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In Topic: Where Will You Go When You Hang Up The Keys

03 July 2014 - 03:20 PM

We'll probably rent near our church home in Oak Ridge, TN when we need to hang up the keys.  Will be snowbirds as long as possible, but once we give that up we'll have all that we need within 3 miles and a close church family for support.  Great medical facilities, low cost of living, decent climate and several good choices of independent living & assisted living facilities if we need them. 


Until then, we'll keep exploring and hope to try out the Arizona plan next year- stay low for the winter- go high for the summer.  This summer we're doing a "friends & family" sweep thru New England & looking forward to the Chapter 3 Lobster Fest in August.


In Topic: Group Solar Install Rally Concept

16 April 2014 - 07:40 PM

Sounds good to me, especially if it follows the 2015 Escapade, which I hear is planned for Tucson, AZ.

In Topic: Portable Solar Panels?

07 January 2014 - 11:38 AM

We're just beginning to explore solar options & looking at a Unisolar 128 Watt Peel & Stick panel available for under $300 online.  Per reviews online, the company has gone out of business, but the product seems reliable.  Anybody using them?  Any suggestions of a good controller?  We've noted the company in Surprise & may stop by to see what they have after Quartzsite.

In Topic: Room to sew?

01 November 2013 - 11:19 AM

We travel in a 36' class A with 2 sewing machines and an embroidery machine.  One stores in a back closet, one under the dinette and one in front of the passenger seat up under the dashboard.  We use 2 Walmart folding tables to set up the machine & cutting/pressing stations.  For pressing we cut down an old ironing board cover to about 20"x28", backed it with fabric & slipped a piece of cardboard between the two layers.  The caddy for my iron opens flat to add a second layer of pressing surface. 


If we are each using machines on the folding tables, the cutting & pressing station goes on the stovetop.  We have 16 shoebox sized bins for smaller cuts of fabric that store in cabinets above the windshield.  The sofa was removed & replaced by a 33"x66"x18" box with a lid, topped by a mattress & bolsters to form a daybed with storage for batting, projects & larger cuts of fabric.  I have to confess that there are quilt books, magazines, patterns & supplies tucked in other areas as well.


My husband is also active in amateur radio.  His radios are mounted to a plywood box that sits beside him on the dinette bench.  Antenna wires come up under the bench thru the floor of the slide.  Some equipment is on a shelf under the table between the benches against the wall.  The embroidery machine and a pantry box are under the shelf.


We have replaced the dinette table with a desktop from Ikea.  It is attached to the wall with L-brackets & has a single folding leg recycled from the original table.  The Ikea desktop is the same size as the old tabletop, but is a 4" deep box with a hinged top.  His laptop, journal, directories & a pinboard all fit inside when the top is closed, leaving a clear tabletop for meals.  Wonderful!  No more clearing clutter to make room for dinner.  What a joy.