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Happy Hour at Quartzite

26 October 2016 - 04:14 PM

We got an email from Escapees today and there has been a change to the annual Happy Hour. It will be one day only, Wednesday January 18th. The location has also changed and will now be on Plamosa Rd. near the ELKS BOF. I'm sure someone in charge will have an update here as time gets closer.

West Yellowstone Smoke Jumper and Tanker Plane Visitor Center

30 July 2016 - 09:28 AM

Last week while we were in Bakers Hole Forest Service CG, the air tanker planes started coming and going into West Yellowstone Airport. We went over a couple of times to watch them refuel and add retardant. On Monday one of the "New Gen" jets came in. Ran over quickly to watch. While there I noticed a building that had "visitors" above the doorway. So on Tuesday we went back over. Went in and nobody around for a few minutes. As we were looking around, Tim, an employee came in and said "come on, I'll take you on a tour". He had just gotten there from New Mexico on Monday. Took us on the smoke jumper plane that was parked on the tarmac and explained how everything was done. Then he took us inside their shop, explained the chutes, all the equipment they carry, the food, and anything else associated with the job. Was an outstanding explanation and tour. Especially us being originally from the East Coast. They were working on the fire below Grand Teton NP along RT 191, Pinedale and Dubois, WY. The airport is approx. 3 miles north of West Yellowstone, MT. on the west side of RT 191 going towards Bozeman. Very worth while. Very low-key! 

 This is the outfit supplying the planes.     http://www.neptuneav...dex2.php#/home/

Federal law about LP detectors?

03 July 2016 - 08:30 PM

Has anybody purchased a new fiver or travel trailer lately? Conversing with a friend that lives in the Petersburg, VA. area, two friends of his have bought new units in the last two months from two different dealers in the Richmond, VA. area. After both brought them home and parked them, they turned the battery switch to OFF and no 120V going to rigs. Shortly after they found the battery dead. Plugged the units in and turned the switch to ON. The battery charged back up on both rigs. Repeated the process with the same results. They both go back to their respective dealer and asked both the salesperson and shop foreman. The answer from the employees was that there is a new federal law that the LP detector is wired directly to the battery, bypassing the cutoff switch, so even with the battery cut off and the unit unplugged from shore power the LP detector runs until the battery is dead. My friend is well versed on RV workings. Has anyone else heard of this supposedly new law or anybody that has had results like above?

HDT passed thru RV Park

29 June 2016 - 08:17 PM

This evening about 8 PM (MTN) a lime green Kenworth pulling a Fusion Toy Hauler, singled, stacks, Idaho 1A (Boise) tag passed thru Valley View RV Park in Island Park, ID. Guess there was no room at the inn. Headed toward West Yellowstone, MT.

Tubes of caulking?

28 June 2016 - 08:45 AM

Has anybody come up with a way to keep an open tube of caulking from getting hard from the tip on down to the tube? I have tried numerous things, Saran Wrap, screw bolts or screws into the tip, electric wire nuts, etc. I remember a number of years ago when GE Silicon caulk had a screw in tip and also a screw in plug. It worked very well. I just bought a tube that has a push-on cap. Shoot it doesn't even have any ridges to help it stay on the tip. It just falls off.