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  1. alan0043

    Last ECR Update

    Thanks Carl. I'll check back later. Al
  2. https://freecampsites.net/ Hi Everyone, I hope the link works. Al
  3. alan0043

    Last ECR Update

    Hi Everyone, Is there a problem with the East Coast Rally site ? I tried to go to the page and was told " Page Not Found ". The only thing that I need is the schedule of events. I wonder if the problem is on my end. Thanks for any help, Al
  4. Hi Everyone, I was able to remove the sensor. I have a custom made ( T shape ) 1/2" wrench that I use on my crossfire system. It worked ok. Cleaned the threads on the sensor and valve stem. I now have dielectric grease on all of the valve stems. Thank you Dutch for the tip on using dielectric grease. Al
  5. Hi Everyone, I was checking the tire pressure on the truck today with my tire gauge. I have the TST tire pressure system. I was trying to remove one of the sensor. The sensor won't move. Right now I have sprayed PB Blaster on the threads of the valve stem.Is there anything else I can do ? I do not want to put vise grips on the back of the sensor for fear of deforming it. Do I just keeping putting PB Blaster on for a few days and wait or is there something else I can do ? I have tried to put a crescent wrench on the tool to remove the sensor and all that happens is the sensor removal tool starts to bend. So I stop. Thanks for any help, Al
  6. alan0043

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    Hi Everyone, Time to bump the thread up.
  7. Hi Everyone, Thank you for those ideas. Please keep them coming. Al
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a need for an antenna for my trailer. I installed a new radio inside the trailer. The radio runs on 12 volts and has a place for an automotive style antenna to plug into. I don't know what style I need. The reason that I say this is because I can not get to the outside of the trailer to run antenna wire. Is there an antenna that can work real work without being outside the trailer ? Thank you for any input, Al
  9. I would think that the transmission is more important. My thought is that the transmission needs to have lubrication going down the road. This is if you flat tow the toad. The number of cylinders is not a deal breaker for me.
  10. Maybe it might be better to move the post so more people can see it. Maybe in the General section. This is just an idea. Good luck with moving your trailer,
  11. Hi Randy, Please count me in. I have my plug. What tools do we need to bring ? Thanks Randy for the project, Al
  12. Hello Mike, Welcome to the forum. Read as much as you can in the resource guide. There is a lot of good info there. The resource guide helped me with my truck conversion for Ohio. Good luck with the build and please post pictures. They all love pictures here. Al
  13. Nice looking truck Iddy. I like the color. Al
  14. alan0043

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    Hi Everyone, I thought it was time to bump up the Flea Market List. Any fleas for sale ? Looking for a flea or two ? Al
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