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  1. Possibly, but those that stay at Fishing Bridge want hookups so they'll probably stay outside the park to get them.
  2. Long story but..... we were going to Alaska & thought we'd be happier taking a small RV. We bought a used older truck & 28' 5th wheel. On our way we went through Death Valley and the truck broke down. Our tow insurance was with a rider on our policy. Lone Pine Towing came with 2 flat beds and towed both our vehicles - truck & 5th wheel - to Lone Pine. After repair we went back to AZ to unload everything and pack our 40' motorhome & Jeep which we should have taken in the first place. We had absolutely no issues on our trip. By the way, Good Sam and CoachNet don't own their tow trucks. If you had one of those for your insurance and broke down in Death Valley you would have gotten the same tow company as we did by used a very cheap rider on our insurance. If you tell them the equipment you need you'll get it.... doesn't matter about your insurance.
  3. It's an awesome campground. We've been to Yellowstone often and stay in the park when we want to explore and do the trails. Sometimes we want to visit Yellowstone in addition to the surrounding area and that's when we stay at Baker's Hole. We like the dry sites to the rear along the Madison River.... lots of wildlife to be seen. Try it sometime!
  4. No, it's not oriented toward singles but they are younger RVers and there are 'some' singles in the group. Young RVers typically still need to work. If there's a place to put your spouse's name that doesn't mean you have to have a spouse. Here is one geared to singles and if you look at the faces, many are young. You just have to 'network' as in many things. https://rvsingles.org/activities/hiking/
  5. I disagree. Join a suitable group and you'll find them.... like Xscapers. You'll become friends and perhaps travel together or meet up in other places. We've known some where this has worked.
  6. Exactly, there are lots of national forests around Yellowstone to dry camp. You don't need a campground. It's doable.
  7. Depends what campground you use in Yellowstone as to being able to make reservations. Mammoth doesn't accept reservations and there are others. That was our favorite. We've also stayed in Madison and Bridge Bay by securing a cancelled reservation. We just pulled up and got a site - early morning.
  8. We rarely made reservations - too restrictive. Some national park campgrounds don't even accept reservations such as in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, Big Bend, etc. When you're flexible it's easy to come into the campground early in the day and on other days rather than the weekend and you can then secure a spot.
  9. The Travel Supreme was very well made and we enjoyed it. No problems. It was a tiny company and the market downturn really hurt them. One of the owners went over to Newmar which also built awesome 5th wheels if you can find one. I don't believe they are made anymore as Newmar now concentrates on motorhomes. Good luck with your search. For floorplans and price ideas get on the PPL Consignment site. It may help you. There are 2 Newmar 5th wheels for sale here and many more choices: https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/used-rvs-for-sale/fifth-wheel?sortBy=price+desc&facetValueFilter=tenant~manufacturer:newmar
  10. Welcome to Escapees! Here's a site that might help along with your planning. How does the 14 year old feel about all this? That's a difficult age. Good luck! https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/
  11. I would say they probably wanted privacy from their front window instead of facing the road but if the curtains were closed...… ? We've been in some public parks that have narrow roads or one-way roads and you would need to go the wrong way to enter front first. The camp hosts will ask them to leave and come in the correct way. We hosted at one and that's what we had to do.
  12. 2gypsies


    RV Consumers doesn't look at or test RVs. They get their information from brochures of the manufacturers. As to your question about a 40' motorhome. . . we used public parks or boondocked on public lands 95% of our 16 years of full-timing. We didn't have any issue finding places to stay, including in many national parks such as Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton, Zion, Grand Canyon, etc. I will say that we concentrated mainly in the Midwest and West.
  13. I also recommend you keep what you have for the time being. A 30' motorhome really isn't that big and many women drive much bigger ones. I think all you need to do is to practice and as you're traveling, drive it daily, taking turns. This is the only way you'll be comfortable with a RV. Some take lessons but don't drive regularly afterward. That doesn't make one comfortable with driving. Good luck!
  14. You didn't say how old you are but if you're a 'senior' then getting into a teardrop could be difficult. Weather isn't perfect no matter where you stay so you might be spending some time inside. Personally, we couldn't spend full-timing time in such a small RV even though we're outside folks. You need even some space to get away from each other! That could prove to become claustrophobic. It would also be convenient to have a full bathroom onboard. With your vehicle, you are going to be very limited as to what you can pull.
  15. With your tank capacity I'd hold off on buying one until you know how long you can stay. You have big tank capacity and if you conserve you could last at least 10 days... perhaps more. I'd be inclined to store it in the truck bed rather than in the RV bay. That thing will not be sanitary.
  16. … just to get an idea on various floorplans and prices here is a good site to do that: https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/used-rvs-for-sale/travel-trailer?sortBy=price+desc It sounds like you have a good plan and since you love the outdoors you'll really enjoy yourself! A small trailer is very doable for you. Good luck in finding the right one and enjoy the lifestyle.
  17. How big are your tanks now? Do you 'really' need one or can you conserve and make it before time to leave? When boondocking we can go 10-14 days without having to dump. By that time we're ready to move on anyway. If you're boondocking on public lands you will normally have a long drive to find a dump station. ……. just another thought.
  18. As I recall, the balance is also printed on the mailing label unless this has changed.
  19. 2gypsies


    I just did a quick 'Google' and found this one for 6 months for $2500. They also have Park Models there which you might be able to purchase reasonably. https://www.silverspringsrvpark.com/rates-reservations/ There are reasonable RV parks in every state if you look hard enough and perhaps lower your wants and area - even in Florida.
  20. Hmmmm. I think there are more than you think where family and friends know the address. Some like the personal touch of greeting cards and letters more than Facebook, etc.
  21. Now that's more like it!!
  22. I meant we never bought anything that was recalled.
  23. They need better advertising for 'off'-road'. We took our 40' motorhome on roads rougher than the pictures shown.
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