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The Story of the RV Bandit

25 February 2017 - 03:16 PM

(If this is posted and I missed it, we'll just shut this thread down!)





I admit that while in RV parks, we make a judgement call on what to leave out and about in the patio area. We've also been known to keep the door open, with the screen closed, and go for 5-10 mins 'exercise' walks around the park with our dog. (May do this a little less often now:)!)


Wow, all those years he hit the sporting events...


Best to all,




Battery Efficiency and Ending Amps

20 February 2017 - 12:52 PM

I've been reviewing some of my settings on our controller, and wanted to ask for opinions on a few settings.


This is a four year old 800AH bank of X's 4 L16's Lifelines. Classic 150 Controller, with he WhzBngJr added. 


> Battery Efficiency - I have set at 95%, due to battery age. But thinking I should bump that up to 96-97%? (Input please:)!)


>Ending Amps - I have set to 11.5A. (Using 2% of 800AH would be 16AH, but I wanted to go low enough to allow a bit more charging before the Classic 150 moves to Float based upon Ending Amps. Thinking it would be better to send in more charging then too little, to ensure 100% SOC is reached? (Input please:)!)


Note: Magnum MS2812 is set to Auto for efficiency, and wherever compatible settings are available between the Classic 150 and the Magnum, I set them to the same values. I have the Magnum Charger set to the default Lifeline values. (Which is what Lifeline recommended when I asked them for input.)


TIA for any thoughts, best to all,


Thinking of dumping ATT Grandfathered Unlimited Data

03 February 2017 - 09:16 AM

Like many of you, we have multiple tools in our staying connected tool box. 

>I have Verizon with Samsung S6 and for now Grandfathered UDP, with a Hotspot option. It is our primary data provider while traveling.

>My wife has a ATT iPhone 4S also with Grandfathered UDP. But with no Hotspot capability, very seldom goes over 1.5GB (And that is combined with her Mother, as they have a Family Talk Plan now, wither Mom on the account.) Both of these phones are 'off contract', and we'll be upgrading the 4S to the 7 or 7S when the 8 comes out.


ATT is upping the UDP by another $5 a month. And with no Hotspot option available, it really is not utilized. 


We have DirecTV in the coach, and they have the feature that would allow UDP streaming, including with an App if the dish is blocked from connecting. 


So that is sort of the background of where we are. I've called and talked with two different ATT Customer Support personnel reviewing plan options. And have conflicting answers to some of my questions. Was hoping some of you would have the 'Here is how it really works.' scoop for me.


1) If we go to say a 10GB plan for the two of them to share, to retain Mexico/Canada option. Is their anyway her iPhone 4S can be established as a Hotspot? (Back up for when Verizon is not available.)


(One rep said no, the other rep said yes... But the rep that said yes, I think was looking at data devices only plans when making that comment. And due to 'communication problems', kept repeating the same script now matter how I tried to ask the question:)!)


2) With the DirecTV UDP streaming. Is that a stream from the phone to the DVR, that would allow us to watch DirecTV when the dish is not able to lock onto a bird. They mention the App, to allow streaming without the satellite. But again, they were not clear/did not understand my question 'Can we stream that to the Genie so we can see it on the TV screen?


3) If the answer to question 2 is no way to stream it to the Genie to see on the TV. Is their anything that would block me from hard cabling it to the TV via USB (We have the Apple adapter cable to do this.) and display whatever is on the phone to the TV? 




Sort of distant possibility here, as the DW does not want to give up her phone number. But could I use the Grandfathered UDP phone number in a Hotspot device, to allow streaming and other device support. Then get a new phone number for her to use for voice and text, on a prepaid plan? 


Any other suggestions or tips on different plan options to consider would be appreciated. 


TIA, and best to all,


May/June South half of Colorado tips

09 December 2016 - 10:26 AM

We'll be spending two-three months in Colorado in 2017. We have two weeks at Cheyenne Mountain State Park (Colorado Springs area) and ten days in Cherry Creek State Park just South of Denver. This gets us thru the month of May. 


We have previously spent many months North of I70, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Etc. 


So we're looking for tips on places to visit for 6-7 weeks to the South of I70. So far, the DW has picked out Durango as an area to visit. But after that, looking for input on:


-National Parks and or Forests

-State Parks

-Private Parks


We're in a 40' RV, and do not mind mixing up between say National Park/Forrest Boon Docking, or electric only. And we're open to independent RV parks too. We usually do not get too far off paved paths, but good graded dirt roads of a few miles to access a location, would be just fine. 


(And yes, I will continue using searches with key world Colorado, as I find that is a great way to get a few years of history on an area...)


TIA for any tips:)! And best to all,


Enphase bringing Lithium Battery Modules to US soon

23 November 2016 - 09:35 AM




Modular design. Indoor Nema 2 casing. 


We've been pleased with our Enphase Microinverter on our house system. Each panel can be sliced and diced measured for output. 


At a rounded up 16 X 13 x 9 package, not real big, and sure, not real small. But, could probably be attached to a closet back wall without too much space being consumed...


We'll see how this, along with Tesla's, and other offers evolve. 


As the expense of running power to property, and cost of power consumed, increases - these are becoming more feasible to consider for combo of, and on, grid.