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  1. 2gypsies

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Hmmm... 25 yr. with the family and then you changed? What's the difference?
  2. 2gypsies

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Sounds like we're not the norm but in 16 years of full-timing and getting water from many different sources and not all municipalities, we never sanitized. We drank and cooked from the tank. Every so often we'd buy a new fresh water hose. We did use good water filters though.
  3. 2gypsies

    Key Fob

    A local locksmith made them for us and work perfectly. I don't recall the cost but at the time I was scouring the internet and he seemed inline to others.
  4. 2gypsies

    When to set up domicile and change address

    I highly doubt a vanity license plate is going to affect where you call home. I've seen many vanity plates that should have landed the owner in jail!
  5. 2gypsies

    Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

    They could easily utilize volunteers to trim trees. We've done it.
  6. 2gypsies

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    I'd highly recommend giving Miller Insurance a call.
  7. 2gypsies

    How many dealers do you shop?

    We sent out emails to 22 dealers throughout the country and went with the best price. They all bid on exactly our specifications and special orders because we first gave the list to Newmar to make sure everything could be done as we wanted. When we contacted the dealer they, in turn, contacted Newmar for the details spec list and special orders. Newmar sent it to them and that's what they bid on. As full-timers we didn't care where we had to go to pick it up. We just made it into another siteseeing trip. After spending a few days there going through everything we left and never returned to the selling dealer. We had no issues to deal with afterward and if we had, we were assured by Newmar that any dealer would take care of it.
  8. X2..... We full-timed 16 years; boondocked or dry-camped the majority of time and are definitely the type to get 2-weeks worth of laundry done in 1.5 hours and not have to think about it again. If you use the town laundry they are good. It's the campground laundries that are the worst - vacationers wanting to get done fast; sandy beach towels, etc.. We've never encountered dirty equipment. The washer uses water & soap. Why would they be dirty? I smile when folks say even though they have a W/D that they take their big items to the laundramat.... the same folks who complain that the are dirty. So it's o.k. for the bedding? Or they say they take their dirty rags or rugs to the laundromat. If they think laundramats are dirty then they're the ones contributing to it. Again... we've never encountered dirty washers/dryers in laundramats. We do our errands at the same time so we have more time for fun stuff.
  9. 2gypsies

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    If you really want to get the 'feel' of Quartzsite you need to go Mid-January to whenever. That's when the height of the festivities occur due to the RV Show. Also, I think you'd have more fun if you parked with any of the multitude of speciality groups. There might even be a Peterbilt or Voltage mfg. group along with many Escapee groups such as the Boomers who are great fun and you'd definitely be welcomed to their gathering. The Boomers (100+ rigs of all kinds) gather the last two weeks of January at Scadden Wash area. I-10, Exit 19 south; go to E. Frontage Rd and go to the end. Turn right on the good gravel road for 1.5 miles and they'll be parked at the big curve in the road. Just show up and park wherever. They do many activities, pot lucks, siteseeing, seminars on various topics or whatever someone wants to organize. Afternoon happy hour every day welcomes new arrivals. Folks come in every day and some stay the full two weeks while others only a few days. Drive to their site with your car and check them out along with the road. Then bring your RV. You'll love it!
  10. 2gypsies

    Full Timing in a Toy Hauler

    Friends brought their Honda cycle with them in their toyhauler. When the cycle was out their extra room was their den. They rolled out carpeting, had two wall-hugger recliners, t.v., end tables and desk. To make it more 'homey' they hung a nice-looking drape across the rear door. If the site was scenic and allowed for opening the door they opened the rear door and had a bug screen to enjoy the lake or river. It really was nice.
  11. 2gypsies

    Problem with slide outs?

    Never had a problem in 16 years - 2 different RVs.
  12. 2gypsies

    Hwy 95 Coeur de'Alene to McCall

    We've driven it quite a few times with our 40' MH. You'll have Lewiston Hill just north of Lewiston. You'll have 7% downhill for approx. 6 miles w/3 runaway truck ramps. Then you'll have White Bird Hill south of Grangeville. You'll again have 7% grade downhill for 8 miles with 3 runaway truck ramps. North of Weiser, ID there is a 2 mile 6% southbound descent. Near Council there is 2 miles of 5-6%. This highway is very doable for RVs and it's a popular route. Just take your time and get in low gear before heading down. It's a beautiful drive!
  13. 2gypsies

    Marthas Thoughts on Traveling on Highway 101

    Guess I never gave a thought to the short-worded signs before but perhaps they're short and to the point so the least amount of obstruction would block the gorgeous views.
  14. 2gypsies

    Glacier Natl Park - Highway 2 vs Interstate 94

    I will also recommend Hwy 2 and stopping for a night or two at Fort Peck Corp of Engineer Park. Your senior pass will give you 1/2 off camp fee and the sites are very large and pleasant. Where are you planning on staying for Glacier NP? With our 40' motorhome we've stayed a few times at Apgar campground on the west side of the park. The free shuttle stops there and will take you up the Going-to-the-Sun Rd. & you can get on and off at various stops to do a hike or whatever. No reservations accepted at Apgar but we've always gotten a site.
  15. We towed our Jeep all over on the Alaskan trip including the gravel roads of Top of the World Hwy and the drive to Teklanika campground in Denali but not on the Dalton Hwy. We had a Blue Ox. No damage to either vehicle on the whole trip.... no dings or broken windshields. For other gravel roads we toured them in the Jeep only as day trips. There are roads in the lower 48 that we wouldn't tow the Jeep. Park and then do the touring. The reason not being the tow bar but towing a car on rough gravel roads could lead to windshield or hood damage from rocks and LOTS of dust. Hope you get the new one fast.