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  1. Fifth Wheel Rebuild

    Hi Carl, I have the Big Foot System myself. The system has helped with trailer maintenance because it will lift the trailer off the ground. There is no way that I want a hydraulic system that uses aluminum. It needs to be made with steel. That is just my opinion. Best of luck shopping, Al
  2. Fifth Wheel Rebuild

    Hi Ralph, When it comes to dish washers, I thought Donna had one of those high end portable units. I believe the model was a one off unit. The model number escapes me right now. Al
  3. New Horizons 2010 Majestic Info

    Hi Mcwilla, Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions about the truck the guys in the hdt section will me more than glad to help. There are 3 rallies per year that talk about the big trucks. The nice thing is that you don't need a big truck to go to the rallies. Just bring your interest and questions. What state are you from ? Best of luck with the sale, Al
  4. Pulled the triger

    It sounds like you know all about the lock tight. Al
  5. Pulled the triger

    Hi forxlr8n, Congrats on your new truck. I hope you don't mind me making a few suggestions. I pulled most of the interior out of my truck ('12 630VNL) including seats, seat belts, wall panels,and head liner and etc. This is what I found out when I was working on the truck. The seat belt bolts that are in the floor can cause a head ache. I needed the help from my neighbor. He was in the cab with a socket and breaker bar and I was under the truck with heat from a torch. Volvo likes there lock tight. The nuts are spot welded to the cab. They can break loose. Don't ask me how I know this. Be careful in taking out the seats. They are heavy. I can give more suggestions later if you want me to. Have fun working, Al
  6. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hi Roger, Glad to here that you are in Goshen, Indiana. Right now (12/12/17) it is snowing here in Canton. The low temp for tonight is going to be 14*f. Stay safe, Al
  7. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Shawn, Please keep us posted. It well be nice to hear how your Beta testing will go. I hope Kim can find a spot for you. Al
  8. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Hi Shawn, I have a feeling there could be a few guys wanting to look over your tablet set-up. I know one guy for sure. I just need to have a tablet with me to get started. Al
  9. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Hi Shawn, I like the idea about having your music on a tablet. You you going to the ECR in 2018 ? If so, it would be nice to get together and talk about what a small tablet can do. I have no idea about the the power of a tablet or even a smart phone. I can use all the help that is given out. Al
  10. D - Ring location

    Hi Everyone, I want to let you guys know that all the pictures posted have been a big help. Ideas are starting to flow thru my head. There is not much gray matter up there, so the flow is unrestricted. lol. If you have more pictures and would like to post that would be great. I am also thinking that the pictures would be helping anyone that is planning a deck to hold a vehicle. Please keep the ideas coming, Al
  11. D - Ring location

    Hi Jack, I am glad that you brought up the lashing winch. I never thought about a piece of equipment like that. If my memory serves me right, I remember seeing pictures of your lashing winch on your chock's. Can you post a picture or too of your lashing winch with the chock. Right now I am thinking that idea could work for me with the help of an idler fitting. The bed of the truck is going to need chock's to help keep any vehicle in place. I was doing some looking at Mac's web site on hold down equipment. Al
  12. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Hi Everyone, The idea sounds pretty neat. I have a question or too. Can the table that has the engine software on it be used for some other software applications ? It sounds like it might be from what I read in Randy's post. Can someone explain more ? I am still learning why I would want a computer in the truck. I know to most of you guys that a computer is second nature but not for me. I do know one thing is that a computer can hold down a bunch of papers. The next question would be where to you mount this table or computer so it's not in the way. I like to see a clutter free dash so I don't have any distraction. Al
  13. D - Ring location

    Hi Roger, I have sent you an e-mail. I hope it went thru. The reason that I say that is because I got an error message. Thank you for your offer of help. Al PS; I am trying to learn how to use Google Chrome
  14. D - Ring location

    Hi Everyone, I like how you guys are thinking. Please keep the ideas coming. Al
  15. Hi Dave, There is two fellows that have a Comfort Ride hitch. I hope they will see this thread. One of the guys is Rich or Richard (heavymetal) and the other fellow is Norm with a green Volvo that has a huge trailer hitch ball on the back of his truck. The ball is for a joke. The ball must be about 6" in diameter. Maybe someone here knows where those guys are at right now might get a hold of them for you. I just thought of one more guy. That person is Roger (hewhoknowslittle). Al