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  1. 2gypsies

    Service Dogs?

    I totally agree! A dog in a grocery cart.... or any cart is disgusting. Some will even bring in a dog blanket or bed and place the filthy thing in the cart. The same for kids of all ages in the cart itself; not ones sitting in the proper place. We've seen teens playing around and sitting in the carts. We put our food in those carts folks.
  2. 2gypsies

    Dreaming and planning... would love advice!

    Here's a good site to check out for full-time families: http://www.fulltimefamilies.com/
  3. 2gypsies

    The Ranch

    I think a 'plus' for us was that we stayed in public parks - many that don't accept reservations We've traveled from Arizona to Alaska one summer without reservations. It makes for a relaxing way to travel. Once we got there we did make a reservation in Denali Nat'l Park's Teklanika campground - the farthest one you can drive in Denali but only a couple weeks prior when we could better judge when we'd be in the area. As it turned out we were a little early so we boondocked at a lovely spot and the next morning pulled into the park early and easily secured an additional 5 nights in another Denali NP campground. We saw 'THE' mountain 7 of 10 days. Many never see it because of weather. We also saw every one of the big animals in the park - more than once. Many people stay at a RV park outside the park and take a bus tour for one day and claim they've seen Denali. They usually don't see the big mountain or many animals. We found that If a campground accepts reservations they usually have sites that can't be reserved interspersed within the reservable ones, especially in public parks. There are campgrounds in Yellowstone and others that don't even accept reservations. Once in those campgrounds then you can stay the full two-week limit. We usually moved on Sunday - Wed and stay put for the weekend. We'd plan it so we'd arrive before noon just as others are moving out. We've gotten many, many choice spots; quite often the best site in the park. We always aimed for the back area where it's quieter and where there's no one parked behind us . . makes for a big private yard. We don't enjoy big cities so if near one we'd find a smaller town nearby and then do a day trip, if needed. We're outdoors-types and enjoy being around nature. We certainly don't need full hookups. Dry camping is just fine. Boondocking on national forest or BLM lands is great. Some western states have great fishing access sites where we'd stay right near the water. Western states also have terrific county and city parks in smaller towns. We stayed IN the big national parks; not outside them. As full-timers we had no deadlines so if we came to a place that looked interesting we'd stop. We found some real jewels by doing that. We don't travel interstates unless for a short distance to get to one secondary road from another. We've done the eastern states, Midwest and southern ones but West is our favorite. I'm just stating that there ARE options out there as to how long of a day you drive, what kinds of parks you like what kinds of roads you drive and if you need FHU. There are many people out there today that don't make reservations - even for Florida. No, they're probably not going to get a site in the expensive resort parks. Everyone is different, thankfully. Carlos.... there's a lot to see in the area of I-10 if you'd get off the interstate. As for the SKP parks - we've stayed in every one of them without reservations. It's not beneath us to spend a night or two in their boondocking area until a site opened up. Once that happened we didn't care which site it was. Ya gotta be flexible!
  4. 2gypsies

    The Ranch

    Geez… we full-timed 16 years are rarely made reservations, traveling constantly - even the summer in Alaska. It's not difficult to find spots. We just look ahead on a map and figure about where we'd be in 4 or 5 hours and then look for a place around there. We didn't spend hours looking for a place. I guess we're not as particular as some. If we would have had to make reservations for every night in 16 years we would have never RVd.
  5. 2gypsies

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    If you've ever parked next to a RV using Aqua Hot or similar then you know how awful diesel can smell.
  6. 2gypsies

    doing the Q in 2019

    Here are directions to the Boomer's NEW parking site. . . sorry I gave you incorrect ones previously. I didn't know they were moving this year as they've been at the other place for many years. http://link.rm0005.net/client_files/Boomersbof/NGtB_111518.pdf
  7. 2gypsies

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    We used a propane heater specifically made for a RV for 16 years of full-timing. It provided awesome, safe heat. All propane heaters are not the same.
  8. 2gypsies

    OH NO!!

    I've heard of this happening a few times. Also, of a cat turning on the kitchen water faucet when the owners were gone and it flooded the place. Also, cats getting caught in the slide mechanisms and crushed. Or pets running out the door at highway stops. Put pets in a crate until you're parked or until you're ready to take off. Also when you leave the RV. Pets can be eager to go into their crate if they're trained from early on. They probably feel contented as it's their 'cave'.
  9. Not sure what you mean about Good Sam not showing parks in Austin and area: https://www.goodsam.com/campgrounds-rv-parks/search/?state=TX&city=austin&zip=&name=Fun Town RV Park at WinStar&goodsam=0 There are many, many references for campgrounds/RV parks and none has them all. Smaller towns even have awesome city and county parks and they're not listed in all sources. We liked RVParkReviews.com which gives some feedback from those that stayed there. You have to weed out the excellent ratings and the poor ratings to get a real feel of the park. Everyone doesn't like the same type of park and some folks complain about things that others would find no problem with.
  10. If you're visiting the national parks be sure to check out each of their awesome web sites (using nps.gov) for lots of good information on campgrounds, things to do, road information, etc. For example, here is Yellowstone's site and the campground information. You will note that there are 12 campgrounds and only 5 accept reservations. The remaining 7 are first come, first serve. As 'Quiet Assassin' stated above, if you don't make reservations you need to be at the campground early morning. With your planned car rental you'll be able to use any of the 12 campgrounds with no problem. Even if you try to get into a reservable campground without a reservation, it's sometimes doable because there are always cancellations. We've gotten sites that way even with our 40' motorhome. Yellowstone is a huge area so I'd highly recommend that you start at one campground for a night or two and then drive to the next campground early morning to get a site and stay there for a time and explore around that area. Moving within the park will save you a lot of driving time. Pick 3-4 areas to stay. Have a great trip! https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/campgrounds.htm
  11. 2gypsies

    Updating banking address issues

    How does your address read? Ours was: John Doe 222 Rainbow Dr. #2222 Livingston, TX … ZIP
  12. 2gypsies

    full timing expense for 2018

    $18,634 - you're doing great. I assume it's for one person. Boondocking certainly helps. I glanced at some of your older posts and your photography is awesome. You love nature!
  13. 2gypsies

    Your worst RV travel predicament?

    We arrived on our first day of ranch sitting on 10,000 acres of gorgeous Oregon property. Plan was for us to park at the entrance gate to let the cowboys in to do their thing. We pulled in and the owner directed us to our spot where a previous mobile home used to sit. We backed in and immediately fell into the septic tank with our 40' MH. We just broke through the top; sank about a foot in the rear and were situated very sideways for two days while the cowboys built a road under us so we could drive out. Amazingly, no damage done. The owner had forgotten where the septic was when he directed us in.
  14. As we traveled we used Urgent Care facilities for simple things. Serious issues - go to the ER. They won't refuse you. We had no problem finding dentists along the way; particularly in smaller towns. I'm not sure why you think you have to have care in your domicile state. We easily did it before and after Medicare. We were domiciled in Texas and never had medical/dental done there. We didn't spend much time in Texas compared to other states.
  15. 2gypsies

    2019 Canada- Suggestions Wanted

    You're going Jan. 9?? Are you aware of weather issues and campground openings? You certainly don't need reservations!!