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  1. alan0043


    Sounds like it could be an interesting seminar.
  2. alan0043

    East Coast Rally mentors

    "Al, my only concern is GeorgiaHybrid has volunteered. Now Vicki is great but Dave, that might be a challenge.🤪" Hi Carl, I think Dave want's to challenge himself. You know, " A man got's to know their limitations " . 😎 Al
  3. alan0043

    East Coast Rally mentors

    Hi Carl, I want to throw this idea out there. It might not work because of scheduling of seminars. What if there was a meet and greet with just newbie's and mentors. Maybe 30 minutes before the whole group gets together on Sunday. That way the newbie's will get a better chance to meet the mentors without being over whelmed. Like I said, it's just a thought. I have always enjoyed talking to Ken. I also have a good story about Ken myself. I remember the first time I met Ken. Part of the story is. My first ride in a hdt was in Ken's truck. Rest of the story later. Al
  4. alan0043

    Tampa RV show with HDT

    Hi Roger, I'm curious myself. Inquiring minds need to know. If you want, you send me a p/m or a text. Al
  5. Hi Dave, That's great to hear. I heard that Chandler had a quality product. Hope to see you again some time down the road, Al
  6. alan0043

    East Coast Rally mentors

    Hi Carl, I can remember my first time. I like the suggestion. You could probably use a couple of people. Male and female mentors. Do any of the newbie's come early ? The pre-rally would be a good starting place if there are any newbie's. Just a thought. More thoughts for later, Al
  7. alan0043

    Upgrading to international prostar to pull toy hauler

    Hi Grt 8, Welcome to the forum. I agree with Rick. Go thru the research guide. It could take some time but it is worth it. You'll be surprised what is in the guide. Best of luck. We all love pictures. Al
  8. Hi Dave, Some time has gone by. Do you have any more thoughts about your Chandler storage boxes ? Can you please give us an update ? Thank you for any input, Al
  9. alan0043

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Sounds like the ideal gas law.
  10. alan0043

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Hi Everyone, I have an idea that I want you guys to let me know what you think. Pro or con. I don't want this idea to get anyone hurt or killed. From what I have been reading some people would like to have the truck ride a little softer. Some of the talk was to change the amount of air in the air bags. With less air in the bags the truck could ride softer. But if this is done the correct height will not be right. Here is my idea. I am probably not the first one to think of this. Here goes. How about making a spacer for the air bag. Take the air bag loose from the truck. The spacer could be 1" to 2" thick. The spacer is attached to the truck where the air bag was attached at. Then attach the air bag to the spacer. My thought is that you won't need as much air in the air bag to get the correct ride height because you have already raised the truck 1" to 2". The air bag should be softer with less air but the ride height should be correct. What do you guys think, pro or con Al
  11. alan0043


    Hi Roger, P/M sent Al
  12. alan0043

    Ladder Needed

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for the input. I think I have an idea of what to buy. Al
  13. alan0043

    vent cover for Airstream

    Hi Happy, I have a question for you. Are you talking about a vent cover for an exhaust fan ? If you are, please give the brand name of the exhaust fan. This info could please get you the answer you need. Have you talked to any service department that works on Airstreams ? Maybe they could have an answer for you. Best of luck, Al
  14. alan0043

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Hi Rocky, Brit's talk was interesting. From what I remember, it isn't going to be a simple thing about making the trucks ride like a Cadillac. There is a need for custom parts. I don't know if Brit's presentation is on the ECR site. Carl might know. I won't be surprised the cost could be $$$$. There is also going to be a cost for labor. Brit had some ideas have to change things up. And there is prototype work work that needs to be done before it could really work. Al
  15. alan0043

    Ladder Needed

    Hi Everyone, I need to buy a ladder to do maintenance on my trailer. I have a 5th wheel trailer. The trailer height is 13'6". Right now my ladder is a 6' step ladder. I don't like working on the next to last step. At times I don't feel safe. I will never work from using the top step. I am looking for advice from people who to they own maintenance from a ladder. Do I buy a 8' step ladder or is there another style of ladder that is better ? I have only owned a 6' step ladder to do any maintenance on my home. Is there any threads talking about ladders ? Any advice can be a help to me. Right now I have not thought to much about taking the ladder with me on my travels. Al