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  1. alan0043

    ECR Do-Over

    Hi Rick, Are you staying dry at your place ? The map show s a lot of rain happened down your way ? Just curious, Al
  2. Hi Carl, I have some conspiracy theory stories for you that would be great around a campfire with some adult beverages. That will put a smile on your face. You were talking about quantum physics. When I was working, the guy that was ahead of the lab across the hall from my lab had his PhD in quantum physics. It was always fun to talk to Gary. Ever so often I would have Gary try to explain some of the laws of quantum physics. I would walk out of his lab with a headache. lol. Al
  3. Hey Carl, You could wrap the truck up in aluminum foil. lol. 😎 In the old days you would make a helmet out of aluminum foil so the aliens could not read your thoughts. Be safe my friend, Al
  4. alan0043

    Loss of a Member

    Hello Darryl, So sorry to hear about your friend and his family. Let them all rest in peace. Al
  5. alan0043

    smart issue

    Hi Rick, It's nice to have ' Friends in Low Places '. Al
  6. Hi Chad, It looks like 'His' and 'Hers'.
  7. Hi Rick, Nice project. It really happened because you have pictures. lol. 👍 😎 Al
  8. Hi Randy, Thanks for the update. I knew you would do your homework on your motor choice. Please keep us updated. Al
  9. Hi Randy, I have a question or too for you. How many miles is on the 3800 ? What kind of shape are the main bearings in ? The reason for the questions is that I don't want you to put all that hard work in for something to go wrong later down the road. Is the engine in the car yet ? I have heard of stories where a main bearing can rotate shutting off oil to that journal. Al
  10. That's funny ! That's why they call it a ' Smart Car '.
  11. Thanks Darryl. I had cousins that had the old sling shot dragster called " The Blue Angles " from Massillon, Ohio. It ran a 392 hemi. Back in the day, it hit 200 + in the quarter.
  12. Hey You Guys, If you guys are going to to talking paint. Do you remember a car called " Paint Me Gone " ?
  13. Hey Randy, Once a grew head, always a gear head ! I like the idea. Sounds like the back is doing good. I remember that the std. 3800 could have a problem with one of the main crank bearings could have an oiling problem. I don't know about the supercharged motor. I knew two people that had to change out motors because of the the lower end problems. Maybe someone else with chime in with more info. Remember what Tim the Toolman said. Horsepower, ar,ar,ar !! Best of luck, Al
  14. alan0043

    smart issue

    Hi Rick, Nice to hear that the Smart is alive again !!! Al
  15. alan0043

    Covid Update

    That's what my golf partner / fishing buddy call ESPN. lol.
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