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In Topic: AT&T offering home phone & internet rural plan 250 gbs $60 &...

Today, 08:50 AM

So I can now see our Order Status via the ATT My Orders screen. (Shared that all day yesterday, I received and error code when trying to do so. And that I called and got help from another CS Rep and his Supervisor.)


I see our new order is In Progress with an anticipated shipping date of 2/27-3/1. I also see the new phone number they assigned to the plan too. 


What is interesting, I now see the phone number and order number that the first CS Rep on 2/17 created for me. The status is Canceled, and in the details it says either canceled by me or them. But they also have an iPad device now linked to that phone number, with a shipment for an iPad with Fedex tracking number. It's on it's way to Chula Vista California. 


A few things bother me about this process. No emails to the account holder of cancelation by ATT of the first order. I did not like them asking me in reference to the 2/17 assigned phone number if I was David Mxxxxxxxx? (CS Rep was trying to sort out what happened, but I would have preferred him ask me my name, and then say that it does not match his records.) And, really don't think their software should show me activity that is going on as far as the iPad that must have been assigned to the phone number after they canceled our first order and put the number back into the available pool. Poor testing of software for sure, as IMO this is crossing over account info. 


Nothing is reflected on billing for our account yet, so that is good, and probably more important. 


Will look again on 2/27 to see what the status of our new order is...


Best to all,


In Topic: AT&T offering home phone & internet rural plan 250 gbs $60 &...

Yesterday, 10:57 PM

The Homebase will be shipped to your eligible billing address, and that address needs to match the one on your credit report when they check it. You could probably change the address once you've received the shipment via the billing address, but I don't know what purpose that would serve. You also can't redirect the delivery address with FEDEX, since AT&T blocks that feature when they ship.



A spot on observation, based upon my call today. The CS Rep that helped me on 2/17, never even brought yp running a credit check on our account. Today's rep shared he needed to do this, and I said OK. As pointed out on a few other boards. This is not a high volume ATT option. I had to provide the specific Plan Info buzzwords to the first step that assisted me, so she could locate the specific plan. 


I sure don't blame the first rep that helped me on 2/17. I provided her with specifics on the plan, the found it, and worked with the software and training she had... Never did she indicate any concerns what so ever.


We'll wait an see how this one goes... 


ATT? Heck. I, like many of you, have had your experiences with the 20K pound gorilla. I recall helping my Mom she she was in her mid 80's with her phone bill. I asked her what the 'equipment' monthly charge was for, and she did not know. So I called ATT for her, and she had to give them the OK to talk with me. After 10 mins of talking, we determined she had been paying a monthly fee for a phone that had not been in her home for over 20 years. A rotary phone. The rep was pretty defensive about the 20+ years of montly chargers for a phone that did not exits. 


"Well Sir, she should have turned it in...." (Yep, I agree. But she did not turn it in.) "So it was reasonable for us to continued the monthly charge for a rotary phone.". (Well, not really. As you can tell the difference between a 'rotary' vs 'touch/pulse' phone. (Rotary and pulse had different feedback variances to them, and the ATT network computers knew the differences.) Well Sir, even so, she should have turned in the phone. (OK. Yes, she should have. BUT, you knew from your records that it was a NON ROTARY phone this last year...)


Longer story short. We ended up with a $125 credit to my Mom's account. A drop in the bucket over the actual costs she paid for the monthly 'rental' of equipment. (Rotary phone being the equipment.). What finally got thru to the Supervisor helping me, was my comment 'If it was your mother, would you not want ATT to do the right thing?'


Oh well. Of course they'll be OK with us now, as the decades have moved on:)!

Best to all,


In Topic: The Story of the RV Bandit

Yesterday, 10:36 PM

You'd change your lifestyle due to a single criminal ?





But I would sure alter my behavior when it's very possible I may have become too complacent. I've always told my family and friends the importance of what I call 'Situational Awareness'. I do the best I can do so. 


I also find that traveling I've found a different mix based upon the regions we've traveled too. For example some parks go out of their way to warn you to not leave valuables out in the patio area. And or to leave your RV's unlocked and or unattended. But then you visit say an Escapees Park - and it is so easy to just feel 'comfortable' and not be quite so concerned.


Thieves. Flimflam Men/Women. Etc. are prevalent in some areas. At our now Vacation Home, I've had a few occurrences of people ringing the bell. Some were testing to see what would happen. I've personally watch a few go down the street, and when they felt it was a house OK to do so - disappear into the back or side yards. (In one occurrence about 2 years ago, the police responded in time to catch a person that had came in thru an unlocked window. Was drinking a beer from the fridge, and had a group of stuff already stacked by the front door to take off with.). 


I posted this due to the uniqueness of our RV lifestyle. How easy is it for us to assume all of those around us are OK... No way would they take advantage of any of us... Reality is no matter where we are, common sense precautions should be taken. Do I like this? No! My neighborhood was one where front doors remained unlocked 7/24 growing up. Which I now realize was just the luck of the draw of where my parents landed to raise us... 


So based upon where I lived an grew up in the 60'/70's, etc. - sure, maybe I've altered my lifestyles. But maybe a part of that is me not being only responsible for myself. (Eighteen, nineteen, twenty - etc! - and invincible. Is different then when you have a wife and kids you're responsible for too. I've walked away from a few situations in my mid twenties, with my wife and child with me, that I would have not done so when I was single... ).


Have you not altered your lifestyle too over the years?


Don't get me wrong... The cup is half full, until proven to be half empty - I just now really try to be sure I have enough reserve stashes of water (life) - to replenish the cup to half full again... 


And no apologies from me form doing so... 



In Topic: AT&T offering home phone & internet rural plan 250 gbs $60 &...

Yesterday, 06:44 PM



Check the My Orders section of your AT&T account.  That's where mine showed along with the tracking number.  So far I am not aware of anyone who has been able to get it shipped to an address other than the one on the account.  All the ones I know of that have tried that have had their orders cancelled.






Thanks Joel - And yes, this is what I had expected to be able to do, and did try to do so. But off and on today I tried to check order status, and each time it came up with an error and a message it was a 'Temporary Problem - Please try again later.'. 


So I finally called, and glad I did. The number the Customer Service Rep gave me on 2/17, was assigned on 2/17 to a different person. Using our primary phone number account, the rep helping me today could find no record of any attempt to place the order. Nada. Even put me on hold for about 5 mins to check with his Supervisor. So speculate the lady helping me on 2/17 did everything she thought she was supposed to do. Including not being bothered by the account's address being in SD, and the address I was using for the device being Livingston, TX. And also not be bothered by me wanting it shipped to the RV park in Camp Verde. Suspect while she was not bothered, something red flagged the order and booted it out, allowing the phone number to go back in pool and be assigned to someone else. What confused the gent helping me, and he said his Supervisor too - was why no email was sent to the Account Holder (My wife.) to communicate a problem. A mystery. 


So today we placed a new order. I used the SD billing address for everything (It qualified for the program too.), and I just had them ship it to this address (Our Box Elder mail forwarding one.). The Supervisor waved the activation fee, and also authorized Priority shipping. So really can't complain, other then wanting to use it this week and play with it:)!


I have the new phone number, and this time the order number too. And will check the account in the AM to see what is going on. The rep said he thought an email should be sent to the Account Holder soon too. 


At least I know it's not lost in the mail:)!


Best to all,


In Topic: Where will healthcare go in the near future?

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

It's always interesting to see the different perspectives and opinions What America is all about, the right to have different views and belief's - and usually done so in supportive ways of those that may not agree with our views and beliefs:)!


I always get concerned about the slippery slope syndrome - when we see attacks of different groups.


I wonder why it is 'OK' to go after the evil 1%'er's in some press and in some campaign running. But then those that voice concern about those here illegally draining limited funds away from legal citizens somehow are bad people for sharing their views and beliefs? (Not saying I'm complaining about those here illegally draining funds. But I will share again that I do feel all people within our borders, should be here legally. That we should enforce our laws.)


I find it interesting that we have so many that want to go after those 1%'er's, because they have so much more then the 99%. And yet I know I (And I can guarantee I'm not even in a 40% range of the 1%:)!) legally use Schedule A to save money on taxes. (Mortgages, even mortgages for RV's. DMV fees. Education fees. Healthcare costs fees, including Health Insurance/Long Term Care Insurance. Giving to charities. Etc.). 


Heck, many things DC and our tax systems regulations have in place don't make sense. For example, a person here legally or illegally, filing Federal Income Taxes, can claim Dependents for those living in other countries that are not US citizens. (They earn money here, and send some of it to different countries to support family members.) But the oddity (And dang of DC and our tax system's don't have lots, and lots of oddities:)!), is that only Dependents in Mexico and or Canada are allowed to be claimed. So sending funds to family in Vietnam, France, Russia - does not allow you to claim a Dependent deduction. So what? Well the non 1% who can use Schedule A. Or maybe those that do not own a home, and have now Schedule A help, but can claim non US citizens Dependents, for two specific countries only - that's fair? (It's for sure legal, but is it fair?). The 1% use all sorts of legal ways to shield their funds from tax hits. Gee even large corporations do this too. Of course without any contributions to the campaigns for those in office that make these rules:)!)


Slippery slope? Well what if those that see Diesel Pusher owners as being just too high brow for their own good. Dang it, who cares if the worked, saved, invested and got far enough along to purchase a Diesel Pusher. Many hard working people, and yes slackers too, can't afford a Diesel Pusher. Heck, that ain't fair!!! We're going to have to have those that buy a Diesel Pusher 'redistribute' their savings, investments and maybe even go back to work if retired, to help pay for those who can't afford a Diesel Pusher. Even those who are not legal citizens.


A bit of a stretch? Sure, but that is the slippery slope. Is it fair now. Of course not. Will it be more fair to start taking away from others in different ways? I don't think so. And heck, I feel it is a right for all people to have Purple Pants - we need to have a method of funding Purple Pants for all. And for those that don't want Purple Pants - by gosh we're going to have change their way of thinking, we'll have them pay a penalty to have a right not to wear Purple Pants:)! (Yep, a bit of a stretch for sure. But hope the idea I'm sharing, my view, that when and how is it fair to treat people differently then others? We do it all the time. We just seem to get onto a flavor of the year, or decade, and go after some, but then ignore how things are not always equal.)


I'm in favor, as I've said, of a single payer and provider of Health Care.


I'm also in favor of some form of Flat Tax Percentage - would sure simplify the tax season:)!


Lots of opportunities for all societies to continue evolving and improving, I'm for sure in favor of that. Some serious work ahead, but sadly I see more people on the sidelines that are serious about wanting change, then those that are actually trying to get into positions to help make changes. Politicians, in almost all countries, are considered in some places even below Used Car Salesman. (And yes, that was a slam agains Used Car Salesman - but it is a well known example, and I think it makes the point how little we respect or support politicians.)


Me? Yep I share my thoughts. I write my representatives. Heck, I even send comments to a thing called Newspapers Editorials... I do volunteer. I do care. And reading many of the posts here, I think all of you do too - we may care about different things, and that's OK!


Gee I feel better, I think I'm going to try and understand the March Madness craze next... (So these guys run back and forth and toss a round object into a hole with a  fishing net around it?)


Best to all,