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Escapees Lifetime Membership Being Offered

05 July 2016 - 06:43 AM

Just got an email to that effect. There will be 250 memberships offered.   $850 US members / $905 Canadian members. Call the Club office  1-800-757-2582.

Loading a CanAm on an HDT

23 June 2016 - 07:13 AM

For those of you with CanAm experience (Paul?) what are the special factors to consider win building a body that will take a new CanAm or a NEW smart?  I'm concerned with breakover angle, specifically.....I know that ramp storage needs addressing but that is pretty simple if starting "fresh". Also, chock placement is "interesting". Any factors that people can bring to light would be helpful.....

Escapees Park TraPark - Pecos

16 April 2016 - 12:47 PM

Anyone know if stopping here is viable these days. Used to be that with the oil field workers there was not much choice left there. Especially for a big rig....and I do mean a big rig.   74' long.

Test Google Photo pic

15 April 2016 - 09:12 AM


Pivoting Sewer Hose Solution - a Great Innovation

07 April 2016 - 10:50 AM

I just discovered that the pretty cool pivoting sewer hose that used to be installed on almost all Excel 5th wheel trailers is now available to purchase. Previously - when Excel was in business - this was proprietary to Excel. You could not purchase them on the open market. Now you can. I've always looked at these and thought they were a great idea. I have NOTHING to do with this product, but it is something that I think many people would like, which is why I'm posting it. BTRVInnovations is selling it.