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  2. Couch Net has good reviews but is expensive. Escapees had about a dozen parks and about a dozen Co-Op parks for around $25 a night. Plus there are private parks that give a 10% discount and some as much as 50% off for Escapees members. There are other benefits as well such as a mail forwarding service for about $100 per year. FMCA also uses Safe Ride has campground discounts, tire and glass discounts, and a mail forwarding service. I ajoined Escapees and use their mail forwarding service. I also joined FMCA and got Safe Net thru them and have used the tire and glass programs. I have seen many negitive reviews about Good Sam RA.
  3. rickeieio


    I was testing because I was whining to my daughter about how much i hate this Chromebook, and want my old pc w/ windows xp back. She was demonstrating that I really can post pics. But it takes several minutes, and 3-5 more steps, than the old way. That 5er has sat in that same spot for at least 7-8 years. It's only a few miles from our house. You can hardly see it now through the weeds and brush, even though it's maybe 50' off the highway. Pretty clever redneck enjinearing.
  4. Joel, how would the G2+ know which service's sats to use without the Winegard power inserter and its service selector switches? Are you confusing the G2+ with the G2?
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  6. With all due respect, this thread is a hodgepodge of misinformation. The G2 doesn't need a power inserter if it is used with a receiver that can operate in multiplex mode, which means any receiver or DVR with model number less than 25. Receivers with model numbers 25 and higher are SWM only, but the G2 can be used with those with the addition of a power inserter and a SWM switch, There are two coax outputs possible from the G2. Just follow the instructions in this document. Guide for using Winegard equipment with SWM receivers As for HD, the G2 cannot receive the Ka band transmissions from the 99 and 103 satellites which are where the HD channels currently originate from. However, within the next year (or two) DirecTV will be broadcasting most HD channels from the Ku band 101 satellite which the G2 can receive. As long as you have an HD receiver and pay the associated fee, you should be able to receive most HD channels with that device. It's my understanding that 99 and 103 will primarily be used for local channel programming which you wouldn't be able to receive because it will be on the Ka band. I hope this clears up some things. Joel (AKA docj)
  7. This is another topic that is just as controversial as the how much can I tow question. Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge. What's your preference? Short bed, long bed, what's your preference. Now days they have sliding hitches that compensate for turning and backing. Back in the day those things didn't exist. That said, I have a long bed, old school I guess, but as to say which is better, well I think it's a matter of opinion. Just my .02
  8. Just a note here - some Thousand Trails are now assigning sites based on rig size. We've run into it at Forest Lake in NC, Williamsburg in VA, and Harbor View in VA. I think they are doing it at Gettysburg Farm and Circle M in PA too.
  9. Laughing with you, not at you! (You're laughing, right? ) Waiting for our turn on the road, I do wonder what embarrassments and newbie mistakes we'll make. My hope is they won't involve poo.
  10. Yes yes no. All TT parks are first come when it comes to site assignments, as are a lot of the trails parks. Just depends. We always move on Sunday or Monday so have a good selection to choose from. As to annual renters, we never have had anything said to us. Most are very quiet, just thankful for having somewhere in the west to live. Housing is so expensive and scarce that if they can get an annual site, they don’t do anything to upset the apple cart.
  11. I just wondering why the leveling valve don't bleed off as hitch going up. The truck will.
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  13. This online weight calculator will be of immense help for your task: You have two choices buy more than the minimum truck for towing the 5er, or wish you had later. Using any equipment at its rated capacity continually, will wear it out much faster than using it at 80% capacity. On a different RVing fourm a man just posted yesterday about the diesel GMC Colorado he bought to tow a trailer. Twice now he had had to replace the differential, and it is still under factory warranty.
  14. Glenn, remember, your bags are under a certain pressure to hold your trailer weight at a certain height. Remove that weight and the pressure will push the hitch up.
  15. Mine got left in Seward AK last summer. Glad to know I’m not the only one who does that!
  16. Randy, take it easy until the surgery bro. Best of luck to you, and we will be praying for you.
  17. I have both CoachNet and Good Sam roadside assistance. I have been an Escapee member for 10 years and very much value my membership. I have only used Good Sam roadside assistance with good results and have been told that they use the same tow companies?
  18. Have you thought about how you are going to get mail???
  19. x3. Although we did join Escapees as well their roadside service was not available back then. We joined before we even hit the road as we wanted to support the organization that does so much to support RVers. Linda
  20. Many of those actually do have a benefit to the user: Credit cards... Citi sent me a note saying that because of my usage, I could get an option to get more rewards at certain stores. I was able to buy a new phone with 12% cash back. Amex sent me an offer to save a whopping 6% cash back at supermarkets! All of the medical companies are required by law to exchange certain information about you. Some with your permission, and some without. The obvious benefits are coordinated care, checking for drug interactions, and being ready to care for someone in an emergency. When my wife landed in the ER two years ago, they had all of her info before she even got there. Is that not a good thing? She was prescribed a drug by one doctor, and our new one could see the history on it. He said his opinion was different on it, and we should try something different. It worked. Benefit? Banks and CUs are a mixed bag. I got an offer to refi that saved us a bunch of cash because of data sharing. Amazon...no benefit that I can think of. CRA...how else would you manage credit worthiness?
  21. I am not here to defend Google or ANY other internet company or provider but ..... And I say this with all humbleness there are many other companies that track and compile large amounts of personal information. They gather the personal data with a very high degree of accuracy and sell it to folks that don't have your personal best interest at heart. IMHO if you are going to be upset then those companies need to be brought out into the light also. At least the internet companies provide some sort of personal benefit in exchange. A small list of companies gathering personal data with NO personal benefit to the user. Credit Card companies Medical Insurance companies - your Doctor, Hospitals, and HMO ALL share your medical histories Banks and Credit Unions Amazon Credit Reporting Agencies
  22. On question #2, yes you have access to all of the included Trails Collection parks for the $214 along with your zone pass. It's actually a pretty good deal IMHO.
  23. Howdy! Have you looked at Coach Net? I don’t beleive you have to be a member to join. We’ve have Good Sam ERS and dropped them for CN. They are more expensive but we have received great service from them so we eep renewing. https://coach-net.com/ ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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