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In Topic: MaximumSignal Update?

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

Jack - Be interesting to see how the SuperMax does on receiving side, vs the 13" mag, with the first internal antenna doing inside duty.


Or do you have enough experience after working with these different combo's to not see a benefit in this?




In Topic: Our RV Internet Journey (so far)

17 January 2017 - 12:29 AM

Hope this sorts out for you! We've been very successful at streaming via Verizon. We do have, for now, a grandfathered Unlimited Data plan. 


As we travel.,,


-We use DirecTV for most of our viewing/DVR recording. (Dish works great too for many)

-We will also stream Netflix/Amazon shows too. Via either our Oppo BluRay Player, or Samsung SmartTV, or Roku 3.

-We do internet also via our Verizon data plan. 

-It's our Samsung S6 set up as a Hot Spot, that provides the internet connection.

-We also have WiFi Ranger, for whenever we're at a location without adequate signal for good data feed from Verizon. A very few times, we'll be in a park with robust enough WiFi that they say it's OK to stream. Usually though, we use it for emails and surfing. 


Take your time, stay warm, and dry!!! Over a period of time, reading this segment of the forum, and others - you'll come up with what works best for you... 




In Topic: Where will healthcare go in the near future?

15 January 2017 - 05:53 PM

A Single Payer Pro, where it is a government program (Simple to say Medicare expanded to all, with possibly rolling in VA to help reduce administration overhead.), would be the billions going into profits of the 'For Profit' insurance companies. For example Unitedhealth Group had $11B in earnings, off of $157.1B in revenues for 2015.

No question that not all of the costs related to revenues would go away, if insurance companies were not in the mix. But, suspect by the time you add up Unitedhealth Drop, Anthem, and the others - many hundred of billions per year of both savings in administration, and for sure several more billions not providing profits - would come out of the overall costs of health. 
Shifting that kind of money to actual 'Value Added Health Services'. 
To me, that would be a 'Pro'. 
And yes, one obvious 'Con', would be hundreds of thousands of jobs related to Health Insurance would evaporate - if we did adopt a single payer/governmental health care system. 
Chances of it happening? Probably less the .005% - as Congress has just too many ties to the Health Insurance industry. 
But, going back say to early 1900's - maybe we could have done it then:)!
And I too appreciate this thread, and the various views. Many posters are much more knowledgable about this topic then I am. And good to get various viewpoints. And yeah, we remain Pre 65 with very high options for Health Insurance. So high to us in 2017, we no longer have Health Insurance... 
My best to all, and thanks to all for keeping this thread viable,

In Topic: Toad vehicle

15 January 2017 - 05:29 PM




Here is the FMCA guide too. 



In Topic: 11 year old fifth wheel

12 January 2017 - 12:36 PM

Unfortunately the friend died which is why it is for saie.



Sorry to hear that. But that then does remove that potential wrinkle of future problem opportunities... 


It's now all about business, and what it's really worth based upon condition and how you feel it will meet your needs.