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  1. 2gypsies

    Buying Advice Needed - Class A

    With a Class B or C you will not have cargo capacity. Full-timers carry a little bit of everything they own. You need a place to store it in the RV. Especially for a new-to-RVing full-timer, I really think getting a B or C would be discouraging for you. You'll think "my gosh, how do they do it"? Truth is, some do it very well in a B or C but the majority have a bigger RV. It would be different if you already had a larger RV and wanted to downsize to a B or C because then you would know your needs what you're capable of living in full-time. Many women drive Class A's and there's no reason to think you can't. There are RV driving schools if need be. As far as going to Alaska in a Class A. Most definitely, it is done often. We did it in our 40' motorhome. There's no difference in traveling there than anywhere in the lower 48. The distance is much greater; hence, a long trip. Roads are paved for the most part. As with the lower 48 there is always road construction going on as their time is short to do it. Just plan a lot of time for doing this trip. It's worth it!
  2. 2gypsies

    Road advice New Mexico

    That still doesn't help us when you post as to perhaps an alternate route. In your initial post give your starting point and ending point and state you want to take back roads and we'll give you possible routes.
  3. Also note that just about any RV park in the greater Phoenix area allows long-term stays in winter. If you're looking at reviews, sound one that sounds good... even if it's someone who only spent a short time and go to the park's web site for additional information. Sometimes you just have to go by pictures to get a feel for the park although some just show a flower garden.
  4. The screen set on the buffet in the corner by the window. Under was the pull out tray for the full size keyboard and there was plenty of room to turn the chair sideways and work on the computer.
  5. 2gypsies

    Road advice New Mexico

    Where are you coming from and where is your destination?
  6. The Maricopa County parks and the state park are only for 2 weeks but I think you can move from one to another. They are excellent parks. From your description of what you like I think zeroing in on the east Mesa/Apache Junction side would be best for you. If you can, reserve a spot for a month in various parks to find the one for you. As far at the 55+ parks, they have to let a certain percentage of underage stay. There are many large, medium and small parks. Each has a different atmosphere. Good luck!
  7. I think you would really like the option of the desk/buffet. We had it in our motorhome and it made a nice office. We had a full-size computer and the screen was affixed with hurricane straps and it stayed in place all the time. We had a small drawer underneath it for the keyboard. Under that was a pull-out tray that our printer was stored. On the other side was a large file drawer and two other drawers for supplies. We did many specials when we ordered ours so I don't recall if the desk area was a special that we designed or if it was configured as a standard. Remember, Newmar will do specials according to your wants.
  8. 2gypsies

    Road advice New Mexico

    According to a web site there is a bridge on NM152 1.2 mi East of Kingston that is 12'8". There is another 3.2 mi. east of Kingston at 12'5" Elevation is 8800' so in Nov & Dec you could encounter snow. According to the 'Mountain Directory for Truckers & RVers' which I recommend you purchase since you've asked about roads such as this in the past, "Trucks over 12'6" high are not permitted. There are many 10-25 mph curves with 6% grades."
  9. 2gypsies

    any Blm land available to stay off I90 in Montana?

    Montana's fishing access sites are awesome! A booklet is published for you to carry with you. Stop at a fish & wildlife office if you come across one.
  10. 2gypsies

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    It depends on what kind of RVing you do but we did a lot of national forest, national park stays. Think trees! Opposing slides would have been a big problem for many of our stays. Many campsites have trees lining both sides of the parking space.
  11. That video shows the same type of wood burner we had in our stick home. There are certain space restrictions that you need around the whole stove. The video sure doesn't show that space. I definitely wouldn't have one in a RV. That's overkill. Yes, insurance definitely needs to be checked out on a wood stove in a RV.
  12. #2 - It sounds like your idea of boondocking is pavement parking. Boondocking is out in the boonies, typically on national forest or BLM lands. It is a perfectly safe way to enjoy the quiet with beautiful scenery. We did it for 16 years and never felt unsafe. I'd say it's underrated; not overrated. It can be an awesome experience and is much, much safer than pavement parking. Similar is dry camping but it's typically in campgrounds with no hookups such as national forest campgrounds, national parks, some state parks, etc. We also did a lot of this and gets us on lakes and streams. Pavement parking is WalMart, Rest Areas, etc. That we didn't do because there are always better choices.
  13. 2gypsies

    Rainbow's End price increase

    Each co-op is run differently. For instance, Benson, AZ's: You put your name on 'the list'. When a lot becomes available, anyone on the list can call in on Saturdays if they want the lot that's available. The person calling in with the lowest number on 'the list' gets the lot. You'd be surprised at the many high numbers who get lots. Many of the lower numbers aren't ready to buy in yet - they're still enjoying their traveling so they don't call in and there's no pressure to do so. You never loose your spot on the list. This is a terrific way of getting a lot. It works very well. Some other co-ops do it a different way. They go in numerical order. When your name becomes #1 you can pass up the lot available once or twice (depending on the co-op). If you keep passing it up you are moved to the bottom of the list and begin over. Once you get into the park, when a lot in a more preferable area or a more preferable lot becomes available, those who already have a lot get first dibs on the new available lot. If no one in the park wants it, it then is offered to the list.
  14. 2gypsies

    Green Bay to Phoenix

    Go to Bing Maps or Google Maps for route - 1831 miles: You shouldn't have any weather issues if driving it before Nov. 15. Watch the reports and head more south if there are any issues.
  15. 2gypsies

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    Full-timing 16 years and always stayed in our home. Like Big 5er, we had maintenance done in Phoenix which was finished late afternoon. We asked to spend the night on the lot. The owner didn't want the responsibility because it was in an 'iffy' neighborhood. He let us stay in the motorhome inside the garage. Yes, a very weird feeling!