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Construction delays Dallas to Knoxville?

15 March 2014 - 09:43 AM

We'll be headed from Dallas to Knoxville at the end of the month, mostly via Rtes 30 & 40. Our Google Maps indicate quite a bit of construction along the way.  Will this cause lots of delay?  Our first time along this route and the other option is Rte 10 to SKP Plantation, then mostly secondary roads that we like up to SKP Raccoon Valley, but that's a bit longer.


We enjoy secondary routes when we can find them, but haven't spotted any that are obvious alternates to 30 & 40.  Oh & we definitely would not want to be on a highway like Rte 59 between Chattanooga & Birmingham with jarring cement seams.... Ka chunk, ka chunk, ka chunk.


Thanks for any advice.