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  2. My headlight does not come on. Until the engine starts up. Then it will come on, chased that down one day. Because the light was not coming on when I turned the key on. All that work and still could not figure it out. Started it up and it came back on.
  3. Yum. Your hired as my personal chef, lol lol lol
  4. I installed a headlight kill switch on my Honda CB750 . Mainly for when the battery was low . It was a simple push button on/off switch . Fortunately , I didn't have to use it very often .
  5. Not sure what I have. I think they are the 507. I got the flow thru sensors. Have the non flow thru on the Jeep. I don’t like the flow thru. Take too long to air up. I have to remove the sensors to air up.
  6. Oppps, I made a mistake. Hook up a coax cable from the cable box to the coax on the TV. Use an HDMI cable from the sat box to a HDMI imput on the TV.
  7. I would use the road side to connect your sat, which uses the coax for power, and the curb side for cable. Hook up the cable from the road side to your sat receiver, the 211. Hook up the coax from the curb side to your cable box. Run an HDMI cable from the sat box to a HDMI slot on your TV. Hook up a coax cable from your 211 to the coax connector on your TV. When you want to watch sat, go on the menu/imput setting on your TV and choose HDMI as the imput. When you want to watch cable, choose cable as the imput. In theory this should work. No A/B switch is required because you TV is switching from one imput to another. Of course this assumes that the cable connector on the curb side goes to the inside of your RV and dies not just go to the outside TV.
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  9. There is a specific plaster compound that is used for lost wax casting. It is used in jewelry and dental casting.
  10. Yes, how much and where is it located. My daughter may be interested.
  11. That is a great story about the Sebee's lottery. It reminds me of one in Atlantic City casino. A patron figured out the sequence of the number generator in a "random number" game.
  12. Working on a harness for my old bike now. 1998 Kwaskaki Voyager XII, headlight is good. But we always want better. Went for a short ride yesterday. We had a heatwave, 40 degrees and windchill in standing still 34 degrees. Windchill on the bike, who cares. I was riding that's the only thing that matters. Need to give her a cleaning and waxing.
  13. IIRC, you CAN NOT declare a homestead exemption on a rental property in Fla. It has to be your primary residence. Considering the tax value of the exemption, your rent should more than cover what you would lose with no exemption.
  14. From the Florida Department of Revenue: You probably need advice from a real estate attorney.
  15. I referred to nothing illegal . When someone 'finds' a way to beat the odds , legal or otherwise , that path will be shut down in one way or another . Usually as quickly as possible . The powers that be will not allow it , for whatever reason(s) . Here's one example : https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jerry-and-marge-selbee-how-a-retired-couple-won-millions-using-a-lottery-loophole-60-minutes-2019-06-09/
  16. Sorry, I should have specified, our home is in Fort Lauderdale,
  17. Show off . ;) Always try the easiest and least expensive things first , because those are undoubtedly in need , too .
  18. How much and where is it located? Dennis
  19. How well does that work for you when there's little or no Internet service? Our sat service works fine there...
  20. Robert, don't give up. And remember, getting old was fun. It's being old that sucks.
  21. Stretching the limits of IRS rules is a good way to attract an audit.
  22. I wonder if she plans to return and see what has been suggested? Her profile indicates that she hasn't thus far.
  23. Hi Carl, Thanks for the idea. I bought my 510 system back in 2015. At one time I needed to have a couple sensors replaced under warranty because they lost a signal. The total life of my system is just going on 5 years. If you need to replace the 510 system with an other system shows me my original system was of poor quality. That's probably the reason there is no 510 systems for sale anymore. Very disappointing. I wonder where you would make the cut to get the cap off of a 510 sensor ? With my luck I would cut in the wrong place a ruin the whole sensor. Anyone ever cut open a 510 sensor ? Could be a video out there. I'll try to check. Please keep the input coming, Al
  24. The answer to that probably depends mostly on which state you are in as each one has their own rules. Most states that I'm familiar with require that you occupy the property, but that may not be true where yo are,
  25. You could consider something like a Freedom Hauler (aka Idaho Tote). They are technically extensions to your RV not a trailer. Freedom Hauler
  26. Hi Bob, I have seen the steps in action. Nice set-up. Al
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