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  1. If you like animals of all kinds Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (a no-kill facility) gives a fantastic tour. I believe you can also look at a few areas on your own. The drive back there on your motorcycle is gorgeous. Another side trip is Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. You won't believe the color of the sand. Pipe Springs Nat'l Monument is near Kanab and do Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River with your cycle. Moki Dugway is a steep gravel road so you'd probably not even want to take the cycle on it.
  2. Wow! What a mess to deal with! So sorry. As we drove on highways we have seen others do this and commented that the whole roof could be torn off while driving. Most people probably don't even know that theirs does that. Good thing you caught it but sounds like a difficult fix by yourselves. Hopefully, you can find someone to fix it.
  3. Brings back memories. When we did a lot of 4-wheeling with the Jeep we always cooked our lunch on the manifold. Others looked envious when we had a hot meal and they had cold sandwiches!
  4. Chains won't be needed this time of year. North Rim is definitely not more commercialized than the South Rim. You may be mixing up the two. North Rim is very quiet. We love it!! North Rim services end around mid-October but the park is still open for viewing until the road closes for snow.... Nov/Dec. I can't think of any highways your big rig can't go in that area except Hwy 9 west into Zion through the tunnels. Have a fun trip!
  5. What does a steak look like when taken out of the water? A good part of enjoying a steak is the searing look from a grill.
  6. Newmar will continue to operate independently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aQTLFnp4g4
  7. Newmar employees are some of the highest paid in the industry. They don't mass-produce as fast as they can. It can take 10-14 days to finish one unit because most are customized. No two are alike. There's a rain tunnel at the very end to test for leaks. There's a bonus if, when thoroughly inspected, it doesn't have to go back to the same person who initially worked on that section.
  8. 😁 I meant the 'bottles'; not the water, heaven forbid!!
  9. Good idea! We've cooked BBQ ribs in the crockpot while tooling down the Alaskan Highway! The crockpot was set in the sink.
  10. You'd better check out where the bottled water bottles come from, also. I don't know but doesn't everything come from China?
  11. You only get a Costco rebate by using the Costco Visa but they accept all others.
  12. Same here. . . no plastic bins. Layering is very efficient and creates different outfits. Ugh! This is an old thread & I didn't realize I had already replied.
  13. Another vote for https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/ for hoses, water filters and misc. They are so helpful on the phone.
  14. If you look at the link I gave you'll see that it also came from the 'official' Escapees website; not a thread. There's a 'clicky' on the top line and go over to 'blog'. If you click on 'blog' you'll see another 'clicky' for 'domicile'. https://www.escapees.com/establishing-domicile-for-rvers/ I just think the whole Escapees website needs redoing. I recommend it to others and they can't find what they're looking for.
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