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  1. Storms/Tornados

    It's very important to know what County you are in when listening to the warnings.
  2. Ideal Alaskan RV?

    Congratulations at finding an awesome floor plan for your family in a small RV. You'll really enjoy having the bunks and the big tanks sizes for a 21' trailer is amazing. Enjoy!!
  3. Good results and experience with PPL consignment in Houston.... sold ours within a month for the price WE put on it. A couple from Florida flew in to buy it. We were amazed at the amount of people there the one day we were there - buying, picking up and selling. It's a well-known, very busy place.
  4. Storms/Tornados

    We have also been in some serious storms in Alabama and the worst one was in Oklahoma. In OK we were fueling at a truck stop and a bunch were huddled around the TV in the store. It was a weather alert about a tornado. We asked where it was and they said "right here". They were also predicting orange-size hail. We got into the MH and drove to a nearby underpass where there were cars stacked up seeking shelter. Soon the highway was void of vehicles and the sky was green. We did have the hail & we were protected but no tornado. Afterwards we found out that getting under a structure like that is bad to do as the tornado wind would make it more dangerous funneling through the area. The best thing would have been to stay in the store but we were thinking more of the hail. In Alabama a few times we were in state parks and the rangers came around knocking on doors telling us to head for the restroom, as the safest place. Everyone showed up with their pets, lawn chair, weather radio, decks of cards, water and snacks and the party began! They all seemed experienced on the routine.
  5. Ideal Alaskan RV?

    I answered you in your other post so I won't add here. I do think if you could find a small RV with bunks that would be the way to go for the children. They, and you, need your own space. Sleep patterns are different for everyone so having to use the dinette or couch as another bed can be very inconvenient. I hope you can find something suitable to you. Your weight limitations will be difficult for room enough for 4 people. Good luck! RVing in Alaska is very popular... with those living there and with visitors. Depending how many days off in a row you'd have you'd have many, many gorgeous places to stay and you could even venture into Yukon. There's also a demand for used RVs if you ever choose to sell. Many use them for fishing and hunting cabins.
  6. Volunteering as a Single

    Money comparisons have absolutely nothing to do with volunteering!!!! That's not the idea of volunteering. Do volunteers in a soup kitchen compare what they could be making at McDonalds?
  7. Florida to Alaska

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with bikes. Most parks do not have designated bike trails and the park roads are much too busy with vehicles and too narrow to ride bikes. If you're staying at public campgrounds walking is a good exercise and staying at beaches will give miles of exercise. There's nothing wrong with having nature be the playground. As you travel through smaller towns be on the lookout for city or county parks. They can be jewels to stay and usually easy walking into town. The northern Plains states have some wonderful ones. Stop a local Visitor Centers for information.
  8. Boondocking for HDT with 40' plus RV

    BLM lands typically don't have length restrictions. There aren't designated campsites. You just park wherever you want. However, there are a few actual BLM campgrounds with designated sites. You just have to get the name of the campground and do some research. We've boondocked or dry-camped in public campgrounds 95% of our 16 years and really, never had a hard time finding spots either with our 33' 5Th wheel/big diesel truck or our 40' motorhome towing the Jeep. Quite often we stayed in the same place with either. As far as theft..... never had anything stolen in the boonies... not even a lawn chair, fire wood or a grill. Of course you wouldn't leave a generator or bikes out when you leave. I'd say, from stories I've heard around the campfires, that boondocking is safer than campgrounds..... and a lot more enjoyable.
  9. Big Rig Camping opportunities

    This might help: https://www.big-rigs-rv.com/Home.html
  10. Specific Question about Travel Day with Kitty...

    We have a friend with a cat who hates to travel in the truck - cried constantly and a hazard for the driver. They eventually left her in the trailer in a carrier as they traveled. It seemed to work for all of them. They stopped every couple hours to check on her. Her personality didn't change because of this... sweet as ever. Having a cat roam in the truck could be very dangerous for the driver.
  11. SKP Co-op insurance

    I think the only people that can refer you to an insurance company for a co-op type of dwelling would be from the co-op management itself or from others at that co-op. What is the co-op you're inquiring about and perhaps someone on this forum is a member of that co-op and can help.
  12. SKP Co-op insurance

    Yes, the co-op would be able to give you local information. Talk to them as others need it also.
  13. Too hot in Yuma too cold in Idaho

    Zion National park area https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/Zion+National+Park+UTNPZION:13:US There's a cold front coming through so perhaps even Yuma will get some of it on Thursday and Friday. Perhaps tour Salt Lake City?
  14. Florida to Alaska

    Since you're planning on visiting the national parks and national monuments definitely purchase the America the Beautiful ANNUAL PASS for $80. It will save you a LOT of money as it will cover your entry fee to any park. It's good for a year and you can purchase it at the first national park or national monument you stop. https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/passes.htm#CP_JUMP_5088574 We've all enjoyed helping you out with your questions and hopefully with a successful trip. Your eagerness in learning and seeing the U.S. is awesome! You must be young because we wouldn't have the stamina and drive to do what you are planning in six months' time. Your children are very lucky to have you as parents. Where's the beer party?
  15. The free lifetime Access Pass is well-known. We issued them to many when we were volunteers in a national park. https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/passes.htm