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  1. I hope both of you guys are doing fine. Did the doc say, let ice be your friend. Keep up with your PT and no time all this will be past you guys. Earlier this year my son had to have his knee rebuilt. I know what kind of pain he was in. I have faith in you guys that you can get thru this. Al
  2. I'll put 2 bucks on Roger to win. lol. Al
  3. Hey Carl, Your the man !!! lol. Be safe on the road. Al
  4. Thanks. That would be great.
  5. Now that's a cool idea ! Do you have a picture of your utv inside the new garage ? Thank you for sharing. Al
  6. Hi Anthony, The winterizing worked out ok. I don't use the ice maker. My water line going to the frig is shut off under the sink in my trailer. The folks here on the forum will give you good advice. Al
  7. alan0043

    Heated Tire

    Hi Carl, Remember, peace of mind is " Priceless ". Be safe my friend. Al
  8. alan0043

    Heated Tire

    Hi Carl, X2. I'm with Rocky on this. Good luck on the trip. Al
  9. alan0043

    Discount Ramps

    Hello Jack, Email sent.
  10. alan0043

    Discount Ramps

    Hi Jack, Thank you for the info. I thought Discount Ramps had free shipping at one time. I will get back to you later. I am thinking email will best the best way. Al
  11. alan0043

    Discount Ramps

    Hi Everyone, I was curious to know if Discount Ramps ever have a sale on their ramps ? It's about time I get a set of ramps for my truck. I was hoping I could find a sale on them before I decide to pull the trigger and buy some ramps. I know that Discount Ramps make a nice product. I am thinking about the ones that are 19" wide. Just looking to save some money. Thanks for any help or ideas, Al
  12. Hi Everyone,I am looking for suggestions where to mount some remote displays. I have a hard wired surge protection in the trailer. I have a remote display for the surge protection I would like to install in the trailer and I also have a remote display for the inverter that needs to be mounted. I am not sure where to mount these remote displays. Looking for ideas where to mount the displays. Both displays do not needed to be mounted in the same place. Does anyone have pictures of their remote displays ? I also understand I might need to remove some of the ceiling in the storage area to help run any wires. The more that I look at the ceiling the harder it's looking to run wires. The frame work for the bedroom floor and the steel frame work for the trailer is going to cause a big problem. I do not want to drill any holes thru this frame work. The inverter in the trailer is all most impossible to see if the inverter is on or not. That is one main reason for the remote display for it. The trailer is a 2019 Redwood.Looking for lots of ideas or locations,Al
  13. alan0043


    Hi Randy, I would be careful with using bleach. You need to know the pH of bleach. Cleaning your truck I would think you want a product with a neutral pH. Al
  14. alan0043


    I hope Mr. Cobb will see this. He has Chandler Equipment boxes on his truck. When I buy boxes for my truck, I will go the the Chandler brand. Good luck on your build, Al
  15. He Tom, That sounds good. Just let me know when your in Ohio. Al
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