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May/June South half of Colorado tips

09 December 2016 - 10:26 AM

We'll be spending two-three months in Colorado in 2017. We have two weeks at Cheyenne Mountain State Park (Colorado Springs area) and ten days in Cherry Creek State Park just South of Denver. This gets us thru the month of May. 


We have previously spent many months North of I70, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Etc. 


So we're looking for tips on places to visit for 6-7 weeks to the South of I70. So far, the DW has picked out Durango as an area to visit. But after that, looking for input on:


-National Parks and or Forests

-State Parks

-Private Parks


We're in a 40' RV, and do not mind mixing up between say National Park/Forrest Boon Docking, or electric only. And we're open to independent RV parks too. We usually do not get too far off paved paths, but good graded dirt roads of a few miles to access a location, would be just fine. 


(And yes, I will continue using searches with key world Colorado, as I find that is a great way to get a few years of history on an area...)


TIA for any tips:)! And best to all,


Enphase bringing Lithium Battery Modules to US soon

23 November 2016 - 09:35 AM




Modular design. Indoor Nema 2 casing. 


We've been pleased with our Enphase Microinverter on our house system. Each panel can be sliced and diced measured for output. 


At a rounded up 16 X 13 x 9 package, not real big, and sure, not real small. But, could probably be attached to a closet back wall without too much space being consumed...


We'll see how this, along with Tesla's, and other offers evolve. 


As the expense of running power to property, and cost of power consumed, increases - these are becoming more feasible to consider for combo of, and on, grid.



Tips on waterproofing electric connections?

23 October 2016 - 10:08 PM

We're in the process of debugging a problem with satellite dish connections. (Found one cable connection that had signs of corrosion, after about 18 months.)


I've cleaned all roof connections RG6 Coax's, and also protected with anti corrosion protection spray.


But, they're still up on the roof (Winegard Trav'ler related, Winegard RAZR Auto related, Winegard Sensar IV related.), subject to advert weather and driving at 50-65MPH in rain conditions. 


So, reaching out for tips and best practices on waterproofing!


Some of my thoughts, of which some could be wrong, are:


-Use could RG6 cable, and coax components. (All of mind, except OEM ends of Winegard, are of higher end quality.)


-Clean with electronic cleaner, per directions.


-Apply anti corrosion protection, before connecting.


Then it gets to where I am now. Add extra levels of protection, such as the following options, and I suppose that is my question, which of these, or others, would be a good move? 


(In no particular order!)


-Heat shrink wrap connections


-Plastic Spray Tape connections


-Put on sanitizing gloves, and spread silicon seal around all connections points


-Move to a climate with zero moisture!!!


Or, with exception of the last (Not a go for the DW!), combo's of each...




How about it. What is it some of you veterans do to protect of the long haul - external (And internal!) electrical connections such as: Coax; Speaker Cables; RCA Jacked HiFi and or HDMI cables, etc.


TIA, and best for all,



Just a shout out to all - What a great gang!

17 October 2016 - 07:37 PM

Was not sure where to post this.


But after several weeks of limited internet connectivity, I've been catching up on earlier posts. And today, I've had to ask for help on a few things too. 


What a great gang. Have seen so many people helping others. And, I just wanted thank everyone for sharing the knowledge base you bring to the party. 


What Escapees are all about:)!

Best to all,


Winegard Trav'ler and Genie HR44 - "SWM Not Detected"

17 October 2016 - 06:41 PM

Looking for suggestions on what to check next.


1) We've been in the Pacific Northwest with about 4-5 days of almost continuous rain.


2) A show DVR recorded properly for us this AM.


3) Gone for a few hours, and the 775 error code came up when we power on the Genie HR44.


4) Brought the dish down. Powered off the Genie. Brought the dish back up, indicated it locked on to all 99/101/103 birds. Still error code 775.


5) Reset the Genie, via the red button. After it cycled thru, still code 775.


6) Pulled the card out of the Genie, waited a few minutes, and reseated the card. Then powered off/on the Genie. Still error 775.


7) Powered off the Genie, waited 3-5 minutes, powered back on. Still error 775.


8) Called DirecTV Tech Support, and asked them to refresh the box. They did. Still error 775.




I mentioned the rain, and yeah, still raining now, so will not go up on the roof to check the connections at this time. 


Question? If the Trav'ler controller is indicating locked onto 99/101/103 birds, is that a good indiction that the SWM is working? Running System Info & Test, the Receiver ID and Access Card are reflected as being visible. 


Running the System Info & Test further ("_" activated), Diagnostic Code 51-443 comes up. SWM Not Detected. 


Still in question mode, does that mean that even though the Satellite is locked onto 99/101/103, the Genie HR44 and Satellite can't communicate. Is this a pretty good indication that the after days of rain, the coax connections on the roof could have moisture problems? (Will look when things dry up, I assume they will in a few days, as we ran out of room in the coach once the male and female Zebra's came on board:)!). Or, could the Trav'ler SWM be sick. (Trying to understand if the satellite can lock onto the three birds, if the SWM is sick?)


TIA for any info sharing, best to all,