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  1. Grey Water Dumping

    There are BLM employees at the boondocking spots. You might want to mention this area to them so they can go and check it out. I don't think tenters should stay on those lands as there's no facilities for them.
  2. Michigan Winter Weather

    Here's the weather history for this past March 5, 2017 for Muskegon, MI. You can plug in any date to get an idea of the weather but as we all know, it can change. We're from the Kalamazoo area - a little south of Muskegon and I can remember snow in May! Good luck. https://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KMKG/2017/3/5/DailyHistory.html?req_city=&req_state=&req_statename=&reqdb.zip=&reqdb.magic=&reqdb.wmo=
  3. Workamper News Article!

    Great writing and story! Anyone contemplating going to Alaska must read your blog and the 'Recap of Alaska' for detailed information and finances. It's a "must-read". Your writings brought back many good memories of our trips. Thanks!!
  4. Miller insurance company

  5. Yes, the original link is now working but it wasn't 4 days ago.
  6. Renting to try out

    5th wheels are o.k.. We full-timed in a 33' for 8 years. However, we absolutely hated from day 1 having to drive the truck all the time and it wasn't even a dually. We love to explore quiet gravel back roads in the boonies and seek out animals. We found the truck too big and noisy for what we wanted to do. It scared our sought out critters away. Friends got us interested in geocaching and took us out in their 4x4 Jeep. Others took us on true 4x4 rides on narrow trails and over huge boulders, most often where a big truck would not fit. We got hooked and it was time to get a different RV anyway. We settled on a 40' motorhome towing a Jeep Liberty. We full-timed in it for another 8 years and had more fun and met good friends during our 4x4 exploring. It was so quiet on gravel roads that we could easily sneak up on wildlife and sit there to observe them. For in-town siteseeing it was more economical to drive and easier to maneuver in traffic. Looking back we would never get a 5th wheel again after seeing how much enjoyment the small car gave us. Towing a car is not a big deal, especially if you tow 4-down and not use a dolly. You don't even know it's back there. As far as a motorhome not feeling 'homey' - the two front seats swing around to face the living area. The huge picture window out front gave us gorgeous vistas of rivers, lakes, mountains especially when boondocking with no one else around us. Even in campgrounds we could sometimes pull into the site forward and have a view with no one behind us. Although we didn't do it, some folks put the steering wheel in a flat position and add a round board and then a tablecloth. There they display a piece of artwork, a pot of flowers, family photos or the Christmas tree. With that addition and the seats turned around you see very little of the dash area because the picture window draws your attention. As to the statement of spending time in a motel during servicing - we never had to do that. The facilities usually have at least electric for stays. Also, if you had a 5th wheel and your truck needed servicing/repairs then you're stuck without a vehicle. In addition, 5th wheels need repairs, too. When having servicing we took the car and did some exploring in the area we were. We completed some needed chores, shopping, went to movies, etc. Late afternoon we'd return and if the servicing was completed we either took off or were able to spend another night before leaving in the morning. Never an issue. We both drove our RVs and the motorhome was much more pleasant to do so. Same goes for parking and getting settled. I suggest that you think out what kind of RVing you plan to do. Don't settle on one particular kind until you can test them out. Even then, you will only give all the 'systems' a testing which is the same on any type of RV. You can test the difference between a Class A and Class C by renting each. To us, a Class C is claustrophobic. We love that big window in the Class A. It would be helpful if you knew someone with a 5th wheel and perhaps they'd set it up in a nearby park for you to try out for a couple days or even let you stay in it on their property. Over the years we've stayed in everything from tents, pop-up, trailers, 5th wheels, Class C's and finally our motorhome which was the best. I just wanted to give you our experiences so you have something to ponder. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  7. Here's another link to get to campgrounds: https://www.recreation.gov/campgroundDirectoryListByAgencyID.do?contractCode=NRSO&agencyID=70902
  8. Help planning Albuquerque 2018

    We attended with the Escapees Boomer BOF group and volunteered with a specific balloon team the whole time. We came in two days prior to the start of the Fiesta and left the day after closing. It was an awesome experience and we got a free balloon ride! We stayed with the group in the south dry camping area. Balloons landed right in front of us. The free shuttles began very early morning and ran all day - never more than a 10-minute wait and it dropped us off at the launch field. There are wastewater dumping trucks and fresh water trucks that service the area. Traffic from outsiders coming in for the early morning launch and the evening festivities is awful and some roads will be blocked off. If you can stay on the grounds, do so. Inbetween these festivities we had no problem taking our car out for touring the area. Volunteer if you can. It's great to learn all the details of launching the balloon and chasing it. Balloon owners are very appreciative. The launches depend on the weather and if you plan to stay only a few days those could be bad weather days and you won't experience anything.
  9. Houseboat rental?

    Here's a link among many others via Google. They state 'working' 6-7 hours but we didn't do that. Perhaps things have changed. https://www.nps.gov/glca/getinvolved/supportyourpark/trashtracker.htm
  10. Houseboat rental?

    Kirk, since you enjoy volunteering you could get a week free. I don't know if the program still exists but we volunteered for the Trash Tracker gig one year. Two couples on a houseboat with a captain and towing a speed boat for free time cruising. We'd go from beach to beach picking up trash and loading it on a small barge we towed along with the speed boat. We'd 'work' about 4 hours, including travel time from beach to beach and have the rest of the time free. It was fun and since the captain knew the lake well he took us to places rarely seen by others. Having the small speed boat made exploring the narrow canyons possible.
  11. Homesick, Help!

    We always enjoyed Gulf Shores, Alabama. You could get your salt air and huge red jumbo shrimp right off the boats! There's an Escapees park nearby in Summerdale, AL. I think you'd enjoy it. You'd meet some good people there.
  12. New Mapping Tool

    Chindog.... the link takes me directly to the mapping program.
  13. Traveling with bananas

    Store them in the refrigerator. Even though the outside will turn brown, the inside will be perfect. They'll last longer that way. You could also slice them and freeze them. They'll defrost fast if laid out on a plate.
  14. We've met folks in our full-timing days who love staying in the prairie areas and surrounding countrysides, still others who like big cities and some who need constant planned entertainmen and only seek out popular attractions - concerts, amusement parks, fine dining, some who only go to public campgrounds or boondocking areas, others who will only stay in full hookup sites. . We're all different and that's great. Otherwise our favorite quiet places would be too crowded. However you travel - enjoy!
  15. Fresh Water Tank Sanitation

    We've never had the problem probably because our water system was in constant use. However, we have heard of folks with the rotten egg smell and it was always traced to the hot water tank.