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  1. for the future.... don't rule out a bigger RV. We used forest service roads and BLM roads all the time to find our boondocking spot.... with a 40' motorhome.
  2. An outside shade keeps the glass cool. It really makes a difference.
  3. Late Sept. is the time when many full-timers or snowbirders begin their southbound trek to AZ, CA or TX for the winter season. They hit all those parks on the way down when it's cool temps. Also, foreigners do their trips of all the national parks at that time. Toward the end of Sept is also a skydive festival, road bike tour and 'Pride' festival. There's always something going on in Moab!
  4. OP: If you're an Escapee member you could stay at the Escapee Co-op in Sutherlin, Oregon monthly - very reasonable and a nice park.
  5. Public places aren't going to risk illnesses because of the water. Along with the national forests, the national parks also regularly test the water.
  6. Welcome to the forum! You REALLY have to explain your comment about the ottoman and the litter box! 😂 Friends of ours cut a hole in a sliding door closet's floor which led to a basement storage area. They made a ladder and the cats got used to going down there and it was easy to open the bay door and lift the litter box out to clean it. No smells upstairs. They also made some kind of fencing around it so the cats couldn't wander anywhere down there. It worked great. Of course you'd need to remember to leave the closet door cracked so they could get down there.
  7. Take Oregon 97 north to OR26 east to I-84 in Idaho. Then get on ID 95 north and stop around Cascade - Lake Cascade State Park, McCall - Ponderosa State Park, Riggins - Canyon Pines RV or even Lewiston if you'd like to take a boat tour in Hell's Canyon. Hells Gate State Park is very nice and has shade. It's a hot area around Lewiston. There are other RV parks in these areas. From Lewiston (a big climb) take 95 north to Coeur D' Alene/Spokane - lots of choices to stay. Continue north to I-90 and then 95 north to Montana Hwy 2 at Kalispell, MT and Glacier NP. All is a beautiful drive! We've drive all those roads with our 40' motorhome.
  8. We've stayed along the Poudre Canyon. They are national forest campgrounds, not national park. They're very nice and very busy! The white water rafting is fun! Have you checked out Terry Bison Ranch? Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44dI8-AK22Q
  9. I wouldn't change your banking until you're on the road and see how it works for you. We did use Wells Fargo for small misc. deposits and only kept the minimum in the savings acct which was used for emergency funds. Wells Fargo is all over. Our investment accounts are at Fidelity and Vanguard and Fidelity does our checking actt. It all works out smoothly once you get going. Planet Fitness and the 'Y's': They're only in big city areas. If you're boondocking or in most public or RV parks you probably won't find them. If you're in RV parks they'll have showers. Otherwise, why not just use your RV? A lot easier. Black tanks? It really is an easy chore. We both took care of doing it. In fact, we both did everything - took turns driving and doing the hookups. You never know when one would get sick or injured. That was our backup.
  10. Honestly, in 16 years of full-timing, and traveling constantly we just didn't encounter drunks. We were also volunteers in parks and can say this is not an issue. I think SANDSYS is correct in saying that the active people aren't seen. They're out doing things and I still feel that younger RVers, for the most part, are more active. Health and eating right is a big part of their lives. In other generations we didn't hear a lot about either on television or in the news. There are health clubs all over now even in the smallest of towns. Every public government offers classes of all types for all ages. Kids get into sports at young ages. I can't even recall sports teams when I was young. Sporting stores do a big business for all equipment and clothes. Go to a bigger RV 'resort' and take a look at the Pickleball courts they have nowadays. A huge amount are playing and competing against other local clubs. Senior Olympics is always a big draw for all kinds of sports - and some participants are in their 80's. Even when traveling we were able to compete.
  11. We used the Escapees mail forwarding for approximately 20 years with absolutely no issues.... even traveling to Alaska. Our kids had enough on their plates so we didn't want to add to it. They also didn't stay in the same states - moving where the jobs were. Our address would have been all over the place.
  12. Let's not forget that we are on the Escapees forum. If you don't know the background Escapees was founded by Kay and Joe Peterson about 50 years ago. They were in their 40's with two children. Joe was a freelance electrician and Kay a licensed nurse. They were 'workers' who lived in RV parks and traveled from park to park. Good people live in RV parks. Don't knock them!
  13. I just looked at Campground Reviews for that area. No RV parks get a good review. The place we would choose would be St. Vrain State Park. It has 50A, sewer and is big rig friendly. http://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/colorado/loveland?parks_by=alpha&page=2
  14. Here's a good chart for each state's maximum for all types of RVs. It looks like 45' is the max for Class A's. Ours was plenty big - 40'. We wouldn't want anything longer as we stayed mostly in public parks. https://www.rvia.org/system/files/media/file/Maximum RV Length.pdf
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