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  1. Hi Carl, Thanks for the idea. I bought my 510 system back in 2015. At one time I needed to have a couple sensors replaced under warranty because they lost a signal. The total life of my system is just going on 5 years. If you need to replace the 510 system with an other system shows me my original system was of poor quality. That's probably the reason there is no 510 systems for sale anymore. Very disappointing. I wonder where you would make the cut to get the cap off of a 510 sensor ? With my luck I would cut in the wrong place a ruin the whole sensor. Anyone ever cut open a 510 sensor ? Could be a video out there. I'll try to check. Please keep the input coming, Al
  2. Hi Bob, I have seen the steps in action. Nice set-up. Al
  3. Hi Everyone, I called TST today and found out the 510 system is not supported any more. I wonder how many folks are still running the 510 ? I need to to something because I have several sensors that don't send back a signal. I have tried different positions and still no signal. I know what it means. Time for new batteries. When I called TST support the person on the support line was very friendly and helpful. I was told I could trade in my old system in and get 20% off for a new 507 system. This also includes a new monitor. I would also have to pay to have the old system sent back. I would have thought that TST would have a better deal to keep their past customers. The new cost for new system with 10 sensors would be $519. Might be time to find a new vendor. Any thoughts or input, Al
  4. alan0043

    Test picture

    Good looking photo ! 😎
  5. alan0043

    Head lights

    Those are the ones I was talking about. I use mind to help to light the road up better. David is a good guy to deal with. Good luck with your head lights. Al
  6. Hi Chad, Thank you for your help. I got your answer. Al
  7. Hi Chad, P/M sent asking a question. Al
  8. alan0043

    Head lights

    You could do it in steps. Get the new housings now and then in a month or too get David's head lights. It's just an idea to spread out the payment. At times I need to to the same thing. Just watch your credit card cycle. Does your truck have the factory fog/driving light housings ?
  9. alan0043

    Head lights

    X3 😎 I have a question for you. How our your headlight housings ? If you need new housings look at the Depo brand. Cheaper then stock housings and work out great.
  10. Hi Donovan, Welcome to the forum. It is best to have an air hitch to save having your trailer having a rough ride. There are 3 brands that come to mind. Take a like at the following brands. ET Hitch, Trailer Saver, and Comfort Ride. Your trailer will Thank You for having an air hitch. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We all went thru this at some point in putting a truck together. The Resource Guide in the HDT section at the top of the thread is a big help. I'll try to post a link to the Resource Guide. Wish you the best in your build, Al
  11. Hi Folks, Welcome to the forum. I have a question for you. Do you know what truck you will use to pull your trailer ? This could help making a decision. Good luck and have fun on the journey. Al
  12. Hi Dave, Thank you for your help. I am in no hurry. I am reworking the bed on the truck. Right now I am taking a little lunch break. After lunch I will be going out in the barn and start cutting some steel. It's about 32* F with about 1 inch of snow on the ground. I hope you have some warm weather. Thank you again for your help. Take your time on the info and pictures. Al
  13. Hi Dave, I was curious to know how the winch for the Smart car worked out. I am still in the planning stage of adding a winch to my truck. It would also be great when you have the time to post a picture or two of your electrical box that you and Chad installed on your truck that holds the winch solenoid. Thank for any help, Al
  14. Update ( 01-19-2020 ); T style fuse is out. I was thinking Mega fuse. I have been learning from all of the post in this thread. Keep posting your thoughts. This thread could help some other folks in the near future.
  15. Hi Rick, I like your thinking about a seminar on doing a binder. I have a binder myself, but I have always wonder if it needs improvement. 2X on a short seminar on binders. Al
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