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    I enjoy kayaking, golf, photography and anything related to building construction.
  1. Thanks guys. The first companies I contacted said they’d do the r and r but needed to have a replacement windshield on hand in case they broke the original while removing it. That’s understandable but they wanted me to buy it. Which I also agree with but that’s pretty expensive. My local CW said to bring it on in for a quote, but CW doesn’t have a lot of good reviews here. So I called my local General RV and they referred me to a local auto body/glass company. I called them and they assured me that if the glass wasn’t broken, they could remove it and reinstall and fix my leaks, so no ordering of a replacement. But they can’t get me in till mid July. I felt very comfortable with this company and they asked if I could bring in my mh before the service date so they could look at it and order gaskets or whatever they might need. I’m very happy with these guys and I can keep a tarp over the windsheild till my appointment. I feel I’m in good honest hands, thanks General RV. (I’ll let you know the glass company name once I have a leak free front glass)
  2. Recently my windshield sprung a leak. I’ve checked lights above and they are not the culprit. Windshield outer gasket is loose. Thoughts on a fix? 2006 GeorgieBoy class A mh
  3. On our last road trip of the year. Heading north to Fish Creek WI in Door County, then the UP of MI to visit Tahquamenon Falls, White Fish Point, Soo Locks, Mackinac Island, and then downstate on the sunrise side to Oscoda, MI and finally Ann Arbor before heading home at the end of Oct. Three great lakes and hopefully some fall colors. Have a great fall everybody!
  4. thanks for the comments, I ordered the Airtex from Amazon but it is out of stock for a couple of days. Should have it around July 5th.
  5. I've have a problem with my onan generator cutting off after 20/30 minutes and I've narrowed it down to a fuel pump issue. I went to order a new one at Amazon and saw a Airtex brand for 1/2 the price. They say it's a direct replacement and is getting good reviews. Anybody here have any experience with Airtex filters?
  6. Toni, This might help http://www.motorhome.com/download-dinghy-guides/
  7. So sorry to read that your dad has passed. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong
  8. Freddy and Delcie, sorry to hear about your cat. We know how painful it is after loosing a pet. But.......on a high note, good to hear about your rehab going so well. Good luck in getting out by Christmas. eric and karla
  9. All that talk of "feels good to be settled in for a bit" is actually why Karla and I bought a place. After 8 years of fting, and being at the park in IL doing the park host for 4 yrs, we were ready for something new. (but old) And since we wanted to be part of the g-kids lives, while they want us around, we felt here and now was time. We spent the most of the summer looking up and down the Fox River and Chain o lakes for a house but just as important a nice small town. We wanted to be 20 miles from the kids, but didn't find anything. Then we expanded to 25, and Crystal Lake came into our sights. It's a great little midwestern city on the edge of Chicago Land with a metra train to the city, a lake, and a nice little downtown district. We bought a 1400 sq ft ranch built in the 65, walking distance to the dwntwn (1/2 mile) and lake (1 mile) and 25 miles to the kids. There is room in the driveway for the mh but city allows only 10 days at a time, 3 times a yr. That works for us. City water and sewer is a plus too and a dry basement with no sump pump to worry about. We didn't know this till after buying, but the 2015 best small cities to live in, WalletHub ranked Crystal Lk as #10. So we moved in, got our stuff here from MI storage, we are wondering why we kept some of the things we did. So many clothes and no couch but a lawn mower and snow blower. A new couch is coming tomorrow. We kept a portable fire pit which we had to get a permit from the fire dept to have a fire in, which we did and already have had a fire in it. We are taking the mh one last seasonal run to MI next Tues for a couple of weeks and then come home and winterize it for the winter. A spring a trip is in the planning stages to the Pacific NW so we are still mh people but just in a vacation setting. So thats our story and we are sticking to it! Hope all is well with everybody!
  10. well if it's weather update time, here ya go, in greater Chicago land it has been rainy for the past few days and in the 60's but today it will be partly sunny and maybe 70. Fall is in the air and the colors are the coming. (so is the snow, I know. But I am ready) We've already turned on our fireplace for a enjoyable night by a fire. Haven't done that in 8 years. Spent yesterday helping my daughter to get ready for our grandson's 5 birthday party. Oh what fun!
  11. you caught us and we did. We still own the mh and plan on traveling but not always out of here for the winter. I will be posting soon on what we've gone and done.
  12. This is sad news. As all have said, he has been such a great mentor with such a wealth of knowledge. So sad!
  13. congratulations you guys, that will lower your stress levels!
  14. And life is good when you have each other. Happy belated!
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