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  2. Made it to Best Buy and purchased the IOGear device, I will install that later with the Roku. My question, they were showing us 4K TVs that had fantastic pictures, these are store demo loops. 1. Is 4K really that good at home and how much 4K content is out there? 2. What does it take to stream 4K content? 3. Way back when Bluray players came out they showed demos similar to what 4K is now (from what I remember), what is the difference between 4K and Bluray? 4. What does 4K mean, 1080P to 4000P or something different?
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  4. I have used RV PetSafety's https://rvpetsafety.com new device which works on Verizon cellular network, they seems to be nice
  5. You basically called us liars and thought we'd find that funny?
  6. Another Death at the Grand Canyon
  7. Oh no, a stranger on the internet who can't process the obvious humor of "unicorn" and "LOL" is going to judge me?? How will I survive?
  8. Thanks - bookmarked it and will likely phone them tomorrow.
  9. Yes I bought a 2017 Pleasure Way Lexor, but not the one I was asking about. I ended up buying one in AZ.
  10. I thought the highest voltage set point was 14.4. Have you tried using something led than 14.8? If I read the manual right 12.6 is the default setting for a full battery. Are you pushing the enter button twice to activate the auto mode?
  11. Campingworld at least right now only carries the 1/2” RV and Marine hose. The 5/8ths is a different hose made by them. https://www.campingworld.com/apex-zero-g-rvmarine-hybrid-hose-630035.html#q=Zero%2Bg&lang=default&start=1
  12. Spend a couple of hours making lots off calls to places you can stay.
  13. Give these guys a call.... https://www.gcrtires.com/locations/638/mississippi-richland.amp
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. We are traveling across I20 - in Mississippi right now. I keep doing Google maps searches, looking at street view for shops with bays tall enough for us. I have a few marked to phone tomorrow. I really wish I could find a shop around Vicksburg where I could get it done tomorrow, but I've struck out at this point. As I said in my post, I've called truck stops (added a couple today) that say they don't do motorhomes. DId find a place near Atlanta but that's a few days driving while pulling to the right for me and I'd sure like to get it done sooner. Again, I have a few spots to call that are along my route. I was just kind of hoping I was missing something obvious rather than having to just keep calling and searching for a place to get it done.
  15. How are you measuring your SOC?
  16. Because, obviously, RVers can't be trusted to tell you the truth? Let along those magazines and websites? I'll keep that in mind when reading your future posts. Linda
  17. Grey water holding tank size, plus on some 5ers, w/d plumbed so they have immediate discharge.
  18. Tcwndsr

    Louisiana US 90

    90 West from New Orleans out to New Iberia was ok. Not great, but ok. Sections were good, others were torn up with patches or rough from expansion joints. I would take it again rather than I-10. The best road we found in Louisiana was Rt. 82 south out of Abbeville and the west along the coast to Texas. Super smooth, absolutely no traffic to speak of. Great free beachfront camping at Rutherford Beach too. I checked with county sheriff about bridges and they said no problem but 1 was posted for 10 tons.
  19. Herrin put a Warn 4000 lb winch on my truck and it is more than adequate. To help somewhat, I use a snatch block on the back of the car which cuts the winching up speed in half but makes it a lot less jerky. My rig has a wireless remote, hardwired remote and a switch on the winch itself. My recollection was about 700 lbs pull ish. It's worked fine for 6 years.
  20. This is the end (I HOPE): From Julie Madden I see where you are coming from, I would be less than happy if I thought I had coverage and was told I didn’t. I took this up with my supervisor explaining the benefits are not clear, I asked that we make an exception and consider reimbursing you for the service you paid for. If you can please send me a copy of your receipt I will submit it to the claims dept. on your behalf and get the ball rolling. My Response: Ms. Madden Thank you for your response. I will copy and email invoice for your approval. I will also forward to the Escapees Forum that we have, from my perspective reached a favorable outcome.
  21. If your axles are Lippert Components, complete backer plates may cost quite a bit. They think highly of their proprietary hardware.
  22. I agree with you on this, whether an over length HDT and 5er or doubles . Same with those who double tow in states where it is illegal. I saw double towing often in Fla. Only time I saw a double pulled over was on I-95 S somewhere around Daytona. It was a 42+ ft DP (tandem axle) towing a full size pickup, towing a BIG boat. Easily over 65' and obvious as hell.
  23. Nigel

    Winch capacity......

    Here is a link to the math. I took their course about 25 years ago and I had forgotten most of it. Keep in mind the winch rating is for the first wrap of rope and decreases as you add layers. Since there is little difference in price between two and three thousand pound winches I would suggest the larger. I’m always a little suspect on Chinese ratings. http://certifiedtowtraining.wreckmaster.com/blog/how-to-calculate-resistance-for-towing-recovery Nigel
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