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In Topic: Federal lands Senior pass going from $10 to $80+

11 January 2017 - 09:44 AM

I'm frankly shocked that anyone would complain about a lifetime national parks pass that costs $80.


That's one tank of gas in a full-size pickup truck.


All those of you who are old enough to buy a senior pass can still do so for just $10. So go buy one.


It will be younger generations like myself who will be required to pay the higher fee once we're old enough to buy the pass. And I would happily pay $80 for it. That's a screamin' deal. But I have 10 more years to go until I'm eligible -- and I would wager money now that it will go up in price again before then. 


So please, enjoy what you have. 

In Topic: Domicile analysis

07 January 2017 - 12:10 PM

FYI:  Highest sales tax in the country @ 9.75%

That is true only in some municipalities. In others, it is as low as 7 percent.


Some years ago, when we began our first attempt to become fulltimers, I spent quite a lot of time researching the pros/cons of different states. Tennessee has a lot going for it. The big disadvantage, as Barbaraok mentions, is that there's no RV-friendly infrastructure in the state to establish a legal domicile and mail forwarding. It's possible that someone could use a UPS shipping outlet for this, because they do offer mail forwarding services similar to those provide by Escapees and others. But in the limited research I've done on this, UPS fees for this are not at all competitive.


One advantage to Tennessee is no income tax. They DO charge an income tax on dividends and interest from investments, however. Although at the time I did my research, they exempt the first $1,500 in income for individuals and $2,500 for couples. (Conn. & N.H. have similar arrangements with bigger exemptions).


Anyway, back then I began preparing a spreadsheet that compares a number of different state laws and taxes relevant to fulltimers. I'm happy to share that with all of you, as long as you keep in mind that the info is outdated now. I haven't messed with this spreadsheet since 2010.


Here's the read-only Google Drive link:

States for Fulltimers