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National (Federal) Park Statistics

Yesterday, 09:00 PM

Just finished a long data-gathering project on our National Park system . . .

  • Data was gathered on 1540 Federal parks and 80,142 campsites from Reserve America (www.reserveamerica.com).
  • Parks were ranked using the latest (Sept 2014) reviews from RV Park Reviews (www.rvparkreviews.com).
  • However, on average, 58% of all park reviews were older than 1 year.
  • On average 52% of all Federal campsites were at least 40 feet long, but a number of reviewers mentioned bad or winding park roads in Federal parks.
  • Verizon was the most mentioned successful cell service. AT&T was a distant 2nd place, Sprint a very distant 3rd, and T-Mobile not at all.

For a summary, see my Federal Park data.

Lifeline Batteries Tech Manual

15 September 2014 - 03:50 PM

From another forum: Technical Manual for Lifeline Batteries. A good read even if you don't own Lifelines.

DISH Winegard Travler Survey

13 July 2014 - 07:33 PM

Those of you on the road with DISH Winegard Travlers, I'd like to see what kind of signal strengths you're getting . . .



DISH Receiver type:


Your Location (city, state):


110 strength:


119 strength:


129 strength:

DISH Releases Wireless Hopper/Joey Solution

26 June 2014 - 07:01 PM

DISH's new Wireless Access Point sets up its own WiFi 802.11ac network and can network with 3 Wireless Joeys. Very handy for RVs as this allows 2 to 4 TVs.
Hopper/Joey/Super Joey/Wireless Joey Anatomy
Wireless Hopper/Joey Networking

A Study on RVers & RV Parks

06 June 2014 - 04:58 PM

A couple of quotes from a 2010 study from Harvard's Extension Program:

  • A standard RV uses only 27 gallons of water/day, whereas a household consumes 150 gallons/day.
  • Greenhouse gas accounting confirms that actual RV travel creates a lower carbon footprint than comparable air/drive/hotel vacations.