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  2. Hello, this is my 2nd week of owning an RV (I bought it in AZ and am on my way back to the east coast). I might have made a big mistake this morning and contaminated my water tank. I filled up my water tank at a campground in Santa Fe this morning. I use a basic water filter I bought at Walmart (blue one that attaches to the hose). I ran the water for a few seconds and filled it up. When I removed the hose from the faucet, there were bunch of small worms on the mesh filter of the pressure regulator. They looked like tiny earthworms (but probably not). Gross! The worms were big enough that they were caught in the mesh filter. Since the water is also filtered, I hope that none of them are actually in the tank. But how about parasites, small eggs and such? I was in a hurry and wasn't at a full hookup site, so I am traveling with the water right now. I don't drink the water from the tank but I wash dishes with it. But I am boiling water to do my dishes for now. Has anyone run into something like this before? I read posts about disinfecting the tank with chlorine but many campsites say that they are on septic system and ask not to pour chemicals in their sewer. So what should I do? Thank you!
  3. so what does everyone think do you think it will work
  4. Yep - you did the upgrade for me right at the campsite in Wilmington, Ohio - greatly appreciated.
  5. I have my Aqua Hot system serviced annually for about $200. It’s not worth my time to do it myself and save $200. I would rather enjoy life and let some one else who is more qualified do it for me.
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  7. Good to see the USAF is still hard at work on important uniform issues. Yes, that is sarcasm.
  8. Had ordered a pair of OEM replacements from CARiD that were supposed to be overnighted. After a goat rope with CARiD, I found out they do NOT ship overnight. Today I ordered a pair from Lippert and paid $369 to overnight. This afternoon I still had not received a shipping notice so I called Lippert to check on the status. Despite everything being done right, the CSR had no idea why they didn't ship out. KRAZY!! So I am back to where I was 2 days ago. But, tomorrow I'll head to the repair shop and have one of the original leafs put into the stack to get the capacity up to where it needs to be. Lippert is sending the 2 new sets to the park we'll be at for the summer. Hopefully over the next 3 weeks I can get both sets replaced. Should be on the road by noon and arrive at the park by 2. Will go thru an RV wash and the Cat scales on the way out of Missoula.
  9. Greetings fellow campers, We've acquired a 1999 Four Winds Fun Mover Toy Hauler 31', we know almost nothing about how to use this and need to locate an Owner's Manual for it. We've contacted Thor and a supplier of theirs, but neither have this information and in searching the internet, a 2007 is the closest we could come up with. If anyone has some information on where we can get one, that would be most appreciated, as the unit needs much TLC and repairs. Thank you,
  10. Glenn- have a gander at AmeriDeck loaders for pickups for geometry ideas. I have an older one that will load 2000lbs on the deck.
  11. The Air Force Is on a Mission to Fix its Uniforms The Air Force Chief of Staff has called for improved, better-fitting uniforms -- not only for comfort, but also for safety. Latest Military News Air Force OKs Unit Patch Sleeve Swap on New OCP Uniform B-1B Bomber Fleet Resumes Flight Operations After Latest Grounding Air Force Authorizes Two-Piece Flight Suits on Duty More Discipline, Less Bleeding: General Defends Controversial New Policy Two American Soldiers Stopped by Mexican Troops Along the Border Government Appeals Judge's Ruling That Found Male-Only Draft Unconstitutional USS Iowa: First Came the Explosion, Then the Cover-Up 10 Unintentionally Hilarious Military Acronyms Overtasking of B-1 Lancer Fleet Led to Faster Deterioration, General Says Lawmaker Renews Push to Get Vietnam-Era Airman Medal of Honor Who Wants to Be the New Air Force Secretary? Perhaps Not Many The Air Force Hasn't Bought an F-15 in 15 Years. Boeing Is Preparing Just in Case Appeals Court Rejects Chelsea Manning's Effort to Leave Jail Number of Female Generals, Admirals Has Doubled Since 2000, Report Finds The Best Amusement Park Military Discounts When a VA Loan Is NOT Your Best Bet 3 Ways Vets Can Get Free Tech Training
  12. Early Cummins “Signature “ 600hp/2050 torks ISX’s z would leak combustion pressure at the injectors forming “asphaltines” in the return fuel. The fuel in the tanks would turn black.
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  14. House will go on the market in about 2 weeks. It literally took me 4-months of hard labor to get the place presentable. I can confidently say that I will have no regrets leaving property ownership behind once this place sells. Being footloose will suit me just fine. I’m going to drive to Duluth tomorrow to look at one of the Coachmen Freedom Express Ultralights. I’m wary of buying any Forest River products but this one has the layout and specs I’m looking for so I figure it deserves a look. I’m also very serious about one of the Grand Design models. As much as I’d like to get into a Lance or an Outdoors Recreation or Arctic Fox or Nash, I’m having a hard time convincing myself to spend $30 or $40K before I’m committed to this new lifestyle. Dealers around here are selling the Grand Design and Coachmen units for around $20K. Yes, I continue to watch for used but so far no luck. I hope to post details about my new purchase very soon. Saw another thread here about the “Class of 2019” and maybe just maybe I too will graduate this year! 😊
  15. I'm not sure why there's so much concern about whether or not 5G will eventually make equipment obsolete. The time scales for that happening outside of the major cities are IMO so long that most of us will probably have left the road entirely before we ever see 5G. According to my son, who works for Verizon, the 5G roll-out for 2019 are Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Des Moines, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Phoenix, Providence, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC. Those aren't places where I spend much of my summer time! When it will get to Corpus Christi (or Rockport) where we spend the winter is going to be a long way in the future.
  16. I attended the rallies with a AS chapter in Texas. Haven’t attended a national rally as of yet. There has been some controversy over how the officers are elected (the officers nominate one person for each position and the members get to “vote” for that person) along with other issues. The Texas chapter was all about having fun. Hopefully, the controversies will get resolved and the club will thrive again.
  17. Do you ever attend their national rallies?
  18. I doubt that the IRS cares what address you use but since NC has a state income tax she will need to file so separate income for tax purposes is probably the only reasonable answer to avoid her paying tax on your income.
  19. John, I went thru the Fla HDT as an RV goat rope a few years ago. The FIRST thing YOU need to do is call YOUR insurance agent in Fla and ask them about getting insurance for this HDT registered as a "private truck". If you have the VIN, that will DEFINITELY help. If your agent is like mine, they will tell you to get insurance on a private truck, you need "commercial exposure". My agent was never able to explain what that term means. Once I got the feeling insurance was not going to be possible, I dropped the whole thing. It was all about the GVWR. A FEW people have been able to get their HDT registered as an RV in Fla. VERY few. Now it seems the vehicle registration folks in Tallahassee are MUCH more knowledgeable about folks converting HDTs into RV haulers and it is against Fla statutes. That knowledge from the state capital has filtered down to the county tax offices. The folks here saying you can't get it registered in SD and have it in Fla are not exactly correct. SD does not care what address you use. SD will take your money and give you a SD registration with a Fla address. There is no SD law that says a SD registered vehicle has to belong to a SD resident. I suggest you call the folks at America's Mailbox in Box Elder and discuss that option. With that said, IF you claim Fla as your domicile, Fla MIGHT come after you for having that truck registered out of state with Fla as your domicile. Why? Fla needs registration fees, too. Or, if you get it registered as an RV in SD, it MIGHT be easier to get it registered as an RV in Fla. Unless you are getting the Homestead tax exemptions or other financial benefits in Fla, you might be better off domiciling in SD. What I have written is based on my PERSONAL experience over a 3 month period seeking ways to buy an out of state HDT and get it registered as an RV/Private truck in Fla. I am still driving my 1-ton dually. I gave up on the idea. To answer your question I quoted above, I found ONE company in Calif that would insure the truck, registered in Fla, for over $1K a year. The coverage was ONLY in force while the truck was TOWING the trailer OR going to/from service or fueling. In other words, no grocery getting or anything like that. To me, that was too little use to justify the expense. It was the best decision for me at the time. And you are probably better off asking any HDT questions on the HDT forum.
  20. We were parked near a couple living in an Airstream in Yucaipa, CA a couple of weeks ago. Across the back of the trailer it read, "Toaster on Wheels." They have an interesting website.
  21. But you would be driving them with a 12YO pump that was engineered to do the original job as intended, not the upgraded design you are after. I just took the same Lippert system off an '05 3 axle Teton. Installed the Big Foot.
  22. We are part time. We both like our jobs and my schedule of 28 days on and 28 days off allows us enough travel time to satisfy our wanderlust. We spent most of February in AZ having missed Boomerville because of our work schedule. Would we like to full time? Maybe, maybe not, since we love being near our grandkids and intend to build a house next door to them. I envy fulltimers, but while sitting in AZ I wonder if we would be bored with all the free time? Every full timer we talked to at Boomerville 2018 said we would adjust and love the life style. Well, we will see.
  23. Fighting my way to the egg ? I do that almost every morning , But , I like toast along side . LOL
  24. I'm guessing you didn't like what that pro had to say , so you're looking for a different answer from the masses . Best of luck .
  25. Another side note...none HAD to be closed, and some shouldn't have been, someone just chose to. LOL, go out how you started life!
  26. Sometimes it is hard to figure out where to go for what when in an unfamiliar area. Safe travels.
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