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  1. I totally agree. We've used TracFones since cell became popular. We now have Samsung Smartphones for under $100 & we can do most everything others do on their expensive phones. Our service is so cheap that I doubt we'd ever give up TracFones. If working from the RV I don't know if it would be enough but It's plenty for a normal, non-working person.
  2. If you need a place to put on your name badge I'd use your last S&B residence. Depending how long you'll be talking to a person or the circumstances you can then get into a more detailed explanation. I definitely wouldn't call our domicile/mail forwarding address as a place I'm from initially but if you have license plates to match you may have to get into an explanation of the whole story . . . and this could take a long time! The whole thing creates entertaining conversations!!
  3. Wow! We've been to all of them. I agree, I can't imagine the Tall Grass Prairie being on the list. I would guess most have never heard of it. However, if you're traveling across the Plains this is worth a stop. You can't see much from your car so best to get out and walk the easy trails. There's very little of this Prairie left compared to what it was many years ago.
  4. I think they don't do maintenance on the road that you can take your own vehicle to discourage people from doing it. They want you to take their tour.
  5. You could also call Medicare to see what your first step should be if he isn't signed up with Medicare yet. You don't need a broker.
  6. From your other post it sounds like you will be in the Arizona desert this winter. Everything has thorns so watch where the pup walks especially around 'jumping' cholla. They are wicked! You shouldn't have any issue of snakes in winter but be on the lookout & don't let her dig into a hole.... never know who lives in it! Keep it on a leash. Good luck! Should be fun!!
  7. I'll also recommend Snyder Hill BLM in Tucson. Close to stores in case something's not working correctly. Good place to try out your solar. https://wheelingit.us/?s=snyder+hill
  8. Wow! This is an original post from 2013!
  9. I don't think I'd rely on any forecast map until a day or two before traveling. We all know what the weather has been - very unpredictable.
  10. Since you're golfers you may want to check out this campground in your travels. Note: this blog site is awesome - great writing, beautiful photography and on the very top line are some nice park reviews listed by states. This party has now given up full-timing after many years and have moved to France but they bought a RV there and continue to travel. Interesting couple! https://wheelingit.us/2014/05/09/rv-park-review-likely-place-golf-rv-resort-likely-ca/
  11. 2gypsies

    OT: Boondocking

    Excellent explanation!!! So true.
  12. Best of luck to you in your new lifestyle! For us, we joined Escapees and became involved with it. We attended the Escapades at first as a learning experience and joined a few Birds of the Feather groups (BOFs). Through them we met like-minded fun folks, exchanged emails and when any of us was in an area for a while we'd send out an email and usually had a group get together. It's nothing for full-timers to travel a couple hundred miles to join in. Many times we'd spend a week or so doing things together. The Boomer group and now the newer Xscapers do these types of gathering readily. They have some bigger published gatherings where 150 rigs would attend; such as in Quartzsite in January. Then there are more smaller meetings throughout the year. Check them out. We have a group of approximately 30 couples who have stayed friends for over 20 years now..... an instant family. We have all stopped full-timing after many years and we now live in the same area.
  13. Egads.... he appears to be a large strong man - overpowering.
  14. 2gypsies

    OT: Boondocking

    WalMart, etc. is not considered boondocking. It's just overnight pavement parking. Boondocking is out in the boonies be it national forest lands, BLM lands or beaches. We boondocked 90% of our time during our 16 years of full-timing and never felt uneasy doing so as do thousands and thousands of others. This incident was a freak occurrence.
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