.com/index.html You're in for a lot of fun, seeing awesome places and enjoying a good lifestyle. You'll do just fine!
  3. 2gypsies

    Snowbird Park in Phoenix or RGV with Woodshop

    You might want to call them.
  4. 2gypsies

    Need Help for route in New Mexico

    On 82 you'll have Cloudcroft Hill to go up. Going up is the easy part. It's down that's the biggie. You shouldn't have any problem. Park in Cloudcroft and explore a little - a neat little town. You'll then have a long gradual downhill at 5-6%, not bad at all. 180 is ok. I'd recommend you purchase the 'Mountain Directory for Truckers and RVers'. It comes in both Western and Eastern versions. Very helpful for a heads up. Did you go to Kartchner Caverns while in Benson. It's a living cave as opposed to Carlsbad and the formations are dripping and growing? It's a beautiful tour. We gave it! Are you staying at the SKP park? I'm sure it's about full at this time of year. Have a good trip!
  5. All you need to plan your trips with 'elevation' in mind. 6500' to 8000' elevation will allow you stay without air conditioning. Personally, we prefer around 8,000' and have to use blankets at night!
  6. 2gypsies

    Route advice to Apache/Mesa needed

    Thanks for returning and letting us know the outcome. Wish more folks would do this!
  7. 2gypsies

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    I'd recommend getting a small used travel trailer and keep your present vehicle for the five years before retirement. By then, you should have both paid for and you'll also know if RVing is good for you and even if a small trailer would work for you. Don't go back into debt if you're trying to pay off things. Even a 'well-used' trailer that may need some work would suffice during this time. Those can be had very reasonably. Forget about renting. It's too expensive for you at this time and one week won't give you a full picture. You already know you can be happy in a small space from your tenting so any size RV would be like living in a castle!
  8. 2gypsies

    BLM Fees?

    Thank for the site. It looks good. We used this one and found that the descriptions were right on although it's getting a little old. The driving directions are excellent: https://www.forestcamping.com/dow/pictures/pictures.htm
  9. 2gypsies

    BLM Fees?

    Here's a good explanation of BLM camping. I'd highly suggest using the Benchmark atlas series for a good way to find BLM land. For detailed info on exactly where you want to stay it's best you contact the regional BLM office. We've stayed on lands in some states but not long-term so we didn't pay anything. We'd learn of the places by word of mouth or reading boondocker blogs, etc. Government agencies such as BLM and the forest service have very poor consumer information out there that is easily attained. You have to dig. Good luck! https://www.rv-camping.org/blmcampgrounds/
  10. Personally, a site can become too crowded easily. When you look out your window and all you can see is fiberglass that takes out a lot of pleasantness to staying in a park. Just our opinion.....
  11. 2gypsies

    Anxiety of Where To Stay!

    Here a free place in Tucson - BLM Snyder Hill. https://www.campendium.com/snyder-hill Also for long-term consider checking the many mobile home parks in Tucson. Many have spots for RVs.
  12. 2gypsies

    using a mysocialsecurity online account

    This is the reason the OP didn't return at first. Answers like this are unacceptable.
  13. 2gypsies

    Can I really full time on $2,000 a month

    We full-timed in our motorhome 8 years without having to spend days or more at the service facility and never returned to our selling dealer. We called ahead to a place for maintenance in the direction we were traveling and they were waiting for us when we arrived. Service was done that day or the next morning and we left when finished. We were always able to spend the night in the motorhome on their lot; often with electric.
  14. 2gypsies

    Anxiety of Where To Stay!

    Give a call to some in Casa Grande, Eloy, Marana, Green Valley, Amado. The Benson Escapees park is 40 mi. east of Tucson.... less than an hour. There are other parks in Benson. What about Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson?
  15. 2gypsies

    Alaska 2019

    If you've ever used the Milepost you know that it has you flipping from one section to another. I would think this would be frustrating if trying to do it online. You're right in that internet is not available in the long stretches between towns. I don't think I'd like it at all. I still like to hold my maps!
  16. 2gypsies

    Anxiety of Where To Stay!

    This really shouldn't be a problem. There are RV parks just about near every town. The smaller towns have great city park campgrounds as well as county parks. Each state has many state parks and then there are national parks, Corp of Engineer parks and national forest campgrounds throughout the country. When moving drive until you feel you want to stop for the day. Within an hour or two of your planned stopping time, look on a map at the next town. Go to RVParkReviews.com and plug in that town and it will show you parks in that town and also within a small radius of it. If you want you can then call the park to double check that they'll have a space. If not, pick another park in that area. Once you start a procedure for doing it you'll find that it really is very simple. We didn't make reservations but if you feel more comfortable doing it, especially at first, then do it if it makes you feel better. You can do this!!! Have fun traveling and stop worrying.
  17. 2gypsies

    Golf Cart a must or not for Fulltime

    ATVsā€¦ we've found that they're generally allowed for leaving the park and coming in..... no riding around in the park.... even at Escapees parks.
  18. 2gypsies

    What brand?

    Very nice! Thanks for returning to let us know. You'll enjoy it.
  19. 2gypsies

    Golf Cart a must or not for Fulltime

    I agree with BobSallyH. Unless you're planning to go to big resorts, other RV parks are generally small enough to walk or else they don't have anything to walk to.... like stores. Siteseeing is usually done via a car/truck. You used the word 'campgrounds'. To me, this means public parks like national parks, state parks. We've never seen anyone use one in those types of parks. I'd recommend you wait on this big purchase and see if the places you stay warrants the golf cart.
  20. 2gypsies

    Big Bend National Park no-reservtions

    I agree with Al F ^^^^^. Stay as close to the park as you can the previous night & get up early to arrive in the park early. Folks leave by 10am. We've been there multiple times before they even had reservations and got a site for our 40' MH. We stayed at Rio Grande campground (not the RV park) and also at Cottonwood (no generators allowed). Good luck!
  21. 2gypsies

    California HWY 120

    Eastbound you'll have 6, 7, & 8% grades downhill to Hwy 395. Taking a big RV into Yosemite isn't recommended. You have extremely high traffic and people, people, people. You'll have tunnels, narrow, curvy roads. No place to easily park a big rig even to stop for lunch. I'd recommend you stay outside the park and do day trips. It's the least favorite national park of ours but you need to see it at least once.
  22. We found all Texas secondary roads to be a very good way to travel so you won't have any issues. Out of Big Bend (hope you're staing IN the park) take 385 out to Marathon then pick up 90 to Del Rio then 277/83 to Larado and 83 to Mission/Mcallen area. Leaving Mcallen take 77 north to Kingsville and on to Corpus Christi. I might add that staying in Port Aransas or Rockport is better than Corpus Christi and you can always do a day trip to Corpus for special things, if needed.
  23. 2gypsies

    Renting an RV in Alaska after cruise

    I say "go for it"! We took the ferry up one year and rented for a month traveling with two friends who flew up before flying back ourselves. We used Great Alaskan Holidays and they use newer RVs. The rental company will show you all you need to know. In the meantime, read these RV forums to get an idea of what's involved with RVing. Look at some YouTubes. You can read about every system on the RV and "how to", including dumping the tanks. The little Class C's that you rent are very easy to drive and fit in everywhere. You'll have lots of fun and you'll see many other renters and RVers to ask questions. RVers are friendly folks and are most always willing to help. Regarding Denali.... when we rented that year we just drove into the park and got a site. They have 3 campgrounds and with your short RV you will get a site. The second time we made the trip we drove up. We rarely make reservations for anywhere but we knew we wanted to stay at the farthest campground in Denali - Teklanika, for 5 nights. Even for mid-summer we only made reservations two weeks prior when we could better judge when we'd be there. As it turned out we were in the area early so on a whim we boondocked at a lovely spot near Denali and early the next morning drove into the park. We easily secured an additional 5 nights in the front campground, Riley Creek - without reservations. This was for our 40' motorhome. We spend 10 nights in Denali and saw 'THE" mountain in full sun 7 of 10 days in July. We also saw every one of the big animals - some more than once. Since you're on a tight timeframe I do suggest you make reservations but you'll get sites to stay. Keep in mind that you don't need full hookup sites (water, electric, sewer). That will give you additional options like finding a beautiful place to pull over for the night without hookups. The fuel stations sometimes have dumping facilities with water fill and even on the Kenai the big grocery store near Soldotna has a dump station/water fill. You will have an onboard generator so electric hookup isn't needed. Enjoy your trip!!
  24. 2gypsies

    Getting Off The Road Temporarily

    You were fortunate. We had a lot there for eight years and never heard of a renter using the casitas/sheds. Oops... I just thought of the lots that are not owned by leaseholders but are leased to visitors for 6 or 12-month periods. Those do have a small shed that can be used because they are all empty. Is that where you were staying?
  25. 2gypsies

    15 day trip and route from La

    For San Francisco I'd suggest taking a tour. We did this one with our daughter who lives there and she was very impressed. It's a small van tour rather than a big bus. You will have ample time to get off and explore. You'll cross the Golden Gate and have lunch in Sausalito. We parked the car at the Larkspur Ferry landing on the north side of the Bay. The ferry took us by Alcatraz and the Golden Gate and we disembarked where the tour van was waiting for us. Very easy. https://www.sanfranshuttletours.com/ Death Valley in May - be prepared for 100 deg or more. The rangers say they have foreign tourists all summer long (135 deg) because they want to experience the 'dry' heat! RE: Buying a national park pass. Are you 62+? You can buy the Senior Pass for $80 which then lets you enter all national parks free for your lifetime - also some other types of public parks. It would let you in free along with whoever is in the car with you. Otherwise, some parks have a daily pass if only going in for a day. Some have a 7-day pass. You'll have to check with each park. Each park has a wonderful web site - worth looking at. It gives you an idea of things to do, road information, special alerts, etc. I'd cut off at least one day for Las Vegas but that's just us. We don't care for it. Yosemite will be extremely crowded and will take some time for driving and trying to find parking. It's our least favorite national park but for your visitor it's worth seeing, I guess. Have fun! You'll need a vacation after this one!