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  1. Friz: We used electric minimally.... a short burst of microwave, turn lights off when not needed, catalytic heater instead of a inefficient furnace, propane hot water but only turned on once a day & it stayed hot enough all day, no television; radio only. We had 300 w and 4 golf cart batteries. We traveled using elevation in the summer so no AC.
  2. It would be a big impact when selling. not to have a generator especially in a Class B where you'd really not have the room to carry a portable generator. If not using the generator it should at least be 'exercised' under load once a month for an hour or two. We had a generator but rarely used it because we loved solar instead and used solar 95% of our 16 years of traveling. Therefore, we 'exercised' it consistently so that it was workable when sold. We rarely had hookups. Everyone RVs differently.
  3. Your senior card won't give a electric discount at any campground; not just this one. It's only for a basic campsite. An extra car fee is very commonplace - even at state parks. They try to discourage a 'parking lot look'.
  4. We didn't put any separating material between our stoneware dishes. We went to Goodwill or similar and bought wine & drinking glasses. We found that looking for a heavier type rather than thin crystal held up very good just by turning them upside down. Of course, the cabinet can't have empty space so that things can move. Full-timers rarely have empty space though! If you do, fill it up with rolls of paper towels. We traveled bumpy gravel roads all the time without breakage. Another hint: after a travel day open your refrigerator very slowly. Lesson learned.
  5. Carlsbad should give you access.
  6. Wow! A French mastiff can weight between 120-140 lb.!! That, along with a pitbull? Good luck!! I'd really be uneasy about them being around a 3-year-old but that's just me.
  7. Since you're an Escapee why not try one of the Escapee parks for a reasonable price? The Benson, AZ one - Saguaro - has a $65/week special. Try it for a week and see if you'd like to stay there monthly for about $340/month +electric. Benson is about 40 mi. east of Tucson and home of a big gem show in Feb., I believe. It might be of a help for your jewelry-making. Escapees has many other parks - both co-op and Rainbow parks. Check out the website: https://www.escapees.com/benefits/rv-parking/skp-co-op-parks/
  8. - What's the reasoning of buying another house before taking off? Are you going to rent it out? You may find a completely different area to settle down after seeing various places. - Wondering why you're putting a 1-2 year timeframe on full-timing. If it's to test if you'll like it or not, the first year is a learning process and you're sure to have various issues until things go smoothly. Also, years 1 & 2 tend to be 'rushed' years because folks tend to go too fast trying to see a lot. Just something to think about...…
  9. We had a VERY bad experience selling a car.
  10. Does your area use NextDoor.com? It's a neighborhood area site for happenings, alerts and selling things. It could be very helpful for you. I'd use a local newspaper or small community one before Craigs List (which can bring in a lot of wierdos).
  11. Techno, if you click on the iRV2 link that Zulu posted and then go t #129, 130, you'll see what their replies are.
  12. Technomadia: I wish you would do a reply to Neal's post on that forum to clarify things - without any links. (Hope you're out of bug range with your boat!! Those were horrible)
  13. Thanks for the clarification 'bobsallyh'! That sounds great.
  14. Zulu (under a different name on irRV2) gave the link in post #14 (Mobile Internet Resource Center - MIRC). In post #15 it states that MIRC gets their articles from the iRV2 OP's work.
  15. For your rig Baker's Hole sites will be very limited & could have tree issues - narrow road.
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