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In Topic: WiFi Boosting vs Bandwidth

Yesterday, 08:06 AM

First, it is very true that the old Home and original routers are challenged with the current level of firmware. It is not marketing to get people to buy new equipment. It has to do with how much code there is, and the processor performance available. It is simply a fact of life if you want continual improvements and features.


To answer the original question.....I'll not repeat what has been said, but simply answer the question I pose in the presentations I do on this topic....The question is "This is all so complicated...What do I do?"   And the answer (my answer) is:


Put your money into the best cellular solution you can FIRST. Only then should you do more than the basics of enhancing wifi signal.  


That is not to say that the wifi signals are not useful in some instances  - they are, and the equipment discussed here will help a lot. But mainly you will be on cellular.


Now I'll wait to hear about the  person that has been using JUST wifi for years.....(yes, they are out there, but they will have had limited success travelling, and certainly not for business.)

In Topic: MaximumSignal Update?

Yesterday, 07:52 AM

Jack - Be interesting to see how the SuperMax does on receiving side, vs the 13" mag, with the first internal antenna doing inside duty.


Or do you have enough experience after working with these different combo's to not see a benefit in this?




I was trying to maximize interior coverage since I have more than one person using this setup. I'll try the other iterations sometime, but frankly I have little available time at the moment.  I'd like to get the exterior antenna "exterior" and high, as well.  This combination can go into oscillation sometimes, even at the distance between the two. So I'm on the edge, so to speak.....

In Topic: East Coast Rally Registration is Open

19 January 2017 - 07:46 AM

Pete, in addition to Greggs talk I will be there with my "just built" 780, so you can see what some of the newer features/functions are in a freshly converted truck and body. It will have some nifty new stuff.

In Topic: MaximumSignal Update?

18 January 2017 - 04:52 PM

I'm over 10 miles from the tower in some challenging terrain. The voice performance on the amp is also much better. No breakups whatsoever on the amp. Off the amp you can get drops and breakups.  The distance I can get from the inside unit and maintain good quality is farther on voice. On data you will see a performance drop if you push the distance too much. But on voice it seems less sensitive to distance, which does make sense. 

In Topic: MaximumSignal Update?

18 January 2017 - 07:05 AM

User Experience. Consider this somewhat anecdotal.


I'm currently in SE KS out in the "hinterlands". Without assistance there is only 3G data here, and the phone barely works. That is a good phone (Note 5). Lesser phones do not work at all.


I set up the Mobile amp as a "house" amp (I'm staying in a house). The 13" mag mount antenna in a window on the "tower side" (on a pizza plate). The Super maxx is on top of the kitchen refrigerator at the front edge.  That gives me an average of 18 dbi of gain. It takes data speeds from 2 kbps (note the K) on 3G to an average of 3.8 MBPS. That is not screaming, but the tower is deficient to start with, since speeds near it are only around 5-6 MBPS.


Why do I only see so little gain? The way these amps work, after hundreds of tests, is that the gain bounces. It will crank the gain up, and then adjust it down until the connection is solid. Or at least that seems to be the way it works, empirically. The weBoost -M with its provided antennas averages speeds of 1.85 MBPS. So I'd say the the Maxamp  handily outperforms the weBoost in THIS set of circumstances, which I would call "challenging". To be fair, I have seen the weBoost outperform the Max in other circumstances. Mostly when it is closer to the towers. Id say the Max performs best when really challenged.