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  1. Hi Dave, Thank you so much for your post. I thought I was the only one that ever got thrown a bone. lol. I enjoyed the whole story with the pictures. Thanks again Dave for sharing. Al
  2. alan0043

    Air brake issue

    Hi Charlie, Please keep us update on what you found and how you went and made the repairs. Curious minds need to know. It almost sounds like you might need to remove the left bottom part of the dash to get to where the sensor could be. Best of luck on the repairs, Al
  3. alan0043

    Help identify

    😎 lol. Hi Rick, P/M sent. Tractor question.
  4. Hi Everyone, There was a video out there 6 to 7 years ago when ' Mad Mike ' had his diesel engine on a dyno. He is like a " Mad Scientist ". He is beyond Gear Head. lol. Al
  5. Hi Carl, My question to you is, why move away from a tire that you liked and it worked ? I am just curious. Why not Sailun ? You are going with the brand as a spare. Al
  6. Hi Carl, I would be curious to know why does the IS system lose it's alignment. Is the rubber parts not holding up ? What is coming loose ? If you want to get the trailer to the alignment shop, why not just move two tires ? Is the trailer to heavy on that side ? I am just thinking out loud. Wish you the best. Al
  7. alan0043

    Replacement Air Bag

    Hi Carl, It's just threads. Hi Desert, Will do. Now mother nature needs to get her act together so I can start working on the truck. Winter started early here in northeast Ohio.
  8. alan0043


    Hi Pug, Something like that would drive me crazy. Did you go thru all the fuses to find the bad one ? A man needs to have his tunes ! 😎 Al
  9. alan0043

    Replacement Air Bag

    Hi Rick, I pulled up the rubber boot and cleaned the top of the fitting with a brass wire bush to clean the crud out but I just can't see a collar yet. It might just be better to put new fittings on the air bags. I was thinking the same thing about cutting the air line to get get a good seal. Al
  10. alan0043

    Replacement Air Bag

    Hi Everyone, I have a question or too. The air line has a rubber sleeve over it to help protect the air line. I pulled the rubber sleeve up to see the top of the air line fitting. What I found was, there is no collar to push down to release the air line. Also there is no kind of nut holding the air line. So what is holding the air line in place ? And how do I release the line ? I have seen a couple videos on line but nobody talks about how to remove the air line. Any ideas ? Al
  11. alan0043

    Replacement Air Bag

    Hi Everyone, Here is a picture of my air bag set-up. You can see the bolt in the center that holds the air bag in place. And also the air line. Hi Everyone, An update on air bags ( 11-04-19 ). Went to the dealer today. This is the deal that I got from the dealer. Four oem air bags plus tax was $464. That worked out to $115 per bag for oem. Volvo part number is 21132005. Thanks guys for the tip about the dealer. Al
  12. Hey Rick, I was thinking the same think. I did my reading without coffee in my mouth. lol. The new logo looks cool ! Al
  13. alan0043

    Replacement Air Bag

    Hi Everyone, Here is a picture of my air bag set-up. You can see the bolt in the center that holds the air bag in place. And also the air line.
  14. alan0043

    Replacement Air Bag

    Hi Everyone, I checked out the links to the Goodyear air bags with no luck. The Goodyear bags do not have a bolt in the center of the top plate to hold them to the bottom of the frame. The Goodyear bags use an L shaped bracket on the top to the frame. It looks like I will need to make a road trip to the dealer as suggested. I didn't think the air bags where anything special. It looks like I could be wrong. I found this interesting. The part number on the shocks crossed over with no problems. I thought the same thing would happen with the air bags. It doesn't look that way. Al
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