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  1. We always enjoyed Gulf Shores, Alabama. You could get your salt air and huge red jumbo shrimp right off the boats! There's an Escapees park nearby in Summerdale, AL. I think you'd enjoy it. You'd meet some good people there.
  2. Chindog.... the link takes me directly to the mapping program.
  3. Store them in the refrigerator. Even though the outside will turn brown, the inside will be perfect. They'll last longer that way. You could also slice them and freeze them. They'll defrost fast if laid out on a plate.
  4. We've met folks in our full-timing days who love staying in the prairie areas and surrounding countrysides, still others who like big cities and some who need constant planned entertainmen and only seek out popular attractions - concerts, amusement parks, fine dining, some who only go to public campgrounds or boondocking areas, others who will only stay in full hookup sites. . We're all different and that's great. Otherwise our favorite quiet places would be too crowded. However you travel - enjoy!
  5. We've never had the problem probably because our water system was in constant use. However, we have heard of folks with the rotten egg smell and it was always traced to the hot water tank.
  6. We always got good signals at any of the Quartzsite, AZ BLM areas without any added 'boosts'.
  7. Here's how you can order it. You need to be an Escapee member which is worthwhile in itself. https://daysenddirectory.com/#/
  8. We picked up our motorhome in a western state and our first drive with the dealer was up and down a curvy mountain road. His first comment was not to grip the steering wheel so stiffly. Let it flow somewhat freely in your hands and it will follow the curves more easily. Amazingly, it did! As it turned out we absolutely loved mountain driving.
  9. Regarding the rear 'rock guard'... we towed for 8 years with our motorhome without a rock guard and had no dings with our Jeep, including to Alaska. We actually saw some owners in Whitehorse Yukon removing their stiff rock guards and showed us a layer of rock at the base of their windshields on their towed vehicles thrown up from the guards. Again, we had no issues.
  10. Note that Days End is for members only. OP: Here's a great national forest service campground site that we used all the time with our 40' MH. In Stanley we stayed at Sunny Gulch campground - very nice. There are campground all along the river from Stanley to Salmon. There are also BLM areas and fishing access spots you can stay. Enjoy! It's a favorite area of ours.... and good fishing! https://www.forestcamping.com/dow/intermtn/saw.htm
  11. We still use Street Atlas. We haven't found that roads change much so it still works great for us.
  12. Just to clarify Zion restrictions.... it's not in the campground as we easily fit with our 40'... it's for the east tunnel entrance however there is another eastern way to get to Zion starting at Fredonia, AZ and also a way in from the west. If you plan to go to Zion, get on its web site and read all about the Zion Tunnel. Each national park has a great web site giving campground information, road information, things to do, special Alerts, etc. Check them out.
  13. I can tell you of some national parks where our 40' motorhome and vehicle did fit: Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Badlands, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon - North Rim and South Rim, Big Bend, Death Valley, Rocky Mountain. You would probably have more difficulty in the eastern parks rather than the western parks.
  14. From Detroit Lakes, MN to Marquette, MI is 450 miles of good highway. Duluth is no issue. It's not a big city. Take 34/200 to Hill City, MN and pick up Hwy 2. As with any city the best time would be Sunday morning or 6-7 pm and then stop for a close campground so you're not driving at night. Don't try it on a Friday - all roads will be crowded with RVs for the weekend. Sunday is when weekenders leave so that's a good day to get a campground.
  15. To the OP: One thing to consider is selling your RV. If you choose not to have a shower or holding tanks or even a toilet, your RV will be harder to sell.