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  1. 2gypsies

    Towing Course

    This has been used by many for driving of all classes of RVs: https://www.rvschool.com/
  2. 2gypsies

    Buying Advice

    We could easily do gravel roads on BLM and national forest lands with our 40' motorhome towing the Jeep. Boondocking was always our first choice. It had plenty of clearance if we didn't go over boulders or in deep ruts. We drove slow and if the road became too difficult we parked for our stay and toured via the Jeep. We didn't feel we had to go directly to our destination of 20 miles in when 5 miles would do. A few times we weren't sure of what lied ahead so we just disconnect the Jeep and scouted ahead before driving the motorhome any farther. I really think you'd enjoy towing a Jeep with either a Class C or A. I'm not familiar with it but I think some trailer owners flip the axel to have higher clearance. You won't be happy in a R-pod or Casita-type - much too small for your height and longer term trips. Fine for a weekend.
  3. 2gypsies

    What brand?

    … a little off subject but we smile every time we think of years ago when we were looking at motorhomes at Foretravel Northwest in Coeur d'Alene, ID. We toured and asked why they don't have slideouts. The salesperson smugly stated "Foretravel will NEVER have slideouts.That's not a gimmick that Foretravel owners want. Perhaps you should be looking at Georgie Boys".
  4. 2gypsies

    FMCA PPO plan

    Here are good detailed posts on ACA insurance for full-timers by this blogger. She also did more the past year so do a search on her blog. They recently 'moved' to France for a while but she is still trying to help RVers with this issue. https://wheelingit.us/?s=aca+medical+insurance
  5. 2gypsies

    Any Advice on best 4x4 RV for off-road Boondocking?

    We did 4-wheeling with our Jeep on the trails of Silverton, CO and Moab, UT. Trucks - even 4-wheel - could not go everywhere a Jeep could go. We've seen some bad incidents where folks think they can go on a trail when they shouldn't be there.
  6. 2gypsies

    What brand?

    We were extremely happy with our 2004 Newmar Dutch Star. Absolutely no warranty issues and no issues after warranty ran out.
  7. 2gypsies

    Dentists in Nogales

    … just cleanings. I believe 'Yelp' has some reviews to check out.
  8. 2gypsies

    Dentists in Nogales

    Dental Laser http://nogalesdentallaser.com/
  9. 2gypsies

    Cloudcroft, NM

    According the 'Mountain Directory for Truckers & RVers" which you really should get - states "there is a 4315' drop in elevations in 16 miles. It begins as a 7% grade dropping to 6%. There are two runaway truck ramps and a high tunnel. There are curves. Use extreme caution on this hill."
  10. The co-op parks are not run the same. For instance, the Benson, AZ Saguaro park has 260 on the Wait List. #1 got on the list in 1999. The most recent lot was gotten by #120. Their system is to call in on a Saturday and the lowest number calling in gets the available lot. Evidently #1 isn't ready to take a lot yet so they don't call in. It's a great system because you're not pressured in taking a lot. You only call in when you're ready. No one is ever put to the end of the list for refusal of a lot like other parks do. Instead of calling each park you can also go online to the Escapees web site and click on each park for information as to how many are on the wait lists. Most of the parks give that information although not all.
  11. This is being discussed in another post and the Escapees insurance plan overseer is looking into different wording for it so as not to confuse people.
  12. 2gypsies

    FMCA PPO plan

    Most full-timers want to get a mail forwarding service and domicile in that state. They don't want to set up residency. Since the plans seem to change all the time you'd be setting up residency all the time in a different state.
  13. 2gypsies

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    I'm not sure what you need to know but here's the brochure: https://newmarcorp-8c1e.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf-archive/2011-kountry-aire-5th.pdf If they're the original tires you may think about getting new. There's also a Newmar forum on iRV2.com if you need more help.
  14. This blog entry comes in 3 parts. They made a huge upgrade to their solar with lithium batteries. https://wheelingit.us/2016/02/24/the-big-beastly-solarbattery-upgrade-part-i-why/
  15. 2gypsies

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    There 'might' be a vacant tent city down there someday... perhaps you can buy some cheap land.