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  1. What engine is that and is the 167K miles on the odometer correct?
  2. I used that route when going from Tucson to Yosemite. The roads were all fine but some of 58 is 2 lane. Sure beat trying to go through LA.
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot read the article without registering for the site, so I'll have to pass.
  4. I don't know what desert you are in so I can only comment here in Southern Arizona. You won't get more than a slightly oversize double car garage for $20K. When I was checking into it for my 5th wheel, the best structure I came up with was an all steel building at 40x40 that cost about $42K not including permits and inspections. That quote included a 14' door, a 10' door and a man door on the side as well as two skylights for light. No utilites at all and a 6 inch concrete floor. A quonset hut type will be the cheapest, but you lose a lot of room with the rounded sides and you need to assemble it yourself.
  5. Local TV station reported that it was working well and that they didn't have to shut down the Interstate for the very windy weekend we just had. First rain we have it will be gone as it was reported to be biodegradable.
  6. This is the recommendation by both ADOT and law enforcement agencies. The public service commercials run periodically on TV here in Tucson, highly doubt you could be sued for doing as instructed.
  7. This is only true if you buy from a private individual. Purchase any vehicle at a dealer and you will pay sales tax.
  8. You are correct to suspect phishing, a pop-up window will never appear for windows updates, even on windows computers. Updates only occur through the Windows Update program. I got one not to long ago for Adobe Flash and it was very authentic looking. You must be very careful these days, the crooks are getting very smart.
  9. I upgraded one machine to W10 from W8.1. Didn't like it much. Of course, I run W8.1 with something Shell, can't remember the name. Makes it almost like W7. I am very suspicious of W10. How does a company make any money giving away their product? Microsoft has never been generous in the past, why start now. I think something is coming that a lot of people won't like, just don't know what it is yet.
  10. If the merchant accepts VISA, they must accept ANY VISA card. You will be able to use ANY VISA card at Costco. You will not be able to participate in any Costco cash back unless you use the CITI Costco branded card. This is the same as the current AMEX card. I do not have a Costco branded AMEX but I have used my AMEX Blue for years at Costco earning the usual 1% for "other" purchases. I intend to use my Amazon VISA and collect points on that.
  11. Don't tell them your age unless they ask. If you're that close to 55, they probably won't care.
  12. Another advantage to AZ is we usually have some of the lowest fuel prices in the nation. Overall, it is a great place to live, provided you are not in or near Phoenix. Vehicle registration is not pleasant, one of the reasons I still have my 97 Honda Civic. This year it will be $20 fee and has hit bottom, it will go no lower. My ten year old truck on the other hand still costs me $103 dollars this year. But as stated, property is cheap, property taxes are half what I was paying 23 years ago in Penna., so I think I will stay. We love snowbirds, come and visit.
  13. ISL is plainly visible on the pic of the engine.
  14. I just got back from there on the 18th of this month. Can't tell about the snow. Monday the 8th it was almost 90 degrees. By Tuesday the weather turned ugly and Wednesday night it got down to 21 degrees and we woke up Thursday morning to 6 inches of snow and another 2 inches fell during Thursday. Lost 2 days of my vacation as we didn't go out. Beautiful area but most of the campgrounds I checked into close at the end of September. I was staying in Rafter J Bar Ranch 3 miles from Hill City. Rapid City only got about 1 1/2 inches but Custer got more than we did. It was mostly gone by Friday afternoon. Despite all the problems, we still had a good time. Be sure to see Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore while you are there.
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