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  1. alan0043

    Oil testing Speedco vs Blackstone

    Hello Bill, Thank you for the link. That is a slick looking tool. I watched the video from Blackstone Labs. Al
  2. alan0043

    Hitch Leveling Valve for TSLB

    I would love to hear more about this mod at the ECR. Sounds like a good subject to be discuss. Well at least for me.
  3. alan0043

    FT Noobs seek Mentors

    Hi Chad, Can you and your wife make it to the ECR this year ? There is a great group of people that comes to the rally who full time but they don't post much at all. My thinking is to make a face to face contact. Maybe more people will comment on my statement. Everyone in the HDT group are all more than willing to help each other out. I am not a full timer. I wish I could help you out. Al
  4. alan0043

    Oil testing Speedco vs Blackstone

    Hello Bill, Can you please tell us what vacuum pump you used. Do you have a link for the vacuum pump ? Might be a new tool needed. Thank you, Al
  5. alan0043

    Hitch Leveling Valve for TSLB

    Hi Everyone, This is a rookie question. I want to understand the reason for the leveling valve. Can someone please explain why is valve is needed ? Thank you for any input, Al
  6. alan0043

    East Coast Rally

    I think Roger has a lock on that. lol
  7. alan0043

    East Coast Rally

    Hi Carl, How early are people coming in ? I know after are rally is over there is The Grand Design folks coming in. "Heck, you can even host the pre-rally." You got me thinking. lol. We know that is dangerous. Al
  8. alan0043

    East Coast Rally

    Hi Everyone, I got a phone call from Kim on Saturday early in the evening. I am in. See everyone this spring. Can't wait to get the coffee going. lol. Al
  9. alan0043

    Cab Air Bags on Volvo

    Hi Carl, Hopefully Roger will see this post. I can't remember all the details that Roger was telling me about removing the air bags. One thing that I do remember is to soak the bolts with a penetrate for a couple of days. Al
  10. alan0043

    Transmission ECU

    Hi Carl, Nice to hear good news. The HDT group does have good people. Al
  11. alan0043

    Bling for my truck

    Hi David, Thanks for your comments. I think I just might stay with the stock replacements. Is Depo brand a good replacement choice for the stock housings ? Al
  12. alan0043

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Hi Everyone, I understand that the officer would prefer the paper work not to be in a binder but to be loose. I hope Phil will make a comment on my statement. Al
  13. alan0043

    Bling for my truck

    2X. I wonder the same thing. I need to change out my light housings in 2019. Al
  14. alan0043

    Redwood trailer

    Hi Denver, I can't wait to catch up with you and Miss Judy at the ECR this coming spring. Talk to you later, Al
  15. alan0043

    Power Volt brand batteries

    Hi Kirk, Thank you for the idea of doing test on the trailer's different systems. Right now testing the refrigerator would not work to good because it only gets to 32*F during the day. But I can test the landing gear and slides. What is a safe low voltage that the batteries can go down to before they should be recharged ? I saw an article about this subject but I can't find it right now. If I remember right, I don't want the batteries to go below 12 volts. Is this correct ? Al