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Construction delays Dallas to Knoxville?

15 March 2014 - 09:43 AM

We'll be headed from Dallas to Knoxville at the end of the month, mostly via Rtes 30 & 40. Our Google Maps indicate quite a bit of construction along the way.  Will this cause lots of delay?  Our first time along this route and the other option is Rte 10 to SKP Plantation, then mostly secondary roads that we like up to SKP Raccoon Valley, but that's a bit longer.


We enjoy secondary routes when we can find them, but haven't spotted any that are obvious alternates to 30 & 40.  Oh & we definitely would not want to be on a highway like Rte 59 between Chattanooga & Birmingham with jarring cement seams.... Ka chunk, ka chunk, ka chunk.


Thanks for any advice.

Fulltimers banned from Federal lands?

30 June 2013 - 07:30 AM

I follow Cheap RV Living Blog.com and his post today had some disturbing implications for fulltimers.  Sorry I have not researched this issue myself, but it looks like it may be something for our legislative watch folks to look at.  The blog indicates that Forest Service Rangers are not merely enforcing 14 day limits, but are actively seeking evidence that a camper is a fulltimer.  If a camper who is there even for one day is not able to prove they have a residence elsewhere, then they are in violation of the law and per the blog, have been cited and fined!




Here's a partial quote from the blog:


"You have to see that the topic here is not 14 day Recreational Camping; we all know that is the general limit for camping. The FS is arguing that by not having a home anywhere else we must automatically be residing in the Forest, even if we are there for just one day. It is a very subtle distinction (but critically important) between the two."


He goes on to suggest:

  • "Don’t have any signs or stickers on your RV or van that would in any way imply you are a full-timer like an Escapee sticker, a Quartzsite bumper-sticker or last years LTVA sticker."